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GOP Commentator Carl Calabrese -

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

OK we are going live to the White House in just a moment were in studio right now with Karl calabrese and Carol you heard this before that. I trump campaign. It's already under way there's going to be an events. This weekend how why is is that they have a campaign event so close to the inauguration. It in the in the old model of doing things you'd questions they might be wrong but in the new model of doing things. I think it's it's good move for him he's got to get around the media he's got to get out to his base fire up his based talked directly to his base. And not have the media is a filter because they're not his friend and never will be his friend. And plus remember I'm Obama during his administration was often criticized. As running a permanent campaign he did the same thing. He got out in fact it may be moving he was a better campaign than president chief executive I have to agree with that but nonetheless this is the world we live in of of talking to people. Of of dealing with them in different ways now in terms of of communication devices and techniques and so first trump. Being stuck in Washington I got to believe is not you know his Bailiwick. So he's probably itching to get out. Get to those real is it creates news doesn't what will we be talking about the day he does a really Israeli. Not all of the turmoil going out in Washington and leaks and everything else so at this point I think it's a good move I think we'll see more of it simply because we now live in an age. We're president's Republican or Democrat are essentially doing wrongly permanent campaign. I'd this rally is Saturday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon at the Orlando Melbourne international. Airport. There's going to be and any trump wryly as well to coincide with it that could potentially be bigger. It it could get my my guess is it won't OK I think I think his folks are in Florida are gonna come out in big numbers. Mutt I also think that the media will portrait is bigger no matter what it is that built they'll spend more time talking about the anti really than the trump really. Again this is the nature of the media with this with this president and I don't expect to see a change in that anytime soon that's one reason why he will continue to use. Nontraditional sources like like Twitter. And and social media that's why would he now has press conferences. That the mainstream media is not the borrowing more and they're not the only people get called on anymore whole bunch of other media outlets he called upon how yesterday he called on Christian broadcasting first boys that I is that a message sent in Dalian and and delivered and set absolutely. He's saying that I'm not playing by the old rules anymore. You know like I know what you guys in the mainstream media do I'm not gonna be linked it's been I'm not the only downfall of that truck voluntarily we're gonna we're gonna spread this up because. There's lots of other ways to communicate with people and lots of other media outlets besides the what's called seven sisters that the big newspapers and big guy media outlets. That that the American people listen to Entrust and that's where I'm going so it's a huge message. Let's go live to the White House now we have Karen Travers on the line Carol were talking about some of the different ways things have been handled in the press room some of the people who have been here for a long time how are they handling the changes that have been made over the last month. I think I think there's certainly. Some questions to the White House about who he taking questions from he's done for these world leader press conferences right now and there's only been one question. It's your questions as to say that have gone too will be considered you know the traditional. Beat reporters a couple of the White House. And the fact that the Russia question has not come up now in two different press availability is with the president. Is just notable but just to the point about the rally any President Obama certainly did rallies but they were policy focus to there's no policy that is attached to this one which makes this. And then by mr. trump very different and the fact that it's coming just four weeks after the inauguration. We were this is an attempted by the White House to put them back and frantic crowd that is going to be cheering and chanting his name because clearly the president and mrs. that he loved that part of the campaign trail and there's a very isolating nature of the White House where your holding events you're sitting down with congressional leaders and foreign metres you're doing briefings. Yeah when you feed off of that energy from the cloud it can be kind of like hitting a brick wall on inauguration day but hey you know when. Previous White House's have done it. It's been to drum up support for Social Security like President Bush did in the first six months of 2005. Where health care like President Obama did for much of 2009. Karen this is our political analyst Carl calvary she's got a question for sir. Yeah Karen and its interest in about what's going on in that press room right now and let me ask you this I'll be very bluntly and no. Why what does the media expect I mean the way I follow the media very closely. And and what they write and how they say things. And if I was if I was Donald Trump I'd be pretty upset right now of not getting anything near a fair shake I understand your your goal your mission. Is to be critical when need be but my goodness gracious when you look at any of the of the mainstream media outlets it's just a cavalcade of anti trump as of now one. Positive thing. Is so folks on my side of the political aisle look at it and say. I just don't put any credibility to the mainstream media anymore. A what is it then get rid of the positive stories that aren't being covered I think that's the question that the media that was put back in my glove I'm not putting my finger on either side of the scale here but. In the idea that they are all of these amazing headlines that aren't being covered the what is back. No it's not that they're not being covered how they're covered it's the words that are used its headlines that are use it's the people who were interviewed it's the people who are not interviewed. That's what really what distinguishes good journalism from partisan journalism. And when I look at an article that's what I look at what arguments are you advancing. And quite frankly oftentimes I'm I'm conservative and I think I'm well read conservative I know the strongest conservative arguments and I know the strongest spokespersons. Very seldom does the media go to the a list of conservative arguments and the a list of concerns spokespersons they go to the DNC list. And then they they disguise what. Essentially do is a editorial article and they disguise it was that normally they put a headline on it that's an editorial. I am not offended by liberal editorials are read them every day I wanna know what my opposition is thinking I am offended and insulted when you try to tell me that an article. Is an article is an unbiased journalistic article when it really is a hidden editorial. I'm like in and defend the entire media and I think editorials are very different than the straight news stories that are leading. The morning television shows or leading morning radio it drives as well. I think the fact that you have Republicans right now on Capitol Hill who are in breezing a lot of questions about the White House you have Republicans saying things like that. This is really White House when it comes to national security that is in complete disarray you have other Republicans calling for investigations. I don't think you can say that the media is. Not covering something or tilting the scales a bit when you can go up to congress and find lawmakers who were asking many of the same questions but again I'm not gonna defend. The entire media it is a large large broad spectrum of reporting and opinions we do some things that are straight and my job here at the White House is daft question. Our agenda is Karen Travers live at the White House.

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