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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Journalism Prof. Mike Igoe- Trump, Tweets & Bias

Journalism Prof. Mike Igoe- Trump, Tweets & Bias

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike I go is with us communications professor at SUNY for Dona. And we're talking about president trump and the media morning Mike you know in that the latest press conference yesterday by the president. He didn't take any questions from the New York Times ABC NBC CBS infect Christian broadcasting. Got the first question. Mrs. quite different is an. Yet steadily departure from the norm and I got a minute I would go to the secondary quote unquote second her name's Alex I'd be thrilled it's being called on occasionally used to follow protocol these commercials BP of course and Al Contra many many years and so and so and so that was several that's Japanese media to watchers they'll probably is committed to parental. Okay I'm assuming you saw this tweet from Donald Trump yesterday morning he too we did the fake news media going crazy with their conspiracy theories blind hatred. And a MSNBC and amp CNN are on watchable than he typed at FOX & Friends is greats. Have we ever seen any sort of endorsement like this from a president before. Apple is thank you probably haven't seen many tweets were present earlier rebel parliament doing if you put it on the property keep renting and immediately he's facing a become a one trick pony you know what the boy cried wolf he'd bring about the need and I think it's like OK what else do you actually lately. But it's far between Scalia to think about a few commitments first of all originally due to his own private followed. Which you know silence at a local national security at the thought about that. And second of all melodies president that's public record. Just like here is that president Nixon's secretary destroy the what it takes years ago he can't be bleeding tweets because now it's party official presidential records of these sort of things. He's got to be thinking that help Carl Hurley is talking about you need to get some kind of press advisor who really had the big picture thing and I think. And headstrong as Donald Trump says he does need to listen to somebody finally does use the president's announcement is likely candidate anymore. Yeah do you listen about the need for our communications director I think a lot of people think well is that Sean Spicer. But no it's not right. I was not in it sort of looks at the big picture thing about the strategy down field mapping things dealing with prices and telling him you know you maybe shouldn't be singling out. Certain friends or enemies in the media because ultimately got to work with a mean again it worked so she's got to keep picking up people when he cannot really be complaining all the time but the media bias that. There's always say that lets face it. How in your mind has the need major networks dealt with. Being the story you know trumped by him. Is war against the media that the media's become the story so the networks are almost no way. Covering themselves how do you think that's gone over the last month. I think it's getting tiresome frankly you know I think people are really tired you know as in my journalism classes in your parking young students stages they say what's this all about but a million if you think about the way the media is going. You know it pays to be an advocacy journalists nowadays years ago was always and other straight online journalist but now. The people had a strong opinions are the ones who get the big contracts like Megan telling NBC hired her. What a million dollars in earnings in the would do what exactly that they think shall create arts. And that's the nature of the beast I think it sends out a message yet journalist but hey creative name for yourself with controversial opinions and you probably gonna become a superstar in the very well they're. What about the leaks Mike and I am either of their presence saying this is a huge problem. Is the media. At fault for some of this. Well let's face that the media has an opportunity to get information we're talking about getting information actually we have an illegal means anything Sergei. But you know trap I think he's to a school event and see where it's coming from because we all know that generally weeks. Come from authoritative source that's been the case in the past the federal government traditionally has leaked and out of and try to blow to see the reaction yet from the public. And sometimes they formulate the policy that's the nature of the beast it's just now. Trumps them to be a little surprised by that and perhaps it's just Carlson guest earlier because. You know he's not used to be a Washington insiders that may be part of the equation as well. You mentioned Carl we had a bullpen and our White House correspondent Karen Travers kind of taking opposite sides of the issue way Travers said that. IE someone needs to point us to be positive stories that we are covering. Carol said that it's not so much about that it's the wording in a lot of the stories said the EC and whether it's New York Times Washington Post. The language is negative in his view where do you fall and that argument. Well I'm not try to could try to keep much shouldn't be impartial journalist but let's face it though opinion journalist in this release part of the landscape that is I think both sides have to deal that. I think immediate got to watch and sells more chair in the they're not crossing a line. But on the other hand truck administration's kind of setting the tone for that by saying no I like fox will file to an opinion gut than them so it's kind of a trail of words. Now boy it's interesting stuff an interest in times like we appreciated thanks. Mike I go it's silly for Tanya.

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