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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2/15 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

2/15 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Feb 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB yen Taobao has one of the best voices in buffalo radio that mixes. Dangerous opinions off of pictures. Like bite me Allen perjury or. Tom Bauer Leahy and I think you should meet 102 home indeed the ability. I'll lost part of his brain and hunting accident his memory only lasts and second. It was an accident. That's terrible don't worry you'll probably get over above. Get over to me what happened that I get shot in the brain that. I don't it's the hourly and Olivia and eight kind of connect a secret. Don't you think your little old to still have wet dreams. Failing to act I piled up on news radio 930. That is well. Irrelevant at Andrews Reagan had 33. Eat and end desktop bucket of gold was David another one bites the dust. In the drop administration at least this person ever beta to the cabinet. No but I got. They that this is a really good guy and this is this is the person he's a CEO of the restaurant chains a company that owns all the parties and curled juniors. But he was a huge advocate. For the actual worker and their freedom from the union's number one wanna just control take their money use it for their political causes. But he was also a big supporter of this. Basic. Universal basic income. Which would have was of a mean Silicon Valley love that he was the biggest cheerleader one of the reasons why trump brought him in as labor. And what he would have done. I would have packed too much about draining the swamp there's a swap that he's majoring in America. It's these you know the unions that are able to I mean even FDR was against public sector union striking. Even FDR talked about public sector unit unions and their relationship to serve. Harry Truman actually did some things with the unions. During a strike in the 1950s that a Democrat today would never ever to be able to agree. While Reagan and with the track programs and that. But the point is that. A public sector unions this is why you can't fight or anyone at the VA. You you've got people that have killed VA. Depictions and they can't be heard they're protected. It's one of the GSA goes and spends 70000. Hours on a party in. You know it's there they're totally out of control this was a guy that was he was when those. People that truly changed every every environment he's in he's been successful but he was a good humble is completely. He's a guy and he was a guy that stood up the case and told them what he's doing a throb. He's our god what he's doing but he evil. People. They today will be drawn to what happened was that the Republicans in the senate went to the White House. And they basically said mr. trump we have four negative with four votes against in our own party we have twelve people on the fence. Poll this guy out and truck basically set and it's all over illegal immigrant. That he hired in his past. And I think in the Democrats that would be every that formed the wildfire. Is it this good thing that you had someone without a passport. Mow your lawn right that's would you. You want us to do that you encouraged us to do that and now. This is killing him that labor because he had the legal immigrant by the way I don't know what these raids are all doing it seven elevens and every other. Those look like those are people that are working on they are out so well to try to get an update labor work. I'm just I usually just tire prospectus. But my point is is that the idea here is that we wanna complete the work we want everyone to be employed especially illegals. And that's the reason why they're gonna crucify this guy just hit that button and what we are talking about right now they get everything Donald Trump is up against the way of phrasing it is not ultra was elected by we the people because he's gonna go to Washington he was gonna drain the swap here's the problem. The swap critters don't want their whole Drake so. Q collectively with the loot the pew oceans be able to topple trump. Or at least delegitimize him to the point. Where he can't get anything. I IC demand is beset on all sides by enemies are really. And I think he's got to take his case directly to the American people before this thing snowballs. And spins out of control. Let's just get back to Greg in buffalo for his final thoughts Greg. Radio I'm Heidi on. I'm pretty McCullough I think they're president traction you are now like national news conference. I go over all the issues and be home on. Yeah I I agree could deter or whatever got the background download please. If you're holding us up and also in the background that we really appreciated you turn it down because it's actually off because it just makes talked in the all that much more difficult. Other group which on all the we're gonna it's gonna go to some of the officers Rambo Jim we'll get back to you Greg. Web Georgia on WB a Bauerle ability at what does Donald Trump need to do to stop the bleeding. Why. Fire every big goal. Of Obama hold over. Who. Not being given right diet start thinking and acting like a true American. Politics. Is war. You're not LE let him what did Michael Corleone they have got armed robbery that. I'm that they might but as they are part of Corleone they weren't the