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Sep 12, 2011|

Tony Ogorek; Ogorek Wealth Management

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony Al Gore from Al -- wealth management is with us on the WB Ian lifeline -- bracing for a lower open on Wall Street this morning. Tony thanks for joining us what are you expecting. Susan I'm with -- looks like. You know their problems in Europe today because there in the -- so before our. And you know their markets are off you know anywhere from. 34%. So. You know I would imagine they had at least -- open. You are probably going to be off you know in the area of one and -- 2%. In -- Tony we keep hearing that Greece is in. Deep trouble. Okay now so that our listeners can understand let's say the injuries. Defaults they go under. Why is not a big deal. Many of the European banks own a fair amount of Greek. Sovereign debt and let's average debt mean disliked in the United States we ever treasuries the government issues that that. Well they're based on a fair amount of Greek debt -- in the event the they have to increased defaults -- that. What happens is the collateral that the bank yet which is these -- Is not worth -- a lot of sense and dollars and anyone's guess what do it may be worth. So in the event that the amount of capital that they have to hold up their books for regulatory purposes ends up dropping. And the question gets to be. Are they still a going concern how can they -- if they don't have adequate. Reserves to -- against and I think we have the problem bad everyone's looking at. And it you know Germany saying you know our -- have a boat load of this stuff. And you know we don't know if we really want to be what Beckett upper -- funded. And that's really where the of the concerns right now. How are investors here. Supposed to manage these rough spots that we keep hitting. Well I think He just have to understand you know things are back great out there and that's why you're getting the volatility that you got the market. What I can't -- the positive side is that you know generally speaking at these. Valuation levels when you look out you know 3510 years that you know typically this is an attractive time to buy and also I think it's it's interesting bit you know usually when people are are feeling you know distressed. You know that's that's the time to consider you know putting some -- from the market but again. It depending particularly if your personal financial situation. You know many people cannot -- the volatility in have to pick off. So my advice would be is is if you are fighting. It is difficult coping with the volatility that -- maybe take a little bit off the table I would necessarily into the -- entirely that may be bad Koffel. Ultimately these things have to be reached -- the question is. Is his wife and that's that's a difficult thing right now. A US treasury bonds as is always the safety net right foreign investors about -- they're not making much money either are they or. This -- save money. But -- -- save money which is why you know there that they're not paying anything so if you take a look at the into treasury bonds now. You know right now the the ten year treasury is paying one point 9%. It created thirty year -- It's paying three quarter percent and if you look at at a two year. United States treasury to hear but they're paying you two tenths of 1% a year. So He enacted in themselves. Because of the yield. It's is completely safe flight to safety and the low yields reflect the level of fear that's out there. In the you know in the -- general marketplace I do believe. Once we get past this European. Issue that's going. Yeah I do think the markets will probably. You know Begin to quiet down a bit but you know it wouldn't surprise me. If America picked up another 10% from where we are right now. While -- Tony thanks for joining us this morning. OK guys have a profitable they have -- Thank you to -- Antonio court from Al Gore wealth management.

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