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2/15 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Feb 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WES. It's. My name is Marshall Bruce matters just hit okay. Well you know what I don't have the driver's license he came from work kind of my wallet so I can still vote back back. I get news is still the sound yet. It's Tom Bauer Leahy. New York very different from each other in a lot of ways you have to understand that as far as Graham was concerned Google visas and David Bellamy that's going to. You're both equally mercurial overly sensitive to clean neat hysterical bird premium on July. You aren't happy because I don't go my higher H I gallant and beat my ass. Which means people can't go into the hourly and all of the nets got an almost improvisational. Tone on news radio 930. Bill there's radio thirty WBP. It is already the middle of the week that week if you are driving hole or about to drive home we don't have a little bit slow falling in the Amber's there probably were you or is well. And I'm afraid that I know what that means off of them it means that we may very well encounter in Mongolian clustered institute during the drive all the days ago if you see traffic at all that you believe we should know so we can pass to our fellow listeners you make text that's at 30930. Threes are 930 by. Let me just that the WB yen. Mint. We're gonna call the WB Ian Mitt we have. A tremendous text service for us and his three text one will say traffic another will say news another will say whether. And then you will get bulletins from us the minute news breaks of course message and data rates may apply. And it that we got pretty much a barn burner show today I think for the about the ability audience. It's one of the best ever if I can say without hyperbole you know I think that we should steal a page from Sean Hannity I think it was Wednesday. It's a very special power the ability should we do that you know I try how about the all buy hourly develop shale because it's up there on this day has never been done before that's really that your like Sean let it kick out of it. Us and it's never the of the show one day at a time a special one day at a time when Barbara finds out. You know like there's so it's gerchas this is now presenting a mediocre. Exercise. You know taught. Which would kind of describe it accurately what we do every day Sarah if triggered can be helped. I understand it's one of those things that confident with visa. You know are fairly bit. It is it is what it is did you have a good. That I have a lot of good of a good Valentine's Day you're gonna have to ask. The average male dollar the average male spend eighty dollars a day and O a of everything however it's Valentine's Day spend a minimum of eighty I surpass that. One that your current debt makes it just makes me in the I fall into these all bark collars but now Valentine's Day is the one hallmark. Holiday that you cannot possibly ever forget. But speaking of things you can't forget coach but speaking of things you can't forget. You know hardly be used to tell the guys on the Buffalo Bills during the glory years of the Buffalo Bills. Vet to yet dance. With what brought. And somebody asked him after the frank Reich miracle comeback against Houston hey frank Reich is an absolute hitter is he going to be the guy going on. And coach Levy said don't you dance with what brought you meeting Jim Kelly now let's and to frank Reich would've won the Super Bowl but. I would take in the Marv Levy approach myself you dance with what brought you. And I'm afraid although. Folks as you listen. One of the things you have to realize is that. If we say even something that is. Meant to help president try. And there are some negatives that. We're going to get taxed they were gonna get angry emails accusing us of being the fact doors from the cost so I have to set that up. Maybe we should do countdown 321 when does the first experiment. But what I think we're gonna ask you about today is at this point what is your advice to president dropping as we think he's doing some things wrong. Now the phone number is 803093803. Old diapers to sell Weber is start at thirty the toll free number is 180616. WB yen and our FaceBook page hourly and Olivia. And Twitter. Hourly Bellamy David one of the things that is always bothered me and I seem to bring this up several times a week. The Bush Administration George W. Bush allowed himself to be rolled it steamrolled defined denigrated attacked. Am vertically abused by the media and the cultural left. And Donald Trump I think has a far greater challenge. Because I'm gonna steal a line from Oliver stone's movie JFK. Everybody. It seems is against president Donald. JFK by Oliver Stone ears. Eddie speaking of president Kennedy. He is surrounded by enemy. Now I will paraphrase. They're simply the editor. Everybody in the loop knows but it has no name it has no face but everybody knows something is going on. End of quote and will be paraphrase. That is kind of way I feel right now David about president Donald drop when you go to Washington and you say hey. Other drain the swap the swamp is that a lot of drain you I will not use that expression again because it makes the most uncomfortable. I'm afraid that the president trump may be drained by the swamp. Yeah. No I I think that there is a lot there I think that the one point that you bring up is you know. When you're running for president it's got to be completely. Strange for you to wake up with all of that power to realize the way things work in Washington and that. You know you can have an honor based organization. I don't