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2-16 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello what is BJ company and I haven't no hero. I know we are I've always liked him and he is now my new hero and that is Carlo calabrese. Calories earlier today took ABC correspondent Karen Travers to the woodshed. He sliced and diced you put her in visas put a bow on it said now not quite good enough maybe saris. Sing. Get up our interviews and then there are really good interviews and then there are interviews like I heard this morning on a new Israeli and I'm thirty WB and that are just magic thought doc. This interview there could be used in a master class on how to deal with the mainstream. Media. Karen Travers was on from ABC. And their car calories was an in studio guest. And ABC was told that that we do have a in his studio guests who'll hula asked at least a question that's fine on ambush anybody. But she was selling the same all Roto-Rooter. Jane how come the president didn't call on any of the mainstream. Media. Glad. The god god god. He went in there like ninja. He I mean he's been wearing you know I am a lot of those ninja outfits you know with a big sword on the back and you can only see is eyes. Because was. Fabulous. How good was it would've backpack as a some numbers showed it we will play it back. But I'm telling you he could teach a master class on how to deal. Oh with the the good traditional media show always say it was it was on me. It was yummy and when it was going I was I was in part of building on my desk is in there's nobody around there for me to talk to rarely. And I like it that way and I just I got from the chair even have a bad need because of the tribe opened. By the way by a treadmill get a free came. But yeah I couldn't. Get in the studio and I tell what a great job it was. Karl calories his interview with Karen Travers later on the show meanwhile let's socially conscious guy. I really am I wanna be whit bit I want me he admired for how sensitive I am aren't. Truthfully I am sensitive but not are not and everything you know today is. Day without immigrants today. Dick and I you'll notice they don't say day without illegal immigrants. Because they don't dare say that. So those a day without immigrants say. And though because it's day without immigrant's day. I decided to observing and mine are planned to have known him on the show what do you bank on is that is that good about an undocumented producer and got the now. And the politicians say things that they're never challenged on you know. I how many times that I hear Eric I'm all in favor a lot of stresses. I'm in favor of legal immigration I have no problem about that at all where my problem is as we've illegals and it always has been. Always will be thank you it's you know it's it's Karen Trevor she's on the line to an undocumented and documented babysit her triple. But I have no problem would be im immigrants. Present day out without immigrants I wouldn't be here. Today so I have no problem a better problem illegals I do. But they won't put him in the titles so I'm just going to have to go of what they say. A day without immigrants and apparently it's a day where to protest. They don't want you to shop. Okay. Now I'm. Though I guess I think it on commerce money whatever but it day if they don't want you to shop so. I idea and I'm not a measure Auburn today but I wasn't a job anyway maybe I will go out of my way to Asia gets them thing. Mean anything to I dwell on these summing eventually maybe don't just get ahead with. Logan a new car and things. Got a hell cat. Just to show them our. Shoulder and so I look at just because it's 707 horsepower in the mean it's the meanest clean machine on the earth and looks really nice I just wanna do it to protest dancing battle be in my protests and regime. But the guys so that's what they that that's what all those that are going on today is they don't want your shop in hand and I'm thinking that. All right I I have a feeling that when you go shopping. You'll see people are a if you're going shopping because part of what we're gonna talk about I'm not setting out quite yet is the the boycott of wegmans okay. It's it's getting to be a little little ridiculous. As far as I'm concerned. Any anything that led Tony's got that exasperated look on his race. As somebody complaining already about the immigrant thing. No OK as a but anyway it we've got so we've some I think really good. Timely subjects that kind of time together and by the way if you're going to UB you don't want to miss Eric. Eric Holder. The he's part of a distinguished. Speakers. A situation. Now if you're hauling a ticket for that. And it says you're going to see a distinguished bigger don't you think you should see your distinguished speaker. I mean what he's distinguishable out. And I noticed when they did the interview with the person oh lead in the group that brought them into UB a daytime amend the Martin Luther King. I think that at one time he saw a picture of Martin Luther King on TV. And so me and he and the music that's what's it Jodie shield yourself you have the magic shield. You just mentioned Martin Luther King. And suddenly you send out at the raid nobody can come anywhere near you know because everybody lights for good reason and everybody admires. Martin Luther King he is the he is the ultimate goal that we should look forward to everybody but unfortunately he me insiders and very short supply. About I guess it's item on with a kind of it will go well Eric Holder was cut and you know. Remember his gray smoke and Ferguson. What an ego when Mattel Hasbro. He says man I busload of lawyers. And it and they asked they asked if he'd be available for interviews. And and as well this is always that this is always it's Obama like