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2-16 Bauerle and Bellavia HR 3

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. Marshall per hour. Well you know what I don't have the driver's license he came from work kind of my wallet so I can still vote back back. I'll get news is still the sound yet. And Marshall Bruce Mathers. It's come hourly. Do your very different from each other in a lot of ways that you have to understand this part gravest concerns your belief that indeed the ability yeah. You're both equally mercurial overly sensitive clean neat hysterical bird bring you Mon July. You aren't happy because I don't collect your age I gallant. Beat my ass. Which means people can't go into the hourly and oh yeah. The nets got an almost improvisational. Tone on news radio 930. All it has hourly. Freedom thirty WBB. And so. Question. How did Donald Trump do in his news conference today do you like it did the cultural gives it back to the media. And I think the summarize everything who's the bigger. President trump or the media and the media. It's the folks. Even in the media. That they are nothing. 95%. Nothing but a pack of shackles. They can't stand people like you they can't stand people like they can't stand people like Dave. Right coming. To be. My cohost of this show our ability. Actually is a career risk for David because by mere association with me. Any local puff piece in gotten in the paper Hampshire that dried up with that for it but that's immediately can't stay the ultra. And remember there used to a guy playing. By his own rules. And there used to somebody throwing in their faces they're used to being on a pillar. And pretend as though today are more important than the president of the United States and again. You're gonna have to do some homework go back and listened the first ten minutes of anti Obama news conference. That was the first ten minutes of today's news conference and you asked yourself to these people have an agenda are we getting the real facts are we getting the real stories. You know David I don't model and saying this but. You know by. Always had an issue with the media and its double standards its hypocrisy and it's left wing agenda is the issue with. But. I can believe. How bad it is now how visible Howell in the open it is aunt for the first time David. This election thanks for call by the way. I am questioning. Holes PO LL yes because. They were so wrong. Heading in to the election. And it was like they were also trying to give Hillary a boost because nobody likes to say they're gonna be voting for the loser. I actually question polls for the first time since I took stats class you know the polish people always been good to me a narrative that. As well might very hot lady are. RS office and so now push it's it's one of those things where you don't people talk about what's the future going to hold every election is different. Jim Everett was. The gentleman in Vermont the doctor forget his name he ran for president 2000 and now for. Howard Dean. And dean was the first guy to use the Internet he was the first one to manipulate emails. And then you know Smartphones came out for 2008. And it was all about Obama is a bit we need to get text messaging out get out the vote ever when he uses technology and it changes elections. What we learned here in this last election. Is that everything you're told can be manipulated. And if you have a poll if you're kick right now and your and what you think as a safe district. Eric Cantor was up fifteen points lost that race and in house seat. As the minority leader in that. And on the house represented us how can you legitimately say if you're running a presidential race in four years. That you know what we feel confident going into Election Day because were up ten points Hillary Clinton that twelve point lead by ABC news. I mean I think gonna live in infamy. You also got to live in infamy and but guys were talking about this topic as we just settle a squirrel. But you have to understand the basis. For the media hostility against Donald Trump. Is so old. There are so many examples that we can bring up. They never thought he could win at any point during the campaign and even on election night. If you want to educate yourself about what you saw today do you go back and you watch election night coverage on any network including fox. Nobody. Wanted to be the first to say Donald Trump has won the presidency. David and I go back and look at our FaceBook live stream that night David and I called it at nine it was at 930 at night because we had the math. And we couldn't believe if we are figuring this out tuition books in buffalo how come the media hasn't figured out Hillary lost. We had a guy that was just. I posted up all over the Internet at the one return count me. Right outside Detroit and that was going to determine the entire election because of Michigan went. Pennsylvania had the same sort of numbers that you were seen Philadelphia didn't come out big how we're eager to get the most for Hillary and I'm moving it was the same thing. I wanna play for you though we we talked about this at that we replaced top of the hour member Jim Acosta right. All of this is the audio we promised to are devout listeners again. And what we did our listeners a little extra time to get into their cars to turn the seat warm words and two you know get their car and some warm and cozy we did for them you know why because week to review team to tears that team that cares I'll tell you what you know it's funny once you have a big blow it's like you're on the street and you get what epic fights on records that puts it on YouTube. This is a member of the White House media fool he's not go to anywhere. Four years which my list when have been putting you to shortening to your ear you're talking about a guy who literally is this isn't jobs she can get rid Jim Acosta is. Must see TV now every time we talked to the president so. If you thought that Donald Trump was gonna say hey Kamal the White House