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Steve McLaughlin, National Weather Service

Dec 27, 2009|

With details on the Lake Effect Snow Advisory posted for the Southern Tier early this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did the short version of the cash to make sure we have more time to devote to our guest on the live line here Steve -- meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Buffalo's Steve how are you this morning. I don't I'm doin' okay mindful of this watch just means conditions are -- For the possibility of me. Don't think we you know we don't -- left but the rest of the country I had to take all the action -- -- that we we've been watching everybody for about two weeks here. Both hitting the east coast and midwest so we've got to get economic -- a little bit here. Yeah I guess now and it looks like gather parts of what southern -- should -- yeah Tarrant County under the gun here. Yellow you we have a we have some colder it's gonna be coming panic in in in a couple of waves the first one is gonna be deceiving him tonight. We're all gonna get a bit of snow may actually get -- decrease is apparent metro area this -- -- -- kind of slippery. And at this point goes through its atom pushed those pants down into the belt towns and then bull bull that in this ski country. And that they may get a few inches overnight as wild night. Then will be a little bit of a break tomorrow morning and then a strong cold front comes and tomorrow afternoon will we all get another burst of all maybe one or two inches. And and then after that that no hangs up on the ski country for tomorrow night into Tuesday. So all told. -- -- -- -- make -- six to twelve inches over the two day period so it's a remarkable watch but we we speak we put that up because conditions are gonna change and could there it was a threat. Of more than six inches and not in those areas all all the good to date period. And this again of course because you say lake effect snow watch sets up as exactly what is typical for this time of year right. -- what what do we get cold -- come across the lake we've we've we've we've been kinda -- in which spotlight lately because it has been cold but the winds haven't been a couple of the lakes have been very light. But now got to get back into the routine conditions we get we get the pretty strong west northwest ones of cold there. All the people still openly quarters and will be getting lake enhancement and some like affects almost. Well until Leo rains came for the latter part of Christmas into the day after Christmas we had pretty much a white Christmas. Any legal and let the trustees believe it -- not actually audit of the popular place that -- was around the metro buffalo area. We pretty much Edgar on around buffalo but everybody else -- of the company's you know the call the white Christmas the political and -- But actually we would about the only place in the northeast it didn't have a white Christmas is -- and not so that's kind of career thing but. But but but will be getting a little bit of stone out from again likely -- -- this evening. In the buffalo area in an actuary it'll get kind of slippery especially tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening. We have that's secondary cold front that's -- that's up to keep an eye on not going to be a lot of accumulation. But -- but it will be plunging and the beat maybe one to two inches but will be blowing around in the rose at a very -- Cecil. So worst conditions here in the match were probably tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening all the might be another that might be an institutional. That that that -- -- as well. And also behind this Steve looks like we're gonna be -- not a deep freeze but certainly a lot chillier temperatures than we're used him. Yes look I have a cold shot on Tuesday which averages may not get out of the pain. And it will gradually moderate Wednesday and Thursday to near thirty degrees again attitude say the lake effect will be mainly in the in the other here on Tuesday that the winds will be northwest. And it looks like the lake effect will kind of diminished Tuesday night and Wednesday as a -- are personal social get a break -- mid week. For many of the snows but it will be pretty cold at a later in the week and put that we get a look yet another possibility could make a coastal storm off the east coast and it may actually get a little bit of effect back our way this time it you know but it took too early to say but again right now the focus looks more toward toward the east coast again. But if you want to keep an -- peaceable and so kind of an active week coming up the guy I guess because these mobile for the ended December beginning in January. Now I guess but I'd like better when we talked to the beginning there about how was you know somebody else for change in non us. The need to -- about -- you know we know lake effect the second week of December there. And then that the next week there was east coast blizzard menagerie deferred and it was the last few days that there's another large split and in the midwest and so. It's but it has been pretty much spread everywhere this district number so far but -- everybody's hearing a little bit of that but we've been getting popped up pretty easy for the last couple weeks so. It's time that went to return a little bit anyway. Great Steve I very much appreciate the time thank you are ready have a good now you do the same -- Steve McLaughlin meteorologist with the National Weather Service in buffalo lake effect snow watch in effect. Southern Erie county should talk and cat or August from. Tonight into Tuesday and it looks like the heavier this heaviest amount of the snow will appear in that it Tuesday morning leader into Tuesday timeframe at least at this point.