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Pres. Trump news conference

Feb 16, 2017|

Pres. Trump takes on the media in an hour-plus long news conference.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live conference. BC yeah. News it's news correspondents. Visitors can one day after labor secretary nominee Andrew poster withdrew under pressure president trump is ready to name a replacement Alexander Acosta at the dean of Florida international university law school. Let's get state of the White House ABC's Karen Travers there. Aaron this was a very surprising announcement from president trump himself photographers are inside the Roosevelt room where he was meeting with members of congress and he said. You have a press conference later this afternoon and I mean renounce my new pick to be labor secretary. If he if this is indeed Alexander cost and if you confirmed he would be. The first Hispanic to join president trump cabinet the dean of the Florida international university law school and as a practicing lawyer he specialized in employment and labor issues but yes this is the president second choice. For this critical cabinet position and it sounds Karen like after posters would drool day had a ready to go poster was troubled though from from for a while he has been in trouble and his confirmation hearing had been pushed back. Four time he was not hanging out there in the windy day it Democrats were very opposed to Indy posters nomination saying he would anti worker. But ultimately Aron and it is an and it wants the Republicans started expressing skepticism. And over this and that there could be that this nomination in jeopardy. His future in the cabinet became uncertain and he withdrew that nomination. Rather than let it get to the senate floor and go down in defeat. And so now president compass set to come before cameras at the White House to announce his new choice for labor secretary Alexander Acosta the law school dean at Florida International University. The former US attorney in the southern district of Florida and himself a practicing lawyer in the field of labor law. And as we await this choice which the White House said would be announced by now it's why we are talking to you at the moment so we want to turn back to ABC's Karen Travers. At the White House because if indeed the president takes questions today and he did call this a press conference there's a few things that could come up. A lot of questions are swirling about. What ties in contact the trump campaign had with Russia before the election a lot of reporting over the last couple of days and the president has not taking questions on. Reporters tried to shout at him yesterday during his press conference with the Israeli prime minister met. He looked it knowledge questions and walked away now we're seeing staffers start to fill into their seat in the eastern that we should be getting closer. Now the president himself when he said he was gonna do this called it a press conference. We've heard that before a little skeptical but the president did say he was gonna take questions from reporters after this announcement about labor secretary company. ABC's Karen Travers is when us from the White House where president trump. Is due to step up to the podium and before reporters to announce his new choice to be labor secretary. Karen there are other. I'd nominees of the presidents that have yet to be confirmed but none seem to be as in danger as poster was right. Right there have been some close calls at this point but there has an inning in anybody that was so in jeopardy that they considered pulling nomination. Remembered that he did Voss. Certainly had eight tough confirmation by ultimately by president Mike Pence had a cast the tie breaking vote. 5050 went to Republicans voted against her but she ultimately was confirmed that it. Give a sense of where things and right now. The president has twelve cabinet members warning but there are still eleven positions that remain to be built ten nominees waiting in the wings. Alexander cost it would join media eleventh nominee waiting for and it action. The White House Aron has been very blind accusing Democrats of stall tactic saying they know that ultimately they don't of the vote to bring down any of these nominees. But they're just doing this to play politics. And they're playing politics with the president's agenda. ABC's Karen Travers at the White House were vice president and and others on president comes out just entered the room. Taking their seats in the front row while reporters are seated behind the van ness president trump and get set coming into the White House east room in order to make his new pick. For labor secretary Alexander Acosta this follows the withdrawal of Andrew poster who came under fire for a number of different reasons and in the last several weeks and it became clear. That a number of Republicans would not support him. President trump is now walking up to the podium at the White House you're listening to live coverage from ABC news. To begin by. Mentioning that. Nominee for secretary of the department. A labor. Will be missed Alex. Acosta. He has in law degree from Harvard Law School student. Former clerk for male ego. And he has had a tremendous career. He's a member and has been a member of the National Labor Relations Board. And has been through and it and confirmation. Three times confirmed. It very well. And so Alex. Who wished him. This Regis spoke and he's going to be I think you'll be commended. Secretary of labor. And also you've probably heard a little while ago Mick molding me former congressman. Has been approved we actually have to say that weeks weeks. Office of Management and Budget. And he will be. I think a fantastic addition. Apple engages left as you know pool was very much involved with the and today trump doors they say never top. And pulled left and she's given to support and it's all about unification we unifying. The party and hopefully we're going to be able to unify the country. Are important to me I've been talking about that for a long time but very very important to me. Thankful for being here for coming up to the office he was. Very strong opponent and Ebbers strong. Appreciate that I think in February and politics and questions. And this time we've been negotiating different transactions save money and contracts were terrible. Including airplane contracts and control in Italy terrible. Absolutely. Catastrophic in terms of what was happening. And we've done some good work effort that. And right after that you prepare yourselves questions unless you have questions it's always applause. I'm here today to update the American people. On the incredible progress has been made in the last four weeks and money in immigration we have made incredible progress. I don't think he's ever been a president. Elected in the short period of time has done what we've done. A new Rasmussen poll in fact because the people get it much of the media doesn't. Again it actually get it but you know ride it let's put that up our new Rasmussen poll just came out. Very short while ago. And it has our approval rating at 55%. And going up the stock market hit record numbers you know. And there's been a tremendous surge of optimism. In the business world which is to me means something much different that he used it used to mean all of that now it means that's good for jobs. Very different. Plants and factories are already starting to move back into the United States and big league forward. General Motors so many of my making this presentation directly to the American people. With the media present which is an honor to have you. This morning because many of our nation's. Reporters and folks. Will not use this. And will not treat the wonderful people of our country with the respect that they desire. And I hope going forward we can be a little bit. A little bit different and maybe get along a little bit better if that's possible maybe that's okay too. Unfortunately much of the media in Washington DC along with the New York. Los Angeles in particular speaks. Not for the people. But it is special interests. And those profiting off very very. Obviously broken. The press has become. So dishonest. We don't talk about it we are doing a tremendous. Disservice to