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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Michael Caputo on Donald Trump

Michael Caputo on Donald Trump

Feb 17, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All were taking a look at that news conference yesterday unexpected and lasted over an hour with the president by inherited a mess to mess at home and abroad. A mess. Zero KS. We are running this is a fine tuned machine. Let's bring in Michael cook could erode the strategist WB and talker at this morning. Michael what did you think. I thought that was. The closest thing to be uncomfortable dinner at CNET covered him well you know like. What it that would meet our baseball. You know I expect him to get a batter out and take out a couple report they've. I he looks like he enjoys this so much I said it after him or. It. Are you surprised it took him this long to say you know what I wanna have a news conference and take questions. Well you know what was surprising to me is the way to be fitted struck fear in the hearts of everyone. On the staff the he woke up became down there that you know what bulk. But you know it. It to me if Barbara impress are there are would have a sure it would hurt quite the blood of our base and then it's our organized. Up our yet but it if he's Donald Trump is Brooke I know some people think he's you know exactly the opposite. He needed to change the subject and you know the Tibet our objective now what him. And you've been out there and basically. Laid down ever quote storyline for people to write about beyond the our hope people coming out of New York Times or opposed about the speak Russian. And hear about. Or the Russert story pop up front page today. You know it didn't seem like he'd gotten eighty to a point where he said enough. And then he decided to do this. That's exactly where there. I think it also you know but being a surrogate for Donald Trump is very very difficult job. And oftentimes Mercury these people on TV anything I could have done a better probably requirement that they. And nor is it kind of got fed up with the amount I want a ticket went. Another. Another allusion to be impossible seat on it. I never saw a politician and any country and I've worked then I'm more than it's dark. In politics I've never seen a politician. Did assemble and take apart the media and the public enemy number one ever. Are you surprised that you know a lot of people say he's making it about the media. A lot of these questions some of the first questions. From the media were about the media are you surprised that that continues to happen that accident reporters will ask questions about the media. Don't know about that their favorite topic than ever reporter for themselves the Saber profits of the media and the media. And you can always relied upon them to talk about themselves. At any given moment you wanna switch the topic with somebody who want to talk about based all bring up Ike topped. I mean didn't hit it brilliant in that regard double talk. Are under fair that the media is obsessed with themselves and in my mind the bright he's not changing the topic of media. That topic is that media. Right now the American people are seeing right straight through. The media and and it Donald Trump bit of movement showing him the way. And immediate cooperate. What about the tone yesterday. In the room. It's not what he was joyful end and he really enjoyed. The cut in the media and also by the way. You know Donald Trump in court and ion 200. Our rally appearances and then press conference after press conference. During via a bureau bear the campaign this and it's something that he's comparable giving up in front of the cameras and written. You know when you have a press conference. In the White House. Anywhere as a public relations person I can tell you that you prepare for days. You're going through briefing books. They're not all cresting. Communications shoppers preparing. Our talking points. Our everyone has talked about what reporter gonna ask what if you you game it out one week from Tuesday. Yesterday Donald Trump woke up and said let's play ball. And everybody Clinton got there met. It on that point if he's comfortable from the crowd this weekend he's going to have a campaign events. Something a lot of people look at is why so close the inauguration. Is there a campaign. Event going is this a Smart move. In your mind and is this may be the new way of politics and running for office. Well I think isn't there a way of government in effect on Donald Trump is comfortable on the road he's comfortable in front of crowds. And our he'd gotten to a point as president in a little bit uncomfortable. On these are seeing in the walk it was ms. Burke really close and when it become a big. General when it was very close but he's in the walker for quote I. Armies have some difficulty whip. There are nominee your secret cabinet and he wants to block re that it. And I think it is a brilliant way to do it nobody else could do with the way. Donald Trump is certainly if I ever worked for congressional candidate on a campaign at least eight were receptive Brooke block apple rally on the army's not. But Donald Trump Donald Trump can do this. And I think the one thing we have the will work its album of the vinyl what is gonna react. Our do they have time to bought them their protesters. Around the country do their time serve serves to pay the people they need to pay to get them out there. Are breaking the windows on banks to start or the lighting fire they have time to put together what they need to do to counter Donald Trump public event. While it's shouts for sure that he can counterpunch. Yesterday. We definitely Arafat but as I said. And as you mentioned the media lined up for because. It will give a crock of them you know to give a carpet in front of I don't well a lot of people from problem and could you hang around with our. At the convention is really in it to me it is a good movie star. That he's been a part of down from. Our art our every major for a little while now and he got up and he resolved it withdrawal was very interesting exchange. Between him and give a competency and a Democrat for couldn't resist it. Because. And Donald Robert kind of left him injured on the field last time. And that is just brilliant to me I know a lot of people are like our property was a great thing but that was a lie tactical. And the back. Our thing is political strategist Michael Capuano he'll be in for sandy beach Monday morning.

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