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2-16 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are backlit big engine company here's a slate for today the national. Organizational women now now now. Says we should boycott wegmans because they held true. Wine in some of their stories in Virginia. I don't know if they sell them all the stores but that's what they say and I'm saying you gotta be kidding what Edmonds. As a great reputation as a as a fierce love affair for Edmonds and our community and I assume it's wherever they are. The good people work for our. Now they're on a good business F and because they choose to sell wegmans which may have pressure groups. Try to say don't shop they are all because they carry something that we don't like all penalties. To stop it wouldn't employees. And I think a what was the last thing you actually boycotted. Something that you actually boycotted. I can't remember anything that I've boy boycotted I did one thing or I participated. But. I can't think of anything. That I boycotted have you ever book continent and while there's businesses won't you just don't like dumb but he admits and organized boy no no no I'm not into this. Realized you know hey you know here's a war against vests this'll be there at this time and make an X beside them look at the startup business that was became point there's your good yet but I stand up well and I think you're being bullied to. Big are these are the big earth have you ever boycott of anything just my exes don't talk to them he's like that and I have never boycotted aiming I didn't participate in protests to approach this once. And that's it I did not like the protests and I protest the protesters. And that was a the only time I've ever done that town hall meetings. Chris Collins said there are ways it's time now because they're all organized always goes or Sharjah down echo your. So he's not going to go on I don't blame them. A meanwhile there's a a woman with a billboard in our name is Michelle show element. Who will raise some money online to have a billboards triumph. Force him into having a town hall meeting. Cuba my Brian Higgins doesn't do town hall meetings summary does so two out of three will not that are basically in our listening audience. And do you think there are ways atomic and you'll learn something and Eric Holder tonight at UBR. Are you going to see articles. You withdrew. Scarborough Faire let's go to a Peter and Ontario Peter you're on WB yen. And yet. Or older Beattie I think what they're calling out all right. Other daughter sheriff deputy and be abnormal. Body like that could set up. Here are. Its port. But there's certain point or. Guys to walk around. Simply app is batter out something good up out of copper are well it's been their job well but put America back door. Hypocrisy. Oh my god. Are there all over the place and and when you're reminded the runner up activists it's of his office. Was over all over two years and we saw every single day. I would see article after article after article. After a commentary against Donald Trump and it just became a silly it was the point where it was ridiculous and I'm black admitted their Karl. I kind of laid that thing now because he's at the same frustration the rest of us that. You know what it ought to what. We. Start fighting. Back and at our party out that these are popular. Now let's start opening about what. I wrote. Robert. It can go every. Let's go work that. If any if you follow any anybody around. Here for the Pope. You follow anybody around you can at a story at the end of intimate to look like a moron. That's just what they do and they and that's exactly what they're trying to accomplish as Russia. There's a bit era of their goal is to make it sound like everybody that voted for. President trump is sorry they did it and that's not the case at all thank you Peter. Thank you were much to you got stomach just senators. On FaceBook in there yet simply give me three of them because the kind of on the same it will mean a trip out of there I've a threesome to start the show or tricked just I don't know what are you saying Patrick Garcia threesome where we're going his employees if they are involved scoring with your score. There will start which actually says it Christine. Was boycotting Starbucks just a stupid I don't recall a show about that. Women who boycotted seller books. Was there a boycott Starbucks now. Volume and we said we won't go to go there or you know we've. As a wrestler and has a personal choice not an organized Erica okay exactly suggest you gotta learn the difference our area and he is a friend of mine and by the way. I don't go to Starbucks not from their policies are made their copies looks like I mean if you're gonna rural copy shop. And expect it was a good idea to have gone every that your life but you know I hate to be discriminatory like that go ahead. Yet don't wanna get the facts in the play here Peter remembered why conservatives want to boycott storm last week. Well I'll. Conservatives didn't boycott Miller from there he and he said it was a knee jerk reaction to business objectives daughter and carry out their old wooden protector doppler from. I'm you know I'm necessary ridiculous. Things like that Goran and and the last one and that's in the standard did did it when it. Did anybody get an email though are attacks saying beat it Nordstrom's at this location. With the you're sighing as. Did you did you sing at you that no I didn't get one either. And did you see any on television I didn't see any either. And I couldn't walk around outside in front of the stores now OK Rex is used to it all the Republicans did his pitch about Obama for eight