the American people tremendous. We have to talk. Find out what's going because the press honestly is out of control the level of dishonesty is out of it. I ran for president to represent the citizens of our country. I am here to change the broken system. So it serves their families and their communities well. I am talking and and really talking on this very entrenched. Power structure and what we're doing is we're talking about the power structure. We're talking about it entrants. As a result. Of the media is going through what they have to go through. Too often times distort all the time and some of the media and honest. But much of that is now they distortion. And we'll talk about it you'll be able asked me questions. We're not happen because I'm here again. To take my message. Straight to the people as you know our administration inherited many problems. Across government and a crusty. To be honest. I inherited. A mess mess. At home and abroad in match. Jobs are pouring out of the country. See what's going on with all of the companies leaving. Going to Mexico and other places. Lopez a low wages. Masks. Instability overseas no matter what you look Middle East is North Korean. Take care of it and take care at all. It. Beginning on day one our administration went to work. To tackle these. Challenge. On foreign affairs we've already begun enormously productive talks with many foreign leaders and you've got. To move forward ports stability security and peace. In the most troubled regions of the world which meant. We've had great conversations with the United Kingdom and meetings. Israel Mexico Japan and China. And Canada really really productive. Conversations I would say far more productive than you would understand. We've even developed a new council. With Canada to promote women's business leaders and entrepreneurs are important to me very important to my daughter Monica. I have directed. At defense community headed by. Our great general now secretary matters. He's over there now working very hard. To submit a plan with the defeat of vices. A group that celebrates the murder torture of innocent people. Like actions of the world used to be a small group now it's in line. Sections. Of the world they spread like cancer. I spread. Like chance. The mess I inherited. And we've impose new sanctions on the nation of Iran is totally taken advantage of our previous administration. And the World Cup sponsor of terrorism. Went up. Until that problem is properly cells and is not properly solved now worst agreement amnesty drawn by. A quarter plan to begin for any massive rebuilding of the united military. Had great support. From the senate I've had great support from congress generally. We've pursued this rebuilding. In the hope that we will never have to use this. And I would. I would be happy if we never had to use. Our country will never have a military like the military. Were about. To build and rebuild. We have the greatest people on our military. But they don't have the right equipment and their equipment is old. I used it talked about it. Every. Depleted. Depleted won't be depleted along. And one of the reasons I'm standing here of other people is that. Frankly I've talked about we have a strong military. Strong law enforcement. And we do not go. Abroad are in search of war. We really are searching for peace. Peace through strength and home. We have begun the monumental task of returning government back to the people on the scale not seen in many many years. Any of these actions and keeping my promises. And the American people campaign promise some people surprised at having strong voters would have been talking about effort. The year strong borders so surprised oh he's having strong borders as well have been talking about. To the press and everybody you know. One promise after another after years of politicians. Lying you. You get elected. Like to the American people and again some of the things I'm doing probably. Popular but there. Were security and robberies. And then coming to Washington and pursuing. There which is more important in many politicians. I'm here following through what I pledged to do bill. Put it out before the American people got 306. Electoral College votes. It was supposed to get to 22. There's no way to get 220 to 230 impossible. 270 what you need that was laughable. We got. Because people came out and voted like they've never seen before. The way. Yes it was the biggest. Electoral College. Winds sins Ronald Reagan. In other words the media is trying to attack our administration because they know we are following through. On pledges that we made. And and happy about it what memories. And but a lot of people happy about it. Fact I'll be in Melbourne Florida and 5 o'clock on Saturday. And I heard just there that the crowds are massive. Wannabes. I turn on the TV open the newspapers and she's stories of chaos. Yeah it is the exact opposite. This administration. He's running like a fine tuned machine. Despite the fact. And I can't get my cabinet approved. And there are outstanding people. Like senator Dan Coats was there one of the most respected men in the Sen. He can't get. Approved. How do you not approve him he's been a colleague highly respect. Brilliant guy great guy everybody is waiting proposal. So we have a wonderful. Group of people that's working very hard. That's being. Very much. Misrepresented about and we can't let that. So if the Democrats. Who have what you have to do is look at where they are right now. The only thing they can do is delay. Because they screw things up royally believe me. Let me list you some of the things we've done and just a short period of time. Just got here. I got you would know cabinet. Again each of these actions is a promise I made to the American people. All over some of them have a lot happening next week and weeks. And the week coming. We've withdrawn from the job killing disaster. Noticed for a specific action would make it. One on one deals bilateral. One Indians. We've directed the elimination. Of regulations. That undermine manufacturing. And called for expedited approval. Of the permits needed. For America. And American interest. And that means plant equipment roads bridges factories. People take 101520 years to get this approved reflected. For a permit. Many many years. At the end of the process is and tens of millions of dollars in. And that the end of the processing it rejected. They may be rejected with me but it's going to be quick rejection. Years but mostly it's going to be an accepted we want plants built that we want factories. We want the job. We want the job going to the country's. We've imposed a hiring freeze on non essential federal workers. We've imposed a temporary moratorium. On new. Federal regulation. We've received a game changing new rule. A's for each one new regulation. Too old regulations must be eliminated. Nobody's ever seen regulations. When you go to the countries and you look at him as they have been easy let me a year regulations. And for action just a tiny fraction of in one regulations because I want safety one Mandel. All environmental. Situations to be taken properly cared that's very important. You don't need. Four or five or six regulations to take your name. We've stood up for the men and women of law enforcement. Directing federal agencies to ensure they're protected. From crimes. Of violence. We've directed. The creation of a chance forums for reducing violent crime in America including. The horrendous situation. Take a look at Chicago and others. Taking place right now in our inner cities. Horrible. We've ordered the Department of Homeland Security injustice to coordinate and plan to destroy criminal cartels coming into the United States with drug. We're becoming a drug infested nation. Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars. Where it happened long. We've undertaken the most substantial border security measures in a generation. To keep our nation and our tax dollars. And now on the process of beginning to build a promise wall on the southern border that was. General now secretary Kelly. Yesterday. And was starting crisis. And the wall is going to be. A great well. And it's going to be alone negotiated by the price is gonna come just like it as. Everything she. And haven't been able won't work can walk like I am now which is nonexistent word you know. We've ordered a crackdown on Sanctuary Cities that refuse to comply with federal law. That harbor criminal aliens and we've ordered an end to the policy of catch and release on the border more relief. And we released. We've begun in nationwide effort to remove criminal aliens gang members. Drug dealers and others who pose a threat. To public safety we're saving American lives every single day. Court and has made it easy for. In a reef in creating new office. In Homeland Security. Dedicated to the forgotten American victims. Of illegal. Immigrant. Violence which they're being. We've taken decisive action to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of our country. Parts are necessary and constitutional actions were blocked by your use in my opinion in correct. And then if ruling. Administration is working night and keep music. Including reporters sent. And is vigorously defending this lawful order. I will not back down from defending our country got elected on defense of our country. I keep my campaign premises. And our citizens well. Be very happy when they see the result they already are content. Extreme betting will be put in place that are already is in place in fact we had to go quicker than we thought because of the bad decisions we've received from day. Circuit that has been overturned. At a record number. I've heard 80% I find that hard to believe that's just a number I heard that there overturned 80% of the time I think that circuit. That circuit is in chaos and that circuit is frankly in turmoil. But we are appealing that and we're going further. Rouge during a new executive action next week. That will comprehensively. Protect. Our countries who will be going along the one path. And hopefully winning that at the same time we will be issuing a new and very comprehensive. Order. To protect our people and that'll begin sometime. Next week point to beginning or middle latest. We've also taken steps to begin construction of the Keystone Pipeline. And decode access pipelines thousands and thousands of ups. And put new buy American measures in place to require Americans deal for American pipelines. In other words they build a pipeline in this country. And we used the powers of government to make that pipeline happened. We want them to use. American. Steve. And they're willing to do that but nobody ever asked before I came along. Even disorder was drawn and I didn't say that and reading the order and why are we using Americans. And it's a good it would put an end. You drain the swamp of corruption in Washington DC. I've started by imposing a five year lobbying ban White House officials. Lifetime ban on lobbying. For our government. We've begun preparing to repeal and replace Obama aka. Obamacare is disaster. Does. The Euro on the India they fill up our rally. People that you wonder how they get there but. Not the Republican people's representatives are represented. So we've begun preparing to repeal and replace obamacare and our deepest. In the midst of negotiations. On very historic. Tax reform. To bring our job. Jabs acted completely. I'm also work to install a cabinet over the delays and obstruction. A senate Democrat what they've done over the last. Long number of yours that will be one of the great cabinet ever assembled in American. You look at Rex Tillerson. In negotiating right now. General matters mentioned before general Ali. We have great great people make is with now we agree. Among their responsibilities. Will be ending the bleeding. Of jobs from our country. And negotiating. Fair trade deal. For. A fair true. Pretty fair. It's a country is taking advantage. And every country takes advantage of us on. I may be able Koppel. For the most part. It would be very tough for me. Jobs have already started users in my election Ford announced it will abandon plans to build new factories in Mexico. And loans and invest 700 million dollars in Michigan. Creating many many. Fiat Chrysler announced it will invest one billion dollars. In creating 2000 Americans with me. A week ago you hear General Motors likewise committed to a best. Billions of dollars. In American manufacturing operations. Keeping many jobs here that we're going to leave. Inviting elected believe me they would of left. And these jobs these things and now would never come here. Intel just announced that it will move ahead with a new plant in Arizona that. Probably was never going to move ahead. And that will result in at least 101000 American jobs. Wal-Mart announced it will create 101000 jobs in the United States is this year because of our. Our various plans and they'll be many many more many of these are few that we're naming. Other countries have been taken advantage of runs. For decades decades and decades and decades. And we're not gonna let that happen. And that. One more thing I have kept my promise to the American people. By nominating Genesis of the United States Supreme Court change neo Gore's speech. Who is from my list of point. And who will be true defender of our laws and their constitution. Highly respected. Should get the votes with the Democrats humane it yet. Get there one way or the other. But he should get there the old fashioned way. And he should get those. Just last month has represented an unprecedented degree of action on behalf of the great citizens in our country. Again saying it has never been a presidency. And so much in such issue workers. And we haven't even started the big war that starts early next week. Some very big things are gonna be announced next. So we're just getting started we will be giving a speech as I said in Melbourne Florida. I've PM I hope to see is there. And with that I just say god bless America and that takes him questions. Mara Mara go ahead. You were cut off pretty violently that I last news conference. Mike Flynn is a fine person. And I asked for his resignation. He respectfully game. He is a man who. Is a certain amount of information given to vice president pence as weather today. And I was not happy with the way that information was given. He. Didn't have to do that because what he did. Was wrong what he did in terms of the information. He saw what was wrong was the way that other people including yourself. In this room we're given that information. Chris that was classified information was given lately that the real problem. And you can talk all you want about Russia. Which is all up you know fake news. Fabricated deal to try and make up for the loss of the Democrats in the last press plays right into. Fact I saw a couple of the people that was supposedly involved with all this that they know nothing about it they weren't in Russia they never made a phone call to Russia they never received a phone call. It's all frankness. So thickness. The nice thing is I see it starting to chair where people are now looking at the illegal. All right I think it's very important the illegal. Giving out classified. Information. It was an and let me just say it was given like so much a give you an example. I called. You know Max now. It was. Very confidential last cycle but I called Mexico. An ankle in Mexico figure that spoke to the president Max technical. All of and it's out the for the world to see. We should. To be. Either confidential classified in that case same thing with a very. All of a sudden people are. Finding out exactly what took place the same thing happened. With respect to general. Let everybody says this actually. The first thing I thought when it matters how the press get this information that class and they do it. In light because it's legal process. And the press should be ashamed of cells but more importantly the people they gave out the information to the press. Should be ashamed of news release him yeah yeah. Because when I looked at the information. I said I don't think he did wrong and that you did something right who's coming into office he looked at the information. He's dead. The with the supposed to do this supposed to be here you can just call Russian he called and and spoke to both ways. I think it was thirty some odd countries. And yeah you know he was just doing his job. That thing is he didn't tell our vice president. Properly and that he said he didn't remember. So by