you gotta think you can not in my our outlet you must. OK. And you don't want anyone that gets bigger weight. You don't hurt him in don't think like that might but I love you know. You'll get an apartment and your weight pop up that they bought the you get my weight I will annihilate two healthy Q without I'll figure Bentley I doubt I will know what that they were to win despite not hurt. I thought that the fight right. Well I think America at a little bit disturbed by Harry Reid and yet but it trunk with his better part of his mouth. I. Yeah I you know I finished entering a gym when the basically what you're talking about it were me my Machiavellian approach to government. I do think I'm pretty sure the Donald Trump has read Machiavelli at some point in his career and I'm pretty sure Donald Trump as a read the art of war. And I think if he revisits some of those lessons you know somewhere between. The art of war and the saint Valentine's Day massacre. There might be a legal way to deal with a but I mean I think your point is well taken about Jim if you got people with you were trying to submarine you you need to whacked those people you've got to take him out what you gotta make sure that you got the evidence to take him out. What I meant by taking them out I'm not saying lining them up against the wall. Eddie carting company and machine gunning them down. Where what I would do I would take it Graham. Such humor all the rest of my enemy. It would take about sort of railroad track if there's the box count now your article on what I got your opponent Bart Starr what you gotta do. Jim thank you were here here's a problem I don't wanna fall into this trap of thinking that every person that worked for the Obama administration is. Paid trader don't know what they're doing with regards to intelligence. Don't under estimate how many of these bluish while Republicans. Are screwing over this president. Don't under estimate all of these guys from the. You even supporting trump and that was seventy candidates you'd even come out to support trump when it was down to cruise and case. You're you're still on the fence this that was to me an olive branch to the establishments and bringing your RNC chair. I'll put him one mile people who run currencies like in you know use this trump brand and the rest of these are races coming up in the future. But I think the previous is one of the that the soul when you're gonna look at dysfunction in the White House race previous has got to be at the top of the list you don't know what to at least when he's not communicating with the in general Kelley has fallen on three Wright's previous grenades. Kellyanne Connolly has fallen on a race previous Greg what is Sean Spicer doing briefing Kellyanne Conway. That you know what go out there and tell everyone that trump and Michael flee and are about to go by real state their closest close can be and then. An hour later the guy steps down it's just it's doles of the idiots and the Republicans are not that. But wouldn't you say though that if your president of the United States and you let people carry over from the previous administration. Whose president by the way is staying in Washington it was essentially run a shadow government to go against your government. That you wouldn't want Obama acolytes around you. That you would at least investigate whether they may be the source of the leaks yeah but but I would do I would do no way that I would I would bet their policy positions that congress and let's get to that job. You've got to put twenty years in the CIA NSA and be a good soldier. To get to a position where one person looks you do when David Petraeus who is that right of center guy a bush guy. We David Petraeus gets an offer by the present United States and Obama to run the CIA he took it. Because you know these guys worked 25 years to be considered in just because a liberal socialist. Picture US there you know guy in the national Security Council's error in the NSA you take the job. So I don't think that you could say anyone appointed by Obama needs to go I think you have to ask them. Where is your policy how do you see the world. What do you think about what's on the table right now and if they're resisting you they're probably resisting you outside as well. I mean you have to assume that needs it to me it's not about party or when they got into the job it's hardly see the world. And and Tom there are Republicans out there or John McCain the biggest hockey confined. And this guy's throwing the commander in chief under the bus every day what else is. What what what we expect from John McCain at this point. Unfortunately become a cartoon character he really has declined to change it is a shame because this guy sounded pretty stout in 2008. He relayed it now he just didn't have the intestinal fortitude to get the job done but he sounded like he was unafraid to fight Islam that was radicalized. We're talking about a radicalization. We're not talking about them the Muslim that works for job growth will be their family. We're talking about blood thirsty people who hate Jews who hate gays who don't wanna have women and responsible positions it's ridiculous. As to bury the psychology of it to John McCain probably looks at Donald Trump and says you know what I could've beaten that guy attitude about today. I could've been the president of the united so right at this guy comes out of nowhere with his