let's have a cup of coffee. Air our grievances not a chance and Jim Acosta did take a step backwards either but this is pre or. My personal message you are attacked Narnia. Organization that can you give us achieve organizational attacking our news organization yeah I can't ask questions are guys are. Quiet stay quiet Mr. President elect to write music yeah any question that doesn't like can you give us a note here rudeness can you give us a question don't. No this is this the first flight. This is the first video worries at your feet use a start but in today's press conference. In today's press conference and audio and don't have that Nadia. But we're gonna continue to tease you stay warm in your seats we need you to stay listening because it is well worth it also on FaceBook hourly and Olivia were putting up a video from YouTube. YouTube from a lively which is. We're gonna call it an instructional video. And you need to go to our FaceBook page it's a Russian dashboard camera were posting it because sometimes you talked your kids across industry. And you try to tell them that people don't always see you. And that drivers don't pay attention. This video is a video you should show your kids to make the extra aware of what they've got to be extra a winner in traffic we debate to whether or not to put it up were putting it. You need to see it and you need to learn. Use it as a learning tool for your kids it'll three or at least 310616. WBE and your thoughts on the news conference today and who's a bully the media or the president. Out of the president did he do exactly what he had to do he did exactly what we suggested yesterday with the only exception he didn't prime time. He started in the yet noontime hour. Let's go to listen calls this is Jane. Jane in Niagara on WB Ian. I. I only get the listen to hard media. Yeah just campers because and it worked but it goes somewhere so well I was half heartedly. And I didn't step part of yeah the late late Schuettler. That would Eleanor. L where there any other exchanges that caught your fancy because I knew I was and the maple road win the president referred to. Chuck Schumer as a lightweight and I I actually did LOL. The guy next that he is polite. And I'm doing it never in those weeks. Sure it. And I think that goat is going to be hunted down and charged with our I'd. Because they really. Is and weren't you it about two weeks like debt. Imagine what would happen if they had that they might get more work true. Well my understanding. From. It my understanding from attorney Paul Camry it is that because of the First Amendment the newspapers can be gone after but the lakers can certainly be gone after. And there are certain measures that you can use to find leaguers and a large organization David and I have talked about that off the year it's kind of complicated but there are ways you can narrowed down. Who is leaking the stuff. Well they've really got to do it. And those guys really oriented church yes that's been. It if it is about a lawyer if that would be the applicable charge yup absolutely rubbish and they should serve the match you've got but again. Go ahead Jim. Because they are. As it has trumpet themselves you know so as a potent is dealing with the jury. Could not agree with you more and that's what president trump said earlier anything else nearby and James. Larry I'm order that they inject. There are so biased against. And not let him alone put bridges. Hello all I would get to that after traffic on WB your thoughts on the news conference did the president do what he had to do when he had to do it. And who. Is the biggest bully the media. Where the president. And it out technically media is it moral. But a lot of times that they give it in as a singular so if my grammar is bad when I refer to the media I'm very aware of that. And I just you know what I never know what to say the media it the media the year because it is more technically should be here but I think of the media especially now as a Democrat model making its singular. So up for you of the grammatical errors wrestling with those that's that's the biggest crisis in my life right now. A let's go back to Jane in Niagara Jane you percent. Yes. OK the other candidate Ingrid. They're adding that it questioning the legality. Because they know they don't like the Internet child is that it is legal right. Yacht and you know I was hoping. Our Jane thank you very much for the call. I was kind of hoping that president trump would admit that that I was running around the house during the news conference and I might have missed it if he said it. Did the president say anything to the effect of I don't understand how the state attorneys general even had the basis even at any court standing to it to go to the judges know he didn't mention the fact. That they weren't gonna go back to the coal ports but it but he went to. He specifically talked about how they were wasn't a bad executive decision they were bad Rowling isn't bad courts. And then he went on to say that the new executive order is actually going to meet the demands the courts that. Any but at no time did he get into the nexus of why this was a bad decision thank you David. You have a better attention span here's job. In buffalo hunt WBE. Ends not welcome to Bauerle ability. I and we are we're we're here so wa. The ineptitude of virtue out of court or just just you know John if you have a lot and we don't get to at all in this part of the call will keep beyond. To pass the news. Are durable. First bout will be excited you utilized by ice below drag and they serve. Appreciate that thank you. Very and true. He's got out in the press coverage was great I'm positive everybody I've talked to was positive he needs to immediately from. Keep your plan and all the so where Russia keep coming up we're coming up with different. Angle that you can born had a question about Russia the just okay we are covered it and run. And neither are people. I didn't he should start doing in Cuba of usable only teach or should be bullied to the bullies. OK if they're gonna treated with disrespect you're gonna start yelling during her conference. Get out. You nailed it John you delve would keep pretty cannot. You know he we should into the warm beforehand so as no surprise if you're gonna show disrespect you hear what I wanted to do. It's a minute happier news organization stroll out of the press corps and you can get extra news in the parking lot listening to the other huge organization edged out the notes. Awesome hey John we are going to keep you until after the news OK because of the caller made some great points and happen to agree with pretty much everything we thanks so I don't go anywhere. 