know all the way trump runs his businesses. But if you have someone looking in the I give you handshake can tell you what they're gonna do. That's not the way the radio industry works that's not the way the car industry works. Just under our industries after that you can't trust people they were lucky to have to work for for good people my dad my debt. My dad. That's less than you were taught me get it right I say that every father's butt but I wasn't using that as an attack here on the scene in general. You know going to Washington DC it is a very difficult. I want to work in because everyone tells you what you want a year. And nobody delivers and it's like Hollywood but with power everybody's got backstabbing sort of a bitch out looking for themselves. And and that the hard thing here is that when you're bringing people you think are professional public servants. And they look in the and they swear an oath. Exxon and the day. Wish him the very idea that they're talking and India media. Oh I nondisclosure and right assessment if those guys that. The fact that they're talking to a member of the media literally betrays everything they've done for thirty years intelligence. You can not trust these people. That are in that office that work for the other administration consistently is that she remembered and in Scooter Libby who got in real big trouble for simply picked him what seems to be happening to president trap right now. It's the out absolutely Scooter Libby you know the death of a whole Valerie Plame situation. You read individuals that were say that she was col Bert in yet you know we're neighbors Newark. ID past number. But again you know if you dissect that to this is a true story this whole. Fling thing it occupies the space of really two big stories the first one is. What is wrong with the truck administration and White House something is. Definitely wrong there's there's a virus that has to be taken on that White House. And the second issue is. You know. What is the argument that the leftist views because they are literally reach readying the October New York Times story. Which is the narrative. Russia is the only reason I don't trap as the president at all every single thing we're gonna complain about is gonna bring you back to Russia. You know being behind the election and ultra that's what they're married to you and and the thing that blows me away is that if you follow that narrative. Your your making the assumption that Lee was talking to the ambassador of Russia before he was you know before troubles president. Because of Russian sanctions. But then you're saying there was a quid pro quo which the trump got in X exchange for favorite Donald lie and that favor. Word that sanctions Obama putting two weeks before the election there's Russia would have known that would have been sanctioned. The whole thing was based now why the third paragraph of the New York Times article yesterday last night says we don't have any evidence. At all but the title of the pay out of the peace is you know proof that trump people talking to rushing. Well it so you're saying that the New York Times the failing New York Times by mistake as president trump does. You mean they published a story. Designed to denigrate president trump and the legitimacy of his administration and those around him. And that was this screaming headline but as you read the article you find out that there was not one iota of evidence for corroboration presented not a photograph not a document. Not an affidavit not a statement of. Fact Michael Schmidt marking his daddy and mark proposal wrote the article yesterday the title of the article trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with the Russian intelligence. The third paragraph. The officials interviewed in recent weeks said that so far they have seen no evidence of such cooperation. Story. What the headline should be what the third paragraph of the page says there's no evidence of any cooperation that he bring the article. You know it's great to see that the media is treating president trump with the same kind of intense scrutiny over his every breath as they did president Barack Obama. President Obama he just couldn't I have. Maybe at their worst Albany negative stories written about you know the 57 states thing and everything Obama was doing it telling the Republicans it's time for them to get on the back of the bus there were soft money negative stories about President Obama David that I guess all I'm sorry there weren't a lot of negative stories about President Obama suddenly the meat. It has grown teeth well and and the other thing is is that you understand why the left is soul. Schizophrenic at the moment because if they if they make the argument that that the Russian intelligence apparatus had information on Hillary Clinton. You must extrapolate that information came from her own heart dropped. If she admits that someone else before government got onto a hard drive that's a felony she's in prison right. You have the peace where Hillary is saying that well the information that was gleaned from Modesto and the DNC. That help the American people. To an unfair advantage to elect will turn up again you've never refuted. Any of the year you basically say the American people got the truth and the truth it wasn't fair because we did have the truth and I'll throw. So the the entire argument of Russian interference in the election. You said the third head of this monster. Which you've got the Democrats in the national media running around the entire country saying that there was no such evidence. That there was any sort of legal voting. That there was any voter fraud whatsoever. So