years we are good recent. I got to an element in my shoe remember I'm from about what yet. If it wasn't are we do about it that's all they got that set its. And that's pathetic. It is. It's like you're expecting the bills will be in the Super Bowl appointment. And Jonathan Lippman a century. That's that's as weak zone with that at this week and you have this urge to fine though I had to put those once a day that. Leapfrogged over others it's a lot of other. I. How bad it's funny. That's funny I you like that you're alive today and that was our go to a break we'll be backward Marc-Andre is gonna bury WB again. I guess several things on the beat the plate today. Regarding the boycotting wegmans. National organization of women. Apparently found that there was some wegmans store hours in Virginia. Sell trump why in on okay. Andy on people to boycott wegmans because they spell trouble on the arrogance of that. Think of the arrogance of that. Because we don't like Donald Trump. We want you if you like Donald Trump as well to stop going to a store that treats its employees very well. It's our boys on the top of the places to work list. Then at that probably pays a lot of money in taxes. Ahead of things you need drugs do feeding you and your foul play if employed is a whole lot of people pulling gives them Joseph odds because you don't like Donald Trump. And enough people did like Donald Trump to a liked him so well arrogant that is and now in my mind stupid. Because I think what this does. It is just encourage people to go there and fight and we'll drop line and and maybe try a bottle I'm not suggesting you. You would try liquor for the first time maybe here and there by some things are undecided given a shot war. Maybe you're you're you're gonna get a bottle wine for a dinner party is over and you knew you don't know which one maybe yeah maybe the trump label wouldn't I issued at the Detroit so I suggest you go I'm thinking if you do it. It would show them that you don't give a damn what they think nor to lie. In what was the last thing you actually boycotted. I'd have you ever actually boycotted any thing. What I went through. Bringing up my daughter my wife did most of the intelligent Perron I think. But I went through whatever was delivered today a day that we can't have tuna. Because the children are caught up in nets with the dolphin in the dome OK and then it's a digital did you ordered that well allowing him and known only can only wet you know and I would get harangued. Would ever want my dietary choices to find out there's some reason not to eat it. And and so I went through that but basically. I've never participated in a boycott. I have boy I have. Boycotted a boycott and out of boycotts are a protest rallies and protests that but that's that the only time I've ever done that to how many innings. This woman. Or maimed. Michelle showman. Raise over and over 3000 dollars I think like 3300 dollars a little funny peso should go put up a billboard. Trying to more or trying to trap that perhaps the better toward Chris Collins. And to do a town hall meeting and no. I don't. Care what Chris Collins sat. Us. And they don't have a specific. Thing. That they were they don't even know probably a lot of his positions although they do though is it was the first one to support trump in congress. And many times he's seen on national television. So all they wanna do is trap the guy. If in his own district who supported trump right from the beginning. And Jamaica make it look like everybody is against him. As well as against trumpets yes opens O phony or a waste that time you know we have excellent time on earth. Oh what a waste a bad time with something like this. A town hall meetings are only effective if there's a real give and take on issues while thanks for telling us about that would warrant will look into our objective boom boom boom boom. That's what a town hall meetings as leaders not screaming and yelling and you know that's it that's what it is and I think. We've reached a point of no return for of that. I don't think they're effective anymore I really truly don't and here's the scary part. I don't know what happens is as if welcome. If you're protests. Isn't effective anymore or shouting down people in just get laughed that you're silly signs with Vick. Cardboard and the magic marker or you leave about the words that league goalie you know yours. Sometimes it is falling is a seven dollar bill. If that doesn't work on happens and this is the scary part. You'd turn up the flame and that is the problem to propagate. And putted until you get what Julia for but I got a clue I got a clue for I don't think you're gonna get which are looking for. Or you may get which are not applicants which is remorse. So Lola I think you've got to be rational reasonable. I can't imagine. Somebody saying well you know I've shot the wegmans whole life and I just love it there and everything is great my idea my son works it wegmans and he's been promoted and look at this look at what they pay in taxes no. He carries strong wine. I mean they carried number one are you kidding me while I'm gifts and what about pea brain would you have to be to buy it that. Well you don't seriously everything intellectual capacity of an amoeba. I mean who who it's who could be tied to its get abuse and we hope we can count on your support. I two to boycott trouble. Because the we'll go from what was your reaction. I need a laugh argue angering delegate might face yeah you'd be better off laughing. I know I'd be better. It depends where my mental state is every bit that's I Tucker Carlson so good he was on last night about oil foxy. He was off. But that's why he's a good. Because he