TV show that he gets the job I want it my whole life you are that you are so spot on it's frightening. And that is also the same. By the way don't forget his relationship George W. Bush. It was the Iraq War brought those two together but in the beginning he was very vindictive and George W. Bush for what. The bush campaign did John McCain and children in the South Carolina primary in 2000 they went after basically accused him of adopting children. For this for the sake of running for president. And it was it was way below the belt to Karl Rove to but he hate bush team. He's a productive guy. What is culture need to do to change the narrative now justification joining us late maybe you've never listen Michelle you're thinking well these guys have turned adult drop though we haven't. The proper word would be were concerned about Donald Trump and his presidency because the odds he is up against our ignore us. And folks every single day. People are waking up in political and establishment lamb what was planned Medialink and trying to destroy Donald drop in a way that Barack Obama never had to be concerned. Happening. That's I get back to the calls what does not ultra need to do to turn things around in it we had to summarize our position in a word it would be go on the offense. Agreed. Absolutely can't can't score points when your. In the prevent defense. We could actually look at the Atlanta Falcons as a metaphor let's go to Dan on the west side and WB a damn. I you know I'm on board you are on board will also have enough. There's a lot of the shelf. But there's one subject yet they're secret I eat at the time and at the Kennedy this nation into pure. Of course now we're you know we're not talk about the kept the assassination today I was citing a line from a movie to describe contemporary what I see happening contemporary lead. We're not duke Kennedy assassination showed today don't worry about here is bill in east or a WB and hello. Are. Greater oh well. I shall be. An issue at. What's the plan what do you think the planners. Sure sure can go to war. And we we think he's got a major plan what are the components of that plan UC. Or. When do you expect this grand plan to go into effect. When his poll numbers are 20%. Now. We. All right but you don't know what it is you think he has a plan but you don't know what it is. OK bill thank you. If I believe that I would believe that the plan and you should probably be going into effect right about now if not five days ago. Well the problem is is that when you of any plan you have to executed if you know the soldiers to do it. The best battle plan in the world is just gonna sell on a map you got it you gotta people are gonna execute what your orders aren't up. I mean we're finding out about this is a national secured I don't want to I want to know everything go to TMZ get your gossip. I don't wanna know what the president had stayed sent to Vladimir Putin's. Because if I know that means the enemy knows that means everyone else knows those transcripts cannot be released to the DM New York Times. Did you went to Columbia. Doesn't mean you have the security clearance to disseminate. National security service but I don't get into or don't I don't understand we will get into it after 430 hopefully we get calls and everything else but. I would presume that there are a finite number of people. With access to that level of classified document how difficult is it to go through the computers. And figure out who is doing what isolate five likely suspects or ten likely suspects and say. We want everything you've done we wanna see every electronic we want to see a record of every phone call you've made. How hard can it be a bit if you don't pay your taxes by a thousand dollars a legitimate. Well first off Bradley Manning has but not an intelligent young man who thinks she's a woman. What he did was essentially just put he'd be nobody stole he just took it and put on the street. And the other one is you know these guys that are. Have access to make sure there are probably. That are transcribe these calls that went through apparatus and they they hope that they've got good stewards and honorable people doing it. But if you. Aren't a good person and you see party over your country your security. It's not hard to do town it just like it's not just steal money. I mean you could probably. Would be street Smart you can probably grab some money out someone's desk without them and what stops you from doing it. Ed tell you don't get your wallet your jacket or two out durability it's a that your integrity it's not a typical thing to break the law and to be evil it's really not a week somehow. We put on this idea that like it's difficult to be terrorist or just difficult to do horrible things. It really it's just that we trust that those people don't exist in our government and unfortunately Tom. They do. And there's more than one how many people turned against America like Robert Hanssen. Good point. Good point. It's properly of elevator I've been pretty thirty W. The heat and welcome to show. And better every day it just seems to be a bad old if it's like a war of attrition against the drug administration by everybody. People in the media. V Washington establishment elite Republicans and Democrats and of course the global lists and sometimes I wonder what the people in the White House are doing. And how much this. Struggle for influence to the