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Rev. Barry Lillis

Apr 17, 2009|

The Falls Wedding Chapel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The reverend Barry littlest joins us on the WB Ian lifeline from the chapel in Niagara Falls, New York this morning good morning -- Good morning system and and and a blessing on new. Nice to hear from you -- so much we're talking about same sex marriage the governor has reintroduce legislation in New York State it now it'll go before the state legislature. In a very we don't that the Vatican's against it is it coming more and more difficult as a re legislators take a stand -- It that there really is simple the -- this is our rights Vietnam this is all of over simplification that the president into it -- will kind of a sound bite here. Personal personal meeting on the middle on this it's a very very much about -- but that's very polarizing. MSI see it again doing a thumbnail. Group today. You know can allude to the that -- -- -- In the verdict -- Romans that it's as an abomination of one have you. And the one that does. Is that challenges and upsets. Religious beliefs and and these beliefs of sustain these people through. So hard times in my -- have labored brought up with for decades you know some of -- seventy years old who's been in church since there were five. And and this is ingrained habits and their like their DNA if you will. And they're just about and they just. Hunkered down and being against that but then there's will be. Strongly disagrees them and I can cite biblical -- -- saying. This occurred during and the Bible and then there's that that same group who also has people who aren't they don't care what group play. Thanks. So and -- everybody's hunkered down you know they've done they've done better of it and there's there's no negotiations. On this. Well very limit what you on the spot out. If this becomes law and the same sex couple came to you and wanted to get married now what would you do how would you react. I well I I know I'll react that person Albanian television publishers. We -- in the business of trying to get ratings so you're substantially for years decades saying for decades -- at saint. Please like me please likely please agree with me please upon me. I've lost a lot of that since -- I got out of the television doesn't I don't Jones is -- you wouldn't be able to benefit of a mile. The reaction. At the at any -- I come down in the side of people I've gotten away from the public issues and that is a major issue here. I have gotten above the belt if you well. And -- -- things that says for instance you can take Bible verses saying that -- -- Being against -- -- let me read just quickly one quick burst. It says here in little 637. This has changed his stock do not judge. You know will not be judged. Do and I condemn and you will not be condemned forgive and you'll be able to have them and I take that -- fired. I am not in the judgment business anymore when people come to me and the ghastly -- whether it's one. Whether it's a couple of whether it's a family or whether -- -- hundred people on the air for the so I opening -- -- question. It does Gerri nice to hear from you this morning thanks for joining us it's my pleasure I think you reverend Gary Ellis from the chapel in Niagara Falls.

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