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2-16 Bauerle and Bellavia HR 2

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah I. It's come to our lady hello the commercials for the local news. You'll hear things like oh elusive but container errors indeed the ability they don't care and other channel. Like you click over there a major highways closed down. Hey. Don't drive home went into the hourly and they'll be. The fact that they got there. This horse Harley I. Care anyway on news radio 930. Your chance to listen to president. Or maybe even watch it well we have a sound. Excerpts here but at Ivica yesterday if you're listening you know that both of us said David my boats that look the president needs to do a news conference now he's got to get out there he's got to get his message out there directly to the people. And David. Basically bought and they should put some popcorn on to get ready for the interchange between president trump and the media will have some sound from coming up. Just in case you didn't catch some of what we're talking about. And your calls one line is open to lines are open 803 on a thirty start at 3180616. WBE. And that's 803 all right thirty start at thirty. And when 80616. WBBM before we get this out David units are so predictable because that. Do you know that immediately after the news conference the media will investigate every syllable spoken by Donald Trump. And immediately try to put that story that it has uncovered information that president trouble lied or spoke about cycling. During the news conference and somebody put the reading somewhere that. He implied in the news conference and I think I remember the interchange he implied that all black Americans know each other. Like I mean it's funny I thought it was funny to me that was it. There's always this you know we're looking at the subtext of what he said in his body language and all that. Do we have in the intro to this show in the intro to the show there was a clip that we use where Barack Obama talked about. Giving my kid with asthma breathalyzer. Does he never made the front page of the newspaper the next day. I mean Dan Quayle spelled potato wrong and we literally told him his family never run with the quail last name that they work. Only stupid people. Your stint wind keeps when they labeled you would put you with that box you're in that box for as long as they. For amber and our dogs like Barack Obama's 57 states if if the intrepid said we have 57 states the United States can. It's again the and were were no longer at the level where work with ten years ago five years ago we could have the debate. It was an existential debate which is in the media left leaning that is no longer debatable. I've only birdie proven that WikiLeaks has proven everything their own emails have proven that. Not what we're seeing is not only are they leftist now we're seeing they have an agenda. And the agenda is to basically saying if my party and my guy isn't isn't in that seat. If the woman we supported isn't in that seat were willing to take down the entire apparatus of government yet and that to me is. That's treasonous to meet Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air and he's exactly what I've wanted. I mean for the past how many decades it. Republican president who can actually stand up to the media and be a man and not get steam rolled out we've got some audio here let's start with that. Cut number was six. Trump any reporter. About accountability. Over leaks like me answered it sounds as though you do not have. Much credibility when it comes to picking yeah that is something that harper welcome again to their. Question ready yet nobody let me to wonder if I ask you might want mr. aren't so. In what case you're talking about highly classified information. In the other case you're talking about John Podesta saying bad things about the bullets I will say this if John Podesta said that about me and he was working for me I would fired himself as it would. And accountability. Let's see what else we have here oh. We did we play the Russia won earlier but the issue. Was really big we we also want to get the audio we're president trump was asked what he was gonna do about the Russian ship. And he went into toward the middle to end of the news conference. And he basically said look I'm not going to tell you anything military is going to do I'm not going to say will be in Mosul in three months that was classic stuff that we got to hear it again. But as far as the leaks at this will be cut the number four followed by cut number five. The nice thing is I see it starting to check where people are now looking at the illegal. All right and I think it's very important the illegal. Giving out classified. Information. It was and it and let me just say it was given out like so much a give you an example. I called. As you know Mexico. It was in their. Very confidential classified call but I called Mexico. And they call in Mexico figured that spoke to the president of Mexico had a good call. All of sudden it's out there for the world to see. What's the secret. Supposed to be. Either confidential or classified in that case same thing with Australia. All of a sudden people are. Finding out exactly what took place the same thing happened. With respect to general. Let everybody shows this as saying. The first thing I thought when I heard about is how does the press get this information that's classified and they don't. You know why because it's an illegal process and the press should be ashamed of themselves but more importantly the people they gave out the information to the press. Should be ashamed of themselves really issue. President trump let the news conference earlier heard a news radio 930 WB eat and I thought he hit it out of the park today your thoughts and who want. The press or the president. Does does Donald Trump win by standing up to the media. Or do you think he'd be looks foolish and defending himself from attack dogs. 8030930. Start at thirty. 