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2-16 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back where the Beijing government sent to reach the common denominator of people of Iran in two totally unscientific. Just people live blog bump into resembled day. As it what the hell's gone wrong in the country is just. We seems like we lost our money and things like that. And so let's hope we can get it together so I've decided that I'm going to do something positive and I mean adamant. Now don't give it away are and I hate I don't know if the wegmans here can carry trump line I don't know that because the ones. Do we know the ones in Virginia do OK because that's where you'll areas. But I do know there are places you Acela and I know I have a way to get a bottle today I'm getting a bottle. I know I know a person thinking they get me a bottle this is like yeah Cabbage Patch Kids. It's. They're getting the new Cabbage Patch Kids and then I won two of them you know to peace corps and why exactly. So I'm going to contact the person that I know. And I'm sure the person that I know will bring me instantly our radio station a bottle of trump line I'm blah even I don't drink I don't drink and most of the people. They come to the house don't drink either for some reason has nothing to you offer wine and and most people in Trenton that in my house. But the bottom line is I'm buying it just so I can say I did my part okay not knowing doing the show when I'm going to buy it. There's also a lot of other good name lines that I. Anguish about it what you just triggered an equal thought in my head all refer watch for the first time acknowledges for the first time this hour car if it is the I have bottled the trump line as senate to. Or know someone who doesn't care trust somebody that's why. Somebody doesn't like OK a couple of people that aggravate and you know I have I got a from a campaign I have Mike go vote oh. Told a campaign at the beginning. As sandy beach would do very much. Like duo Wear proudly at trump had ever trump shirt. I have atop a bad approach dirt. I wore once you know the day when award the morning after the election was settle a war wants I didn't wanna get anyways faced but I I can Wear proudly. And take a picture of it. Will it might buckle up trump and post it. As the probe but I did it okay. So idea I I will put in the order as soon as I see this person in the into performing. And and minutes ago it's. One of the questions we're asking today the national organization of women. Say that there would should boycott wegmans. And I see our we've posted you gotta be kidding because they sell. Trump line. OK and I mentioned and I think it goes without saying that wegmans is. Fabulous business. As they're good citizens these are good people bear us and we are them. And though we like the way they treat their employees there always on the top of the list or very close of a top of the list. On national surveys of best places to work. We've we've made no people who work there they have immaculate stores they've got a good prices they're very good merchandise they are well managed what the hell mortal we want from them. Are they pay it I'm sure they pay a lot of taxes. All kinds of good things that aren't a model business and the thing that some pinhead thinks that way we shouldn't go to wegmans because they carry trump want if you like trump and he didn't vote for trump that's great. But you have a row. It's a dictates of the rest of us how we should live our lives. And so that's one of the first questions and a lot of video post was a really good it's as though let me see me. On Tuesday. It all and it always moves OK here it is. Maybe we should quell those cry babies and make him feel better. A trump should offer Hillary. A participation. Trophy. It's something they can understand. And now we're cartons and that. He should have Hillary to the White House. And give her a trophy that says congratulations. Second place. Oh we got there there are no losers you get a go get a trophy to I think that would help heal things Roger toning. I think that they're pro mobile home have been a hug. Yeah a ribbon just she was there she participated. In the eyes on it could have yeah that it could shall we we didn't keep score but we have to decide who was going to be president we. The stuff and again GO. Let's go back to the calls this is Peter and saint Catherine's beater on WB again and thank you as hello Peter what's going on today. Or is good when you shoot good news and them put to assist agreed to act was that nice and his lawyers became a citizen we're very happy slower an excellent man listen. Here's what it is and all of putting Democrats. Do us into an attempt and went twelve to fourteen to sixteen. They lost born. 80% of the counties of the United States Dee Dee do to win was was far reach in and deep to a country of the governorships. And what companies to do malveaux. This trial warned on get from these next couple of weeks but he needs that it bit of order he needs to fix that what would. Here on the immigration travel a travel document right. I think. I think you will want to become the greatest and I do think and I do agree. That community mask that I had another fiesta Rushmore. I do think I don't know when I used to listen. I'm beginning to think so look deep dish too here get two things going on -- people what protesting. And I believe that is a machine that was put into place fully by about Obama. Do most people don't even know what to protesting. They don't and that's the sad part everytime you see them they really can't identify what they what that are up protests against. Yes undies second pot is. The people what behind the protests to the protesters. Are