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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Meteorologist Steve Vermette - 60 degrees!!

Meteorologist Steve Vermette - 60 degrees!!

Feb 22, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's bring in Steve format he is the coordinator of the media around you department at buffalo state college Steve. What do you say about the weather ramming it is terrific all weeklong it looks like for the rest the week it'll be great. I feel like in my knee you know short memory I can't remember February it's been like this. Yes spring is here isn't that whether it's they're calling for Friday's seventy degrees and thunderstorms that sure sounds like spring. I don't know if it you have to go back to April of 2016. Defied the month it was below normal temperature wise every month since then. Has been above normal in February is going to be very very high above normal right now at five point three degrees above normal and with this week coming up it's gonna be the governor he. Degrees above normal so. So is spring here do you think. Is spring then kind of here. Well we kind of Brokeback wasn't true once you get past February I mean Mark Cox certainly can include whether it just shows overseas and bring snow but. On average had been put twelve inches of snow. I give you can hire lesser amount but we've pretty much gone through much of our wouldn't turn work pitting and displaying and and I know march can be. You know a nasty one that pines but. I'm adopted or are coming up and I'm sure he orchard it. Ultra groups across the area must be concerned about these low temperature because of the possibility of budding and and you know god. Problems with the crops later on beacon of freedom march and April. You mentioned march from what it might bring historically speaking of we seen big snow in March before. Yeah we have moved to go back to 2014. I I think we. Look little notebook computer so knowing and you could still have. What political open the possibility of a fleet command but he gets. You know that's common as time goes on. Last year to a march 2016 what what's colder than normal. But remember march 2012 was over thirteen degrees above normal. So what kind of up and down season. I would have to watch the march 1 into the old expression in like a land you know like a lion will see what happens there. Boy what a contrast go to two years ago. This month it was the coldest February ever in buffalo. Yeah yeah we're we're getting these these extreme back and forth and then again it's it's hard to predict these things but. If if if you know if if these monthly temperatures look like a sports league two teams one. Warmer than normal one colder than normal the group B eleven to one for warmer the last twelve months so the trend is effort toward the the warmer. I I didn't look at you know what can push things through the rest of march or march coming up. And did look like come the first week mark should be warmer and wetter than average and but colder than this because this week it's extraordinary. And then the second could be colder electric dryer than average and stick together and it should be pretty close to an average temperature and so we probably won't be as warm you know both normal as we are February. So mark may become more of a normal but normal spring. If you look at march April and may the the climate prediction senate briefing war more than average if you look into this summer the climate prediction centers for testing. Warmer than average so the story is well right now. Boy that's exciting to hear Steve thanks so much for joining us. That's a steamer met. At SUNY buffalo state.

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