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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Gina Heine - Labatt Pond Hockey

Gina Heine - Labatt Pond Hockey

Feb 17, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right let's welcoming gene behind with Labatt to tell us about the pound hockey tournament going on this weekend Gina we roots saying all morning long. It's a weekend like this which is why it was a good idea to move this to river works right. Yes good morning to you aren't sure right I am you know. But down here about American actually down here right now it's a beautiful morning we're looking at temperature on getting in the forties over the weekend and I gotta tell you it. A accurately not having to worry about whether or not they'll eat crow tonight for our hockey players. Yes sir for several years it seem like you know it was it was nothing about an a nightmare with the conditions. And into already under way there at river work. No that's not here today at one out now they are that afternoon the continue what you're eating until about eleven today and I'll end up and it's. At about 9 o'clock and Sunday talk all 38 here kick it up and just a couple of hours how many people it's a part. So they're the 14014. We have about a thousand players that would play 240 games over the course extricate so. It began packed schedule we're expecting about thirteen thousand people to come down meet on cooking it at that accurate so it should be agreed that. Right this is wide open to the public everybody who's available once a brilliant you know great weekend of weather to come out process. Yeah I'm actually really excited at the weather forecast it is looking pretty got to think it's great respect Eric I mean I know the heat players complain anything there are you at that. And now but I'm really excited about the act that he took them down at it makes and open to the public anybody can. And they're gonna eat you know seeing throughout the weekend that all eight players and plug in can enjoy life. What are some of those things to do if you're not playing in the game I you come down to watch are there going to be other events. There's a wealth of hitting actually I'm for happy hour we're having a light the end at AFLAC and you're called most actors equity performing that evening. Molina hit tomorrow on the if you look at what the routine coming item much on the extreme here we're excited about I'll. It's not our fireworks display to direct seven to commemorate our tenth anniversary of the tournament. But he's pretty cool look at something not normally seen in a letter I'm Al. We're excited to have that. Also Marr junior and we're having an all new I anarchy which are. Players and and if I bubble hockey. So I have borne fourteen getting out there competing and a guy inflatable bubble I'm sitting around so. That should be really kind. And and and they weren't around outlet I'm happy I'm here to work. With some of that will be loud and and and he gave that will be caught life. Palace complex on that bubble hockey is a writer at CNET at the sabres games and in between periods but the people are actually in these bubbles that are kind of rolling around on the ice right. Yes exactly wrap your morning and we'll try out front and it a lot of but I'm in you know they don't worry about it and people on it up get up you know it's about the you're a hockey at a different way here earth. And that your. Okay so are you expecting to see. Players and T shirts this weekend. You know I wouldn't put it past them. The weather betting you know at buffalo what effect it warm and take much to get people up short and teacher. But I you won't be needed it. He that the and that structure and. Aren't there is Jean behind with Labatt cheese down a river works where the tenth annual bet on hockey tournament. Is taking place this weekend.

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