minor. Day in the and then back Q did you drifting about protesting gun boat yet quartet. But as I've got force behind it I'm different did teaching moment the mr. Flint. I think not a true reading in unison doesn't much as you can you begin to get this picture that most of them with a one India administration. Or kicking the hardest line. Again. Jihad and radical Islam common income America and I think you cannot separate that from the discussion as to why he was to conduct. And you're and the Iran a deal that we made when Iran. Where where you know we've made the oil the only sent via plane full of money that he was very critical that. Yes and and and look what I'm trying to see it or Chinese did that if all of mr. trump needs to do not is. We know he's going to give a variety on on on Saturday he needs to used to deeply do those and it tricks the dams Sunday was so good act. Every Friday at 2 PM. You want to control the message in the inactive for the entire weekend talks was in a Sunday you give just how often well. Come to the people on look at them in the ice and you talk to people every Friday to give and give up Cambodia an update. Tell him what happened what you want to do next except well and that we would have to media. On this heat that you would be able to control and out and having a buck pockets and yes. Every candidate short every morning they have something new you have something new or. So I did put it all to try and I'm mr. the public's mind import sport debt you controlled annual exactly what do you totally new Luxembourg. So you you're taking over well that's a good idea and their traditionally is Saturday morning radio broadcast. That's drug given that two of you the times given to the president to address the nation joke and maybe make that people more aware of that and get your message there drew incubator thank you very much. Yeah its I think that's an excellent idea but thanks to Peter first set and really make sense. He says he thinks that strong can be one of the big one of the best presidents. And you may have thought it was a reaches a make Rome for another wrote another phase it etched in stone on the mount Rushmore. But I want to think about this okay and if there's a new coach hired. Floor or via New England Patriots. And next year he wins the Super Bowl. People go well okay that's good to win the Super Bowl what we want X amount the last X on a year isn't. Got a good team and grown up his back and well nice nice and gradual okay. If the bill Syron who coach. And win the Super Bowl next year. Why I mean that'd be the talk of the of the whole war over in the inner world of sports. Now I'll look at the condition America is in now with fractured. It is absolutely fractured. If he can accomplish. Half of what he would like to accomplish. He will be a super so far. Now obviously it's not an easy task. He you don't get to you don't get rewards from for me these tests you get reports from parts that. But if all of a sudden he managed to bring people we got to look at yesterday when he was meeting with Bibi Netanyahu. Prime minister of Israel. It was fabulous they had a great a formal relationship. They obviously had a great formal relationship. They had conversations like two old friends who hadn't seen each other a little bit. And it was a good warm moment you see much coverage comment. Buffalo News has it in a little section is the front page is in the lower right section down there. And hardly other any other comments about it in it was a really good session. And getting back in the good graces of each other after eight years of Barack Obama leaving Bibi Netanyahu in the hall while he was having lunch. So that that totally changed everything. But there again. What was announced. The attention now. No and this is our mode the most important ally in the area as somebody that. Since they've been established that count on us and we can count on them. Very important that that relationship and it couldn't have gone better. But now the talk is about. Michael and then and that sort of thing and that's the kind of stuff we're getting. All right let's take a break weren't a little late isn't gonna third W media. The basic played today consists of boycott way Lindsay got to be kidding me. I am do you favor that or not and the national organization. A women. Think it's good idea because they sell trump wine these Olympic in the Virginia stores now that trump winery there is a winery. In Virginia and Donald Trump saved it from bankruptcy and is doing murder while some big employer to. And I he no longer owns it Tony Eric if you could be because I'm getting that dried took my throat give me aid of a few of your face. Jim says idiots just don't why it. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people Camby and the lengths they go through for their three minutes of fame problem is. The USA is full proposals who actually take to heart. This kind of brain washing there ought to be a law. You see the difference is if if you heard about a boycott. Are. You know pay your demonstration in. Our air protests. Or anything like that he used to be big nose. He used to be alone some of these protesting something else jacket. Started of course well before the civil rights movement but it certainly during the civil rights movement gained great moment. It used to be something special. And then you would you would contemplate what are they doing why are they doing it RV there for good reason. Maybe I'll participate maybe I'll help them maybe all. Carry a sign may be a problem financially word of mouth whatever. Those days are gone. When you see groups chanting and screaming and whatever and and and in unified voices. That is all pre planned. Pre per do lose by you