the way it was and very satisfactory to me. And I have. Somebody that I think will be outstanding for the position. That also helps I think in the making him my decision but. He didn't. Tell. The vice president of the united. The facts and then. He didn't remember and it just wasn't acceptable to me. Hear. Me hear me now. Well the telling New York Times page long front. And is very much discredited as you know. It will. And the people mentioned this story I noticed they were on televisions. In every spoke to Russia. Even part. Rarely admitted there was a minor party hadn't spoken to them I think the one person I don't think I've ever spoken to him I don't think I've ever met him. Actually it was a very low level member of that committee for a short period of time. I don't think government possible walked into room when he was sitting there I don't think ever. I didn't talk to ever. And he thought it was a joke. The other person's never smoked it never received a look at records centers. And the other person people knew that he represented countries but I don't think he represented Russia. But knew that he represented various countries what he does people know. The man whose by the way was by the way respected me he's respected man. Think he represented the Ukraine Ukraine government some. But everybody on everybody's. So these people and he and he said he absolutely. Nothing to do it never has with Russia. That very forcefully or his statement he and most of the papers that printed because that. So that three people that they talked about. All totally tonight. And I can you give them. I own nothing and ration. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russian. President Putin called me up very nicely to congratulate me on the winner of the election. He even called me up extremely nicely to congratulate me on the inauguration which was terrific. Many of the leaders almost all goalies almost all of the countries. That it. Rush is a rush this news put out by the media the real news is the fact that. People probably from the Obama administration because there because we have our new people going in place right now you know. Mike Pompeo it is now taking control. Of the C. Aka James call me via. And coach in waiting to be approved I mean here's senator and highly respected. And he still waiting to be approved. But our new people going in and while your at it as you mentioned Wall Street Journal today. That would almost as disgraceful and failing New York Times areas. And it talked about. It's a front page. So Director of National Intelligence is put out acting. A statement any suggestion. That the United States intelligence community has given to us. Is withholding information. And not providing the best possible intelligence. To the president and his national security team. Is not trio. They took this page of the Wall Street cop. The spectrum. And I'll be honest. Back and forth and I guess emblem on them in media and frankly the political media but the financially was much. I will say that. I never get phone calls from me how to rightist early in the Wall Street without him or how to write a story. In the New York Times but it front page. That was like that or they wrote about the women. In the front page a massive story. And it was nasty. And then they called it witness that we like mystic. They called up my you know as we like mr. trump we. And it was totally it totally misrepresented. Those very wonderful women I have to tell you totally misrepresented. I should give us a retraction. They never gave us retraction and frankly I then went on to other things. Okay. Go ahead. You can. It. All our holidays. Well I'm talking about Republicans. And you. Well no I was told I was given that information I resist given at a very very big margin. The great. Well I don't know I was given that information. Get I've actually I've seen that information around. But it was a very substantial victory do you agree with that. Okay thank you I want an answer yes. Wouldn't you. No wrong tomorrow. What editors went way. You ask friends yeah. It. He's. He. We are. All. You. See there. Well first of all about that we now have Dan Coats hopefully soon. Mike Pompeo and James called me and there in position. So I hope that will be able to do that without using anybody else than Germany mentions a very talented and very successful man. And he's offered his services and and you know it's something we may take advantage of but I don't think we'll meet dad. At all because of the fact that you know I think that we are going to be in the street and a very easily and it's. As far as. The general's concerned when I first heard about it. I said hot that is my council came. Down again when it counts and he told me and asked him and he can speak very well for himself he said he doesn't think. Anything issues. Wrong don't really didn't think. Literally what happened after that but he didn't think anything was done wrong I didn't either because I waited a period of time and started to think about it like Nazi. To me he was doing the jet the information was provided by. We don't know Sally Yates. And I was a little surprised because. I said doesn't sound like he did anything wrong there. But he did something wrong with respect to the vice president. And I thought that was not acceptable as far as as far as the actual. Making the call. Fact I've watched various programs and have read various articles. Where he was just doing his joke that was very normal Unifirst everybody got excited because he did something wrong after they thought about it. It turned out he was yes doing. So and I I do and by the way with all of that being said I do think he's a fine man yes. John thank you Mr. President. And I finish off the market. Yes well look you know robbers murderers yours but aren't you all of the folks argue there is agencies and where I've actually yeah. Called the Justice Department to look into the league as a criminally. They put out by people either and agencies. Negotiate stopping because now we have more people you know again we don't have people and because we can't in a group like this and we just add. Jeff Sessions approved. Injustices an example. So. We are looking into that very seriously criminal act. You know what I say what I what I always called out on Mexico I was shocked. That all this equipment all this incredible equipment when I was called out. On Mexico. I was honestly I was really really surprised. But it does it make sense that won't happen but that wasn't that important calls fine I could show to the world that he could go to the world the president who's a very. Find me and by the way. Same thing. With the Australian. It's terrible that was it was adequate but it happens when I'm dealing with the problem of North Korea. What happens when I'm dealing with the problems. In the Middle East. A useful going to be reporting all of that very very. Confidential information very important very you know I mean at the highest level going to be reporting about that too. So I don't want classified information. Getting out to the public in a way that was almost. On dealing with. Mexico I'm dealing with a Argentina. We were dealing on this case with my flat all the information gets put into the Washington. Get put into this New York Times. And what happened when I'm dealing in the Middle East what's gonna happen when I'm dealing with it. Really really important subjects like North Korean. Leaders but that's why it's a criminal penalties. Yes John. Thank you Mr. President I. I wanting to clarify some very important point can you say definitively that nobody on your campaign. Had any contacts with the Russians during the campaign. And all the league's. Is it shaking news or are these real leagues. Well the leaks are real you the one that wrote about government report in the the leaks re you know what base that you. And leaks are absolutely real news. Because so much of the news is one thing that I felt it was very important to do and we can correct it. Nobody I have more respect for maybe but then reporters include reports. Very important to me. Especially in this position very important. I don't mind this story. Can handle this story better than any. Long has its Treo and you know over course of time make mistakes and you