asks that you. People can take anger in fact they think sometimes if they can get their opponents angry they succeeded. And because the opponent the only clip you'll see is that is the person getting out of control. And you'll a you'll suspected there they are angry for the wrong reason laughing at somebody. Is believe me. I've never recover from my honeymoon. Because Bill Clinton. And criticizes everything getting laughs that is quite another unless you're trying to we have to like their commitment. What am I like a clone a mere two meals is that what is Oprah's. Let's go to Madonna herself a Madonna and her formula along time and you oil are forever callers at all. I don't think you're saying bad. You know we bought a culture. Talk about that every bond. Out our art terms and out fires it's. And that will drag Virginia and I couple bottles flying and my little country but boy we got her party by people. Will go well but you never a good trump address that's your right we have the same. Attitude toward life will make our own decisions and hopefully their intelligence problems. Where do you know what the crux or just that is picture or decision and I think that's so critical they helped power to the individual elements of it's not always bank and that's that's rope. Of people options. Somewhat disorganized and it's. Organization our country. They're desperate to I should think when they get to have this level that they're just they just sound desperate. Well that's an un informed and I mean net very very early life that are part. I think it could be possible for all of us for the next few weeks back as much information through a lot. I'm certain important players such as the slid resignation or firing whoever I. Hit it short. That brought near the bottom line here. Immigrants spared or. Arch it is its Arab. And simple as things that if you are glue goods information and putt putt fine. You're you're it's it's overwhelming because there's so much. And there's so much we don't understand how can a person who's served his country for three decades and has global our fruits output on is a uniform. Then any of us have ever seen suddenly. He's talking to somebody on the phone and now he's at a bag and we got a kick him out I mean we don't understand all that stuff. Well. I don't understand it I also thought our accent why she. Because some people. A locally. At midnight via the big ball pops where vote for talent but all of a sudden. You're racist your whole focus your view of the things that I read about and the. That's a knee jerk reaction that's what that's what they say when they have nothing to say. Oh yeah yeah so people that have gone forever ever ever. And it's an experience I. The. And that had rather and what I've observed. Is that people are taking other brokers I don't that Bert than ever happening in any other election. No I don't eat there and I don't remember carrying on after the election like this. They're camping on like children and they seem like desperate children and and that the more like that Madonna less respect you have for. But hey that people who commit. All its eggs. And they are and I think Rick White or about leopard. There are always. Top the list of best places where. I was to get scholarships while you're still networking and you know people really really want to work. There are a model of foreign employer and who think we would walk away from them because some group doesn't like the fact they go. Like the wind itself it's Madonna visits are few don't have to wait that long ago again appreciate it will be back when Mora would be some company. What are they sell right flavor pop charts to squeeze those processes will be back after this. They've put region governor AA you have a program note save half off on Buffalo's largest taxi company today's deal of the day for my level works. Tuesday 25 dollar certificate of liberty for only 1250. Liberty tab is all is ready 24 hours a day seven days a week 365. Days a year. Go to my buffalo Hertz dot com they've but talk about good. Good community citizens the good folks from pretty camera always been that ability donkey as old as the I've been in the forefront of doing good things for the community and a hats off to liberty cap. Meanwhile while Tony got me. While excited there for a reason original I love cars and I say I see him open yeah open a page on his computer and one half weeks we now assure you this is my Lauren fix is page she's the car coach you know. And I said well your reaction Moses is a new Ferrari that's also want to come out. He said no authority it's Verizon Lauren fix. Well Ned that's easy that's easy obvious that evoked our fictional Berry lovely woman. But she's the best of all worlds a good thing about it she's a lovely woman she's Smart she is intelligent and she loves and knows. It is as she did post about the four hours did you she posted about that over. The for right I'm sick during a sickening I'm putting a little dent in my savings because I have to buy a case of trump line and he. And so I got up and set it up for at least the at least awake and feeling the department issues talking about costs a couple of dollars thanks so Annika I'll have to do without much online and of course that would never drink my trump one and drive the Ferrari obviously you might have to dig up the coffee can in my probably a good thing of the copycat and everybody's yards. Get the Ferrari. Let's is that the end of OPEC on WB ten. Hello. I tried it before it up out. There in L. Into the break out at Richmond. Is. A woman. And hear. From wrap. Up. I'll get into it right. Like for every well. What you're talking Iran now I have on my screen it says the trump