White House is playing a role in what seems to be at times a disorganized. Administration. What does the I'll drop need to go. And I think he's he's got to be really careful about who we trusts and maybe revisit some of his assessments of people. But most importantly I think he's got to go directly to we the people who elected him. Yeah I mean again I think that that's the best advice you could possibly give and this is why he's in this position is his ability to articulate his ability. To talks straight. He his numbers go through the roof people see him as trustworthy. As a person that doesn't use tiptoe on raindrops when it comes to say is speaking his mind. But you'd talk about the dysfunction of the White House I wanna get these calls on human patient but Tom I have to I would be absolutely. I would be I would not be doing my job was informed of this great story which is which is this should the White House your thinking at all we just you know the white I'll just pull back labor nominee. This is bad this is snowballing. Well the DNC the Democratic National Committee they're here to save the day and show you that you think you're dysfunctional. Over the democratic side if you want dysfunction sister on February 23 the DNC has got to meet they're gonna vote and arrested resolution. The resolution. And that's from a text your brother I think the Tweeter who sent this thank you so much written this attention the death. We're gonna vote on a resolution. To criticize. The ABC television show designated survivor. Why because. They feel the show portrays a quote. Fictional FBI under electorate be blackmailed into confessing to a crime he did not commit. And the reason for that is beat guys. Call director call me. Demonstrated in the recent ones sixty action that he is not to be mailed to engage in illegal partisan actions and that. The infamous partisan legal letters resulted in the election of the man some referred to as not my president. That is written in a resolution. By the democratic national committee to be voted on. That's all they have time for. To Donnelly disparage the president guide states but to take point in the show designated survivor because quality didn't need to be blackmailed. To break they'll. A it again they have gone crazy that's that's and unfortunately I would fire whoever did that. At the DNC I would say use your iris in all of us sharpest looking for and you take in the day one to shoot him as he's walking home from bar. If I don't 330 start at 3180616. WB EE and the priest sitting was done advocacy of violence as I sardonic reference to be murder of separates of the DNC unsolved. And as our call David mysteriously the security cameras at the murder scene and around the recede when not working. That it's only time we you know it yet there was I'd rather report somewhere but I want to use that the New York Times likely still fall are no suspects. That's their views as they so far. The moon landing was a sound stage in Arizona. So that's. Or to actually kind of a zone because it would have been overwhelmed by Mexicans. In Mexico hit the hit the move before that that there you know what you're two steps ahead UC families walking in the background with you know ponchos and beat you gotta figure. The excuse me. Should we. Would put an immigration obvious in 7-Eleven at all. There is above all because of Ayers and maybe we shouldn't have to appears with a hot spot reminds me of yours is all about him doubled over Jim Carey man on mood no way. Aren't let's go to Greg in buffalo on WB yet what does the ultra need to do to turn things around and to push himself against what will be at least four years and possibly eight of non stop. Swamp rats eating at his oats. But no matter what he does is extracting enough for a repeat some of the people on the front side. By or stamping what. You everytime it does something you account trucks can point four. But I think what we need to do is addressed the nation picking on interest nation. Echo your point the point of where he's going what he's doing how he's gonna do it. And he or Coxnet. He's seen what. If that helps people understand that you know we got out to get me not to open is not what the country had just like he didn't campaign warns that. While the promise you meet his campaign strike you know double Salina Coulter went okay here this. You burger or what percentage of the people you think voted form actually cared about that I don't ice sheet of the masks the vast majority of people that supported Donald Trump. Worry you know. Not to work were kind of knew the political process due to supporting the candle like he did and they didn't beat does he was then known don's place. Guy in a world of PC arbitrage that we've been lied to all the time and here's a guy telling us he's got a woman in jail. I want to exchange and premier obviously. The American beep well spoken and want change also. But White House that DCN. And the you know literally the mafia that runs these GS ten positions they've spoken to instead. They like things the way they are and they're about to do whatever it takes national security be dare to make this Catalina any. You might say by any means necessary by any means necessary. And that's why sneaky cat try to do something to. Get them on his side. How did you go whale. I'm I'm I'm not being obnoxious and I'm asking how how how would you do that. Yet as. Well one if she's doing