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Kasie Hunt

Apr 30, 2010|

Congressional Reporter for

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Protests are scheduled in buffalo and in his running a -- the other cities across the country this weekend against the new Arizona immigration law. The gives police the right to stop and question people. Who they suspect may be in this country illegally let's talk about that a -- on the live line is Casey hunt. With politico dot com Casey good morning and thanks for joining us. -- Can -- it sounds like the law does give police the right to use racial profiling what do you think. It's really -- tough call because it basically says that one a police officer has -- contact with anyone if they develop a reasonable suspicion to thank. And that person in the country illegally they're allowed past some first citizenship papers so. The question how do without a reasonable suspicion is that gave some some how somebody looks whether apple -- an accent that really and the other way. The developer reasonable suspicion that someone might be illegal and that. There's been a lot of you know questions politicians -- and what what does an illegal immigrant they look like. You're following this debate -- I think this thing is -- While -- couldn't. I heard that god you know several other states like because there are a lot like yes I sparked no national politician in Washington among. Well politician to an angle really the only way to fix this is to do a comprehensive immigration reform bill -- photo lab welcome the end of the day. Immigration out in the purview of the federal government itself. But I ask you this that a Democrat operatives have proposal that was essentially a challenge to Republicans saying -- come with tabletop that's about comprehensive immigration -- -- It probably won't let -- radioactive I'm looking at at elections in November so whether the politics. Bad country is going to -- in a place where lawmakers can actually get something done in the open question. You mentioned -- watching over immigration. Is the responsibility of the federal government yet Senator John McCain of Arizona the other day. So the state of Arizona passed this law because of federal government hasn't done any thing to address the issue of illegal immigration. Well exactly and then one of -- special case because -- It has a very long world border with Mexico. What little border securities issued -- issue particularly because the drug cartels and the violence along that order has just increased dramatically in recent years and in the federally issued a -- supposed to became forehead or at least -- significant chunk of it. And -- he says that in fact the federal government has been absent a failure to. Secure the border and that they're -- increase in content but let -- this is not actually react to block. So. They. Activation that you know the fact that -- -- saying it is not you know and unfounded oneself. The problem now is. How do we turn around and put that unbelievably politically population that nobody wants to project what Republicans what Democrat. And it and they've got a way -- actually -- Now Casey there's I guess a debate too over in new biometric national ID card. For this issue we know senator Schumer from New York is behind it with this do anything now to lessen the debate. Oh sure the most contentious was of this potential immigration reform overall it's some it's something that the Democrats of putting very part Iraq. You know appetite people who are worried -- Start letting illegal if you start letting immigrants into the electorate temporary worker program possibly like that they are not going to be any way to keep track -- -- I'm for the proposal is to have everyone have a card that has biometric -- and it already running into you. We listened -- privacy advocates senator Patrick Leahy is that chairman of the Judiciary Committee senator from a lot. He darted about a statement saying well I'm really notice about this so that's gonna be flat or and then -- -- -- Tennessee is this say US Supreme Court no brainer. I potentially I -- you know. There whether or not they can be challenged content saying instead it there -- -- several Republicans. You know we'll come out because I don't really understand how that could possibly be legal secretary Tom Tancredo from Colorado lagoon -- and right you know again. Illegal immigration has said no I don't I can't understand how that could possibly -- illegal and EDT. He is afraid of the constitution that probable collide with that probable cause to believe. The company is doing something -- before you here you know able to do illegal surcharge Iraq. So whether or not reasonable suspicion that fresh all the most legal scholars are saying well probably not. -- good to have you with us this morning. As -- hunt with politico dot com.

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