8030 thirty start at 3180616. WB. Eat and and if that's the thing with the media president trump. Does not mine hard questions. He doesn't mind them. What he does mind is being treated with disrespect. And having the feeling that somebody is out for his scalp. Why don't like that there's. Listen to the interview I did with him in April 26 team I did ask him some tough questions I did so respectfully and he didn't flip is. You know what David what do you force icu icu were diligently typing away. Where look it up first thought there was a press covers when we first started the show Democrat Joseph mansion of West Virginia the president that stays Donald Trump a bunch of Republicans. But again it was Donald Trump rolling back a lot of the coal regulations and this was very important only to upstate New York. But places like Pennsylvania West Virginia Michigan one of the main reasons why so many of these. You know blue dog Democrats came out to vote for trump is the way Obama and the Democrats have treated. The coal industry. And hydra fractures in general this is gonna release regulations. To allow clean coal to continue to be sold and and mine in the united. And they made a tactical choice to separate themselves from the white middle class. That was their strategy. Now that's it if that isn't racist truly racist I don't know what it is and I can't believe that people are actually interpret something the ultra upset and they become a contract this down for us 21 of the urban reporters. People are making it seem as though president trump believes that every black American knows every other black American and that it it you know what the context I heard that exchange. And the woman was speaking as though she had some. Look at actions to the Congressional Black Caucus or she put it the CBC. Now if you're a news conference and somebody says CBC. You might be thinking of the Canadian broadcasting outlet. So be reporter did say Congressional Black Caucus after originally saying CBC at first I didn't know what she was talking about. Our ability. Because trump news happens. Is he going to be topic obviously and I woke up and I saw the truck to hold a news conference at the bottom of the Greek. And then I'll walk it into the building and people in the league gave rats ass about anything involving politics. Can be great for true. I got to do that stuff it's like I guess our. Our work here is levels are one moment then I realized we get department report in a 330 start at 3180616. WB yen. Your take on the news conference was an exchange that you said yes like totally which site. We. The two biggies A 330. Start at 3180616. WBE. And the so we responded to what I said during the chiropractor and I'm that. Built LL. Well I mean when you in the pocket just I'd rather out of all the other side. Gaza but I just say to all the things that you're expecting your chiropractor. Ever get advertised like atop a replica built into it I gotta tell yet. I'm one of those guys doctor act and stir on doctors say that I'm top heavy. OK I well I can bench press the state of Rhode Island I noticed. Nothing to do with the buffalo dental group evidence might chains are so. Rector its tallest girl a melody it could be relevant if it was it was I don't want her. Yeah melt but as this thing here to let this odd as Washington Post appease. I think is going to be listen watchable we just put on FaceBook partly go via its on Twitter add power Indo via. I wanna tell you something guys this is something I really truly believe we want more than anything. And no disrespect to general Wayne no disrespect to president try to be up. Is a leak of course to the Washington Post Olympia. Claims it in the in the FBI interviewed general Flynn did win with Jericho. That he didn't I discussions discussing. With. Discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador in Asia to a big that's what this whole thing is about he told Penn that he didn't talk about actions with the ambassador. Said you know what it's slipped my mind idea. Buddy just told the FB. He didn't say it. Now. Jim Coleman has a choice here he lied to the FB I like did you approach applied to the FBI. We want this fight and David we want this fight why a lot general because first of all of all things that Donald Trump is he's a vindictive guy. He doesn't like to be screwed over he certainly wants to get the last laugh. And he promised I will play nice would your Hillary Clinton will be president shall. The campaign is behind us but the only two are the Washington Post and the New York Times and the media outlets this campaign is not over. He's an illegitimate president not my president while tell you what. You press charges against his MSA guy. For a lie to the FBI. And you are opening the door for president Donald Trump to go back. And completely. Club the way eggs out from Hillary Clinton. We're talking about putting her in prison. Who wants to be Jim coming right now is to have that job if you if you pay if you follow the law. That you've got to hit him with a felony charge you lied to the FBI this is General Petraeus serious stuff and people should O Robert walked Everett. You just once. In time you lie to a federal agent you are risking. One year in prison and a felony conviction. Any time you liked Andy that well guess what. We have another person who has lied