180616. WB EM before we go to your phone calls let's play one more clip here of the audio. As far as the leaks are concerned. About. Leaks. Helped the country. You know what I say what I what I always called out on Mexico I was shot. In all this equipment all this incredible phone equipment when I was called out. On Mexico. I would honestly is really really surprised. But I said you know it doesn't make sense that want. But that wasn't that important to call who's fine I could show it to the world that he could go to the world the president who's a very fine man by the way. Same thing. With the Australian. It's terrible that was leaked that wasn't gonna put him so what happens when I'm dealing with the problem of North Korea. What happens when I'm dealing with the problems. In the Middle East. Are you folks can be reported all of that very very. Confidential information very important very you know I mean at the highest level he gonna be reporting about that too. So I don't want classified information. Getting out to the public in an away that was almost a test. So I'm dealing with. Mexico I'm dealing with Argentina. We were dealing on this case with Mike Flynn well this information gets put into the Washington. He gets put into this New York Times. Saying what's gonna happen when I'm dealing in the Middle East what's gonna happen when I'm dealing with the really really important subjects like North Korea well we got stuff but that's why it's a criminal penalties. You met president Donald Trump today and that is one thing I do know about the guy he is well aware of how important. Confidential stuff is and he has been made. Very aware obviously by the military and intelligent people he actually trust. That. You'd just can't go spreading things around that are gonna jeopardized national security David. Childress calls a still rock peaked in Ontario Pete. What's on your mind today. Bought them at carpenter's greatness yet our caller we've got the gentlemen I don't really think he meant that. You should go after the curtain computer that see actual. In other report computer but it. Where it would have noted that the what did you think of the press conference what do you like what did you like. A specifics and I'm I'm very reelected but I just need people to get to the point Michael for squirrels. Jump I doubt lot of broad street on the epic that politics played about how all nobody. Nobody. He's got three minutes of airtime and a mobile will talk again some other time look at I don't know what's. Going having your mind today but obviously you've got a chip on your shoulder and I really don't need deal with that it is up for an ITV news radio 930 WBE. And what I hear more from up president trump. And this is another bit of audio and this deals with WikiLeaks. Cut number one. Anti secrecy organization WikiLeaks released a set of documents allegedly showing CIA espionage on candidates in Francis 2012 presidential elections seven pages of documents appear to be classified orders for intelligence operatives to gather information regarding candidates political strategies. And the internal communications. WikiLeaks release of the documents comes amid growing tensions between trump and the intelligence community over leaks of classified information that have portrayed people close to trumpet in a negative light all major French political parties were targeted for infiltration by the CIA is human and electronic spies. In the seven months leading up to Francis 2012 presidential election. A press release from WikiLeaks states the revelations are contained within three CIA tasking orders published today by WikiLeaks as context for its forthcoming CIA involved seven series named specifically as targets are the French Socialist Party and the national front end Union for a Popular Movement together with current president Francois Harlan didn't. Our story out there that was not president trump news conference. Europe now so what you got there is you've got that story that just kind of puts. A limit on what this week is all about WikiLeaks now listen. Said this and I'll repeat it WikiLeaks is no friend of the United States of America WikiLeaks. Just because they're giving you information that shows that your enemies are corrupt and and and don't have any respect for the American people are way life. That still doesn't make Wiki leagues right. But it's important to know that this is proof that the Obama administration. Why is a spying on people running for office in France to get involved in another for an election just like in Israel. And this is against the law and feel selector interactive. I just. Don't WikiLeaks. If it opens up another window into exactly when we start hearing about phone calls within Russia. Well what what was the intent to talk to Russia. Everything's extrapolated from that we have no evidence we have no foundation why were you as the president elect. Talking to your. The people on the other side of Russia's intelligence apparatus what was behind that what we don't know that we don't have any evidence that they were doing anything other than. Wishing each other Merry Christmas. But here's what we do now. As you defend the Obama administration. Understand it wasn't just the State Department that was involved. In other elections turn to get rid of Benjamin Netanyahu. But not your of the CIA. Listening to phone calls are Sarkozy. And other people running it gave us. A hot day. Who essentially. I mean are we going to be. Applauding his performance in the war in very how many people have died in his country because he didn't think this was a threat. A tiller blowing off a suicide bombs at the hero. I mean nobody kick heard what was happening in France. Until Paris and and then it was a situation is totally out of control the situation in Paris just connected the situation in Paris happened in part because and here's restate some what you said what you had as you had left. Leading global list for oh Islamic refugee president in in Paris that and now we're seeing the first week of what promises to be a series of other documents. That show