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2-16 Bauerle and Bellavia HR 1

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Thank you for coming up like to start by answering the question that's on everyone's mind. Yes this is realise significant. February 20 I Donald. 45 president of the United States. And then two months later. Mike Pence who become puts it. Tom Bauer lady I was so excited to live in the White House and it would have little effect. Well the president to the equipment stocks Barack Obama and vote. Indeed fidelity. I mean who is excited from the immigration today. Thank you those people of this way we conducted its hourly and Olivia. We have got some of the biggest performers in the world outlines. Oh Avandia fits because we have. Three doors down. On news radio 930 W. Pretty good Saunders San. It is hourly and relevant under Israel at thirty WBE. And and I thought today we talked about. Ghosts I thought we dude do big rigs scare you but I. I think instead we're gonna talk about the Donald. And yesterday it's really is really kind of Tuesday because yesterday the Bauerle ability of program we ask you guys the question. What would your advice should be. To president Donald G de trop. What would you tell president draw up a president dropped to do to stop the bleeding. And we suggested that president trump do a news conference and while answering the reporters' questions. Speak to the American people and basically I used the expression dance with what brought you. And the president was contentious at times he was charming at times and you can expect if they have started to hit already. A slew of media stories about. How many lives president trump told how wrong he was about XY MC and it. Why a President Obama was just such so much more respectful of the media when in fact. Obama spent his time ragged on fox says such hypocrisy with teased that the fusion Libby that literally delivered media types. And we want your thoughts on what happened today at the news conference. Ed does it bother you that the president has this contentious relationship with the media and unlike say George W. Bush. Actually stands up to the media and basically speaks. Speaks to them there's the media should be addressed when the media are acting like a bunch of frankly Jack pulls David television. I'm pretty sure we arranged that news conference today. Up. It speaker much yet there's an on a again. The red the red lightning exits and buy like it. The the thing is is that I don't I don't know when you take credit for that but I mean I'll put them Resnick I'm going to. We'll put it in the Resnick but the thing that it's important here is that when you talk about getting back to your sweet spot where you feel comfortable. You know it you think of an NFL quarterback. You know Tyrod Taylor he's not a pocket quarterback it's not going to be successful as he's moving around role and I'll do the things that he is comfortable doing. That's why he's NFL quarterback. Wide dot Donald Trump the president states is because he confronts bullies. That's what he was looked at by so many Americans as a person that can confront. The folks that we as constituents can't ever confront we never got a chance to see President Obama and contentious interview. No one ever waited too long and when when bill Riley got a shot at halftime of the Super Bowl it was a two minute interview and edited. By the White House you know they always had the last day. Here you have the opportunity where Donald Trump gifted look at the media and say you guys have a lower approval rating of congress. Know like GO. Look at the number I loved the true. They are sick and tired if they believe that their agenda is going to you know if they believe that that they can push an agenda. That is going to somehow convince Americans Americans are done being educated they've already made up their mind they may have the about a November 8. And if anything I think it through the riots and through the destruction through the protests and more people actually quietly gone over to the Trump's side. And one of them was Paul Steiger policy or a billionaire hedge fund guy a guy who financed. The average from movement Paul singer was one of the huge. He's a social. Libertarian. He's up you know probably a national security hawk. But he just left the White House and basically said I'm with you Donald so. If if you're able to watch all those guys than ever trappers in as well the media is doing more harm than good. Two itself to itself all. There's not a doubt in my mind by the way are WB in text sport is 30930. I just wanna check in with some of the Texan of coming here David Betsy OS and L intro sucks up yet all right gotcha that went. Trump gave the media a long overdue. And Emma. That seat ul to accommodate I hope you actually David you prefer David Thomas David I hope you are watching the president's press conference it was the best entertainment I've seen in years I never laughed so hard my life he just hosted the media to ashes please tell me you were watching. A cape. The part were we watching and please tell me you're watching of course because we were signed up for the WBE news alert which told us when the president was speaking and you can do the same thing to send us the word news and EWS send that were 230930. And then YouTube will find out every time the president does something. Interest here's another text where is rush going to turn my radio off. Well given a choice between listening to president Trump's news conference at Rush Limbaugh and would