write. Deadly animal. I'm not okay win it is I mean I watched. CNN so much anger and hatred. And hate I don't watch it anymore because it's very good he's saying now look at him as a community. But. I watch others you know I think it off. But. I think it should be straight I think it should be I think would be frankly more interest and like that everybody's ratings are right now but I think that actually be. I think that actually be better. People in you have a lower approval rate and congress I think that's right. And of Peters Antoine Wright I think they have lowered her loan and let. Honestly the public would appreciated I'd appreciate it again I don't mind stories when extra. We have. And administration with the Democrats are making it very difficult. I think we're setting a record close to a record in the time of approval of the cap in the numbers are crazy look in some government approved immediately I'm going forever a lot of people who were waiting. And that's all it is delaying. And you look at human in the mass that he's got. They have nothing the only thing they can instantly. You think it be batters air by. In making sure that they are happy and everybody's glued. Sometimes I mean I know President Obama lost a war and you lose them on the way and that's OK. But. I think it I think that would be much better serve giant. Went through the process quickly that delay tactics. And everybody understands it. Contacts I had contacts with the Russians of course are tax you'd at least I know I have nothing to do that. Gosh I tell you. I have no deal. I am noticing how when WikiLeaks which had nothing to do it. Comes out and happened to give then not giving classified information. They're giving stuff what was edit an office about Hillary cheating on the debate which by the way nobody mentions nobody mentions Hillary. Received. The questions to the bank. Can you imagine serious. Can you imagine if I received. The question. Would be the electric chair. He should people. In the link you would even call for the re institution of the death. Maybe not huge this will be the next I'll do. It is the car. Norton. Elegant but now but my. Is. Fine because what is it to my pants simple. Mike was doing his he was calling countries and it reports. That would certainly would have been OK with me he didn't. I wouldn't directed him to do would have thought he wasn't doing it. I didn't direct him but I would have directed him because. And it came out that way and I watched. Doctor. Charles Krauthammer the other night. Day. And and I agree with him and then what many other people that. And director but I would have directed him if he didn't okay Jim. Well. Ask ask Jeff apparently got his job looking. When two men you know we do have a you do have a that the new ratings. And the people. Joining. There. And it. I was okay. All options. On CE. Mails. Answer he was actually missing 33 and then again extended with hope. I know but I just stay there but it was actually. Much credibility. That is something. Good question ready. Not nobody let me do you mind. So. In what case you're talking about highly classified information. In the other case you're talking about John Podesta saying bad things about the bullets I will say this John Podesta said that about me and he was working for me I would fired himself. He's a terrible things about. But it wasn't classified information. But what keeps you talking about it regardless if you look at the RNC we had a very strong at my suggestion and give writes great credit for. At my suggestion. I know something about this world. I said I won a very strong defensive. Mankins. I don't wanna be hacked. We did that and you have seen that they tried to hack and they fail. The DNC. Did not do that. And they do that they could not have been. That they were hacked and terrible game and and you know the only thing that I think is there's some of the things were so they were. I heard some of those things I have picked up the papers the next morning zone is going to be front page was an even in the again if I had that happen to me. It would be the biggest story in the history of publishing of the head of newspapers I would have been the headline and every member. And we think of it. They gave her the questions to a debate and she and she should've reported her. Why didn't Hillary Clinton announced that I'm sorry. But I have been given the questions to a debate or town hall. And I feel that. It's inappropriate. And I wanna turn in the end and for not doing good. Now. John Crowe asked you about said that the leaks are real but the news's face I guess I don't understand. It seems that there's a disconnect there information coming from those leagues is real now and mysteries you know they're putting. Him in order this. The public is you know they read newspapers EC television they watch. Don't know if it's true or false. Because. I'm involved have been about with the supplement. What I am involved. I know when you're telling the truth and when. I guess you many many. Things out she owned you know we're tone. The owners such hatred. I'm really not a bad person who know but the tone is such I do get good ratings yet to admit that hit home. Is such hatred. I watch this morning. Couple of them net and I have to say FOX & Friends in the morning. They're very honorable people they're very up because it good as a hit me also when. I do something wrong but they have the most honest morning show. The silicon the most honest but the tone jam it if you look hatred. The mean sometimes. Sometimes somebody gets well you look at your show that goes on at 10 o'clock in the evening. Is. It the panel is almost always extra and tonight. The good news. Ratings but the panel is almost exclusive. Can't try and hatred and venom coming from now. Hatred coming from. The people on your network now. I watched it seen it. I'm amazed it. And I just think you'd be. Mislead the public at. Rallies turn around screaming in and placards and I I think you would do much better by being. Different but you just take a look take a look at some of your shows in the morning in the evening. If it guest comes out and says something positive about me it's. Brutal. Now they'll take this news conference I'm actually having a very good time but they'll take this is now for don't forget that the way Iowa. Number used to give you a news conference everytime I made a speech which was like every day. OK now I just how I won I won with news conference and probably speeches I certainly didn't win by people listening few people that's bishop. But I am having a good time tomorrow they will say. Donald Trump rants and raves at the press anything I'm just you gonna dishonest people but but. I'm not granting it raised and loved them having the time doing it but tomorrow the headlines are going to be Donald Trump brands and it. I had this 11 or let us have a little bit more what do you think Peter is this Peter should have a let him have a limitless sit down. Well against us because the attack if they use and attacking our network at a mass user I'm changing it from Peyton now. That doesn't that undermine everything to him but aren't you. God rock real news rooms and not related to our new well I am not related sir now. I feel like the soundness I look at cost him. I looked at that name as a wait a minute is there any relation there Alex's. Entry checked that out it's not ejected by that they had no suggested to me if ever go back and checked the family tree. The. Aren't you arching concerns are that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment. Freedom of the process the process in this country when you call stories you don't like fake news. Why not just say it's a story I don't like. Develop fake inaugural undermining confidence and artist media. The thing I am and you're right about that except. You know when she didn't get. Sometimes. It can be ready to. What would be pretty important. What's it. And when they change it and make it really something that should be pots that something should be very positive economic okay. Make it silly. Because I'm I know what I'm saying it. I'm so it's important me. I. Started off by saying. To the public and believe you people. Maybe had something to do with I don't know but they don't believe you if you