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2-16 Bauerle and Bellavia HR 4

Feb 17, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And every little thing here and Barley about the interest stories here. Kim who's got jokes. There are. How hourly he's really slipping up are you joking. Oh my god and David Bell via home. I have this can do about Obama is never going to. Hi mr. then don't. It's the hourly and Olivia Ricky bottom hole to go back and it is check with them every. Fifteen between every caller yeah. Kevin battle today you're going to see. Why did. Or. On news radio 930 double. The special weight to what maybe it is developing I had a thirty WB yeah I've actually made. Two people I'm tutor I was Villanova sandy beach once we had a guy pass at a appalled. At the that I have with Kevin and good luck as we know Kevin. Will never ever escape that up. You know what if he'd. Asks that without talking about it we shall comply he won't but I think he's got a great as a humorous I don't think it actually makes him a permanent fixture of the program. We're 803 all right thirty start at 3180616. WBE and I don't disagree. Am I think amiga and brigade jury also hit Bermuda falsely powerful vault her actually having just had a baby in the last month. V chances of her falling asleep at any moment of free time she actually has I think is probably pretty good. You are or they don't freaked out at thirty start at 3180616. WBE and now we know that a lot of you were locked in to cubicle and so you could not listened to president trumps. News conference however we had a covered let's just cover some of the basics. This will be what I have at my sheet as I cut number two president trump talking about Flynn and that whole situation. When I looked at the information. I said I don't think he did anything wrong and that you did something right who's coming into office he looked at the information. He's dead. Hala the fine. It's what they're supposed to do this supposed to be here you can just call Russian he called and and spoke to both ways. I think it was thirty some odd countries. So Jeff you know he was just doing his job. That thing is he didn't tell our vice president. Properly and that he said he did remember. So by the way it was and very satisfactory to me. And when dealing with a Russia. Trump was asked actually he did was and as state he volunteered all of this this is before the questioning in the press coverage. Here's Donald Trump talking about his ties with the Russia. And I can tell you give them myself. I don't nothing in Arusha. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russian. President Putin called me up very nicely to congratulate me on the winner of the election. He then called me up extremely nicely to congratulate me on the inauguration which was terrific. It's noted many of the league is almost all of the leaders from almost all other countries so that seeks it. Russia is they didn't rush it this is fake news put out by the media. Amen now. The culture of leaks in Washington now with talk before on this program about people think intelligence agencies like CIA as this monolithic. Group and everybody thinks the same way. I told her for years there is a civil war going on. In various branches of our intelligence agencies because you've got holdovers you've got people who have been there for awhile it got people would different points of view you get different. Agendas at play. And nobody trusts anybody. Basically that's usually good rule and that like nobody trusts and it but the culture of leaks and here we're talking about people with access to classified info. Who. Are leaking it to the media. To destroy Donald Trump. The nice thing is I see it starting to check where people are now looking at the illegal. All right and I think it's very important the illegal. Giving out classified. Information. It was an and let me just say it was given out like so much a given an example. I called. As you know Mexico now. It was in their. Very confidential classified call but I called Mexico. And the call in Mexico figured that and spoke to the president of Mexico had a good call. Olives and it's out there for the world to see. Must be shipment. Who has to be. Either confidential or classified in that case same thing with Australia. All of a sudden people are. Finding out exactly what took place the same thing happen and with respect to general. Let everybody says this sink. The first thing I thought when I heard about is how does the press get this information that's classified and they do it. You know why because it's an illegal process and the press should be ashamed of themselves but more importantly the people they gave out the information to the press. Should be ashamed of themselves really issue. And so now we're talking about the culture of leaks and imagine just real quickly let me interject you mention what it must be elected Donald Trump. Having access to everything. There is to know. And who he can actually trust. That's got to be a very isolating feet. I imagine and I'm am sure every president has experienced and especially in the last. You know three three presidencies you've had leaks all over the place you don't know where they're coming from and by the way just