take Trump's news conference every single time. Let's see what Austria here. Now he's up mrs. against drop he sounds like a boy trying to do a man's job what a FAA. This guy same guy text this guy is a loony toon impeach him now before you as a nervous breakdown or launches in nuclear war. Would that nuclear war be fueled by the uranium Hillary Clinton gave to the Russians that would be like question that state. As somebody else I've typed in the wrong message to the wrong person still in transit should be there soon do you need anything. So I dissent are well are you near the pick up area. And it's still in transit should be there soon are you near the pickup area got to be the airport I hope or a video I was gonna say some of these opinion gavel over to the airport org black tar Mexican heroine want power it's a grinder encounter we don't out of it. 803 opponent parity is a telephone every your thoughts on the Donald Trump news conference does he help himself or hurt himself. By standing up for himself and saying look. Here is what is happening under my administration here is how I want. In my approval numbers are fine you Boris are in the toilet seat. I think he helps himself because if you've been listening to me more you know I think the George W. Bush made a monumental mistake. By not understanding what blood sport politics is in Washington. And for eight years ladies and gentlemen George W. Bush allowed the press at his opposition to. Wrongly defined him. And for those who were new to the game bush was compared to Hitler Reagan. Was compared to Hitler and now it's Donald Trump's turn it happens if her Republican and you've been elected to the presidency. So we want your thoughts. On how the president did. Did he hit another park to be strike out I thought he would have a park at but it took the top of his game I think that is exactly what he needed to do 8030930. Starlet thirty and 180616. WB yet. That David there were some noteworthy things that it came up is that's just say some exchanges more memorable than others. You don't the there's a lot to go on I mean there's if this was the greatest hits album he played all the classics right. That was a couple things that I thought were really interesting you know that the biggest. Rob I'm Donald Trump has been that he doesn't get into specifics at all he never got on him you know during the campaign didn't get into the weeds of policy things like that. So you know he would make these. Sort of you know broad based allegations that the media. And yet there wasn't really an example of how we can go back after unfair to me your unfair to meet the Democrats are unfair in the senate well. He brought a point that you know maybe it kind of went under the radar but the quote was this administration is running like a fine tuned machine. Despite the fact I can't get my cabinet approved now before you've elected president that's where it would stop you know you guys are unfair the Democrats don't like me. What you're seeing though is he said there are outstanding people like standard and coats. One of the most respected man in the senate he can't get approved. Not a proven he's been a colleague Ali respected brilliant guy great guy but he knows it. But we're waiting for approval. Dan Coats is the perfect example of someone who's a household name you know we know that Jeff Sessions we know. You know the Department of Labor secretary guy that had to step aside. But Dan Coats is the perfect example of what does anyone have against him codes. What could you possibly say you served this guy for thirty years views and he suddenly turned sour right. And it does understand this is the gentleman's house where you if you stay anything derogatory about someone your ushered out a straitjacket. Like like we saw with section you know that there's that there's rules about what you can say about your colleagues so how can you not approved. The very people that you claim to work. Wear them respect that's ridiculous well of course but again politics bloodthirsty blood sport. 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WBE and we want your thoughts on what you like about the news conference were going to be playing solid from the news conference at which we could replace the entire thing. Maybe we could have won our alarm about an hour long yeah our show. Interest so anyway. We want to know what you liked about what you didn't like about it and you liked the fact that the president president trump does not take crap from media maggots I love that because these media maggots are out to get the ultra easy and illegitimate president they want his scalp OK they wanna be the next woodwork in birds they just want it destroyed Donald Trump effort Donald Trump to come out there. At I think you could argue a very very difficult time in his administration give little as 48 hours showing me courage and I. I thought he kept his composure I thought he was a gentleman but I also thought he was forceful and you know what if Donald Trump. Is a bully who can't take criticism what the hell are the media. And the other things that we heard for so long people were blaming George urged blaming George Bush. Four for all the issues at our era. Happening in the country today we still Democrats talking about. Well you know this is indeed the economy that now Obama inherited was the worst were almost worse than the Great Depression. We don't the first thing that comes out of Donald Trump what he talked about when he got when he came into office. Is it. You'd think things are great I