were. Immediately. Pulled it like it is Howard Cosell used to. Receive it in question. But if you. I would be your I would be biggest in the world including his. But if you go as an example Europe and story. Story a story. I. I want. K. Okay. We are running fine tuned machine. And happens to be doing. Is putting out I. By the president yesterday in Russia scam that you buildings you know talk about the object which illegally. So. To try and or. Is she. Really active on job at. One election. All of the country take luckiest. And he's working. I mean if it not true. Shame because he'd be working here he'd rather be working went reforms I mean it. In the world treated. Him and his eyes. For somebody. You know. At least a little bit and that's what the public. Should. Eyes and hate. And the public is. Okay go ahead. It's. You have learned over these last. There. I think you know believe it I don't think that's why the restaurant and polled just has me through the roof. I I don't think they believe it. I guess one of the reasons I'm here today is to tag you. The whole Russian thing that's the route the races. And by the way. It would be great. If we could get along with Russia you understand. That the trump wants to get along with Russia has terrible. It's terrible it's good. We Hillary Clinton tried to re. We've had Clinton give Russia 1%. The uranium. In our country. You know what uranium is right ankle nuclear weapons and other things like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things. He talks about that. And rush I've done nothing for her. Hillary Clinton getting 20% of your name. Clinton did reach agreement with the stupid plastic button that meters or look like a bunch of years. He looked like. She'd do that cheap plastic button. That was a recent remembers in recent. Now why does that law. If we get along with passion that we have a very talented man. Rex Tillerson is going to be meeting with them shortly. Politically it's probably not hit the packages. Is sure that chip at thirty miles offshore right out of the war ambulance. I would love to be able to get along with. You and lot of president. They haven't taken that. We are now look what we are now. If I can't. I love to negotiate. Really. If we get along with maybe it is just. The full report. By the media you people Waltz horrible. Report makes that much Carter. To make a deal. With Russia and probably potent. You know. You know. What's going on in the united. Clothes would be impossible for president. Abigail along with Russia because of all the pressures. With the story. Shame. We get along with Russia and by the way China and Japan and every week along it would deposit. Now and. Are that's present you passion for it's gonna happen fairly quickly we're doing obamacare weren't final stages we should be submitting the initial plan I am in March early march. I would say. And we have to as you know statutorily and for reasons of budget we have to go first it's not like it frankly. The tax would be easier in my opinion but for statutory reasons and for budgetary reasons we have to submit these health care sooner. So will be so many health care sometime in early march mid march and after that we're gonna come up and we're doing very well on tax reform. To present you mentioned rush talk about some serious issues that come up in the last week that you had to deal with this press. You mentioned the best buy all new not good there was a ballistic missile test that many Turkmen and not isolation and an average of between the two countries and Russian plane plus the US does not good. Excuse my excuse me when it happened it happened way if you war. Right now you say. We're back video games with the United States is no way trump can ever do a deal with does. Because the puppy yet and if I always brutal Russian right now. You. Went but I know you well enough then you would say I was tough he shouldn't a done. It. Is just all of those things that you mentioned. I'm very. Because probably potent assumes that he can make it with me because politically. Not popular for me make it. So Hillary Clinton tries a recent failed failed tried. But I'm different than. You. Or I deal and I am so beautifully represent so honored that the senate approved him. He's going to be fantastic. Yes I think it. I. No I don't think I think Putin probably assume he can't make a deal with me because politically would be unpopular for politicians to make it completely. Because. Be much easier for me to be tough on Russia but that would make. The American. I don't know we might we might. But it would be much easier for me these tough the tough for Russia the better you know do the right thing for the American people. And to be secondarily. How do the right thing for the world if Russia and the day actually again. And law and don't forget we're a very powerful nuclear country and so. There's no upside. We're very powerful nuclear. I've been great content you one thing at a briefing that we're allowed to say anybody's ever read the book and it. It. Would be like Nolan. There are very powerful in the country and normally. Have a good relationship with Russia leading that group now. So when he's either not good do you mean that we are not thought when I read the three things that recently happen license and I happen but they damage the relationship they all have minds at the bounds and who liked to work. They all happened recently and I understand what they're doing because it is doing this and think now again maybe I'm not going to be able to do a deal with it but at least I will drive. And I don't. Really think. Hillary plan. Would be tough on Russia and Donald Trump does anybody in this room really believed that OK but I can you one thing. She tried to make idioms he had the re. She gave all that valuable uranium what you did other things you know they close the Russian. Hillary Clinton get what 20% of the uranium in the united she's close to rush. Can we I think you know like after. You know right now can we conclude the Reno response. Think about what response you talk about hooters I am going to Mosul in four months. We are going to attack Mosul informal. Agreements that we're going to attack but all in one month. Next week we are going to attack boss of me to muscles very very difficult you know why because I don't talk about military. And I don't talk about. You can be surprised to hear that and by the way my whole campaign ads. Have to thank you. I don't wanna be part of these guys like us we're going to do. There I have to tell you what I would do at North Korea where there I don't have to tell you wanted to do in North Korea. And I have to tell you what I'm gonna do with Iran. You alive because they should now. And eventually you guys to get tired of asking that question so when you ask me what am I gonna do with the ship. The relationship as an example I'm not gonna and you. But hopefully I won't have to do and I'm not gonna be okay. You. That's where you're from eighties. Is another beauty. The deadline. It cost to preempt that yeah here. President is like CNN. All the trouble. That we give to vote on the tropical. Would you accept that that was a good example of the smooth running it up yeah I feel like I don't let me tell about the way. And York just let me say about the travel. We had a very smooth. Rollout of the travel ban. But we edited court. At a bad decision record that's been overturned again may be wrong but I think it's 80% of the a lot. We had a bad decision that they keep going that decision we're gonna put him in new. A new executive order next week some time. But we had a bad decision yelling and that was wrong with the travel and you had dealt with a massive massive problem with their computer system at the airports. You had some people that were put out there abroad I've organized buses and they put added various locations. Despite that the only problem that we had as we had a big court we have a court. It gave us what I consider to be with great respect a very bad decision very bad for the safety and security of our country the role that was part. What I wanted to do was do the exact same executive order parts at one thing I said this to my people give them a one month period. But general Kelley now secretary Kelly said. If you do that. All these people