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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Michelle Schoenman- Cong. Collins Billboard

Michelle Schoenman- Cong. Collins Billboard

Feb 17, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michelle shot and then is joining us live this morning she's with citizens against Collins the group behind a billboard campaign targeting congressman Chris Collins. Michelle good morning Harry good thanks for the time we saw of them billboards go up this week tell us a little bit more about what's behind this. Okay allow. Since I'm moved in key is that congressman condit's district and get out and Tina has routinely called his office. And you know really haven't gotten much response. Any of my concerns. So last year at this time on the front under pressure and I decided to start the group. Begins just having similar frustration and that since then we've heard from lot of people or group it's crunch is almost want to work 14100 people now. And you know we're just I aggravation that concern that there are faster they weren't getting responses. So lovely place to get his attention in a bigger way can request to talk from meeting them in a way that he would definitely see. Now these billboards the idea to raise money did you ever think. Today you would meet that goal of what was it 3000 dollars. Well he hit it had intended on only one billboard. That is going to be about 15100 dollars and leave raise enough money for that in just over 24 hours. No arms and members of the group passengers on that and get a second billboards that we did that and we met that second call in about Ford is. Where are those billboards and us who haven't seen them. The first is that in Hamburg at having coroner's McKinley and southwestern and the second is and he won ninety right near the Yankees split as you don't it's bound for downtown. What's been the response from the community and has there been any response from Chris counts. I'm I have not had a lot the response from Chris Collins which is. Overly ambitious not directed it at my groups specifically as far as I know with that he would not have a town hall meeting ever. And as far as my community is concerned you know I had a lot of positive responses about billboards black people. I joining the groups depicting the bill word and people just saying you know what I have a thing frustration that I would like to be able to have my lakers. Now is since you've had is that these two this week will there be more. I'm Lee did raise enough money just as of last night for a third billboard that would be eastern portion strictly. Yes south of Rochester that area we have not decided on the billboard yet patent or finalized location yet but yes we do have enough money for certain what now. Are you guys planning on staying on that same message the town home message jury be switching it up since he's kind of amounts saying no way am going to do that. While we do artistic at a town commented we're hoping he changes his mind. We just wanna deal which meet with him on I got. A message from one of the members of his talent last night. And I'll appreciate quick as a as a dialogue with content what is desired. I don't wanna shout him down but I do want time to listen and understand what has proposed policy means to me in my family. So we're still hoping that he will do that because he hasn't responded less than any other ways and frankly this is a job you know his job is to represent the needs and concerns. Of people in his district. I'm a public schoolteacher and my job to teach my salary combat taxpayer pockets so if I weren't teaching. People would hold me accountable for that and I expect that accountable for that. His job is to represent us and money for his salary comes out of our pockets while. So if he's not hearing our concerns he's not doing his job in representing us. I know of we've asked him to come on this morning and have not heard from him but I know that in other Arab interviews he's done with other media he has said that town halls. Really don't do anything he says for it there. Right shut down by hecklers basically is what is what he says do you think Nancy has any point there I mean that these two turn into shouting matches. While I would say keeping that first. He's based in that he's being anti he would not know from personal experience because that he stated that over the weekend he has never had a meeting. So he's not he's not driving personal experience and back and you know and that members of my group has said over and over and over again that they really watch Hannity here if they want they want him to hear what they have to say. They have genuine concern. And they wanna hear it and there's so. You know from the perspective than me in my group we cannot shut down where injustice and an actual value where Anderson. Being heard as a way to isn't just ten spouting rhetoric back as as a response but actually seeing it as a real people who haven't checked. All right that is Michelle Sean men she's with citizens against Collins those billboards UC two of them up right now. I'm part of her gulf funny rate now fund raiser. Doubt those billboards up.

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