know oh caught up in sections. Okay you go over there you go over there you go over there get your face on television. Let's have six unfair signs. Others race. As slows so is organized. It's not all it's all prepackaged. You know at least if you're gonna have approached this have a fresh one. You know I'll. Have a fresh ones not prepackaged. And that's all we so at least not on every day you wake up every day I got this into the radio on what I hear. They don't like Karl. There on the board and more let's chat some thing. Let's not go to wegmans. Today is the way it is no immigrant day they they didn't say you know it'll legal immigrant day because they know they. We can't say that having seventy so we're not supposed to push jobs because it's no immigrant day why. Bob Bob Bob. It's all wrapped. Use your own intelligence. Use your own good will use your own heart. And a do what you think is right is screw what everybody else wanted it to another envoys. Mike says you have to wonder if the shoppers at wegmans that insane that they would say. Oh there's a trial product at this store and if you paid protesters said I shouldn't shop there so why won't. Apple is right. Exactly I was ascent back as are my questions when is the last time new boy you participated in a boycott. Bill do you even remember it. It will be fun. In these fund over the course of a year. To write down and then produce a piece for every protests and every boy caught in America the weekend that we can keep track anyway. Sneaker that that's what it is one after another after another and it's all he does I'd do one thing. It's a place of hurt and you because they didn't really win something you wanted to do you wanna vote for trump. While they didn't but guess what America you get your yours they get there as. But it's it's not written down anywhere that you should try and destroy somebody who doesn't agree with you and that's all it trying don't they try and nurture for financially. They try to shout you down. And that's that's what they do these people have bought a billboard to try and badger Chris Collins and Chris call. Into having a via. India meeting you know idea of a community meeting. And then he says Doug those town hall meetings are useless right now in fact his his quote is excellent. Did let's say is Otis what you get are demonstrators. Who come and a shout you down and heckled you. They are not what you would hope they would be which is a give and take from people actually interested in getting some. Fax and that's true there are only interested in TV time and a newspaper diamonds are a summary to your time I would assume. Chanting things just they don't wanna hear you is it's like a kid. And you say Joseph you've got to finish your supper or there will be no dessert and Johnny puts his fingers in his ears and goes I can hear you know where's my it is. They're acting like children. One mark Toney before the break. All right this is a short one Christian says liberals which like some cheese with your line. It is you know it's embarrassing. Because these are supposed to be grown ups. And they don't you know this there's a give and take what that can you imagine if your children treated you. Like you treat others and things like this. What are they what are they insulted your intelligence like this what if they put their fingers in there here's your expected from a child you expected from. A grown up so I'm on my way of Marty placing a verbal order my bottle of dove trump wind. And as soon as I get it I will post that photo by the way if you want them on video photos there's a new one. Came out Monday strangely enough and today is Thursday. I checked that out on our roads and beaches will be back with more. I draw the line on the way I can hardly wait. So are back where the originally met the press coverage will be a twelfth. Thirty we will carry it live the president's press conference he's expected to 1000 tuna company for. Secretary of labor now Tony I want you to verify that a verbal order verbal order has been placed in my name. For a bottle of trump line. Correct thank you so I haven't and when I do whatever I don't drink some aggregate. But I will I will have it with pride and I'll have a picture taken of me whipped. The drum line and the had a hat for sure and maybe the teacher to respond to cool. Okay. Now I think the at a I had align in. I was deciding whether to use of a not in my mind works in strange ways the line was in my head. And I ran it past my the other half in my mind as it should do pretty chromium. Well clergy is equally if you want to should it now probably now BO. All this happens and I'm nano second I just but I will tell you miss save have a problem Buffalo's largest taxi service. I today's video of the day from my bubble perk is a 25 dollar certificate. Through liberty tab for only 1250. Liberty cap is always ready 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year go to my buffalo perks art com and we love it when local businesses. Who let us I tell you what about them and liberty certainly is one of them. And good citizens just as though wegmans a good citizens. And the people from now on national organizational women. And I'd say you shouldn't shop there because they sell trump wine Tony we've we've got to almost a record number. Of of hits on this on the on the FaceBook page. Today is like a whack a mole day a wim de whacked. Mole I mean I came in and okay. Boycott though wegmans hit hit hit the ball with a lack okay. Policy. Eric Holder isn't out there's another one. Chris Collins as says that the town hall meetings are always a time hit that until I mean there's so many things that we have to combine them. And we have a lot on FaceBook wants you mean if