espionage by the CIA. I two candidates running for president in 2012 and for its which means that they were picking and choosing who they wanted. To be a partner in for tonight so that's absolutely. Un American. It's illegal it shouldn't happen. And if they're gonna do the same thing against Marine Le Pen because she is supports trump. How do we know that there are rogue agents that are doing this now that the scene. The question what are they rogue agents are in for a long time the CIA has been involved overseas and toppling governments seem as unhealthy for the United States. Iran would be one example Leo most of big situation many many years ago. Some would argue look. They've been doing this for years but. The national security. Ideals. Are going to vary from administration to administration I think Barack Obama's view of our national security is Donald Trump's view. Of national security. Rabbit if you have a program that's funded in your people that worked in that program and you kill that program it's really not that difficult to get that program up and running again. I don't wanna see Donald Trump messing around in other people's elections just like I don't wanna see Barack Obama doing the same thing. But I find it exquisitely rich. That the left is going to start talking about phone calls that they have no basis or evidence are and and yet the very personal legacy of presidency that they defend as being the second coming of George Washington. Was literally doing this it's so much that there is renewal. Batch of tens of thousands of WikiLeaks emails. That are coming from all the things the CIA was doing at a Barack Obama is amazing David Donald tramp he's been in office now you know about a month and not one bit. Peace has been written. Saying that his bust should be part of mount Rushmore. Barack Obama has clearly stepped his feet to the White House before he was given a Nobel Prize and people were saying he thought rush hour it was a Nobel Prize. Pick up is that we we forget this point it's a I appreciate you bringing it up. He was a Nobel Prize recipient as the president elect who think about that it's delayed its ridiculous. Its absolutely absurd Donald Trump on mount Rushmore we need to start a petition now. 426 at news radio 930 WB and our ability to your thoughts I'm. Well as the president. Benefit when he confronts the press who once that the press where the president. Do the American people win when the president stands up to the left wing media which is nothing more than. Allied with the Democrat party and the WikiLeaks documents showed that beyond any doubt whatsoever. And it hourly. And mount Rushmore hell yes may be the Mexicans will pay for. That's pretty get get this idea that actually you know what if your textiles. Which would whatever is not your mind. If you haven't read it live on the air. It always helps to be a little bit funny I'll have a twist at the end may look at Night Shyamalan films. Fires one of the bill. Lose the talker keep David keys that show up thank you dad. It I honestly don't kill the callers. In caps Pete is great get off your rag blah blah blah Alltel piece that sort of an important here's here's what McCain report that Pete is high on meth rambling on and about the same things as usual. Listen I I did I actually I think I have enjoyed. He made his point he made as it once and I don't I don't I don't care yeah whatever you know that's the thing is when you argue with a guy that has the blood. You're gonna lose well -- I just I guess is ridiculous show wasn't about the guy five callers ago the show's about Donald Trump how we did in the news conference but in the third hour though if we're gonna we're able I'd like to at least initiate the real difference in the third hour today we're gonna talk about caller five well. All our blog we'll dissect that Paula give you clips of it but you wanna hear. Funny here out of pretend. That there are people. That have jobs that aren't able to just break away because they're so important in the state. Not unimportant people that like to travel North Carolina I'm talking about important people that are allowed to travel to Carolina. Or is it the other way era. The unimportant people well because of Java are equal yes we have another horrible has been nonessential non essential travel which of course the obvious issue right there is wire taxpayers pay for something that is a message so let's assume there is essential people that can't. They could not hear the press conference today. And we want to inform them what happened let me get GO the first thing everyone is talking about are the leaks so go to clip for. The culture of leaks that are happening all that has happened in this White House for the last fifty years. The next thing is I see it starting to check out what people are now looking at the end of eagle. All right I think it's important to keep illegal. Giving out less time. Information. It was and it and let me just say it was given out like so much I give you an example. I called. As you know Mexico. It was a very very confidential classified call but I called Mexico. An ankle in Mexico figured that you spoke to the president of Mexico had a good call. All of sudden it's out there for the world to see. What's the secret. Supposed to be. Either confidential or classified in that case same thing with Australia. All of a sudden people are. Finding out exactly what took place the same thing happened. With respect to general. Let everybody says this as saying. The first thing I thought when I heard about how does the press get this information that's classified. And they do you know why because it's an illegal process. And the press should be ashamed of themselves but more importantly the people they gave out the information to the press. Should be ashamed of themselves really issue. So that leads us. To ask you the question who won the news conference today president trump. Or the press and did Donald Trump do what he had to do that he hit it out of the park I thought he absolutely positively hit it out of