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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Weather Update - NWS Meteorologist Kirk Apffel

Weather Update - NWS Meteorologist Kirk Apffel

Feb 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have Kirk apple at the National Weather Service behind the airports and Phyllis in nine Kirk you're what I guess first what do we see exactly overnights over the last ten or so hours. I will amount varied across the region are here officially at the airport we only got about an inch amounts that trended up upwards in the south towns to get 34. I inches than when you get into the Boston hills and some of the ski country we have reports Opteron afoot to Paris bird. Ari and what are we expecting today. I hope today we're going to have. This bill is gonna gradually taper off Saturday and have some snow showers this morning across the area. I in terms of additional accumulation it's not going to be too terribly much 12 inches across the south towns last footage in the city. And maybe a little bit more ski country that's most of the snow has fallen. That's so I'd today expecting may be just a little bit more when do we start to see temperatures to warm up I know we're expecting a big one over the weekend. I guess we are well properly the big warmup buys going to be on Saturday. Looks like Saturday a lot of areas are gone be flirting with fifty degrees so that's going to be that. The big thing. After that it make lawful little bit on Sunday and Monday but it looks like a really off of them that we can't all the way through mid. The middle portion of next week we're going to be above normal ties Jeter in the forties or fifties most days. Yeah I'm looking at the seven day outlook right now and I mean 1950s. High forty or. Fifty degrees all the way until Wednesday so that's. 5 straight days of weather around fifty degrees in February. We don't see that that often do we. Although that this is definitely very nice weather pattern for rad mid to late February we're very fortunate to get that long a stretch a format warm weather. At this sad time a year. I'm as it is nice Ari Kirk let's take one more day of this thanks. Kirk F booked a National Weather Service buffalo airport.

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