because they. They suit your needs politically at the moment doesn't mean they're good for the country. WikiLeaks doing their thing this is not helping anything. That we know this we're not supposed to know this and we we trust that our government is doing the right thing for the right reasons. But we don't need this information we didn't we know and here as a top secret clearance to hear what's going on the CIA and and France. But anyway the culture of leaks and that this is trumps warning. That anyone doing this you're gonna stop it you're gonna stop now. You know what I say when IE when highways called out on Mexico I was shocked. And all this equipment all this incredible phone equipment when I was called out. On Mexico. I was honestly I was really really surprised. But I said you know it doesn't make sense that won't happen. But that wasn't that important call those fine I could show to the world that he could go to the world the president who's a very fine man by the way. Same thing. With the Australian. It's terrible that obviously it was an epic but estimates that happens when I'm dealing with the problem of North Korea. What happens when I'm dealing with the problems. In the Middle East. Are you folks can be reported all of that very very. Confidential information very important very you know I mean at the highest level we gonna be reporting about that too. So I don't want classified information. Getting out to the public and in a way that was almost a test. So I'm dealing with. Mexico I'm dealing with Argentina. We were dealing on the case with Mike Flynn well this information gets put into the Washington. He gets put into this New York Times. Saying what happened when I'm dealing in the Middle East what's gonna happen when I'm dealing with a really really important subjects like North Korean. We got to step it that's why it's a criminal penalties North Korea. Sending female agents apparently to assassinate the dictator's brother with poison pants when terrible way to go now. In this audio you'll hear some of the contentious news conference I mean let's face of the press hates Donald Trump and I. Can assure that the feeling is that reciprocated but here is an interaction where Donald Trump cannot owns a reporter. I'm me answer it it sounds as though you do not have. Much credibility when it comes to the game if that is something that person could again to their questions ready I ask you know nobody let me do wondered if I'd ask you might want her. So. In what case you talking about highly classified from. In the other case you're talking about John Podesta saying bad things about the bullets I will say this in John Podesta said that about me and he was working for me I would've fired himself as what is. That that actually was a question from that was Jim Acosta from CNN that was the first part of the question that's what led into the park you heard. We heard earlier. And then of course we have the this is this is the response to Jim Acosta is this a different reporter. Anyway here's trump emasculated and our random a reporter a clip six. But that was six art do we actually cost a piece to a plan that again. This is what you heard this is the follow on that was the first part of the question at a cost that and then this is the Donald Trump follow. I have it is one when we're fall and I let him have a little bit more what he thinks Peterson this Peterson I have let them have a limitless sit down. So it definitely has the will get just because the attack if they use it and attacking our network and I just wanna ask you sir I'm changing it from Clinton's now. That doesn't that under very effective I would aren't you. God real news rooms and will not related to our new well I am not related sir. I do like the soundness I look at cost him. Yeah I looked at that name as it wait a minute is there any relation there Alex's. I'm sure you check out our objective facts that they said those arrested him if ever go back and check the family tree. You know I love that. Because the president. Did you hear it they Hugh I'm sorry there's a bit of comedic tone in his voice it wasn't a nasty tone. Truck was like and that's one of the best things you can do he was I think can be quickly dismissive of this guy. Where you don't about 114. Chuck Todd starting Tweety of course Chuck Todd. Is MSNBC host. He's out there he also host Meet the Press he used the Meet the Press Twitter feed and his own Twitter feed and NBC and he said. It's going to be a long day for little fact. Obviously sit there and play in the present line. And any who are on the White House staff has the guts to tell him this may not be the prayer answered or calm the waters on Capitol Hill. With the nervous GOP leaders and he wrote. This is not a laughing matter I'm sorry. Do you legitimate bulge delegitimize. The press is on American. Unless you're Barack Obama going after foxman quote. Hell do these guys think they all got there it's on American to deal. In its press bashing me feel good to folks but when it's done by people in power it's corrosive. Take off your partisan hats recession. We I would ask should the same thing do you guys to take up your partisan hats for seven go to and ways he is responding to the folks it's may feel good