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Dominic Cortese

Nov 11, 2009|

Talks about his experiences as a volunteer for "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dominic Cortese from WB Ian Thomas -- an hour is donating his time this week. On the home make over project on the west side one of thousands of volunteers. Dominic is on the WB and lifeline from the site and Massachusetts avenue good morning Dominic. There's danger I'm getting money at gitmo I don't know I've been down there. Yes this is the biggest community volunteer project ever in buffalo Domenik did you have any reservations about volunteering. Now none whatsoever I inspired by what is happening here I think our big primarily. The pulpit that would have been here -- BI. What the well being built an -- nick -- More so bad at the 48 to the bet well what are we did our extreme. Quality of aren't here. And beat the Beckett who heard that occurred here. You know beaten deconstruction of them out and that read you the although material. Be tremendous organize ballot here -- -- involvement of airborne. You'll get a little. I and a seat here. That hopefully will. Not -- bite. It would be replicated either in other parts of the city or other areas of the country and that is. I can't -- -- all adding hey outrage of the title I'd call. I bet -- baby. At the table that could occur. Dollar because you've been at the website now for several days have you picked up a hammer saw paint brush yet. I've actually had a very little value add here I've been -- would be more. Team on identifying. -- -- Or the adjacent to add to what would be the right back but preparing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unfortunately are beyond repair. On the scale it down yesterday I want it neighborhood with would be able. I. I doubt that buying -- on that are beyond repair. And if they get through these legal. A little bit. Are downloaded it today I get it back here that a bit of what -- here. Dominic can you understand the skeptics. The naysayers out there even possibly some your colleagues who are not getting involved. Yeah absolutely and you know I get I don't get I'd I'd how many how bad is. Didn't get that back you what's going beyond our belt -- -- you look at how. It's wonderful beautiful. Did you know. -- 300000 -- our -- that I -- -- -- you probably. Are a little item in jail court that the neighborhood. -- get get the -- had been planted it and it'll that the banner year. What could have come and I and I beat that badly that the true value and the truth bags garbage that -- invaded the back story. And they added that good book and if you are right now you'd be the only benefit. He'd he'd give you I'm. Sidewalks are being played here the green light to being -- I Gary clean up the baton and tighten the whole neighborhood on the batteries -- it. Build the value I think debate you the neighborhood it definitely going to be elevated. I'd -- there it. Dominick thank you and thank you for all the photos that you're sharing with us too far lesser general site. I get I -- and a -- Broad day I had the web site or outlook but don't let that get catchy little. They had it scheduled. The public is welcome to come I didn't actually section here I'd kind of bitty thing could be cold. I had so they're biting air one gigabyte big blob. Great thanks so much Dominic. WB -- Dominic Cortese from our home improvement now are one of the countless volunteers on the side.

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