will command and then the bad you don't agree they're bad people out there right now and everybody. Like you you some bad people. So Kelly says. You can't do that. He was right. At the bottom it's about one week he said no good you gonna do immediately because if you do it immediately. They don't have time. To comment a number of reports. But that's why we did it quickly now I would've done it a month everything would have been perfect the problem is. We would have wasted. A lot of time and maybe a lot of lives because a lot of bad people would have come into our country now in the time. Where vetting very very strongly. Very very strongly. That we need help and we need help by getting that. Executive order. So it's why an excuse to go ahead. Get yes or no answer these questions involving Russia. Can you say whether you are aware that anyone who advise your campaign had contacts with Russian during the course the election. Like no you general Flint obviously was dealing so that's one principally used you should have been during the election not on nobody that I know if you're not aware of any contact electorate according to the election. You just a ruse I know you have to get up and ask questions import Russian. News. Nothing to do. Haven't made a phone call to Russia in years don't speak to people for Russian I wouldn't just nobody did speak to. I spoke to potent twice he called me on the action too owed you and he called me in the inauguration few days ago we had a very. Good talk. Especially the second one lasted for pretty long. I'm sure you probably get it because it was classifieds on everybody in this room program. But very very good I have nothing to do with Russian. To the best of my knowledge no person that I deal with no matter sport has totally tonight he denies it now. People who knew that he was a consultant over that part of the world for a while but not for Russia. Vicki represented Ukraine people having to do with Ukrainian people that whoever. But people that everybody. In. Our campaign manager with in touch with officials I have. No. Can only tell you what now he would replace long before the election you know. Usually plays long before the election. Are coming game. Well who's a good man also by the way. On autopilot is in place long before the election. For shippers. How much longer should we stay here for us. Five more minutes is that okay five. Way let's see who's I wanna find a friendly reporter uses there was to. Are you a friendly report watch out friendly he has. We'll wait and watch how friendly he is guy. Yeah. Paula and interview her and I it is. But it's. It. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Owner he's not. Well we are. That's. He. It's. Eight and throws at a club. At least there are lost yeah. What rendered. He's yeah he's gonna ask a very simple question. As. Focus and others. Or his. Number 1 I am the least. Anti Semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life. Number two. Racism. At least racist Paris fact we did very well relative to other people running as a Republican quiet quiet quiet. He lied about who's getting it up and ask a very straight simple questions you know welcome to the world the media. But let me just use. That them. I hate. The charge I find it repulsive I hate even to question because people that know me and you heard the prime minister you heard. You know yesterday you do hear him BB. He said. Donald Trump for a long time and then he said again. You should take that instead of having to get up and ask very insulting question. Barack. Thank you and me from the heat and shows you about the press that this whoever presses. Thinking about it. Lisa data on PBS news now get. On national security immigration can you get more details on executive order you plan for next week even its broad outlines. Yeah we'll be focused on the very fair countries and in addition. On the docket program for immigration. What is your plan you plan to continue that program or and. We're gonna show great heart. Docket is a very very difficult subject for me I want to me it's one of the most difficult. Because of these. Incredible kid. In any case not in case some of the cases. There any docket and gang members and drug dealers to. But you have some absolutely incredible kids would mostly. They were brought here in such a way very very very subject we had to deal with duck with heart. Have to do a lot of politicians. Have to convince them what I'm saying is. Is. Right and I appreciate your understanding but. The Dockett situation very very. Very difficult. Thing for me. Because of these kids and kids grandkids. And I find it very very hard doing what the lawsuit is exactly to do you know the law's rough I'm talking about some talk in the existing. Is there at dinner. As far as the new order. The new order is going to be very much tailored to the what I consider to be very bad decision but. We can tailor the order to that decision and get just about everything in some ways more. But we're tailoring it after the decision we have some of the best lawyers in the country working on it. And the new. Executive order is being tailored to the decision we got down. From the court. Yeah. Yeah. That you're. Oh. That's what I call a next question. That is very real it. Oh. Thank you money is terrific she was nearly nightly dinner with senator rubio and his wife who is by the way lovely. And to had a really good discussion about Cuba. Very similar views on Cuba. And Cuba it was good to me in the Florida election as you know the Cuban people Americans. And I think that. He's going to be outstanding search just opened up the visitors center in other words during the way. She like. Others that she's working where it feel very very umbrella. Women's issues. Lehman's difficulties. Very very strongly as very very strong advocate I think she's a great representative for this country. Funny thing happens can she get. She sell unfairly. And things. I've known her for a long time is a very successful pars and choose our success model. She did really well. She rude. Go home at night and didn't even wanna go out with people she was a very private person. She was always highest quality that you electrified. And things this day and I've known for a long time that things they say are still in there. And actually she's apologized it was you know by experience is it things. Just days I think she's going to be fantastic for us. She's going to be a tremendous representative of women and the people. And helping her and work dinner will be at Arco is fabulous person and fabulous. Fabulous woman. They're not doing this for money in doing this pain they're doing this because they feel it out to them. And Maloney goes back and forth and after baron finishes school soared to take them. Job at a school with a few months. She and will be moving out of the way thank you it's a very nice course. Cut. Yes. I know there's going to be a good question but that. Question because I enjoy watching you on television good. Well thank you so much Mr. President I need to find out from you are you said something. As early you intercity. That was one of your platform during your campaign countrymen in cities in fixing the inner city. What will be that fixed and your urban agenda as well and has HT CU. I executive order that's coming out this afternoon and it wasn't it was. That was very professional and very well be announcing the order a while and I'd rather let the auto expert but it would be something I think it will be. Very good for everybody concerned but we'll talk about that after we do the announcement. As far as the inner cities and you know I was very strong in the inner cities during the campaign I think it's probably what got me a much higher percentage of the African American vote. Lot of people who was again. We did a much higher than people thought it was again. And I was honored by that including Hispanic vote which results are much higher and by the way if I might including the women's vote which is much higher than people again. So we are going to be working very hard on the news is having to do with education having to do with crime. Ruling that you try and fix as quickly as possibly you know takes a long time ago a hundred years or more for some of these places to. Evolved