winery is Virginia's largest winery. And the largest vineyard on the East Coast. And they host the hotel at many events including weddings and things like that so what you're saying is backed up org. I. Bankrupt the art. Of her. If we end it there. Well he's a lot of nice things we remember a bed before there was any talk of him running for president. A school bus driver here in buffalo. Rescued somebody it was a historic rescue on the on the highway. And good Donald Trump found out about it and I think our I think that number was he cinema. A nice note an area to check for 101000 dollars he's Melbourne guys. From Matt humbug to it shows that that's a pretty good hard. I. It. Really is and you know it's not only pathetic which I definitely earlier it's sad. It's sad because we've always had a two party system in the best of our memories. And it was given snake but there was always some kind of respect. Going across party lines that the other person might have some intelligence. And something to offer now it is absolutely fractured. And I think you're gonna fractured in the last eight years if there was a crack in the dam anyway but this that it. And they're now going after repair it and it's not a mean easy job. Now. I'm with you and I thank you very much thanks for that information. Yet about it. He's not even in office now but eight years. Of indoctrination. With a priest speech of hope come. They have something you don't care if eight years. Eight years. Of this incessant drumbeat. Of how come the CEO of the company makes X amount more than the person who parks the cars in that same company. I'm just it was just an indoctrination. It was like waterboarding for eight years. And now of that nightmare is over there but they dim memory lingers on is truly does it's okay carries on. And because the people who wanted that I didn't see your goal way. Be a big of a pin everything on Hillary Clinton to trying carried out on them that's where their hopes war. And when when the American people rejected it through way very legal. Election they can't take it. I have net it is bike. It's like your favorite fighters saying no Maas. Is like Roberta or garage and hands of stone the guy you thought wouldn't back down to Godzilla if we were fighting Godzilla. Sonoma boss and a day they've just fallen apart. And it it's sadly it is one thing to have rivals. Which may be occasionally turn and enemies. But it's another thing it's just watch them fall apart and that's what they did over one election. It's amazing so it shows of that house was not over in Iraq. It was built on sand. And and it was the apology it was Tuesday how can we apologize more. How can we can we do way via miracles typical for any more than we've done in the past. And the answer is sick of but it took a year is to get there in the final stages and now we got to dig our way out of it. And that's why everybody liked the last scholar says something. That I hear every single. Day. That nobody this in mind normal sphere of people I have conversations with the and believe what's what's happened in the country and this is the result. The party is over and now we have to clean up. And the people that made the masts are the ones doing a lot of screaming. And they don't seem to be willing to pick up their own mess there today. Well and that's where we are now salute with a lot of work a quick fixes is a joke is that. So we have to do the best job we can soldier and I hope that a hope that that things get more civil but they're not civil on the Arkansas area. The only advantage of doing a show like this. Is that nobody has the gift swear my position is if I meet him at the restaurant are you know. The coffee shop or something and so they'll get into polygamy but if you don't know and you gotta get as many got to go through it every time right. But that does have a downside to a because. For that you don't know who doesn't like cute or because of how you aren't sure I look at the people that I've known for so long. And I can tell that they've changed towards me so my guess is the listening to the show they hear in my opinion in. And they no longer have the feelings or or you know even the desire to talk to me anymore. My idea my feeling is this and it's pretty simple. I don't expect an everybody to remain. Maybe sometimes nobody agrees or me but it's important to me what's important is it. I think I'm operating within an honest opinion as I can give. Okay I'm not trying to be as anybody. Not trying to bully anybody. I don't like something else I don't like it. I don't have the soft pedal live rounds normally that no phony phony baloney crap no good stuff and if you like it that's fine. As you like it that's fine no problem. I'd expect in the first place so move on up the east side to a deluxe apartment in this will be back. I got to set the record exactly straight Donald Trump doesn't technically owns trump winds his son. So remember that was all it transferred. Before rope before everybody got their undies and I'm not yeah I'm sure Donald Trump. Wanted to go through all of a hell he's had to go through so far up the now so we could sell some more line. It's that it makes sense to me and I think about this. How disgusting. The policy is a the other side. And they're a sock Isaacson is I have no problem. A position like that. Here's discussing it is it's not enough to a point on intellectual merit okay. You said six and I says it now after and they now have was right so I win OK it's not enough. Is not enough to even going to be a consistent winner well I've played June 10 times and I've won nine of them are because I'm the better player. Now the job is to destroy the other side. Two it doesn't