wouldn't be here with regards to vote if things were fantastic the American people so stop with your narrative that everything's great and I inherited a broken mess and what effects it. And nobody has ever. Yours from the very people who have carry the water for eight years for president who have told us everything is getting better and everything's wonderful. The reason I and his position. Is because the rest of the country disagrees with. And that has never been done. Right directly to the focused audience you want this to me was not a press covers for the American people. This was a press conference for the American people watch the popcorn this was about Donald Trump confronting. You know I think. It hit me in a different way it hit me like. I'm president trump I'm doing this for my core supporters to remind them why they voted for me. And I was at least 50% of but I like your point about it was also something you could watch with popcorn. Unless you're running around getting ready for work but understand this this had happened because. We'd again the media is used to that they are used to a Republican who was made of you know. Angel hair pasta spine with a bowling ball head. And they're used to smack Republicans they go in the corner they wait for the bell to ring they get some water Vasily their brow and go back in the fight. And the fact here is a book and Donald Trump is not a guy. He's not that type Republican about the time politician and he's a savior push me with nonsense and BS. I am going to a mask really and today was about I met escalation did you elect a slaps and Obama so what you gonna do that pair forensic what is it about that Russian ship. I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to do about things when it involves the military. Not going to say we're going to Mosul in four months three months a week I'm not going to be that guy and I love that slap at President Obama there was a lot of guys who frankly deserves a lot more slapping. Because president drop has been very gracious and was very gracious to President Obama and the first thing Obama does when I start hitting the streets as they while this really warms my heart. I tell you there's going to be more stories that are going to be coming out over the weekend. About the role that the organization that was a huge player in the 2012 reelection campaign of Obama how that organization is actually still funded. Still occupied with the with organization members that are out there are leaving a lot of these protests were where start to see a little bit more. Little more teeth today. The story of is Obama. Why is in Washington and what is he doing. We are at 8038 or 930 start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBM. Your thoughts on the president's news conference you heard live under is ready at 930 WBE and the let's start out in East Amherst I love your name as a reminds me of to reach those to read a the president do. I think he hit it about the power. And where I am calling the media is still Barley they talk about not bullying in high school. What are these kids learning an immediate and bullying Donald Trump every single day. And I wanna say I'm not the only one myself my friend or relative we do not listen to the media anymore I'm TV. Our watch that we led and it WB and we get up and marketing we hear Andy beans and rice then you guys. Then can it be. How many more because I mean there's a bunch of market due to there we don't care anymore about here and toward Donald Trump getting bullied. That. Well army do. If it's kind of interesting because I think you and millions of other people are absolutely fed up with the with the media and it's outright hypocrisy. And it's outright goal to destroy Donald Trump. At the same time of course as they popped up Barack Obama you understand thanks to WikiLeaks that what we've long said about the media has been proven to be absolutely true. The media the mainstream big media they work hand in hand that with Democrat politicians. And they are basically the propaganda arm of the Democrat party I think America now realizes that like no other time. In my lifetime. And I don't think it's a bad thing to call out the media for exactly who they are. Exactly we won't cop America woke up. And as I say I'm not the only one. And I tell whole Lotta people who'll go along because in my hand I do and egged on to say get both green negative ranking them by doctors don't. Can we get a man can we get them up can we get him down I mean it's just that kind after Donald Trump. I will tell you green eggs and ham was the last thing on my mind while watching the news conference but. Know our interest. Been thinking about at all month that book is they just won't let up getting their give them. Up get them down get them right give them up. Or click the down at least on dirty laundry ticket when there up kick when the down. I'm sure you've danced about a million times during glad you call agree with you thank you so much are at and by the way I hope the mainstream media David hole the other key calling a mainstream media I hope the propaganda arm of the Democrat party keeps doing what they're doing because what they do they keep driving people to talk radio shows like. Rush sandy UVP. Candidate so guys keep speaking out of touch with the American public all your door is open talk radio that you. The other thing is that you know people are assuming is get their news where they feel like they're not being swayed they're not you know being beaten over the head and the other thing is you