you. Debra says it is now gotten to the point in our society that people think they can do whatever they want whenever they want and that it's OK to do it. Live immigrants not sure if they are illegals that are boycotting president trump but not working or going to school. We have this women's league boycotting migrants because they sell a certain product if they don't like it. People have gotten way out of hand with their touchy Feely side. The end hurt tore. I have to forbid we disagree on something those folks have only one agenda. And that is do it my way I agree with what I say and we can be equals that. Funny that they forget that we are humans and do not agree or like everything the same way even though. That is what they preach we should be doing understanding and respecting each other no matter what we think. Hypocrites. Well that that's true I mean if you're with the me. Hey your brother your sister. If you're against me we must destroy you I mean NASA has gotten through. It's it's a very say had. And I think despicable to me honestly you period in our in our history that we've gotten to that we can't have. Honest dialogue on different viewpoints can remember once CNN. Has started with the two different people with two different viewpoints in mandate. This Saturday Night Live a little fun where there was Jane you ignorant slut. Okay that was honest dialogue between two people now you know it is your thing about a Norman Mailer. Maybe got a little Lotta Hamels William F Buckley William F Buckley when Norma Norman Mailer but there were two intellectual giants who disagreed. And at the end right near the end it got awful but ops at that point. It was honest dialogue of two people have different divergent views we have to allow for that. It's funny because we talk about free speech. As long as it's your free speech somebody else's free speech shut him down another place. Dan says said that the media even gives this story the time of day they are responsible for four fueling. These are surged stories in crazy causes. Well I guess this time a day because of the outrage. Noses supposed to report and reflect. The what's happening okay the reporting is supposed to be straightforward the reflection could be in the form of certainly a talk show where we reflect our own opinions of what's going on and whatever editorials. Are much like us. There opinion pieces as well. And that's what we do and if that's what's happening you can't just turn your back on it. If it has an and an interest now Joni you to Almeida we have an exit ordinary and extraordinary. Amount of hits on this has chosen people oranges and Emma. And so that's the reason. Called back and forth no formal post you know another and that's good it's an increases dialogue. But when it gets nasty to the point of destruction. That's not that's the right. The you know has the as we shut down and the point is that then you win when you do have the showdown though say you tried to censor us they've got answers for. As I mentioned this before but there's a video. That has nothing of this one gone viral I. They go pyro and it features. Let's Kid Rock he and Sean Penn and homicides it's one fleet Don. Because we have two opposite the thought process if you're dead and their clashing in to begin mean. And then people see something on TV dad. Shows that they both love this country they disagree and what's passport. And then the rest of the video is those two kind of getting along as it's a wonderfully done video and wished more more people would watch it well. I mean there are people we work where that we disagree politically. We have we don't discuss politics okay that's pretty easy don't have anger out of things are discussed. But what happens is. A political statement it kind of opens the doorway to the rest that view and on target about. If if you're talking about summing political it kind of shows your basic character. Do you believe in self sufficiency. If you do you'll probably on one side. You bet the government over you're living your properly on the other side. Do you agree that everybody should have an equal opportunity what you think they're both sides will agree with that but even with that they're there to differentiate agents. So you can tell by political statements about what are the what a person is like at least what kind of what kind of lenses are looking at the world through and sometimes it's disappointing because. You may have been friends with somebody for years and never had a problem. And that enjoyed their company and maybe your bill at dinner together went through a sabres then whatever. And then one day a political statement is made and you realize. That there is opposite of viewers in debt and you have a choice that. You can nots not discuss that at all you can try MB is simplest of Kennedy can be an idiot. I mean those are your choices and and you'll find that people will go to cast suicide. People you thought or your friends who won once they find larger political position Tony you said you've seen that happen. All I can tell Ike you know people who hate. He picked up by and. And. People's bodies in how they will teach you how to talk to him don't talk to exactly but at least I'm honest. There's a couple of people here that annulled that I will not talk about authors and I just walk because I like them. And I like their friendship and I wanna keep their friendship. But I don't wanna start politics and I don't wanna do it and I won't do it you'll see Amy do that yet so I won't do it even now you seem resent divergence at. Well let's continue with what we liked about each other maybe down the road toward the atlas of -- I think we need you ready for this I think we needed time out okay. But Rivera got