for the unwashed. Double barrel single helix. Folks out there that southern tier new Yorker just like to raise cows and pollute the ozone. He's talking to us like we're fools. You let me tell somebody the reason why you of anger and America is because of Chuck Todd. Now to get a report a comment on what you've been hearing or what Jew if you watch vitro. News conference in its entirety lines open in 030930. Start time thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen and we've also got a delicious piece of audio which mentioned Chuck Schumer. But VW bee in 71 Miller forecast. Tomorrow's going to be quiet day a mix of sun and clouds temperatures about 32 Saturday partly cloudy milder fifty right now it is 25. At new united thirty WB Ian 25. Degrees. Now. Should we. Take the calls. We have some audio would like to get two or do you do you think that there's some must hear audio before we start they can call me near the Schubert piece pocket. This will be cut number thirteen we all love at WB yen I don't sandy beach is a big fan I'd note David's big absurdly huge fan Chuck Schumer. I actually thought I had a meeting with congressman Cummings and he was all excited and then it. All can't move that might be bad for me and political weekend that a result of the meeting you know we called him and called and it was also. Spoke them on the phone very nice guy he wanted me he wanted it. But we called called COLT COLT. Can't make a meeting with him every what can I sit I would like to meet with him because I do want to solve the problem. But he probably was told by Schumer or somebody like that some other lightly it was probably totaled dual meet with trump. It's bad politics and that's part of the problem in this market. David we've as well get that last bit of audio and be yours this at the controversial. This is the one that is so controversial. And why it's so controversial. Well because it's implied as being racist. Say racist in what did it well racist in the fact that. The equivalent of saying hey can I have a meeting between Julius Erving. And then you call a black person and say could you set that up. In other words the in the conference people are making about what mr. drop is about to say to this reporter from one of the urban places. Is that. He thinks that every black in America knows every other black and that's right dozen others say the weight given all of the intermarriage one of the shows we have to do. Is the fact that I mean. I'm sorry but how black you have to be to be considered black. Just something to ponder it isn't black and white. But west did look the fact is that this reporter is talking about her connections to these organizations. And he said well maybe well let's just hear in their own wars. So we're gonna do a lot of work in the exactly people lined up to help. When you say. And I think I can I don't I don't include a CB aimed at the president in your conversations with. Your your urban legend that you're in a agent as well and my Gunner in what you wanna include the Congressional Black Caucus and why would I care what you wanna set up the meeting you want to set up the meeting. Other browser. And set up I don't some of them are at a. Meeting I would love to meet with the black I think the congressional. What I mean the fact they won't mean it was a little. Why don't you racist. It didn't you just come to say tried to meet with Elijah Cummings logic of it wanted to meet with the president they wouldn't allow to happen because they don't wanna be on camera with the president of the United States. Now imagine if a white senator I don't know. Jeff Sessions of Alabama said you know what I Barack Obama I'd love to decide how much constituents can't see me with a black president. That's good for me imagine that would have been covered in the in the New York Times now I. Listen to. Drive. The top of her voice and these scope. Content ever question. I don't think that mr. trump saying it is set up the meeting. I don't think there was any racism in the all contacts Julie it makes sense and I would say. About it let's look at this logically. Why would now try. In the full view of media that hate him. Why would he say something. In his heart was racist was it. If just what they do I mean it's in what they do Hornaday David bloody day there are those people David goes people did the fact why she was talking about the book the Congressional Black Caucus insane wanted to meet with these people she covers nominees and why. You set it up they don't talk to me. Whenever I mean if if if you invite somebody to party and they don't wanna go because in BC with view. The question is then I was the person would buy two races are due to race back up on her brood on their race. Kraft Cheese it's just it we've. The world is absolutely stark raving. I just don't have a better word for. What line open were gonna get right to calls coming back after the break here in 0330. Start at 3180616. WBE. And it looked like Jimmy. It works in your clothes. Our I think it you were 635 is ready at 930 WB EE and little pulp fiction reference that were hurt knew about it anyway we're talking about the Donald Trump news conference we play the number of audio clips from the news conference and that -- Canada