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More with Carl Calabrese on Anti-Trump Bias

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning WB and this time is 715 so we're gonna bump sports here because we have more time with Carl this morning getting a lot of feedback. Because of your exchange with Karen Travers you know just a few minutes ago here in WB and yet it. Kind of pent up frustration with mainstream media and many years you're asking her about the media coverage and she said that. You know what are the positive stories that are being covered your issue is more with the language incited a lot of these news stories that are printed a mainstream outlets. I'm what is the response to that those stories that are being covered and if you could I say again your issue. With the wording inside alive I. I don't is that I think it's going to be done any time soon I think we've got a media culture of people who went through very liberal schools journalistic schools. Who all see themselves is that you know the next Woodward and Bernstein but only against Republicans okay. Panda. That's gonna change and to lose a new generation of of journalists come through journalism school. You know out of the conservative bent I don't know that's in the process but that's really what's gonna have to change otherwise. You've got this you know liberal schools educating liberal journalists who then go into the liberal echo chamber of New York City and Washington and in the West Coast and that's Ali here's who's and I were talking about this off point that you know folks like me are not in there echo chamber we're not in their circle they don't hear arguments like this no one ever points out that you know. You use person a for your quotes to. You know on the right for this issue but really person you literally just got to graduate school and isn't the the strongest spokesperson for this are why didn't use person Beers. Nobody ever says that to them. That's probably the first punch ever heard that argument but if you're on my side of the aisle. You look for that type of thing and you notice it and it it it's just screams at you whenever you read an article of the arguments they use in the spokespersons for use in the headlines the news in the buzz words they use. And it just it's really and and it's pest annoying it's infuriating. It's also on if you look at you know beyond the what's printed you look at the 24 hour news cycle and just the headlines. Is do we mentioned Donald Trump kind of sometimes will get in his own way. I'm changing you know immense means Suze become one thing ends up talking about something else. The seek in his own what they with that at all let's have that respect. Oh absolutely and and it I mean I'm. Operas I Donald Trump when he's when I thinking you should be criticized him and he does that and in it's very frustrating you know he. He he's he begins moving an issue he's dominating the press cycle and then starts talking about the size of crowds are. It's something else and immediately the media jumps on it and it's her excuse for not covering the main event of the day and and he gives it to him so he's got to stop. And I understand there's a fine line between you know he's who he is he got elected based on who is in you wanna continue that because it's got authenticity and people want authenticity in today's day and age but I on the other hand you know you can't be totally. So undisciplined that your painting your opponents in the media and in congress you know the club that they can beat you with I mean it's just common sense so. I think I think you can negotiate that fine line and still stay authentic with out stepping on your own message on a regular basis that's got to stop. Yeah now in trouble was saying yesterday that a Michael Flynn news demise. Will when he was asked about it he said he was unfairly covered by the media do you think that's what did women. No I think we did. Jimenez that he'd like to the vice president and in the vice president went down on television on the Sunday talk shows and repeated it you can't do that in fact it's as I heard that. He had lied to the vice president. I look at my wife and said he's gone that he's actually gone you cannot do that you cannot have. A political person a public person like the vice president go out and say something like that and not paid the ultimate price so did that getting admin. I think also did a mental I think there are Obama holdovers who are very. Have always. I've been very upset with the general because he was one of the most vocal critics of the Iranian nuclear deal and I think there are people there that that wanted to get him. I also think there could be some payback here within within the intelligence services when Donald Trump. In December criticized the intelligence services. That member he said oh these are the same people who oppose or weapons of mass destruction. So should head a shake my head and I think that that's statements gonna come back to haunt him because these guys know. How to pay back and they they can really irks I think a lot of all of these things and came in to admit that that colder in the soup with general Flint.

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