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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Aaron Katersky on Trump Immigration Rules

Aaron Katersky on Trump Immigration Rules

Feb 17, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome an airing pits her ski joining us now was talking abouts on not only Donald Trump what he had to say yesterday about what might come. Next week in air and we learned a little bit more of bounce possibly a new executive order on this immigration band what exactly do we learned yesterday well. The president himself said that sometime in the middle toward the end of next week he has administration would issue a new executive order to receive and and replace. One that is tied up in the courts and he said that. It would address and and and be very much tailored his words to what he considers a very bad decision by the court so it seems as if at least if you listen to his political opponents he's conceding defeat. In the courts but that the Justice Department did effectively tell courts where witnesses spending that. No legal action it is is necessary. You don't have to consider the current version because a new one is coming next week. So then what is the status then of the current one does it just get thrown out. It may we'll have to see out for the moment that the ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to stay any on bank proceedings meaning that the full panel would would not take up the current version. Because the Justice Department seems to have successfully argued that this whole thing may be moot by next week and and and you can bet though. That everybody who's taken legally issue with the current version will probably. Be reading that the new one with a fine tooth comb to see if that addresses some of the issues they've complained about. I we obviously don't know how this new order will be written but does anyone come up with any theories of how it could be. Word did a little differently or is most of the objection just. About the I guess that basic. A matter of halting immigration for ninety days is there anything that can be worded differently did change a court's opinion. Well I I I think probably in it and a lot of it may have to do with the intent because remember some courts are going to alive indicated that they they would look at some of then candidate Donald Trump's words on the campaign trail and calling for a Muslim man so does the new versions somehow. And do anything to to assuage those concerns. Also eat he kept hearing that the presidents say the order was needed to keep terrorists from entering the United States and many courts had wondered. You what was the deficiency in the system as it exists now. That they isn't keeping terrorists from entering the United States and and I think that if the Justice Department will be pressed to to try and now find a new version of an executive order that that perhaps answers that question as well. Did this also all the clarifications. The Department of Homeland Security had to issue. Travel visas and green cards and refugees in in and who exactly. Is affected and what our federal agents at airports supposed to do. And we learned this yesterday and the day of his news conference which was coincided with a day without immigrants protests around the country right protests around the country to to highlight the the plight and and cheers spending power than nine billion dollars estimated in spending power. But that immigrant communities have in the United States I'm not sure it was any you know win citizens necessarily that of the president. Did this on that day but it may have been because that there were actually more pressing legal deadlines for the administration to meet. It seems though that this that that he's preferring rather than to fight the legal battles in different courts around the country. And he seems to just say let's paired up and start fresh. Are you heard the whole thing as it happened what did you think just in general about the news conference yesterday. I did the it was a lot of words. A lot of things were said and and a look I I think that the president showed in many ways that he is. Every every bit the president that he was the campaign there and you heard him repeatedly refer back to Hillary Clinton. Two 2222. Things that happen on the campaign trail he wasn't afraid to to antagonize reporters then. And he certainly showed that he is not afraid to do it now so. It it it it seems as if anybody who talked about eight. Eight hit it and to somebody you know becoming more presidential of this is mrs. Presidential. You know trump version and and he seems to be staying true to that to the character he portrayed on the campaign trail. Are rapists Arendt could terse ski. A joining us from New York this morning on the trump news conference.

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