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Sandy Beach

Mar 29, 2010|

WBEN Talk Show Host

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tea Party movement in Western New York took cold one year ago let's talk about it now with WB Ian sandy beach morning Sandi reporter -- Let's party movement do you see it as an asset or liability for the Republican Party. Well you know it could benefit the Republican Party listens to them it's a liability if they don't. Because the one thing you you don't wanna do is I think they're more aligned with the Republicans and Democrats although. There independent and they're not even a party or movement. But they're more likely to draw voters away from Republicans than Democrats but you know. Kathleen parker had an interest income home over the weekend at the largest group we have in America are independents -- seventy million of them. And I think between parties to the right of the independent but ideally if they could -- up we have the independent could be a pretty powerful movement. It said it earlier we talked with the Tea Party leader Russ Thompson you may have heard us. We asked of it was comfortable Sarah Palin is on official patron saint status on the Tea Party movement. And he wondered about her effectiveness but wonder -- about what we talk with Thompson was his remark about the Tea Party leadership. Being local splintered and the -- partly movements are okay and leadership overall wasn't necessary wasn't a big deal do you agree. Well first of all -- -- be that the Achilles heel right now of the Tea Party. Is that it's the movement it's sparked by outrage of what's happening what's not happening in the government that would likely haven't. About as any fledgling movement will tell you. At the beginning it's very very uncomfortable as the who's the leader everybody wants to put their imprint on it. Everybody wants their mark on its blood because if not establish that that's still up in the air that's Philip jump ball. And because of that that's the weakness. There's no question of well -- major parties where they stand their their organization called apple of the -- Party everything's you know. So it's great to have an anger and it's great to have. I have a common goal but you need a plan and the plan have to be organized in the plant have to be laid out you're going to get. People have been doing it all their lives you may be willing to go to a couple of protests put a sign on -- on whatever these people are committed to it. Because remember what you're up against not just the politicians. Are you gonna be up against everybody it's getting something from the government right now and that's a lot of groups with a lot of money it's. And they he'll be talking about this later today what about. -- are less would you like to see him run for congress around here. First our library merlot I've done it shows -- -- my various -- location. He's a great guy and I was reading the WB and our common a couple of books. Of people left left comment there kind of put him down because he wrote a rural motorcycle or a little while when he used to be on. The end before aware of the affluent. Don't don't undercut this guy he's the populist kind of figure he speaks -- -- plain English and I think that a lot of people. Go would go would appreciate him the more they know bottom we don't know that much about him outside of football but don't come out. In -- back to the Tea Party. Member speaker Tip O'Neill used to say all politics is local were wondering about sort of sums up the Tea Party in general. Well I I I don't think so I think it's all local all over the country. And if if that's the case. Then that's good but you have to be a cohesive unit if they if they really want I think -- if they really want to to make a different. What you have to do is is start. -- -- a small movement like a local movement and then build up if anybody thinking about forming a party and winning anything in twelve. They're mistaken talking to happen that fast you have to build grassroots from the ground up. But if you can harness the anger that they are now and direct it. And and social that you have a game plan beyond the anger I think it's very powerful I've never seen the American people. This upset in my life and I've been around as well. I want to Jefferson's inaugural. I'll try to act -- the -- -- English guys they're good allies but outside of that I'd never -- such anger. I remember the wing tailback crop up but thanks candy we'll see you later okay trigger sandy -- this afternoon three until six -- WP yen.

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