the park. People in this race I thought he hit it out of the park I think he did exactly what we said yesterday the only thing she didn't do we talk today it was prime time. Which probably it was good because he won't interrupt the the team in single he'll text masses television opium so that's probably got. But in terms of mr. trump presentation I thought it was excellent. And even the Acosta situation. Did you hear any. What's the word for which side and hear any genuine. Anger. And his confrontation with the Costa from Donald Trump what I heard. Was all whole. Hearted way a lot of times that's a better approach than just yields agreement. He's durable groups there. Amid the the only anger you're hearing are people who consider to be sacrilege. You know. The funny part is is that for the longest part it was the media. Other people that honestly what is Contra use this a million times its. Controversial speech is what's protected in the First Amendment otherwise if you if that. First of badminton and protect you from flattery you can't be like you know. That was your only allotted for you know I don't know bush usually employee hand trap at your oil out for time things disabled program today. That he did that so crazy is. That the the elitism of Chuck Todd NBC all these reporters are like they're out to us hate us they're trying to gin up what happens. If how long before someone makes yet. Connection between you know the more Donald Trump talks about the media some out there might. Killed someone in the media. Someone might become wily. And the next time channeled to force. Put up a tripod someone might hurt him can't have our journalists threatened. You could do for the last month. I could talk about crazy about the would work well and also again the take away point it is. Barack Obama. Mean all rushed to Fox News defense when Barack Obama singled out Fox News and some people like show on Hannity. Is occasions. What's the difference. Where is it any of these huge difference all upset and they're different that is their party answering their friends that are you talk about the cocktail parties. Yeah it's more than that there's there's a blood. Some sort of a connection there that makes us vs them we know what the other side is now in power. And maybe need to be accountable for your actions. You know 330 start at 3180616. WB and what did you take away from president try news reports. And he is appear in Canada WB yen. Guess it's got to Peter Europe WB yeah welcome. Not quite Tom and David. I'm David source guys either. First and foremost will be listening to. To you guys. Well WB yen or about seventeen years. So you definitely don't have an agreement to my point. To gay from media as a Brit living in Canada. That one's saying that it happened was when he went after the BBC report actual ball. Nobody cared you'd just like CNN and how true that is. The BBC our soul completely to leftist. Bias. And it isn't funny. So well. Yes I know it it's you know it's something that this is a global issue is and it's not to solve this happening all. And in the United States all over Peter capital elections that picture anymore but the BBC when I listen to absolutely totally global list crap. I mean the BBC is like PBS. Absolutely I mean I listened. Through the Internet radio. Every evening late and heavily morning here in North America. Just I mean I don't know. There are so leaked if there soul. Aren't in. And the problem don't put disguised. Is that public finally back there and talking to them it's startling how little Americans abuse or shapes from this type of media. The BBC reached worldwide aids through the world service is is enormous. And get. I mean trumps fighting everything you wrote a possible. Well amen and nothing is reporting that out about the BBC hope we get the audio for that by the end of the showed don't know that's gonna pan out but. The exchange between a reporter from a BBC and president trump but I certainly noteworthy. Surprise you're the first person to bring it up to apart that are. Well I don't want to get a major forego. What shall Opel who who is the reporter question. Retort to why this Ole impartial free and fair. Well we know two of those awards are completely false but to see it free. The BBC and free. The UK taxpayers. Anybody who owns a television and Britain has to have a license. And then go to page 300 box equivalent. How are here. To have. Oh my god while Missouri officials that they used India personal property tax got me Peter if your car your worth your money. We just heard sounds from the governor of new York and and Andrew quo almost talking like hey if you counties are I have a little shortfall are. Match it all enter quo is gonna match it was his checkbook or are we going to imagine I mean these guys literally. Don't think it's so. It blows my my mind is that day when they get into a certain spot they're comfortable their image that a district that they're not worried about losing their seat. They've got all their friends all over him the media's carrying their water. Do you know how easy it should be for liberals to take over the world. Amateurs if there if it wasn't for the fact that they're for aid of any sort of substance and their their ideology. Is