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Tim Collins- New Planets

Feb 23, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's been an earth shattering discovery. Seven new planets found. A circling a nearby star were talking about it this morning with Tim Collins mr. galaxy from the Wentworth Ferguson planetarium at SUNY buffalo state. Tim how they missed them up until now. What is different how did they know them well they didn't really know about it. It is all about the detection rapid improvements in technologies. And and trying to make sense. It really just a matter of picking a place and looking at it and certain. I typically expect so it will be due to that discovery so. There's some astronomers enjoyed. The telescope is the track as well though. And the world back in Akron and that is the transiting planets and planet that's small small telescope. In the Chilean mountain. And they have an affront to planet last year circling sort start there were examined and those turned over to NASA and they actually use the Spitzer space also which is in words well still to verified that. And in addition there are they outside. Now everything I've read on this discovery says the planet's error not far away I have a feeling that my definition not far away is very different from an astronomers. It is it's a question of scale in the distance to the star has been up purpose 141. Years. Which when translated at 200 very tight trillion miles how likely that is not very hard in that. Car builder. How ethnically speaking it is kind of would then be a local copy. Of our galaxy so it is relatively nobody. So these are earth sized planets we've ran 20 are you is this a big deal you are already getting mintier planetarium shows. Yeah you we're we're actually gonna get I am sure there are questions around the world already you. You know pumping a millionaire on her side and it's oh I'm. Three of them have been deep in the habitable zone where you can Wear. Liquid water can make that permanent. So that good hand. It could support life that's been there is but that effectively achieve. Aaron let's cuts in the chase when do we meet the little green men. Is that you can find a craft that can travel hampered the most you don't want settling here is open you bet many years. To travel there this is probably here so if you could go either way it'll take you forty years you still feel awfully true also likely. But. I'm what they come here and get better technology is not when you may never meet some. Forty years I've got plans so apple appealed to make it at this pretty cool stuff but do you think there is life. This planet's. You know yet if it goes back to an end in. Clearly the difference topic here but there's seem to click of the Greek equate into Google org. I'm around other planet and our ability and none of perks and the odds are you end up the number of starters and the power EO sees that he could not started. You're looking pretty good chance that people question are we want. On to be answered and now. Aren't Tim Collins mr. galaxy you can column. Talking about the new acts so planet discovery.

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