to give you tip offs affect the tip off is he really tight schedule. He's has to be and you Iowa. In August 14 with a fair. You. Oh boy needs. Hope ways. If you really wanted to guard jazz up the examines organized send them over here until known I'd be evident to him I think you'll be fine. I think it would be fun you get it out of it again we will return. Out of things and the on the agenda today so many and in a second chalkboard. And we don't have a personal and we're back after this. Lake effect wins. Have you have you ever heard that term lake effect wins. I know wins come off of the Lincoln may cause the lake effect because of picks up that the moisture but it is says lake of I miss read it. I felt my brain that finally turned to mush but that's what it says it says lake effect wins. De Rome later today so that must mean their up and now. A budget and we should know fully affect one's Europe downsize its removing. That's how we can tell we have events or whether tree. If this is it's right there yet but I have Tony look at the official weather tree. I should we got meteorologists and things jell O seven and and and the National Weather Service but I think nothing is more effective and whether tree. Because of the today remember I said the U is there ice on the weather tree right because it was very close to freezing and I was worried about that drivers. And you said no there wasn't so we could tell. Now I'm looking at the weather tree to see if there are any. Lake effect wins it looks like it's pretty Tom O sideways accuracy and snow are okay. I mainly cloudy at all toy name. Friday becoming partly sunny and a high of 32 cent resumes on John milder with a high near fifty. Lake effect warning for Canada Rogge should talk boy theories seven. And Wyoming counties until floor this afternoon in lake effect advisory and Niagara and Orleans until 7 o'clock tonight. Yeah amazed and it's always amazes me and I don't know why I have been doing this for a long time. It was a Donna west in my remark yesterday. And as you know I do their commercials have been going from here as there are fine organization. And before I saw a doctor west from our doctor Martin I was talking with Celine and that was in her office aren't. I just not normally does on it and polo loudly exchange of voices and just normal conversation. Am a gentleman comes on to the door and knocked on the doors opens as part medal mean in Rutland ought to thank you for telling me about west from our Marten. And he will recognize my voice. And he was tool rule homes away. And it's of that as it's owed on the ledger happy and on all of that was very nice to meet them but then a little bit later a second person did that. And by recognizing the voice now. I think that unless you have a really unusual voice. I don't recognize everybody's voice not Tony that's happened to you true in a simple. Was sentence. They say your Tony Caligiuri amazing peoples here are able to pick up human voice. Is like yes they picked up a lift your show and I was asking Nicklaus if he wanted chicken fingers. And catch cancer on the shoulders as short Tony Caligiuri. As a habit you know he says I reckon as your voice and you have a Boston Red Sox fan on. That's who I am cluster probably the only guy at the air show. Eating airshow chicken fingers at what. Happens. Is asked to be gallon Jerry who else eats this stuff and on our about. A solid guy today is is officially day without immigrants apple I don't put illegal on there. Okay because that's the best though the good news of the representation. It's not day without immigrants who are here legally that's fine welcome aboard. But Gillick Eagles are a different story. Yeah that you're supposed to I guess. You're supposed to not shop I never could understand a boycott like that. That to me is like a hunger strike I never understood hunger strike it's like a dad yourself and I don't like what you're doing I don't like what is your approach when I'm not mean anything out. I work okay I'll take yeah exactly maybe I don't understand how that works and then some of the politicians. We're jumping on I heard at least two politicians of whom I can't remember where our bowl or belief mechanism and can you look at you we have to tell people. How important. Immigrants are to our city. Well I think legal immigrants are important gives us a nice combination of people that's fine no problem that. But tell me how important illegals car. And and try to make that case and that's what the discussions go about it it always has not about legal immigration it's about illegals. But in order to win their argument. That's what they FDA is. They have to use that and so it is that. And so we got that going on today Eric Holder UB we talked about the part of a distinguished speakers. I Z he's so busy this time me he might the spokesperson says amendment two minutes. It our he had to go until minutes of media brewery quit you guys who shield yacht and and now I'd I don't think I would be very very surprised. If there's any kind of picketing. Or boycotting or anything Eric Holder I I would be very surprised. I mean it's possible summit might show up and a I'm anti holders sighing or something but I don't think it'd be at the level that is. If some conservative spokesperson. I was going to be there tonight. They already be lining up with security. But no it's it's circled dog as a conservative will be a lot of camp Lester you'd you'd need a passport to your campus. Now a couple of things here that I think are very important. Now national organizational women. One to boycott. Wegmans. Because they sell and in some of their Virginia locations. Trump wine. OK so there are a boycott them and I'm saying you've got to be hit. You've got to be kidding is this where our country is ended up