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Father Art Smith

Aug 25, 2009|

Ass't Buffalo Fire Department Chaplain

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the day after two buffalo firefighters died trying to rescue person thought to be trapped in a burning east side building let's talk about this with. The south buffalo Catholic priest father announcement was a frequent guest on our morning show. Especially during times like these father are good morning thanks for joining us. If you're at the scene of the fire I guess just in the morning as your role as the system buffalo fire chaplain this. Cannot be an easy job we were talking this morning that certain jobs. Arms are calling them and they're being described as upon being Catholic priest as a calling. -- snowman in Vienna for the money being a firefighter police officer high rise window -- Is appalling and these are not jobs for the faint of heart my guess yours isn't either at times like this. The John I was there over the leader on the scene I don't feel myself yesterday morning. But I have to get to meet -- so the assembly members of firefighter Jonathan from home. And I I guess. I would tell you is that the experience -- there's a harsh reality for. The firefighters themselves especially on and it's also very harsh realty for any of the -- numbers were experienced some loss of some dialogue so much. -- a chance to talk to on one of Jonathan's ventures yesterday. She'd like to bird -- And thought he was wrong and what a brilliant and bright and brave firefighters who wasn't. You know what to do to hold back the tears because you've lost not just as well firefighter but. You've lost a brother in front man who knows it was awesome to see the the grief stricken face of this so awful firefighters it's possible she's. Other -- how do you console family members. Friends and colleagues you know after tragedy like this. One of the things that I keep thinking about is that I'll hold worthless or words are in the U try to find words to understand is the reality that your doing let them. And words can hardly begin to. Uncover. The -- that that people are going to I think. One of the things you have to use have to dispute really presents to them and just let them know that your father's side your -- with them matter what's gonna happen. You just hope that out of all the streets some white will columns of things will emerge that will bring light -- -- You know I'm not sure -- personally would wanna be on the scene of a tragedy involving some -- I'd love to someone I. I know but do families of victims some of them feel the need to be rather at the scene. -- the tragedy I mean knowing that you know there's -- pending delivery of bad tragic news. If I understand it abruptly I think Jonathan programs that actually came to the -- yesterday. And I know that to that it would be taken to see MC for some down. Examination observation because. He was feeling the pain of the situation so what item I don't know people actually knew that the sun was in that building or happened in that building. And out of all your problems observer just because a lot of pictures it was okay but. I know that you felt awful systems sold because that before so restrictive. At the whole situation tested his mother and his brother and his girlfriend's fiance. He'll bring something else up there sometimes. Comes about after tranche is like this and it's guilt. Have you ever talked with firefighters -- her other. Professionals and in high risk jobs who think. It should have been meat should not have been him. You know at that that's something that you could almost have read on the faces of the firefighters yesterday. On my -- actions -- back to the scene will be later in the day and I talk some of the firefighters with America either earlier or just had recently arrived. And you can tell by the look on the bases. That there were actually saying without saying it. It was. But it could it could have been me. Father -- to thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate your time. South Buffalo's of the Catholic priest father Art Smith who was also assistant -- the local fire department.

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