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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo School Board disrupted- Larry Quinn

Buffalo School Board disrupted- Larry Quinn

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Over ten minutes of those chance in City Hall we're joined now by a board member Larry Quinn Larry good morning how disruptive was this last night. I didn't go to bed I think it was. At the end of the speakers section of the meeting and it was I don't know like I disrupt an immunity temperature somebody maybe a little more and that I didn't think it was big deal. Are you expecting these sort of things now after everything that happened to with. Paladino home over the last two months now. Yeah I I think it's such as how are likely quarter we're in a period country were there's where there's a lot of how cool. Unrest so people want to express themselves with the trees here all over the country so. I wouldn't gonna just I'm Kyra but yeah I do expect the more of it. We'll be meeting was moved last night was it because of the protesters. Yeah I wouldn't they would. Stopped singing and chanting that we just couldn't conductor of this is so we went out there. Combo what will happen in the future now obviously you have to keep these meetings open to the public is this sort of thing happens again now what is the board planning on doing. Well I think we're planet leaving it up to the border security and they're gonna two. Come up with a plan as to what they wanted to do obviously you can't every community. When you have that. To Puerto Rico conductor business all of the Security Council had to come up with a plan on how to keep order. What business. Did eventually get conducted last night. You know we don't usually tend. You don't really just administrative items were you when your. You know coincidence or shaking media and I think maybe the biggest thing that happened support this resolution as compared Braun pro life. I'm just trying to remember really was a certain pinellas China. What is your understanding on the status of those petitions to remove Carl from the board did that are now in the hands of state education. I have a general understanding that there are filed with state. Karl. It is if this. In the pace now where he's scooter either be released on your file is all. Read your legacy on the sponsors column explanation he's so his lawyers here. Sent aboard. At least two letters with the whole raft of documents that they need to prepare their response so. This is not something I think it's going to be adjudicated very quickly. Campaign that's where understanding too that it's not a matter of days mrs. weeks or months. Larry we appreciate your time this morning thanks. YouTube that's buffalo school board member Larry Quinn.

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