vapid. You've got everything in your power to do what ever tell you want New York. Yet the media on your side you got all the local officials you're what twenty to one would with the registration. Why kick you get the liberal utopia here in New York education from kindergarten because it does it work and you know it doesn't work. And you're trying to sell something that you know history has shown us. Other countries have shown us this socialism. And hey good. That's socialism gentlemen there's our biggest threat. And the story. Good socialism globalism. While I had no comment thank globalism. In different forms. Is perhaps normal in their in oversell what I'm saying but this wouldn't socialist agenda. Right I guess we we have a different I mean my definition of globalism is. One world government no borders you go anywhere you want you don't need a passport because it's a small world after all. Mean that's that's how I view globalism what do Mormaset. Brush. Wellman. No the thing is my interpretation globalism was different networks people across the globe doing it properly. And they you know that's fine. But social. Where reserve globalism or cooperation essentially cooperation as opposed to globally is. Not how would find out why I think the term globalism though Peter. It has been hijacked. I think you are right if you go back to what a global list used to be it was an ally it was the guy that went up against the axis forces it was someone that says we have a community here. And we have to keep fascists and Communists out of it. And that that term has been hijacked in the last ten years. Well any any group. Who can group can fool people. By two warts climate change. That shows at all. Yeah and the other word but I think I ever read them later but man made climate changes bull. Give them. Thanks a lot good call Peter good call it magical. I'm maneuvering unit thirty WBE. And sorry but the costs I guess that really haven't had at each of them couldn a few years. I'd do it myself you were actually right talking about. I haven't had a cold but it's still full blown so I got that don't work now. The BBC reporter BP's what does that stand for blues although the British Broadcasting Corporation. This is the reporter with president Donald de. DOS you think much as president. That's where you from a BBC. Is another beauty. The good lie. In partial preempt that here. This president just like CNN. Lovett absolutely. Love it. I mean look if it's hard to argue that CNN news of all the different you know trying to think who is it took the most flak. And you know of the different news organization. And she whenever there it's almost like therapy. But it's a funny. You know win win that someone confronts our group of people in the trying to find the culprit who did this who you know who's responsible for stealing in the wallet. And eighteen different people have you know we're talking arguably had a third that they that it was the corroborated averages doable it. For Chuck Todd to be so defensive. It's part of what every street and I'll see it and if you care about NBC news in the product. And the integrity which you deliver your product amusement BC. You would think you would be like that's wide at BC we double check our sources we didn't cover that story. Because it was great CNN's garbage you can ask Bryan Adams if you need help shopping year. Due to shop here all in the same boat together floating around. The river changed their floating down the river a shame that. Poetic that these pictures at the Jim Croce song at yourself crossing reversed sweetly. As such criticism but. It's just remember never prefer permanency to the other side that. History sure your leader on the good ship lollipop and they basically workers of long with their fellow reporters and the fellow Democrats and they don't want anybody per hole in the raft. Simply put. Donald Trump is the iceberg there leadership oh wow. While the garage of the public that of all these icebergs stories the good shepherd one at the record you always be Leonardo DiCaprio we get Olazabal. That's true and a couple of movies it is at 646. Nutrient thirty UV and David as we have additional call it laugh test call for calls to us this about the ultra news conference call 8330. Start at 3180616. WBE and this a squirrel moment. This is a moment. David it will be audio cut Lebanon before we do that we wanna talk about the fact that you know Harrison Ford gotten trouble recently we have the audio affairs Ford. As you struggle so air support for any single jet plane. And he goes away and he hits the taxi area instead of the runway. And it calls on he's like hey what's going on one other 730 sevens under me so here's Harrison Ford explained to the power. Ever so fathers are stopped and album by the airplanes don't worry I'm Angela my co pilot bias. He's and they. Well waited waited and that's what I'm sorry that's the wrong enough dirt that is that your star runners Portman. The other story that made the news is a woman who shows up on a plane. And she's in civilian clothes she talked about her divorce and you're about to fly I'm leaving tomorrow. If a plane and I see a person first ball. It's crazy that when a person's outward uniform you lose total competence and ability