repeatedly to the FBI lied repeatedly before congress she would remember it wouldn't matter. It's all on tape she lied under oath she lied to the FBI she lied to the American people if you want this fight left wing America. We want it more. I just conservatives want despite more than you can ever imagine please throw the book and general flame and prison. And I'll tell you what Hillary Clinton will be sharing. A Thanksgiving dinner right next to. By they have no idea what's coming well I love the idea. I'm not gonna quibble with you on here about this I have to think about it I don't know if the directive. Is the right way to characterize Donald Trump. I think it might be a better word out there. Vindictive sounds almost like he initiated the BS. No I think when he really want to set things right and fair. But I what is vindictive I'm saying if you here's the deal. He never forgets a person who's heard him over and he also never forget you literally have to. So he's he's loyal to a fault but he's also a vindictive mean and and I love I'm not this I'm just being honest with you. If you scroll over Donald Trump much like. Other people that are in similar positions positions. Locally that I am maybe and in political power they don't forget. And it's GE across from guess what you're gonna have to look over your shoulder. Every single day because they will find an opportunity and there's people on the left and on the right like this and they won't give back at you. Yeah kinda like that. Trump actually have the Affordable Care Act that press conference that's at Fox News which. It's it was Affordable Care Act would you consider yourself the verdict of first I think that the negative. I don't age you sure don't look I enjoyed being an advocate OK but if you get screwed over. Do you forget the people that's courage over you know that's a very interesting and philosophical question because I've 121000 people in her blog and FaceBook. Disagree if it is. Number one bite me who I. Have a lot if it is a personal situation. Like if I was going out with celebrity and she cheated actually an example. ID. You were wrong I will not be vindictive. The issue is can you forgive and the answer is yes a personal level that's really good example by. On a personal level I can forgive but when somebody comes after me professionally. Somebody comes after might work some becomes extremely national character arm gently then. I'd go in to. Our father Michael and Carla got exactly Carlo Gambino you'll. Ever know it's coming it'll count and that's that down now I'm not sick casting aspersions on people's character for that way. I have to say when you get personal and you after family are you after so would it by the way. Don't be mistaken this they are going after everything connected to the trumps. Donald Trump is going after his kids his products his legacy his business today in the New York Times there was an article Obama's father being a racist. For setting up trump village not wanted black people in the dirt literally trying to scorched earth this man's entire legacy. He absolutely is keep in a book. And I'll tell you what if you're the FBI right now you have peace OP's choice. That is going to us up kick in the butt and I wanna see it top. As a guy and the outside I wanna see and it's I want to what you're describing list moved. Let's go back to John again in buffalo job of charity keep a witness along with your good color you are offering thoughts on the news conference at the president's performance. But you have to admit David and I are pretty urgent. As. Well I'm sorry my. They're so pessimistic response is I could give you but I appreciate your patience is about the desolate. I'm talking about like Hillary then you got to thrown Schumer told C governor. The force. He's someone who want to restore mixed it bought the best way to put it appeared. Big Walter who's I don't let it rip your grown children that it happened to be working. But a little candidate and we can put scumbag police. The most vial kind of scum bag bully. And I have to tell you with those kind of people I think you have to respond with scorched earth but you gotta do Carlo Gambino way don't do it Sam usable way. In other words be subtle. Politicians with the threat involved. You're stepping on the markets as there constituent from own pocket or just too bad the democratic state. Thank you both of them are home because being like year after year after year. And you're giving digging in or they're looking more foolish and didn't. Let the Democrats looking spoke and then there's the outlook while here anyway and you're gonna pop but from all the good things that you get it and so while it's just a month border stop all the childish crap. I think you'll particular target. You said the word crap. What more. If you're ever. You. Should. In the lock that video up. You know place your address this is the problem many people. Many people face because I hate to tell you this but my super hot girlfriend. She's addicted to Starbucks and she's also huge Donald Trump supporter and she thinks the way David and I do. And and she will never give up -- so you know it's you see it though and so what falls below the product and really as a matter with the politics are and then there's other people that just fine politics and products we wanted to break up with her if she goes to start I don't think that's why you wake means like come -- and someone scoured the curtain to find a Bobble head throat. Did have trouble I had applied until I read the story. Is so ridiculous. John great call thank you so much. I gotta get a thing for their I don't know if you are seriously despite. There's an alternative that Starbucks still wanna get 101000 illegal aliens wilders a veteran owned company you like this bulky black Heupel poppycock. There and outs and isolation can lead to. I'll gather there actually owned by public health ranger up it sounds like you're gonna citizen prospectus and I'm not. They're there it's a really accompanied it's