these. He's keeping up that campaign promise law. It didn't quite campaign promises because in order to be against traps you have to be obviously not. Agreeing with his policies and his point of view so if they don't fundamentally see the world the way he sees it how do you reach. An olive branch over someone who sees the world totally different. Just maybe sitting down what found it and you know saying mr. Maybe cannot aspect are some how. She you know that the group the prominent Greg is that your gentlemen. And you seem like honorable person and and you cannot fathom how other people can be sold to score gifted wicked and and craven and just all about power. You can't fathom that honestly I have a hard time for that though how anyone can cede power over the benefit of of the country. You're not going to DC to line your pockets and sell stock tips. You're not there to do that. I didn't mean as an attack in any particular good just I don't think they give him an accidental text from Chris Collins thing by this yeah. Nobody or anybody Kelly and cowboys clothing line and I talked. So you know I I have to agree with this one great and meet the B word would be naive and the polite word would be. You're better person than the people in Washington. And as David said there are people nation's capital probably in the White House. They are more concerned with themselves. And wore the ideology they present. With doing the job you're supposed to be doing which is helping president trump did in some cases. Certainly. Blatantly violating. A secrecy clauses. Amateurs are right now. I had an opportunity because of the bush that the close proximity to the bush. White House. That way and Obama came into office they brought in a bunch of veterans and they asked him what do you think about reversing Don't Ask Don't Tell. I am 100%. Supported Barack Obama. When he was drone killing terrorists against his party's demands against his advisors he was killing terrorists. His advisors and party told him to close gitmo. And he refused everyone left to tell you it was this guy it was Barack Hussein Obama who looked at his party and his advisors instead. I don't feel good about closing Guantanamo day. Now whether or not released people for the wild great support terrorist we discussed that. But the way he made the argument for Don't Ask Don't Tell I think he handled that very well look your realistic people without arms and legs. And this person happens to begin day. If you ask you get the fight. The fight on the cabbies weren't fit for the Boeing check ups he's got a machine gun was not. Poke woody goes out of there and restless schaeffler cart after. It's not you know he's willing to get in a trench and I feel so bad I mean age you. I need you for everything notre gender. Were talking a completely different issue here because now we're talking about esprit de corps and about the way units respected and all that other stuff but I'm talking about. Women wanna fight men want a fight we are up against an existential threat let's do it I am not gonna turn against Barack Obama as my president. Beat you know beat big because of a policy difference these people don't care about the man and they don't care about the office of the tour of the country. They care about their pocketbooks and their and the pomp and we're talking about the bureaucrats absolutely the other politicians totally different and other kettle of fish and many point most of these of most of these media guys I had ambitions of their. Let's just put that how. His ultra up regains control of the merits of I don't think a speech to the public is gonna be good. I think what he needs to do is have a news conference and he's got a we told before that news conference look these people are going to try to jab you. There and try and get you to explode you're gonna try to get to be mean and nasty. Beat the Donald Trump you were during the campaign. Minimize the idiots asking the questions. Do it in a presidential way. If you want to call them a feeling paper that's right. But really. Using an opportunity to question to reach over a question and looked into the question and talk directly to the American people out of great advice not the media. And don't send a surrogate to do what you did. For every day for eighteen months you're sure guitarist go to jail or you deeper and well I mean I keep waiting for the call from president trump it today and damn did it I don't want it over a million people vote for trump the majority of them are not new to the process. I disagree all there are people that voted for this guy that voted for Reagan and bush. But went to a rally for the first time. They volunteered to make phone calls they went door to door or that never happened there was no passion for Republican candidates and Ronald Reagan's second there. We have not seen. It three. All right thirty start at 3180616. WB eat and you know between the constant agitation against president drop that backstabbing again president drop the job but he does have. President metro will accuse John McCain as the living breathing statue of resentment. And gel substantially. He's like gargoyles. Easily cigar or he's like justice. Outside the courthouse except he's like the he's anti try. Statue. He's he's going to be a metaphor one of the worst thing he did so well then grabs him where bill grandest. I did not realize Tony people agreed with my take on the weather in