if you're gonna have surgery and the guy is wearing like cut off Jean shorts frayed. And it and it tank top you'd like doctor. What the hell's wrong with. I ordered him to. So. That is gonna get to deliberately take accuse the fifth there. This is actually a porch. Dog you don't like that again had a majority about it if you put. We we talk about this I see. It. Always think to myself okay is here she ex military. Yet they got to bury you look good right initials of civilian clothes she gets more and she's as an upset that it warns of close. Goes or talk about the divorce and it becomes completely unglued. On this sexist. And while it's happening. The the passengers are. Our goal and Twitter account airline same. Please for the love of god I don't wanna go on this flight does pilot has to be removed and the please come so here's the actual audio of this. Female pilot who had a mental breakdown. Ed can just imagine being a pastor on this flight and we did not mention the airlines. And there's no way we mentioned united. And they're. If you don't here and there's so. So when a puck decides to have no I mean seriously what was that part about what she was basically written she had mentioned that she was in civilian clothes at that offended anyone. And then people like now we don't care just fly the plane and that she started talking about her divorce. And talking about some of her for personal problems. And then she's a policy you'd feel more confident having this man in uniform flat plane. I'm a woman I can fly the plane has nothing to do with men don't implement it has to do that you're having an emotional Chernobyl in front of it tired of people are about the plot. I read out there's a lot of things I wanna hear from a pilot some adjournment window we use the old Ford. I don't wanna hear about your divorce law. Flying at 101000 feet. I'm sorry okay what was it like a smaller plan assessment is that might get. Hearing about that just pour into the pep her up as a chip is dual controls. Freaks out and take overs a lot of other personal Joseph but tell Tom I probably have not out of yes. You there's only things that answer is 650 is rated at thirty WB. Now let's get right to the calls out of the trump news conference fox right now panel picks the trop news conference highlights I could. We kind of build our our ourselves let's go to Tim in Lancaster and WB and you were with the hourly indelibly. I guys. And their interests in it took over a long time but gave their love is an addition to show in addition to prime intellectual and am always being out point. You are to gave an easy and you go well at. You may show foreign journalists and. Alton please don't ever call me an intellectual again please. Outings Harlem. Okay. I call him that all you are getting together like I'm her like Yemen are two very kind words and thank you. Well what you both think it was topic you know pretty well hey I just wanted to stay there. I'd log trump pushing back and the media I think you want it call. I think every time they keep. Calls them Al. As he moves. I think he I enters a significant portion of the of the United States they believe that that's where the ratings aren't that low it can actually see by some. Some are all questions. That there. Actually got that about that would carry law. What are completely abate or something from the media I want it caught your attention maybe for another show one day put. This morning Carol Carol reed got interviewed and they might article got interviewed afterward YouTube or don't you know. Professor now he used to work here which is now called. Pop tunes journalism. Which is an issue is simpler I'm giving you a final after all right I'm giving the right thing and so it's the work that I used to. I'll come to obfuscate the fact that journalism at depth for a lot of them because all the errors part. And it really brought people went. Because they hide as if they were objective -- on our show we're very up front we are biased opinion dated and were not journalists we don't even try to be you know fair. Word we re we have strong opinions. Exactly right when he said that it was it excuse she was kind of you know kind of Colin Powell said which they OK you're not being objective about yes you're being collected on your job winder speech black people you know you're you're being selective in the acts. Well no problem and everybody should ducks. Referral thing journalism mr. it's that the. A chimp goes crazy when we act like this is a new thing you know I mean because we have the WikiLeaks and it proved what we've known all along. But when fox starred in 1996 fit bail post was such a crazy idea. That brought fox the population has. And then after they did that they've moved they moved to the center. David archery to our caller Tim thank you I'm sorry but were were at a time today show kind of went a little bit quickly. David great one and hopefully that'll triple -- of the awesome tomorrow so we'll have another easy show. Got absolutely got blast president trump. DOS you think much is president. That flurry of round at BBC. Is another beauty. It's a good lie and impartial preempt that yeah here at this president just like CNN.

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