run by a group called ranger up they do military themed clothing. Nick is a really good friend and he runs that place they're off John thank you for believe will await the mail. I think thank you very very much yet. I'm not saying she feels good about going to start. But I kept pace so can I teased Acosta video we got yet to exit art so Jim Acosta. I wanna take you back in time Jim Acosta was the guy that the fake news ease works at CNN. This back and forth now Jim Acosta has not gone anywhere CNN's gonna keep him right there at the White House came. You know kicks in and out of the pool would be sacrilege to do that that the media I mean this is after all these are our eyes and ears yeah country. So here Donald Trump has a back and forth Jim Acosta. The entire press conference this is the best. Just one more popular and I have a little bit more what he thinks Peterson this Peterson I have let them have a limitless sit down. So. Well against us because the attack if they use and attacking our network and ask you sir I'm changing it from Clinton's now. That doesn't that under very effective but aren't you. Five that's right. Real news rooms and not related to a new well I am not related sir. I'd like this out so I look at us. I looked that way it is there any relation there Alex's. Entry check and I objected bison as it notes are said to me if I ever go back and check the family tree. Walk off highway. That is really crazy I know I loved it but it's insane and it was yeah that's exactly for the heap of dot forget. I thought it was great I thought it was great you know what. Here's. His point was made. But I didn't get the sense that he wanted to strangle him he used humor none of your right arm that's what it here actually right obviously imagine that the bird in the Jim Acosta has got to carry was Ian well. You know for a fact it's disease and no win situation well Hampshire he is gonna be invited every cocktail party in DC. So all the reasons the trop line is coming up is apparently some wegmans usually in Virginia mostly Virginia they Cary trump. Brand wine. And naturally the left once it out of wegmans I think what is that they all period but in Virginia they wanted to out of Fairfax Virginia which is the only blue part is yet surveys can. I don't wanna bring up that our restaurants and does the felony charge of restaurants were dropped today court. They I think he applied to one misdemeanor. This of course with its voter fraud. Susan B. Anthony and like. What came from Adam and eve well there's only would you be able in the history of man that have been charged in this. But what what annoys me though about the press coverage was. The DA is like god this isn't political. I I disagree there in the restaurants and says. But you know he still broke the law does not worthy of Ambien Fallon. Really that is that the way that we're gonna done that but the guys through like half year of hell rest of thousands of dollars of legal expenses right now that. Is vindictive that. My opponent I just east of the DA had to take the stance of saying look. You know admit that this was ridiculous admit that it was unwarranted. And let the ot let let the public determined it was politically now. Did you go out there and say I can you know quote. I sing without any reservation this was not political at all he did something wrong he admitted doing so there are it's just not a felony c'mon. That it means to smack in the guy and the way out for no reason it. And I was on call it a 330 your thoughts of the cultural news opera finally rest stops and told me earlier via cell phone but he's gonna write a statement. To his supporters and the minute I received that in my WB Ian email and posted to FaceBook page. Ordinarily we'd spent some time with respite to Donald obviously is gonna take priority today given the news conference and there was a news conference but how long during the noon time era let's go to Mike Amber's now WB Ian thank you for a moment ago. Oh my don't go ahead not hammered out and verse. DSL but more more Welker debate. Anyway thank you and I have a good day illicit. Championship. I'm a radio itself we will catch adjustments in Costa. Exchange network the most pivotal point I think and there. Doctors today and one thing that was literally here. Wars trump established them as a lesbian incher and take charge guys all great points I missed that awesome good pickup. This is what you know. You could hear I insensitive and radio. What I am looking forward to seeing it. And TV openly played a clip because they had to be powerfully. Of visual message to people who watch it. You like I suddenly stop liking you because you were more perceptive. And got the other layer of the onion that I miss welled up. Well I'll tell you what now. Maybe you're seeing overwhelming applause I know my guy stolen Russian legs. Coming at you about what took place. It out do you want us to keep you on until after 6 o'clock it is I think you have a lot more to say don't put two on hold and you decide if you wanna hang out with this effort little bit longer than to be cool up great callers today and usually we try to get to. We're gonna try in the next hour to get to as many calls as humanly possible but you know sometimes you can also easily bring their a game and you wanna keep my little bit longer. 803 Oda thirty start at 3180616. WB yen. And the tax board is 309 freezer that's 30930. And if you missed today's news conference because you didn't know about it. All we appreciated if you sign up for the WB and text alert system just text as the word news and EWS. And EWS that's it news don't use quotation marks just text the word news 230930. You'll get a confirmation text and you will be alerted the next time. President trump filters so. And it doesn't fly so we will elect to be a debate on bet. All right we have another hour to come fall never to get on board for the next hour is 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBBM.

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