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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Prof. Kevin Hardwick on Trump News Conf.

Prof. Kevin Hardwick on Trump News Conf.

Feb 17, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

After Kevin Harvick is here from confucius college. Political science professor also Republican member of the Erie county legislature. To talk about president trumps freewheeling news conference yesterday Kevin if he can't compare the atmosphere. Before and after this news conference. IE I think he I think before the news campers as Michael Caputo pointed out though all all the talk was about Russia Russia Russia as a result all the negative. I think to a certain extent there's a lot of negative stuff out there but it certainly changes. Oh lead. People are talking about trump directly and things he said yes they rather than things that. Some of is some of the people around him have done specifically. Around Europe around Russia. So from from their perspective perhaps it was a success. I guess thought it was emblematic of the entire. All almost month intimate and offers a month. It was it was exhausting there was a breakneck pace there were so much going on you didn't know what the focus. I mean normally there at the morning news shows know what what the moment was what the clip is. But they're all over the place because there were so much to cover yesterday it's just like the entire month of his his administration so far. Every day there's something new to report edited it it gets exhausting. And should we expect this if this was considered a success yesterday for. Any other time where there's controversy. Reports of you know dysfunction in the White House for. The president to wake up and say you know what. News conference today it's a good idea. Well well he's he's very good at manipulating the media I mean I think they're they're going to be we're gonna go through a period where they manipulate each other because there is of flip side of this to the media get back at him. And you see this with the leaks to the reports of chaos and everything else. I just does the intelligence community get back at him you know he was very critical of the intelligence community. Even before he took office. And now you you'd see a lot of leaks coming from there the better that are very damaging. You know I think it's important at some point says that says that he he he is down to business. Trying to re litigate the the election which which he won and get out there doing some things you know. A lot of Americans. Are behind a lot of what the president wants to do. And I think there comes a point where they'll get frustrated because. You know many of the actions Serbs are are very popular people. Even those immigration executive order I ran into trouble with via the courts specifically the ninth circuit. It's you know in public opinion polls people people like that well he should he should get that out as soon as possible. You know I Nero or order something that'll that'll pass judicial Muster. The other things he needs to work and I think is is pushing something that that brought all Republicans together anyway and that was the judge courses. Nomination I mean that's. Extremely popular out there and Republican plan. And you don't have people trying to you know trying to slink away and and an eye for what the president said. That's that's that's very populated excellent pit. From Republican effort perspective and it is something to push the other thing is something he'll look to yesterday. Which was his health care plan I mean people are getting a little bit nervous. What does all this repeal and replace mean we know what repeal means but what is it good. Could that be replaced with that has a lot of people. An off site. Of the spectrum. A little bit concerned and I think that the quick briefing clear that up get moving towards doing something. The better for everybody especially for his presidency. Are you surprised Kevin and how much time he has to spend. Watching media reports about you know the White House. Yeah well you know he he has obviously he's he's obsessed with. And that's and that's. Probably. Not a not a good thing. Especially when he you know he he he has this very contentious relationship with the media is calling people out. Bite bite game. Again it goes over good with that is hard court based. But again it's it it becomes that the regulator because the media you know the media will get even. And I again I think it's been exhausting people want to see things done. People elected him to do things that the fight with the media. And he and many think he's trying to do where are our that there at their core very popular he just needs you know put down that. Put down bill that the weapons and and and go in and. Start. Losing congress people you know Reagan during his first year in office was was amazing. And trump should take me a page from the Reagan book make rape rape it was the harassment Boozer. I mean he had Tip O'Neill the democratic speaker of the house he had his head turning it all his democratic that congressman. Where we're turning anime going live going what Reagan. I think that you know I think that there that companies to do the same thing truckers from all reports he's very personable is he in one on one. At least it does start reaching out to people rather than pushing them further away. Hey Kevin I wanna do your thoughts on this Eric Holder was saying you be yesterday him with everything in the news on speakers to college campuses there was the riots at Berkeley. I'm just the other day ash rally was at Harvard and then had to be postponed because of protests obviously none happening. Last night it Eric Holder which it is a problem. On college campuses with. At the points of view being discussed are they to one sided. Yeah it it is you know I mean something is happen obviously the elections last year was was very bitter. And civility has been thrown out the window and whether you agree with someone you disagree was someone ought to be able to listen to them. Get domestic and then Ben disagree civilly with them. But you know that civility has been eroding over the years I think it went. The lack of civility went on steroids last year during the election cycle and also I didn't and you see the outcome of that in in in what's happening now. And college campuses and it's it it fishing because. Their position be a place for the free exchange of information with you. I agree with someone or that you ought to be able to listen to them. You know and then and you know criticize them if you will. But do with it a civil manner. Ted Miller led to can join us thanks. Kevin Hardwick from contentious college.

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