park. I love the way he stood up to the media and and substantively I love with his answers like. Trying to be goaded in to answer your question what will you do visa V another powerful country. And president drop. Said I'm not going to tell anybody what we're going to do I bet it's time waiting a long time and even George W. Bush the battle of Fallujah. They hold out the enemy when we were coming the hour we are come and we. We telegraphed how many people died because we had taken by surprise illusion that crazy looser and this is shipped. You know sink ships well speaking of ship oh let's listen don't like Donald Trump by saying exactly what you just distract. If we could get along with ration that's a positive thing we have a very talented man Rex Tillerson is going to be meeting with them shortly. And I felt that I know politically it's probably not good we had the greatest thing I could do. He shoots that chip that thirty miles offshore right out of the war everywhere in this country is on special grains. I Akron. I would love to be able to get along with Russian I love to negotiate things. That really way all that stuff. Well I won't be able to get along with it may be it is but I wanted to tell you. The full report. By the media by you people the false horrible fake report makes it much harder. To make a deal. With Russia. And bad news that president try and you know what he's right. Best he can do for his own popularity right now at a silence all of us Russian talk is up blow that ship ran out of the water stupid would that be. Think about this it here I did a hockey analogy if you're the guy. Enforcer for the Buffalo Sabres and you get your head handed to you on national TV and hockey fight I think the first thing that guy's gonna do the next game. He's gonna infections. Is gonna pick the next guy that he has or robbed you and you're gonna go would set her eyes and ears are not doing this again and. This is equivalent of a person basically saying and luck I'm not a Barack Obama. All right obviously you hate me you're not gonna give me the past that you gave him not to be pushed around you guys. Because the people don't like you and I got to tell you hate them. They hate that more than the world the left hate being told how unpopular the leftists. It could it be. Away in a totally. A related but kind of related story. People are actually boycotting wegmans locations around Virginia because it Carrey's true they carry trump wine. Now I will tell because it's OK just guys wegmans L if you guys bow to pressure and you'd take truck wine offered your shelves. I will shop all sure I will never set foot in wegmans again. When I'm trying to understand though is first ball. Are there just people go any product enterprises name on they're just going to stories. GE hurt the whole thing about the under armour guy. He made the statement of saying that this guy is good for business and we should all get behind this. The president. We're no longer in a primary there's no general election coming up. He's the president of the United States and company cannot say that I support the president would be boycotted. Hill wood here which we goose stepping would without Scott missile behind. Yes well all I know is if wegmans bows to the pressure not only will I not been another dollar in wegmans and by the way I kicked out of wegmans without dropping a scene out. And what is that. Not only will I match up there a key anyway it was for our let's go to an arrow. Jet occurred Joseph and can work by the way we do some funny stuff which actually happened before. Via press conference Joseph intent or you're at WBBM. Give the cup president grave give us a baseball analogy what did you think. Hi guys I think the president may in Canada as they were out the top YI I'm I'm a supporter of Trump's I've I've been somewhat local bought. This guy is winning you over on a daily basis with the with the week conducting prayers and what you taking on the and I've got to related quick story you guys because it just happened. When you wanna talk about that I'm good juxtaposition. Is so stark. I was just watching fox who is watching the president signing legislation. You've ever repay some of the regulation. They eat better and saved thousands of coal miners shot and yet coal miners in the office with them along with a union leader that we in the White House several weeks ago. And are you doing that since fox news's coverage and apply it might flip over to CNN and and he's got a three had talked in panel there and lament the act. That the president instead of having this land as he correctly predicted that we they would characterize what he did today. Also they used the word rambling. There are also using the word rambling a Victor. The dude tot. He used that would. He did but it would characterize that as Iran demand already. So development object instead of having this rant against the press. Focusing more on some of these campaign promises like jobs. But the exact same moment eaten in the Oval Office signing legislation. Repealing regulations that are an estate thousands of jobs. Now. I put something up on FaceBook page oh a few days ago president trump could cure cancer and the media slam would be. Donald Trump puts thousands of health care workers out of jobs. By the way not for nothing but Joseph Biden was actually given the job of curing cancer. And failed and just want to say that that would have really benefit at the Dallas his mission was to cure cancer and he failed that. After blow past. Juxtaposition that DPP it's it's just it's so dark at that moment Kerney just captured everything that's been here. Happening the last few weeks. Joseph the word bully and you'd and use it but. Now. Donald Trump in so many ways and it's only places is being called a bully I don't see it that way I see the media as the bullies. Absolutely. I have never seen a Pratt. A press corps go after somebody. Like the president and they want your debt write and they are the ones that are bully. They're trying to bully him with a group with a witty