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Tony Ogorek

Apr 22, 2011|

Ogorek Wealth Management

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That markets are closed today because of Good Friday so this might be a chance to actually recap the week's trading and one that we can spend. Earlier this week the Dow went up almost 200 points on Wednesday. Yesterday almost sixty points up a slew of big earnings reports are really pushing things northward. But at a gore wealth management Tony of cork is a student of history he says not so fast he joins us now on the WB and lot like the morning Tony. -- before we start all the celebration one are we forgetting here. I think we're forgetting to get the pictures say seasonally. Strong time for the -- stock market. Recently we've been up four -- five weeks and even when we it'll be you know for example such as this week on Monday. When standard and -- you know came out put C. That the United States and credit watch. Meaning that there was so one entry chancellor and actually years it it would cut down greater text from AAA. -- we get it -- -- the market shrugged. And you know what's up one point 3%. So. Right now or content yet what's considered to be. -- seasonally strong time for the market. Usually I have yet to make out of April. What we had earnings for the first quarter. And it tends to be strong -- here from the I'm virtually -- on and so I think people need to take that into account. When they look at increasing recently. He's saying it's almost automatic -- sick like that's not something we really. Have to see down the road. But you know -- EA agent right through here you hear all the time but you know historically when you look over the past you know and number decades. Just -- most of the returns in the market come between November and April. And starting may you know the -- historically and you know have been fairly weak out of comparative basis. Looking listen you remarks only began a review Tony -- is saying is sooner or later. Investors. Are gonna look to Washington to decide on how it plans to deal with the deficit. You know Janet it's a great point. Because you know right now I think well you know what the market's doing it it's always based patent I'm not expectations. It's never based. -- what's happening right now is so for example. You know I think the profit rise and -- -- we you know triple. You know bought the markets a little off about 20%. Because the profit per subscriber. -- that I think content should be. But -- and any other companies you know it is tripling profit -- you know you can keep your number. Go to market looking at right now. Is you know we're going from recovery. To an expansion. Andy's saying it hasn't expanding because you know we're getting decent. Corporate earnings and they look at all of this week in the -- while. If for consumers won't show up you know 56700. Dollars for I -- and the owns. You know they can't keep let's stop obviously higher energy prices aren't hurting them. But you know effect of the terrorist. The Federal Reserve is gonna stop buying all -- you know treasury bill's sponsor no children and there are quietly easing program. And lenders felt interest rates make awhile but the energy prices aren't biting the consumer yet. Well we know on the past and -- you know actually hit four bucks -- -- and people begin pulling in the car itself. And the market is is it is is. How politically right now. Because some of these applicants. Ever really reared their head but I know that they are going to be -- -- as time goes on this year. All right Tony we are at a time but it sounds like two warning his rough seas -- -- that and thanks for chatting with us this morning. Okay -- -- a great. You too Tony a -- from work wealth management in --

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