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Seneca Nation Pres. Barry Snyder

Jan 13, 2009|

Snyder explaining his plan for action if NYS comes to collect taxes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Press conferences and it's something that. I the president. -- is just takes a lot of time. And it's really time it. Shouldn't spend and other things. -- it is necessary part of what I do. Is necessary part of what the nation. Is faced with. You for weeks ago. I -- before the -- also. Supported media has said the New Year's state effort to stifle our 313. Dollar. Retail sector. Clinton more than 1000 jobs and above all trample on the sovereignty. Treaty rights. Would not go unchallenged. Today I want to tell you. Why we're here and -- plan to do had. In July 19. 1992 and may nineteenth 1997. New York attempted to impose an embargo on me importation of tobacco products. The nation. Those efforts resulted in widespread resistance -- the -- people. -- -- state police. -- -- -- -- Conflict with a state plays a significant disrupting donations. Civil society and surrounding non native communities. I have no reason to believe that -- third attack. But -- state they imposed an embargo on tobacco products coming into our territory. Would have a different results. Don't assume would directly jeopardized revenues supporting essential governmental services. Provided this only the people. In our emerging private sector. The council and I believe that the state is once again at ten need to take action. To impose an embargo on tobacco products. This poses a grave threat to our recent progress edition has made. To recover from this. Historic economic limitations inflicted on the Senate took people. By state and federal -- We pay for our tech community we give up most of our land. For all well last 200 years. We have mostly suffer as result of this decision. -- -- mission leaders justify taking any you know prudent action. To protect and defend the nation's economy. And a way of life with a Psycho people. The -- was authorized me to plan and execute the following. Want to spend as much as one million dollars. Two point of the 100 emergency response personnel. It will be drawn from our veterans and -- provide assistance of the nation's residents. To make sure that it -- you can get to school. And that all citizens who go about their daily activities without interference. Begin occasion nations peacemakers core. For an advisory opinion determine my authority to reclaim nation used. Of -- subject to the former New York State -- agreement. Devise a system clinician to collect tolls on -- truly an urban. Double to two dollars per vehicle of the current toll in Asian charges to stay on behalf of the -- use an. The status currency in arrears. Bills and receive monthly from an Asian tour. Play two point. Point two million dollars is -- -- was imposed in May of 2007. Send a letter next week. As team president Obama for federal troops to protect the -- people who have been published data embargo. Provide support for the stockpiling of basic supplies. In case of an embargo. These decisions were nominated -- And -- our nor are they overreaction. Given a status -- act in recent years to threaten us. The only responsible approach to protect our people is -- prepared for the worst. Why we are taking these actions. The obvious reason is because the council night. -- not sit by -- when you're goes down the same. Well worn path and I was does in these money. Try to tax solvents as Seneca nation. -- people living within. The boundaries. We're over 200 years we've been -- here governments. As they have taken our land and try to assert -- authority over us. The history is clear. State officials think they can do what they want to do whenever they want to do it. The stated doing authority are trespassing on our lands and about this footer right to do so. The console I believe that the station not be allowed to continue to operate in an illegal business. -- your stake through way. Upon nation lands at the same kind that is seeks to destroy they shouldn't have been component. Of the nation's economy by further invading our rights on our alliance. There are more reasons why we are here taken this action. In Asia and -- people have experience 200 years of economic. Association with economic effects semi from the loss of his plans for the benefit of the United States. New York State you know long period of poverty repeatedly sought to confiscate mission lands ignoring nation lives. And imposing taxes on nation commerce. But during the last point five years. As most of you have witnessed. The nation as people have begun to recover from -- long period of economic devastation. This came -- status of the nation individual enterprises based on an -- right to useful. Free usage Joan Lynn of his clients. As an Asian economic recovery. Years did aggressively. And constantly sought to destroy the sector nation's economy. Based about a tax free sale of tobacco products and mortar field to non natives within the nation's territories. Is that why we're here today again. Let me emphasize is that four weeks ago. We are peaceful nation. Our emergency response personnel. Will be needed arm. Or -- for conflict. We did not -- conflict to a state or his police. But the council and I as the nation's president. Must take any and all prudent measures to protect our people. And the -- way of life. Who has been a long time. As we have been in this conflict when a state. Goes back of the nineties. Probably Specter earlier in this. But until we're able to clear this up we will continue to be under this continuing cloud. -- understand -- -- about who we are and what our rights. I think assuming there it is up we have a long way to go. We have had a stated -- gonna go understating years except us we are. We are as sovereign nation we have certain rights under treaty and we are exercising all these rights. And we expect them to honor our treaties. Very simple and again the Stevens and making our short. We have more utility more answers more questions as -- go rob. Emergency plan that we are initiated as myself in trouble consul. I started back in the year 20020042006. There was no progress made -- I'm bringing forward to the nation again this finishes up. We have a lot of work -- do a lot of things that could happen to us when want to make sure that we're going to be ready. The last two times in the late ninety's and early ninety's were not -- December would be ready.