keeping in mind boy it. Wegmans. Is us. And we are way men's. Wegmans is us year after year ladies and gentlemen when they have the surveys of best places to work. Wegmans is always way up at the top. It's it's a very desirable place to work. And I assume if they took a survey the most desirable or altered desirable places to shop wegmans would be a true. So you've got a good community citizens. Wegmans. Treating their employees very well wegmans. And a good they're very good within their community of being part of that community. And so they are everything you would ask for. In an institution that does business with the public. Big do it. Right and they've done it right for a long long time so suddenly. The wind does blow when. And a national organization women decide. They're shelling trump wine well people shouldn't shop there are now so it's another example. Of of what's going on and our country today which is to this insanity. It is absolute insanity. Now. I don't drink. I have never had a drink in my life aren't I've had a wedding toasts are true that's about it because if like a real jerk whenever it and let's raise our glasses so of a bright eyed enrollment. If you don't take a sip out of the wedding to oxen and I mean you'll be you'll be remembered for the rest of your life so yes I've done that and Theo. Of them mine don't they have whom many wonderful years and then you take the smallest of steps so little bit but it is not enough to act to wake up your taste buds. But at least you participated. So I. I don't drink. But. Attempted to go to wegmans just to bop IE a bottle of trump line. OK if I do that Tony. I will I can do at that can put in the big stroke Orwell Entercom corporations today. They can bring alcohol into the obese throw I don't think you can do doughnuts or find a happy does it's bring in the grand goals. Send in that ascend and these columns however I don't I don't think I kind of you know he I can't. I'd I'd find somebody that would enjoy. You know remain like maybe some former general managers artwork for. Not the one now but some in the past would say yeah optic. Here ultimately be an opportunity but I don't like line you're like Clinton and you know wells doesn't Nightline yes Dracula. Dracula. He says my them but most famous line director. I don't put it. Line but. Buy you drinks blood and said okay a so yeah I still very honest and abet a boycott wegmans one of our best corporate citizens. The best voices we like to go to shop one of the best places for every the way they treat their employees. Valued at about late. This is not. This is not a good idea so I'm asking. I I've got a written down. A boycott wegmans question mark question mark you gotta be kidding and so I'm asking. If you would take any thought to boycotting wegmans because they sell trump line. I say get your nose out in my vineyard. Okay they're not bothering anybody they're serving the public they're good people they're good business people their successful leave them alone stick your nose in somebody else's business. You know like them because they sell trump wine. I think you can I think you're a professional counseling might be an order for you will be back after this. It. So I can't I can't bring in a bottle away Edmonds whining our not wegmans on trump line that I got from whiteman some of these shows you know booze in the least true but these are things Sony. In the eyes headlined it if it gets I have bullet through my handbook sketchy. I have the official. And come Hamburg tells us what we can and can't do in the workplace and I'm gonna see if it's as we can't have. It's Frontline in the would be so I don't think it does and find out because I think you're fond memories. Salt the need an organization a little I have two are two things are talking about today. Out wants us a boycott wegmans. Because as they sell trump wine you've got to be kidding as I said wegmans is held in very high esteem. They're very very good employer. There are very very good a member of our community there's no way in heck hell. If I was looking for on line. That I would do boycott wegmans because they sell trump line as a matter of fact I don't I don't wanna just a suggestion Mumbai wind maybe you don't drink connect. But if you are going out to buy wine anyway today. And you usually gets some other brand may be Asians and Asian trying to trump you might like it. In my life you might not. I don't know I'm no aficionado of vote. A line I'm not fool fool enough of that I'd like to water power and a big cover on your neck. You know the time or compass Muslim basketball. But that and they always puts them in there and they have used civic were spits it out and as you know hopes this is no. Sylvia. Maybe if you block a Dubai say you iron. Or baseline those Jews noses example. Say well instead of acme today wanted to try some trump line and I think that would send a good message. What if what if trump and had the biggest day they've ever had in the history of trump line that would be nice. I don't drink wine but I love reading the labels I love the labels are fabulous the other names all of us some rude names out. There are some. Names on wine bottles that you can't use on the radio yes I mean absolutely that's part of the fun. But anyway so I'm asking you if you're going to a plan to boycott wegmans because. They cells from one it's just ridiculous the second thing I want to talk about. Is town hall meetings. You see it used to be that the had a simpler Erica when Norman Rockwell was around. Maybe it's a tough town hall meeting are represented amber is going to be there to answer our questions. And we want to know about a look at what the law apparently I don't know about other than that new bridge and will that be done and whatever. It's not like that anymore