the winner until a couple party's people's attitude thank you for just saying. If buffalo in its nose because it's winter because I don't need to snow advisory of a buffalo loaded thank you. You know we we got a text of the road in that you notre needs to take his message on the road well. Not a good five seconds ago we just announced he's Alina. A enormous rally in Melbourne Florida that's exactly what presidents do they get in trouble and have your barber Monica Lewinsky. The first stop Bill Clinton. It was here in buffalo that's right. And he had a huge crowd that the team at the time marine middle and auriemma yes and if we're debt discourse your account executive at the time in front of all schoolchildren. Had bused in for the president's speech. And that's why the hell up. We are a great deal mileage out of that sound relative we. Let's get to let's see who would be next in Britain. It was many calls as we possibly can't your advice to Donald Trump how can turn things around Gaza I see a guy who's beset on all sides who is. I honestly believe he is under more attack that Abraham when Abraham Lincoln took office I really do let's go to work. Mark on WB mark welcome. Against. I'll tell ya I think. These are not. This is not a normal change of administration. These are very difficult times for the president. I really think it's time for a night of the long knives. I really do. Well at the match of the long knives for those who don't know that actually took place in Nazi Germany and it's Hitler thought that the head of the SA in general was about the throw a coup against him so. About two to 300 people outright murdered without any judicial due process and the whatsoever and the shirts turned from brown to black that's right. And then I don't think we wanna see a night of the ball no I didn't say let us or met pork we speak. We what I am getting at is that yes David these people did stay did go point five years to get a job like this. And their dare kill people. But there allegiances there in doubt endured this situation it is now they all need to go. The big question I have is how come I'm not seeing people being per perp walked in Washington. Over these disclosures. Unauthorized release of class a at info. I love at his last day and how hard could it be incorrect down the culprit Bradley Manning has changed everything. Everything you can now should listen man I was having a bad day and I went to the media and I took out files they Hillary Clinton last act of. Of any sort of dictionary chart is Hillary Clinton that changes everything if you have apply it now. That is leaked or given how can you put in prison for what. As I say what. It's a different administration. He sports we present the law and order why are people being arrested that's my question. Because it. If you first of all you cannot show me where it's coming from because that is what they've done at the NSA is they've gone out high or W nine contractors. And now you have people at fort Gordon that are looking at transcription of people at Bethesda look at the transcript you people at Langley doing it. Everyone's doing it 55 people can be looking at this transcript how do you know. That. They've got some you know arrangements setup it's not that easy to do with the huge government and there are a lot of people out there that are sick kids. I'm telling you they would have fumbles guys man but don't sign up for health insurance the IRS will find what thirty seconds. Bingo IKEA furniture that you I think if you grab one or two. And given the perp walk on television in front of all are the professionals this garbage wolves. He's got a placebo once it got to do it but you can set up escape from the White House from RO. And guess it all of this transcript will be done in house. That's what you have to do thank you we got a globs of other folks we got a break thank you very much. You know what the other things division also work backwards beat take a reporter. And like the Obama administration did you put the reporter actually imported find out the reporter who reports sources are that there is the field a little bit and they got a little they got a little freaky with the way they got into her you're speaking out of the biggest of people James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson both had their computers that by intelligence agency trying to find out who the lakers were. But I also want to precedent for it there's very there I think it's totally illegal and immoral but it absolutely but they could they thought that the national security secrets you're getting. Were so important that they had to you know bend the law to get to the bomb. We will take a lot more calls and is ready thirty WBS because I get sick and tired of seeing my president beaten up every day. I'm sick and tired of hearing what an idiot I am because I supported the cultural and still do. I'm sick and tired of Republicans like John McCain. The bitter because he ever get the VP candidate and not even standing up war he is president. And I want Donald Trump to turn it around now we want your suggestions on how he should do that I cannot imagine fresher. That man is under the hate that being jammed up against him. You know you've got people saying by any means necessary and that's generally code for its like saying what work. Generally code for a that's awesome but it is.

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