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Sam Radford, Buffalo Schools Parent Council

May 4, 2011|

A VP of the District Parent Coordinating Council, Radford wants a student boycott to drive attention to the lack of a student improvement plan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sam Redford is on the WB and live line vice president of the buffalo school district parent coordinating council. Sam nice have you join us thanks. -- give us an idea of the level of frustration that you and other parents. A buffalo students are feeling right now. -- if you work area and you'll live in the community regret the board here that beat by a drop -- rate and are you had to. Do you view it indicates that what people aren't going which is people point the finger at each other blaming each other -- -- the problem and yet a lot when you're the -- what you pay at all will be about every year our apology. Sam we keep hearing about structural. Changes now. Structural changes I can improve scholastic achievement of the so called failing schools US and superintendent about them last night and was unable to give you an answer that you're looking for. Can you tell us and our listeners what you mean. By structural changes. Well actually instructional salt and that the superintendent playing. The superintendent made it very clear that the perpetual failure. OPEC -- -- school. What they want structural issues that could not be dealt with -- -- Are at the root Clinton that he can. Without question and doubt that the that the public Department of Education as well its occupant and it. -- -- -- the apple pulled within their state Education Department internal I'll be -- and -- not to do it. Let to particular politics Wednesday and that -- -- with the global -- problem the problem in the audience and problems and school district accessible to do. Educate our exports -- Apatow has a department superintendent infrastructure particularly in the structures were disappointed. That would bring attention to the issue. Particularly. Relevant at the federal intervention before you do get the underlying cause all of you have this many years of failure in the typical this -- we believe it. Actually have a portrait in the history of -- the public schools. Where they are equally split level which -- definitely suburban districts out of don't -- couldn't ever report. It's important that it's never -- what -- -- still legislation to dedicate to preserve the local education officials. At the table probably grew -- political blog until we caught the public educate the majority of our students. To bring attention to the issue like you just pointed out. You've voted to go ahead with a boycott -- may sixteenth. Can. -- -- that -- we want to make sure that the state education and assessment as we're done. Impact children's education. Our look at -- without the biggest room. But -- live in this particular habits and predicted that the main problem which is a problem to the opposite. I understand that optical -- -- in particular minister that would -- student. Clearly apple did this group does not do not been diluted unit prepares have to make race. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The day before it disappears it's equitable deployment to and so we strategically pick that. Because -- demonstrate. How disconnected the district would probably look at output had children and parents. -- never have always seen so many buffalo parents take a stand on getting a better education for their kids now annoy your pleased. But he's surprised. I didn't actually we can't say that you mean the public is using it -- -- if you look at the district Atlantic Council participation. Over the last school is looking to leave the pro American then maybe you can depend schooled him in that have been in. Each. Don't bet schools in the district were consistently -- This will impact all at this -- -- The -- Columbus apartment. But local participating in this school district because parents I'm -- in Dayton badly -- -- in previous years. -- You didn't get answers last night and you didn't get a clear direction either but do you see any kind of unified effort to fix the problem. I can do well to do it serviced without having so we -- do you wanna bring them the government got a reality. Clearly -- stepped epic figure with a look at the profit to give everybody. To the -- that have a solution clearly that state legislative. -- a little group of people didn't. Almost silhouette with -- pretty clear that her parents delegates apparently the debate and he talked about real concrete solutions so. We really. -- -- -- -- -- you're from our state legislator and an important that the people at the crystal clear that there -- helping children if they didn't put it -- this particular -- -- political gospel -- The benefits back apps and right now you -- -- burgeoning commercial -- You can go to the school gave them is right now we are people with -- key. But that it agreed to put concretely -- table at this particular clinic where he could actually keep the pressure people can medical decisions. So there's also support the political -- -- to -- to -- implement it. Since thanks for your time this morning we appreciate it. Thank you Sam Bradford vice president of the buffalo school district parent coordinating council.