is like any kind of public form right now our town hall meetings you have I have to question almost. Any protests. Because pro tips used to come from a spot a place. Where you can understand them because they're just a legitimate concern. And you want you wanna not only alert public officials about your concern you ought to alert your neighbor's whatever like that any more. This is probably schedules some where over protests. There you go there you go there Harry air over there. Are gonna complain about that as a and boycott that and doing this and and a and shut down sought. At Soledad is every day. Every. Every day. There are protests and shout downs and all that stuff so Chris Collins says. I'm not interest in doing in doing a media media Leo hometown. A meeting like that because it doesn't serve anything town hall meeting as a matter of fact Chris Collins quote. India a Buffalo News. What you get our demonstrators. Who come out and showed shoot down and heckled you. As there are not what you hope they would be which is given take from people actually interest having getting some facts. And that's Chris Collins and a huge Chris Collins fan but I think he's right he's absolutely right. It's not like that anymore why do we why would you put yourself in front of an audience that you know. Is organized. That you know is is is set up and put together by people who may not even be part of your constituency group they're just troublemakers looking to shout you down so again. Twenty seconds on television. However there's a woman. Name Michelle. Umpire I hope weaponized right shaman. As CH. OE and who raised money for a billboard. Urging Chris Collins still hold a town hall meeting. And her quote in the same article in the about windows people are not happy with Chris Collins. People want their voices heard. And he refuses to do that no no all no christening. Amish columns are no Michaud show element. He's not refusing to do that he's refusing to be a Pena. For an organized mob that show up and scream them ROJ maybe it's like random mob. You're not going to have the yell and scream at them or come to our meeting yell and scream McChrystal and and why do you think they're yelling and screaming chorus call. Nothing to do with Chris Collins. And his ability to govern it all has to do with Chris Collins being the first member of the house to support Donald trauma so let me get this straight. You know I Donald Trump. Chris Collins does like Donald Trump so you don't like Chris Collins. And you are going to bring other people what you to push out and scream at him. And try and hold him down so he can't be heard and you watch him leave the podium. So you'll have won that are a bunch of crap. As Oliver is and so she I guess she went on like a gold fund remain big age. And they got to go embassy they got 3000 dollars on. They get 3000 bucks on red and and she said according to this article by. A Jerry's and I'm skiing. She got 3300 dollars. So she got an effort to billboards. She told channel two last week and and that. Ten policy Collins told channel two that he regards town halls as useless right now and I think he's absolutely right. So is she said she was curled. She said she got a thousand members. On her FaceBook page two because of it was the overwhelming let me tell you ought I mean. Not only because and let me tell you. Michelle element. That a thousand is on all of will want. To get an idea. When we go into us a picture of my care act. We get 5000. Okay. Well we posted the picture of the last trip. Minutes ago we did that to Europe we opposes them 4000. People must organ ten. It's okay. A thousand a thousand friends is a drop in the bucket it's nothing OK now maybe get more I don't know and I don't particularly care. But the point is this we've gone from honest critiquing. Suggests mob rule. If you get more people than we get league and shout louder than you can check out our signs are better than two signs. And what does that mean. It just means that nothing gets. That's all it is so I am asking you town hall meetings are they always the time Chris Cobb that we have three members of congress here. Chris Collins. Doesn't wanna go home and we'll see who else. We got to one of the wanted does and one other one that doesn't and so you have to we have to wonder. If they're worth doing I think at one time no worth dueling. But I don't think they're worth doing now so I agree. With the Chris Collins on this so basically we've got bug to three things talk about. I do you plan to boycott wegmans because they sell trump want and town hall meetings this is and other mob mentality. Are you with Chris Collins and what are not I am I think their waste of time and always looking for his trouble. Eric Holder at UB. Do you plan to grow. Right over my right shoulder that you speak as it would. I would micro patch I could walk there if I had do I go walk there with the eight Democrats because I did too much on the video tribal. If they said I could spend an Eric holder's lap while he may the the speech today I would ago. I mean doesn't it if it bearable weather across the whole ball. Standing next to Tom puck. Glow would be ready to do and whose debt I wouldn't even bother going over there. I mean and he's part of the distinguished. Speakers bureau. He is distinguished by the fact that he was the first black attorney general that's his distinguishing mark. And Wembley area BUB officials were talking today. This data they say they liked to liken the speaker is that they invite this a position group. To have something in Hollywood model of the case which is certainly. Eighty hug a good lofty goal I think your hard pressed to find anybody anywhere near Martin's let. It's it's nice to know that it is a lot of them as it shields is a mental models that