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Tom Bauerle

Oct 29, 2010|

WBEN Talk Show Host; paranormal believer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now I hate to make this happen the WBN's Tom Bauerle is here again and every year ya you talk about ghost you really quite frankly have talked to Tom. He is a true believer coming up in about forty minutes three hours of time on those stories from callers but I wanna get a sense from you. Why do you think this stuff is really juicy stuff haven't you. Well I've heard things and enough people I know and considered to be credible witnesses have seen things you see. I like to look at ghost in the paranormal -- as an area that science is really giving in to investigating with scientific technique and scientific method. These days the -- run up against. Claims of seeing hearing ghost is well we can't scientifically accurate because a we don't have the equipment -- be you can't replicate it ought to room. And terrorism validity to the second part of that argument but. As we expand our technology we have shows like ghost -- We have shows like ghostly that are trying to use scientific equipment and scientific method to quantify. Claims of the paranormal. Now the central terminal we had a guest on earlier this morning who said the central terminal is the most haunted place in western new York and it seems town like. The expectations. Are very high going into this ghost -- broadcast Sunday night Halloween night what about your own expectations. My own expectations are. That's one of the reasons why we need to scientifically investigate these claims of the paranormal because we don't know. Up act what will make a ghost manifest itself either. Audibly or visually we don't know Germany posture that's out there are such as thunderstorms and weather can influence the energy available for spirit to manifest itself. I have no expectations were gonna have to wait and see exactly. Exactly what happens. And remember there are nobody knows exactly what this energy. May be. It may be. There are. There are so many theories involved in ghost for example. There's a theory that what people see and hear hello mister -- groups. Playing outside the window that so what people see it end here. For some inexplicable cause and there is another theory that some of -- on things represented what they would call an intelligent on -- other words the energy is there and it wants to reach out and say hi Dave gets them their shirts. And -- which do you think is more predominant and the stories that that you've seen in men and talked about. I would say the most predominant is probably residual -- real and not not live interaction -- but let me let me throw something off your -- that theory that I've been working with -- for a few months -- not a few years. We as human beings throw off energy that is trapped into an environment in a highly stressful situation. Why do we not see our own ghosts if all it is is energy. Why don't we see ourselves five years ago in her bedroom having a very stressful situation. I wanna ask you one more thing. Mason Winfield. -- local Doctor Who was with us this morning mentioned three it is spooky is places in Western New York one was cemetery in Wales -- there was the buffalo -- senator. And at the third was Howland road. In Angola have you been any of those places are heard stories from any of those. I have no comment about where might have been late at night when it wasn't supposed to be there but I was -- I would like to I would like at all for Niagara the castle at all for every one talk that is the first paranormal experience I ever had. Right it's a while we actually have evidence of an EVP electronic voice phenomena. We're gonna take call starting at 9 o'clock this morning from all the crazy people out there like me who actually have experienced some in some way shape or form. Ghostly or -- normal energy all right 35 minutes from now thanks Tom I'm getting a message from the spirit world Dave yes do your laundry. I do once once every month we whenever.

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