what are you saying what you're implying that Russia hack the election that they got involved in the voting machines. Did they that they illegally got into her hard drive. Because every single point that that your accusing the Russians are doing play against the merit of the last 28 days well. There's something else to. And let James call me has kind of a unique position because he's not trusted I don't think by any side anymore in Washington but in December after December 2016. Or was it January that really matter. The FBI director James call me a short. Donald try before Donald Trump took office but after he had been elected. That there was no credible evidence that Russia. Influenced the outcome of the presidential election by hacking the D&C. And the emails John Podesta. So James call me who at one point when he refused to go after Hillary legally was applauded by the left and denigrated by the right. He told the president there was no credible evidence the Russians packed the DNC. Now here's what I do know I'm sorry to bring up activist David. But I know that the guy who was in charge of a computer issues the computer voting and registration for the DNC. Seth rich. I don't let that you make it gives about seeing some irregular things going on. And that he had told certain people that he might be going to the FBI to present this information about some shady shenanigans. But there's one problem. Separate really never made it to the FBI because in a really weird robbery when nothing was stolen he got clipped on the streets of Washington DC. And there has been no arrest made in the case. And to play the other side. Against your argument. I would make if you gave me all those facts right now. Without any supporting evidence I could make the claim with a headline on WB dot com and on this program. That the DNC murdered separates. There there is. Aptly no evidence to prove that. What you or your lighting up. Narratives and you're stringing them along to make it look like the dot B and then that the gutsy and that brought us to do it now or GP. So what do you think I coached him like the DNC murdered them. But again you have to have something there get them together. Dear is no connection whatsoever I just had some liveable so far seems to be. Pretty key here because we don't know what's gonna happen next you don't know what's gonna happen next ABC CBS NBC none of it oh but you're willing to go out. And make that the the statement the Donald Trump is fraudulently president that is your mission statement. He's a fraudulent president in any way we can impeach him get him out take out its key members they got a scalp. They got their first scalp width with the general Flynn and do you think. They're gonna stop there now the dollar after labor secretary energy agriculture agriculture this was beat him tiger argument I made after the election I I said this every single. We didn't win any thing on November 8 at the we have got to be ready for a nonstop daily attacks gently up the hate. Try to delegitimize. Donald Trump because the establishment the swapped it does not want to be drain. That's like where they live Joyce sewers and changes were units herded into a Condo in Egypt replied and rats just don't like it. So. We're concerned about as you are but what is going on in the trump White House and I don't blame. Donald. Entirely foreigners because I think that he may have some people around him who. Are just either not very good at their jobs or who may be. Compete with each other for the title of I'm closer to the president than you are all well closer to the president they knew I have more influence than you do portal I have more. And I think what's happening to some extent if you got people who were not on the same team was supposed to be where the same jerseys. In addition to the Democrats and in addition to the establishment and the global lists and to. The market street track is surrounded it went by people who don't want things to change. Yeah I mean that's look this to me that you talked about civil war could it all that good stuff. What the intelligence community did to. You know what they did to Michael Flynn. And I and I am actively defend Michael but Michael flames actions with regards to vice president parents. But I am an Italian that I've met Michael Flint I've talked to him. I really do have a deep respect form that was nothing other than a political assassination. They say they literally went to the whole basis of that was to take him out. Because of what he represented the intelligence community and what he wanted to do. Why would you say that you know we got picked us up on the other side fled wanted to change the intelligence community affluent and don't interest started out by quoting. Via mr. X character from JFK. And mr. X when he's talking to the Kevin Costner character playing Jim Garrison the DA of New Orleans they're walking at Washington. And mr. X says it talks about the national action memos that he delivered basically. That the CIA would be shattered into a million pieces and the shock waves that sent through the quarters of power in Washington. I'm sorry but everything you're about to tell us coming up after the 330 news. About Flynn and what he was gonna do to Intel it brings back memories of that conversation. Mr. X who was a conglomeration of characters including did I mean Fletcher Braude told Kevin. Costner in the movie JFK you can look up the up monologue where ultra posted on FaceBook. At the JFK give it to search for JFK Oliver Stone mr. X conversation Davis cents for. Where I'm coming from on this 'cause I do see. Donald Trump surrounded by enemies but I'm afraid president