matter what you did the build up what you have or what your position is. They don't want you to exist anymore. I want to think about that. Weather is let's impeach Donald Trump. Or aren't let's let's go let's take. And and and get a yard town meeting at town hall meeting. With a big Chris Collins ambled shout him down on. And that a try and feed him the next time he runs. Let's put so wegmans at a distinct disadvantage by boycotting. Them. Let's boycott them it doesn't matter that you voted for Collins and support them. That you may love trump and agree with what he is going. That you know you absolutely adore wegmans and it's a model and neo know people who work there and they love it and it's always voted as one of the best places in the country to work. It doesn't matter you put your political ideology the up front. And if somebody disagree with agrees limit you want to destroy. Them. I wanted to think about that now and re always seen this before. Rescind a million times whatever it. We're going to write a letter to all of your responses. When not going to listen. Blah blah blah it's all that same stuff and that's what that's what we've gotten to. We've gotten to ground zero whereas. If if somebody doesn't rate view it as your mission to destroy them. Not simply to win or to make an intellectual. You know score you've got to destroy him and reminders. Let's go to Allah in west Seneca Aliyev on WB yen. Hello Al. I am trying to stay that he. Plummeted since Obama drum line. I don't drink whatever. It's right. I wanted. But. That's what we've always wanted to Allen gets all occurred up but that's not going to happen you know somebody that's trying to get that family unit. And now. You Beck's and you. Back then saying it list. I'm mean enough is my one grandparents and the only time I take alcohol I think a mile it. I am trying to figure out where the heck did quality people were released there but they. Yeah it seems like we've gone mad. At what they're doing. They don't really care bear sole focus. Are enough on destroying the other side. And did you area ever see a bunch of more us sore loser is bad sports whatever it would analogy you want to use that as their professor. And I haven't said yes and okay. All of ebitda and drink and we should go our. I felt like the wind. And just like I have friends that do and they. I think that's a good idea that would be the ultimate sign of friendship. Right hands across the wine bottle I like that. It's a pet but I can't phone we see. This is happening in Iraq and. Let's see here's one of the things that really distresses me. You're always a country of values. Were we perfect no of course not we've made mistakes but we always were compassionate. We always will willing to help the people. We have our our talent our treasurer RR multi innings whatever we could do to help somebody yells well we continued to grow and prosper. Now certainly we have had violent and it's sometimes. We wish they wouldn't have been part of our history but we've always managed to overcome them because eventually. They look like this look at like this World War II. The ever that the emperor of the premise of Japan was just in town. A great welcome mirrored our great ally. A Germany this same same thing Italy the same thing so we managed to get pass things that are deplorable and awful. By by being adults. Right now albeit losing side in this past election are acting like petulant children. Andy during World War II might try out it was as if there he had tears. And during the world quite true because we weren't sure that it made it early entry window completely content that's been. While I remember that they rounded up people Japanese American and then to implement internment camps. I did it and and the when I came over the country. Topic as it comes a year before. He didn't improve that he could support a mother eighty. I was terrible record born I was the youngest is picture on there yet. I was six weeks old. Black. He just too frequent support. For a they put that mother in the field. Yeah they also do health tests some people were quarantined when they came here. A they had goes and spends time isolated sometimes several months. There there or as you said rules and regulations now it seems like in our effort to bend over backwards to prove. That week we can't do enough for everybody whether they come in legally or not we're in a pickle we're in now. And he's maniac and the television today a woman. Now that almost four children first thought if you choose to have more children. Knowing that you are here courier legally and then finally today they catch up with the U. Why. Why are tears being shed for that a you're telling me she didn't know that she was here illegally and that might come opera and and byters sometime and if she had me get our citizens. Sandy how come he was here twenty years. That's a good good point I shoot through busy doing other things apparently. At least four occasions shouldn't have to undergo Poland and register thank you thank you well always good to talk to you. All right congratulations to Michael who Bhutto's wife I don't know lords is you say that is she is now a US citizen. Yes she is Michael Paulson a picture I met her last summer. Michael we went up solvents for ice cream on the ice and she's awesome how nice and congratulations. It's our government our I don't know where but I do I do admire what she's done. She appreciates what this country is and has and wants to be a part of it legally. So congratulations. To Michael cook who goes wife. Will be backward more would be Jean company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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