and be involved in many of them very badly but we're going to be working very hard on health and health care. Very very hard and education and all so we're going to be working any stringent way in a very good way on crime. You got some of these inner city. Places and it's so sad. When you look at the current you know people. And I've. Witnessed and fact two cases have actually witnessed it. They lock themselves into apartments petrified to even leave. In the middle of the day. Living and we can't let that happen. So we're going to be very very strong great question and it's a very it's very difficult situation as it's been many many years in festering for many many years we have. Places in this country that we have to fix we have to help. African American people that for the most quarters to Hispanic. American people we have Hispanic American people that are in the inner cities. And they're living and look at the numbers. NG cut. Or to Chicago you now. Is when Chicago others credible luxurious at all. It is another Chicago. Word. And almost any of these places in the Middle East that we talk about and that you talk about every night in the newscast. So we're gonna do a lot of work in the inner cities and great people lined up to help theaters. And I think I give an idea what inkling that maybe the president. And with. You're your urban legend and well Mike and it's what you wanna include the congressional black hawk as well I would I tell what you wanna set up the meeting you want to set up the meeting. Other browser. And set up I don't among them that are at a. And meeting I would love to meet with the black caucus I think it's great the congressional black I think it's great. I actually thought I had a meeting when congressman Cummings. And he was all excited. It. Call it movement be it from the political hack it. A result of the meeting you know we called him and called and it was. Welcome on the phone very nice guy I mean he wanted it. But we call call call call. Can't make it meaningless to him. We don't look at it I would like to me because I do want to solve the problem but he probably was told by Schumer or somebody like that. So motherly way he was probably held. He was probably I don't meet with trump it's bad politics and that's part of the problem skeptic at one more. Now no one question two we can handle this room can handle to go ahead give me the better of you do. It. Word. And why do. I. And to be honest this has to do with racism and horrible things. Some of it written by our opponents you do know you understand. You don't think anybody would do anything like that some jealousy. I'm not put up by the people that level like Donald put up like this. You think it's like. Playing straight now but you have some of those signs in a move that anger is caused by he has they'll do lines and do. Drawings that are inappropriate. It won't be my people it will be the people on the other side anger people like you. Just a clarification plan. Yeah. Please that others. So instead he couldn't. I'm working hard I'm working it very well look up and just in this day we totally divided country for eight years and long before that in all fairness to President Obama. Long before President Obama we have had a very divided I didn't come along and divide this country his country was seriously divided before it got here. We gonna work on it very hard one of the questions that was asked if there was a very good question was about the inner cities in this part of it. But we're gonna work on education we're gonna we're going to lack you know stop trying to optical and we have great law enforcement officials and it. Try and now I'm trying to at least a crime. But it's very important to me but this isn't Donald Trump that divided nation. We went eight years with President Obama and we went many years before President Obama we live in a divided. Nation. I am gonna try I will do everything in my power. To fix that I wanna thank everybody very much great. Honored you're here thank you SSI or hire a mosque incident from nominating Alex Acosta to be the next labor secretary the first Hispanic tapped to join mr. Tom cat and it. Nat announcement comes a day after Andy poster withdrew himself from consideration. Then the president launched an attack on the news media he said the press is out of control the level of dishonesty is out of control his administration he said is running like a fine tuned machine the president also said to expect a new executive board of the middle of next week to replace the one. On immigration now tied up in the courts. I'm Aaron conspiracy you're listening to live coverage from ABC news. This went on for well over an hour and the president took a number of questions and at one point and I'm having a good time ABC's Karen Travers is at the White House eat. Did appear to be enjoying himself. Yeah and be the most fun the president has patents and he's been in the White House and you know he's following up on Saturday with a rally in Florida heat that he's gonna have massive crowds then there you have to wonder if maybe this is something hills are doing more regularly going forward love sparring with the media. It took a lot of very tough questions because. The questions frankly have been building up for several weeks and a couple he had nine takeaways from when he came to Michael Flynn the president that he did not director Mike Flynn to discuss sanctions with the Russian ambassador. But said he would have if he didn't do it came out. The president also asked many times about ties that he campaign officials might have had to Russian officials before the election. He didn't answer the first several times it came up but eventually he did say. To the best of his knowledge. Campaign officials were not talking to the Russians. Also another. Key moment as he is going after the leak of classified information and what he was calling eight news. He did day that he asked the department to look into the leaks so. You know we've heard threat of investigations. Threat of criminal inquiries but the president did say that he actually made this request. DO and he said they work criminal leaks but he also said. The leaks surreal but knew his faith but he doesn't seem to be challenging the actual information that has been leaked. An air and I think he was pushed on exactly what DTL is weak I feel like there is a lot of running in circles. You know he doesn't like the leaks he doesn't like that seek news but. Never specified exactly wide I don't in these articles and and television or radio reports that. He's taking issue with right now. ABC's Karen Travers at the White House now mr. come today also said he inherited a mess. His administration has sent no major legislation the congress to deal with that mask but he insisted today he is following through on campaign promises I wanna turn to Capitol Hill. ABC's wanna Zach wanna. You know we're hearing today from speaker of the house Paul Ryan that they really did that Republicans really do you wanna get on track legislatively he said that. That they're going to start turning your attention to reforming the tax code today he also talked about. A top priority being repeal and replace an introducing that legislation that's been. Long promised. By Republicans as soon as they come back from from the holiday. So we're definitely hearing that from Republicans in because the mood here on Capitol Hill is. With all the contentiousness. That has. Has manifests in in some of these confirmation hearing. That Republicans are starting to move away from the president and and they're hard to become a division particularly among. And it Republicans and the White House. And that that call could come together on some of these legislative priorities may be an opportunity for the White House and congressional Republicans to heal them. ABC's Ron Issac live on Capitol Hill after president trump aired a number of grievances with the press took a number of questions. On everything from Michael Flynn to Russia to campaign promises and an executive order which may be coming. Next week to replace the one on immigration it's not tied up in the courts and Aaron teachers teach people listening to live coverage from ABC news. EB news honors winner for the third straight year with Edward. It's.