know what you're give. The information it's nice to have something to back up what you're talking about this New York Times story. Again it's based on nothing we're still referring to lead the am I six. British intelligence guy who broad a dossier from Moscow or you're about to be totally false they still referenced that. In this article we need to take a break Davids on fire and we yes we loved it when Donald Trump called Chuck Schumer a lightweight that was awesome. Hourly television news radio I'm thirty WB EM I still like that text the Cayman net during the news conference where has rush I'm turning my radio off the I think that rushed actually carried during his program. The the news coverage of about mistake that are at let's say get back to the calls do you like when president drop. Confronts them it. Do you appreciate when Donald Trump blows his old port you know my mom told me a long time ago you've got to blow your report in this world because nobody else don't do for. And I think Donald Trump had the opportunity to set the record straight at a Donald took up the opportunity to. Stand up to the media and speak to it and to speak to his core supporters who put him in the White House. To not be politically correct. We didn't want a George W. Bush we didn't want a guy who thought that. If I respond. I'm demeaning the office of the presidency meanwhile what you really done is you've destroyed your own career you destroyed your party you destroyed your brand you've destroyed things for your brother even. And I did not that Jeb Bush was a great candidate don't get me wrong but. George Bush. George W. Bush allowed the Republican brand to be destroyed he thought he. Was all the matter. And a lot of Republicans suffered because of George W Bush's acquiescence to the lies and the characterizations of him missed characterizations in the media. Back to the calls on WB this is JoAnne internal audit JoAnne welcome your thoughts. JoAnne your WB yet. Do we have the phone thing up it doesn't Celek with the foam finger up. Do we do we have the phone thing up the phone button up. OK Julian Melo. I I and I got that I. I look I it didn't activity but hope. Saying that the president didn't it was he was not sent any bluenose you're kind of a lot of backup I want folk who. If it happened. Okay which jerks specifically. Did you like seeing blown out of the water what exchange. Do you talk about the names of people. I don't care about their names the exchange because nobody knows the names of most of these people. What are they talking about when dropped hosted person. Right. About our business. Iran and and there's the nasty and his demeanor let I doubt I'd I'd. Because of people think big gap watt bulb on hand and I really thought it was kind of Koran anything he would say. This isn't happening back and I read in the Arab and he did he actually did not even saying let's go on the paper trial. For those ball all over for just a moment for those who did not hear what you just referenced a Donald Trump speaking about Russia this is one of many answers given to questions about. Here is our relationship with the bottom of the potent. And now that I'm winning for the audio here cut three. And. And I can you speak infamous. I don't nothing in Arusha. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russian. President Putin called me up very nicely to congratulate me on the winner of the election. He then called me up extremely nicely to congratulate me on the inauguration which was terrific. It's edited many other league is almost all of the leaders of almost all of the countries so that she said. Russia is fake news Russian this fake news put out by the media. That was one big. Yeah I I don't appendectomy I don't think that and have contacted. I think. I don't need anything and pick. At the end of at the end of I hope that's and they never. This stupid people that. Well I went back any kind of neat but I'm glad explaining to me what the president get back. An end to turn your revenue outlook that it looked at as. They wouldn't do this thing to do next. I'm still bad and I can't stay and mark the bad because I'd been attacked the plan and I haven't does bring its. Gary Joann thank you very much at least the talk from somebody who's supposed to be objective we are not objective talk shows are not objective we give our opinions and you know we're biased we openly admit that we value power by Aziz. Back to the phones and not talk to Tom in Cheektowaga Tommy about the ability. Yeah I have a question why doesn't anyone go after the I can't BC ABC when they were these conspiracy theories. And they have someone that right so why doesn't anyone go after that person. Where did you hear this from you know to us. You're going to jail. That's what that's what a bahama did. And I only did he do that he. Then use the apparatus of the NSA to basically put these journalists and only. In two. In this state operations he would he backwards cracked. Where they got the source what IP address was and they were under surveillance is that they had done something I mean look we are journalists under surveillance for the listen I got a fairly ACLU but I do care very deeply for civil liberties. And I believe that you know it if someone gives you court cases have decided this the Supreme Court has made rulings on this when someone gives you was story. What your responsibilities are if a journalist get something that's you know that that's been leaked and they're not supposed to have Abbott. That's one thing but when you are starting