us into this trouble mr. Ashley I'll speak about this this morning. If they beat we talk what you talk boom and the you know the ones that got the participation trophy you know especially the ones they had timeouts instead of kitten their bottoms. Exactly. When the act and don't keep score are don't hurts anybody's feelings are now ways. And a good the song feeling should be banned from the national park. Earnings will be back Lamar after three innings zombies in. Yeah when I saw that of the national organization won't put women. I LW now okay was asking org or looking to have a boycott of wide humans. Because some other stores in Virginia so trump wine trump apparently body vineyard from a woman who is about to go back to be saved it. And he doesn't own anymore it's been transferred to his son. But my understanding is that all the wegmans on carry him but the ones in Virginia do. And it's the biggest winery in the area and offers employment whatever. Weis other company not you gotta be kidding me. When you can't boycott. Wegmans for something like that's a personal choice and especially wegmans. I'm in their member of income should go. Play offs which I think it's probably just talk about boycotted wetlands they are good community citizens. They are good neighbors. There are good businesses they treat us well we treat them well. They're successful because they know how to do it the right way and they're usually on the top of the list nationally. Of places people like to war. And and they always have high customer satisfaction. From ratings as oh here they are. Doing everything right and the model of what how Leo our corporation should be run that serves the public like they do. And we've got its a group of food disembodied. Voices. Saying we should because we don't like one of the one of the things that they sell a lot of they've probably tens of thousands. And so we should boycott them I think that's ridiculous. And I think it's destructive and harmful. So a most of the people and have them. And assess tax and and a Facebook's and it's a lot a lot where overwhelmed. Are very much supportive way Edmonds and I am so Tony or give me a couple more from your. It's OK we're gonna go to Jeff pretends. Plea is wegmans stores kick into the aspirins stay out. I would be very disappointed if wegmans didn't cave because they're not there enough. Go pointing to lose any money. If they stand for what they believe them. Otherwise every tin pot group was going to be bang and on your door telling you know you it is seldom wrong this the wrong bat. This product comes from a nation that doesn't offer. You know unemployment benefits aren't all kinds of crap. Mr. going to be hearing so they are better sticking to their guns there was a reason they've put on the shelves and the reason we keep him on the shelves and I think people. We'll show there's a reason human shields the reselling another. That's a sense of shopped there before. But I will now and am I asked a lot of that in fact on my sex line. Okay. Thanks thanks for the heads up on this. There's another says the boycott will pushed from wine sales through the or both. I notice as I show up there at least once a week. And I will be sure to look Florida this time. Or just that the emotional yesterday. We had basically the same question and this is a little scary are we on the threshold of civil war. I think that we have already reached the civil discourse that I'm not sure we cover for. Truly. Because the rhetoric the heat is sold its white heat. James Cagney film you'll love it. For the Obama but I don't know we I don't know if we can recover from it or not. We gazans civil this proposal we're not getting it now every inch every inches fought for. Every minute of television time is you know chuck consumers mug. Is on TV is as often as possible. At the same when Lindsey Graham and and John McCain. Meanwhile. Our president a good. The president has the fight off with a stick. And we've got. The protests we've got the pads stood around ending the White House and would ever be human nose chip a bit of information they can find. They don't target but if you wanna see something good if you wanna hear something good. I wish you would listen to regard go to WB and them dot com. Are are there regular B and FaceBook page oh the one that they posted the a cartel agrees. The cargo and a website to Ambien dot com you know sue we have so many. Platforms did you don't know which one is not WB into account you'll hear cocoa ovaries. Give a master's class. To a national. Reporter on network reporter it was magnificent. And he's one of us. He's one of our own. They ransom self out to doctor groups have been able regarding has got to though because calories was fabulous. Check that out and that we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine. I don't know when I'm getting my bottle from 1 but I am getting it I'm getting annual CO. I haven't we think about this idea that one of our rob Richie come up he says. For trump supporters to go by the wind and post pictures I'm one of the survey sites about your visit to that establishment. You know what the dude Joseph I like that you know Portland they instill a kidnapped B the lawn ornaments and you know the and take them around the world. Make a bottle of trump wine York armament and photographed it like at Disney photograph it in the backyard on the swing. Well forever the dinner table in the seats. That would be five or refunded to impose that. Where did you take your drum line. I like that I wish we about a bit earlier on goes right and I'm thirty inevitably. How much they never have to prove that he's certainly let you know I do get it and.

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