nobody's gonna criticized for. OK so do you plan to go there it 0393018061692. Through six and Simon and they're. Really good tax here one says he has this thing was she really is. He really does Eric Holder really distinguished himself by being the only attorney general ever held in contempt of congress. They've put that in his intro and I'd UB ladies. Lame man who's ever held the office of attorney general. And held in contempt of congress adjourn and the other vertical I want it I wonder though do that Lisa. Buffalo and goes. So that's there now I'm going to play. I'm going to play they recording was made earlier this morning. And Carlo calabrese I keep in my little disclosure I've always liked cargo robberies always. He's a Harley guy. He's a nice guys are good god I think he's a Smart guy so I've always liked him today I love don't. Like isn't strong and tough. Because it it was those things are. He's heard enough. He's had enough from mainstream media and he was so articulate. In his replies while interviewing. And unnamed ABC reporter that he's just let it out. And boy this could be a master class on how to reply. To mainstream media car calibrate it isn't so. Yeah Karen in its interest in about what's going on in that press room right now and let me ask you this I'll be very blocker and you know. Why what does the media expect I mean the way I follow the media very closely and and what they were eight and how they say things. And if I was if I was Donald Trump I'd be pretty upset right now of not getting anything near a fair shake I understand your your goal your mission. Is to be critical when need be but my goodness gracious when you look at any of the of the mainstream media outlets it's just a cavalcade. Anti trump is now one positive thing. It's both folks on my side of the political I look at it and say. I just don't put any credibility to the mainstream media anymore. What is it then what are the positive stories that aren't being cover I think that's the question that the media that would put back in the glove and putting my finger on either at Yale he let. Yeah idea that there are all of the amazing headline that are being covered. What is. It's not that they're not being covered how the corporate. It's the words that are used to headlines that are used it to people who were interviewed for people who are not going to be. At bats were really what distinguished his good journalism from partisan journalism and when I look at an article that's what I look at what arguments are you advancing. And quite frankly oftentimes I am conservative and I think I'm well read conservative I don't strongest sort of arguments and I know this August spokespersons. Very seldom does them you go to the a list of conservative arguments in the it was concerned spokespersons they go to the DNC list. And then they they disguise what. Essentially it's a editorial article and they just guys it with a and they they put a headline on the it's an editorial. I am not offended by liberal editorials are read them every day I wanna know my opposition is thinking I am offended and insulted when you try to tell me that an article. Is an article is an unbiased journalist article when it really is a hidden editorial. On second and defend the entire media and I think editorials are very different than the street news stories that are leading. The morning television shows or leaping morning radio that drop I've as well. Think the fact that you have Republicans right now on Capitol Hill who are are we eating a lot of questions about the White House you have Republicans saying things like this at the White House and national security that is it complete disarray. You have got the Republicans calling for investigations. I don't think you can say it the media is. Knocked covering something or tilting the scales a bit when you can go up to congress and find lawmakers who were asking many of the same questions but again I'm not gonna defend. The entire media it is in the large the large broad spectrum of reporting and opinions we do these things that are straight and my dog here at the White House without question. They haven't I think it is a very very great interest bang and incisive. Interview would have given take with excellent. And a I think very well for that event opponent while on relevant. I'm clapping bubble wrap vault the cargo of race if I'd do this job. For a hundred more Beers. Which. Believe I'm going to but if I did. I could be that Arctic what are rage a girl in Britain but I always enjoy ice law. As the lava is like you just bought make a court angle and a milk shake and I just had it. I won't come back we're gonna take your calls and take your Texas all kinds of by the way. Let's see. Chris Collins does not want a new town town hall meetings he thinks there will be some time now could there all. They're all orchestrated and and and he's right about that Brian Higgins doesn't do them. Tom Reid does do them and and has some schedule. I'm Brian Higgins doesn't as we said doesn't civility figures he's out the community enough doesn't need it but there right now this give and take in open fall comes with a community. And I brought you know all the people standing on around you aren't even from here to be bust up from it's bureau tax Troy you know. And so it's not a real give and take. With the people who are governing and the people who are the people our government. We want to know about that we wanna know about two of the boy a couple of wegmans audience not. Wegmans is us and they're great corporate citizens they're great community citizens leave wegmans a wall on. And you're going to see Eric Holder tonight at UB boy beat feet to the most job Eric Holder isn't round we'll be back after this.

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