depth to follow these people when they go home who they're talking to tap their phone that's Barack Obama. And I I'm I'm blown away by the media and I'll turn on drop I think you're not doing your job as president findings Lee. So are two examples by the way of the Obama administration. Up putting reporters and that people critical of it under surveillance number one Sharyl Attkisson CBS her computer was hacked and it has documents planted in it too which she had no legal right. Highly classified. And I can serve as they did that for nefarious purposes but Sharyl Attkisson has some juice with one of the alphabet soup people. Who went through her computer and said yep your computer is hacked and it was hacked by government proprietary software why because Cheryl Pakistan was looking into I believe it was Ben Ghazi. And another journalist James Rosen from fox same thing with its computer being under surveillance I don't know if they planted anything James Rosen is computer but they were certainly watching what he was doing and why to figure out. From we're the leaks were coming. Now is that a legal strategy. I I don't. Column level but I don't understand it and it won't be treated the same if if someone on the right does that. Now you're talking about you know the Nixon. Bloody Monday situation where people are being targeted and they're losing their careers over their point of view or or story that the recovery. I don't believe. That the Justice Department should be used as an apparatus to protect the presidency. There's a huge difference between. You know adhering to and following the rule of law and protecting the office the difference between America and dictators. And the Middle East is that the president is and or cry it's. It's Arab holy position. It's not just a man that's occupying. A position to lead. And represented as people and in America it's not the same however we have seen our friends on the left. They did they seem to have some sort of post concussion syndrome where they have amnesia and they forget what happens lastly. Bingo bingo bingo it'll three all right thirty starlet 3180616. WBE MR text bower is threes are 930 but after the talked on the phone. If we can enjoy that by the way Cassini traffic issues mentioned there would be any which means it probably will be a you can Texas a number 30930. Let's go back to the calls did you watch the president and deal like that. When he goes after the media or do you think it hurts him and somebody put on her FaceBook. Is president trump Harry Truman reborn or what. And if you don't know Harry Truman he was the president after World War II he was the president after a Franklin Roosevelt died. And if he used a lot of vulgarity. And there was a book written about him. With him. And it was a called plain speaking by Merle Miller. And you will read in that book. Another president who basically. Spoke plane. Let's go to. Or call John hello. I'd like damp. Yeah I'm. Yeah I watched a little there but heard a little bit of it that is more than seeing them same ball but. What I wanna. More of a bullet which worked our troops from whom all over what media. And slant. The same old plant that they do but I'm debut brought this up before Bud Light guy MSNBC is owned by G he. And Jeffrey animal when I know Obama's advisory board. Do you remember your call and. They're the connections between companies and the Democrats beat that that's one of many. You or your view where we've talked ever which it did it get to the point about the news conference. Is that they are getting marching orders from. When they were on his board theology he sells. Windmills. And you know in the global change climate changes are nothing but I'm of their web site all day long about coal. So they're pushing their agenda they pay they're getting pay you know they're making money. She. They can bankroll MSNBC. Or ever no matter how terrible they are. Just to push your agenda. You're saying and I I've been saying this forum at least the last year there is in fact a vast left wing conspiracy. There is no vast right wing conspiracy there is a vast left wing conspiracy if you want evidence of that look at the WikiLeaks. Mean. Okay and it's probably what 08 BC meaner. You know on what is owned by. Well. For you forget the ownership let's just look at some of the staff only want George Stephanopoulos would be an example. Clinton White House guy out supposed to believe he's an objective journalist with the ABC your mind. He's covering the story of the Clinton foundation and he doesn't disclose that he's a donor go to the Clinton foundation that's a pretty big deal. And dominate again you are obviously educated consumer of media and you looked. Basically who has the financial interest who owns what who is connected to one. Beat them by by political play affiliation but it's more the truth and it's not just slant. If it's it's it's just so one sided with the the liberal media and again it paid for in a big way with big money. John Howard's touchdown and the fact you said the you know they have limitless money in and resources if you look at MSNBC. They don't mean. Try telling me in to amp S embassy in the weekend and you're gonna see great documentary about jail rape. I mean there's actually nothing going on and means Amazon b.s in the weekend and went out hunkered. To write a senator alleged right of center people from fox. CNN has gone our way left. And MSNBC is trying to actually. Bring more people to that took the stand idly Fox's move part of too much to the center. And and you know