and is has been. Dot and they try to bully him understanding the problem I've never seen anything quite like. Amen they meant anything else Joseph regarding the news conference. I know but I just say I I hope he keeps it up I just hoping that they'll pick a winner on down. I don't know how much longer I don't know how much of one person can take but I hope he keeps it up because I walk. I'll tell you what he just seems like he's got. Tiger blood in them like kept Croatia Charlie's always felt actually party Charlie sheen's got an extra. Appreciate the call. I doubt about the post purpose of you that it didn't end well for Charlie but that is the good news is is that HIV is now what was in the eighties generally it can be managed only cocktail of medications now that you HIV but it's not the automatic death sentence it used to be and you know thank god for horrible disease. Three birdies start at 3180616. WB I'll add that question to the mix. Your general thoughts on the president's news conference today that. Donald Trump where the press and last caller used the word juxtaposition. Go back and watch the news conference just the first ten minutes of questions from reporters. When President Obama was in office. Compare those questions and that's all. And the Smart or lack thereof. To today's news conference by president drop and you'll understand why we've though we've worked immediate weak economy. We know they're for what they are. And away here somewhat of email outages that is because and I can't wait to get to that VW bee in 71 alert forecast for. Tomorrow a quiet day mix of sun and clouds temperature about 32 Saturday partly cloudy milder fifty. Right now it is 26 news reunited thirty WBD and David barber when we cast people start sending us a fake news and preferably screen captures. Of the crawls on the various news stations well the guidance and as any screen shots but I love what he said I listen to trumps press conference and his statement where he said I can already tell what the headlines will be from this press conference curiously I wanted to take a look at CNN's website to see what outlines their posting the headlines are as follows. Trump lashes out. Trump ashes media or fans Flynn and says he inherited a mess. Trump boasts approval rating and ashes media trump called out for an accurate. And well. Here's other foreign media a Daily Mail out of the UK here's the quote the headline Donald in denial. My White House is a finely tuned machine chaos what chaos. So I mean look. Now there was a back and forth with a our favorite CNN reporter Jim Acosta. And we would absolutely loved the play. The Jim Acosta clip we're gonna tracked that down for you during the break but at the top of the hour we'll have Jim Acosta. And fake news this is the fake news guy from CNN remember this is the money shot yes we've been saving the money shot for after 5 o'clock Jim Acosta. The exchange with Donald Trump. Class it's the best mossy must listen. Let's get back to the calls WBE and who is first it is bike in buffalo Mike Europe hourly ability. Yeah hey I think jobs doing a great job but I think it should change their model for me where this unit. Illegitimate non carper and Bob Dole looked faster dragged it down to keep all. Yet I can't disagree with that but my flattens a little rusty. Yeah a legitimate us. Got it. I'm gonna double check that I don't remember that being bastard in Latin but you are probably correct as has been well thank you very much actually that bit of graffiti used to be in the men's room at founding fathers club and Edward street. I don't know Matt let's go to trust them in saint Catherine's a WB interest. Gentlemen so the credit. One. And I beat you during your dollar job and say you're he would. Your address they go I. That there is great about it on the show but here on rush right here all the actor. Radio. Outlets about it that they are described untrue about well you don't belt standard. Eagle is going on about how the immediate making being in big deal out there. And we all know that. Lockett I I think we need change that they're. On the insert out. We we were few and. Isn't Donald Trump doing. Isn't Donald Trump doing that by standing up to these people and saying fake news. Yeah. Iraq. Should go beyond our. Look at we we were like. You would let job. The lack. Yet they don't share. In. The first. Ever. That we like we're trying to. 01. Up a lot that they're not. Who are a lot. The peak and it got you and you could reasonably get the way we would all the workers are at war. They're emotional the heir apparent interest in the dot. And then no. Dirt. Area. Under this. War out right out it'll go all out war. But starting. To you know the mystery why. Bring up at ecole that there are people with money on the concern out there you know. Our. All major. Major fine. And you'd. Go out. If pop I don't. Know ankle he. And caught. Sure that who are. Now and they. Are they're awkward or. Well it. Out. All right Tristan thank you very much we have to move he's not already that is exactly now you're talking about that emotion that's what we've been screaming about forever yup and if you listen it was yesterday we talked about this cerebral verses the visceral and interest and totally nailed it we get a lot of people get through I I still have some funny sound a lot of play one and it is well there's there's a little local referenced here is quickly do that this is at the listening session before today's news conference our local congressman Chris Collins loses it and second audio. I was sitting next to president truck. That's all right just. Me and you'll introduce yourselves and then we'll start. And I'll see an electrical. Yes well with press and we're honored to be here. And that he went on to say Western New York that's where he represented. Now in a very tacky modest save the tacky moment in the interest of time somebody did something I thought was absolutely just out of bounds attitude wise and say that till after five.

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