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Meteorologist Steve McLaughlin

Jan 2, 2009|

on our lake effect forecast

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Also on of the WBM live line and welcome statement Auckland. A forecaster for the National Weather Service of the report Wednesday to good morning -- morning are you don't want a you know yesterday's weather boy who could compliant what a delightful day. In in most of the area of nothing's gonna change today is that right. Yet it actually is but it won't really be be that severe especially considering what we've had for the last couple of weeks but we to a little little cases political machine coming back. A cold front coming through in the early afternoon. And the kind of -- to get a little bit just cold enough to -- that lake effect machine going again but it's not going to be that extreme. It's just Burley Colin and the -- and I'd be shifting so. -- look what what the -- of the lake effect may start around awful may be in early in the NAFTA now but it'll move rather rapidly to the results so. Not expecting much accumulation on the city maybe an -- to -- with the most. But during the early evening it should set up across the that's part of -- recount in May be counted in order to top dog after August 1 few hours -- May be enough to give them maybe three to six which is part. It kind of Peters out later tonight. Now longer term how are things shaping up for the rest this winter. -- last we checked the lake was too little 35 degrees in not frozen. Right get the -- that's about a schedule actually the average temperature of the -- the state is about 35. Normally the beginning getting ice in the lake or on the second week of January and by the by the into the market's pretty much throws out that would be a normal situation. We were running ahead of that earlier this year two weeks ago -- very cold. But just as without a lot of ups and down slightly as the belly to stay open looks like it may do that for the next couple of weeks because the pattern for the next week -- -- looks like it's gonna be pretty. -- up and down Nicole today -- to date may be a little rain actually on Sunday. And a little cold early next week it may be may be more expressive middle of next -- so -- likely going to be cold and accordingly the time just recently come in and. As Steve we talked about the southern tier southern Erie county about our listeners often of the northern suburbs and northern Erie county are probably. Wondering what's in store for them. Failed to dislike like Christmas hours today for the laptops. That would that would be any military -- I would expect more than an ancient animal just would be destroyed most of the city -- analyst. But down south once this ends there could be up to half which is it. -- could afford the probably only I've abilities and stop it cold mostly like that. Okay thank you. Happy new year. With a service forecaster Steve but the --