you look at Joseph Scarborough on the morning show on MSNBC you know they were yesterday in the news because they refuse to have Kellyanne Conway in the program. Because she has no credibility yet Mike barnacle sits there every day. Mike Barnicle of the Boston Matlock who stole George Carlin and your routine. Op Ed. His column he stole joke George carlin's jokes and and try to make it was a mistake. And unbelievable that article is still there for Kelly and Connolly is incredibly out of Jamaica were bringing in Brian Williams. Away already been always there is that thanks for the call. All are we get we get the point of Reggie got to bank you know three on I thirty started 3180616. WBE. And sell. What did you think of how the president comported himself. Who won today the president or the media. Did Donald Trump do today what he had to do these are some of the questions in our. And you can call us at 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WBE and the text us at 30930. Romp FaceBook. Hourly and Olivia and our Twitter which now has I believe 71 and a half members he is at. Hourly they'll be David you and I were talking during the break and you made a great point that I insisted you make on air to make bolt bolt of some sort. We respect and you know who won today is it the media does the American people the president I'll tell you want anyone who can't carry that press covers one. And you watch a lot of programming. Noon 1 o'clock QC I Love Lucy reruns people don't know what to put on local B you know television at at those times people are working their lunch. I'm telling you any channel any. Division of news that decides to carry Sean Spicer lives or Donald Trump live is gonna sell ads because that stuff. Don't look when you watch a boxing match you expected guys to beat each other up but when you watched Frazier and Ali. You know they hated each other it was a totally different experience when you see two fighters that really have the respect for each other and I tell you what. That was like watching the best sabres overtime. You know I mean it's it's it was good on radio. It was great on TV it's good to read it. It's gonna get a lot of ad revenue and you're gonna start seeing a lot more Donald Trump on I'm not all the station they claim they hate him yes. I listened to the a news conference on WB yen. When I was appalled I was watching it on fox. And I think this up and I don't know what the other networks that I don't know if the Big Three so called Big Three carried it or not but yet if you carry Donald Trump I think that's a no lose situation. Let's get back to the calls on WBE and this is Sherron and did Pugh who welcomed the program. I. I just wanted to say that I like all the packed conference. And I just a wonderful exciting and it part it was only because they decide it's such a good job and then I watched. Shepard Smith and act nose and Egypt France. I. Joseph of that as does the show is going on that shepherds worked up over he's a tool. How he can. He just kept saying he lied about this city like Bob Bennett. He was horrible to the media and Egypt where they'll all press conference I got Phillips that's I get to turn it off. It's funny how little by little the have been beer rubs off from fox news' Megyn Kelly. Greta. And let every Shepard Smith for a long time you know the fox viewers had got a question where he was coming from politically I don't think the questions exist anymore like. That's how I was I wasn't sure where he lies and now I'm positive where I tried calling. But it was to complete but Alec needlessly but not the. I think Abdullah I think that's a valuable service when you have one person two people five people happier news room as leftist. It and literally it separates. That that the fat from the meet you you're now able to see okay. What are they going to say yeah duke it's giver report. At work at school and and you get the response from the audience and you wonder what it doesn't matter what the audience thinks it's what the professor things. And and then this circumstance the American people. Are they have never been confronted the media has never had been taken to task and said you something. Newspapers you're selling. But it's in direct relation by how the American people view you as credible. Your new newspapers are dying because people don't trust you. It has ever been said to one member of the media pool. I guess sitting president and and public not that I can ever men Nixon hated them to. Sharon thank you for the girl. Find it one more thing. I just cancel the awful news because of that very reason I was sick a reading all the negative I just can't open notes. Well you know what you might as well just listen to WUBE. And hourly ability of sandy beach Buffalo's early news we we got. Many great maybe we thank you for in our own paper print paper the transcript of the shift four hours today we infill one section and maybe some they'll buy the paper any envy the I don't see your Dick is it it is 355. News or unite thirty WBE and the we have a break here but coming up after the 4 o'clock news we are going to have a lot of sound from the news conference because we realized a lot of you were stuck in cubicle and like prairie dogs and your mean idiot of a boss doesn't like to listen to radio network they actually expect full productivity. Anyway we'll look at some audio seeking here are some of the things of which we speak in your car work wherever. After the news four new regular thirty WB yeah.

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