trump is not doing himself any favors right now he has got to go on the offense you don't with a Super Bowl by going on. Offense. Are absorbed by going on defense and mop like going on offense. I heard that from Tom Brady the last time we were measuring is a pressure. So don't go anywhere lots to come including your telephone calls 803 Oda thirty. Start at thirty. At 180616. WBBM. Also in addition that Russian ship off of Groton Connecticut there also Russian jets buzzing a navy destroyers so it upsets is currently we never left the the Obama regime. Yeah. Okay. Me. So glad I never have. It is for 830 I had a bit of radio I'm thirty WBE. They've shocks that's an optical and on the play just took one day off goes on for two weeks or something appeared there's never going to be time and one for ten days leaving David by himself. A government it is. Our ability of news radio 930 WB EM so where is Donald Trump going wrong. We I guess I got a head off the detects board right away we'd love for well I love president Donald. OK I've. I had a so far up is that you can even see my shoulders OK that's a much I love president drop I love his message. I think he's a good man he's a great man. Are right. He is surrounded. By people who are enemies the establishment. The Democrats. People in high. Level security clearance positions. Who are leaking. And formation why are they leaking it to destroy it trump. When used tell Washington you're going to drain the swamp. I'm afraid that the struck a swap may end up draining Donald Trump unless he changes tactics. Now. Let's get back to the Clinton situation David. Earlier I mentioned that you know a lot of us believe I don't I do that at one of the reasons president Kennedy was assassinated. Is like mr. dropped he created a lot of enemies. Within the establishment bureaucracy even in the 1960s in Washington. And actually did want to dismantle CIA and transfer CIA's duties to the Rory is branches of the military. But didn't make a real popular with the intelligence community. And intelligence community has a lot better toys and anybody. So what was flipped going to do and is that why he got clipped by an insider. Yeah well first of all the White House is released that Bob Harwood. I will replace. Michael Flynn as an essay this guy is a seal who lit it. Task force 561 and Iraq he use. More than qualified to be handled in which probably this I navy seal not me the it general Kellogg school with green beret himself. But Bob Harwood is served actually directly under James Mattis of this group. Of Kelly Madison heart would have been working together for probably. Over 2530 years so they'll be a lot of familiarity with the NSA and the Department of Defense in with the H yes which. You could argue was a good and bad thing. But about par would certainly warrior now let's get back to Michael flame Michael Flynn lost his job. When he was working for. But President Obama as the director of defense. Intelligence agency DIA. DIA is essentially the and I say the Pentagon OK so he's running DIA. At the same time there's a guy by the name of bill paley member Hindi I don't know you know. He's a guest on the show Philly philly's been runner on the country talking about what happened in this timeframe. When general flame was running. The Defense Intelligence Agency. He was basically saying that the Department of Homeland Security was through the intelligence apparatuses. Were deleting. All information. Having to do with people who could possibly be involved with terrorism. Now he is a fifteen year guy DHS. He's not a CIA guy but DHS was working with the an essay and he was saying what's going on here. This you you're you're changing the way you describe people. You're not. Leading with the fact that this guy could be terrorists would Muslim ties that's no longer part of the talking points now at the times of Philippine it was crazy. And that they're became. The Orlando shooting and the San Bernardino. Shooting and we found out. That the way that they were describing the suspects in San Bernardino and Orlando. Were all. Whitewashed there was a big no way that there were describing who these suspects worked and Philippine he sat back there and said I told you. You'll call me crazy. This is what they did with all my research for fifteen years it was something pretty and Michael foothold above that Michael Flynn took that stance against the Obama administration and said. You were trying to change the way we fight this war by not acknowledging who were fighting. And and Obama said it's about time you retired general flame. You're no longer needed here. It was the same year the general Mattis retired and the senior general Kelley retired. And about the same time they took out all the illegal aliens that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan there was apology went on with these types of thinkers. That is fleeing it was going to do with Donald Trump at an essay go back to where we were in 2009. When we had actual descriptions of who were fighting and that's why he was dangerous. And as we're called I don't get too far into the weeds here quicker on hold and we're gonna get right to your phone calls 8030 my thirty start at 3180616. WB Ian. I happen to think that a man I love and respect president trump is not being served well by people close to him. And I'm very afraid that the guy who went to Washington to drain the swamp is likely to be drained by the swap because. You know when people have power they don't like to give it up. And if somebody comes and there it says I'm gonna take you can't beat away. I am going to make things more difficult for you you're gonna have to justify. Exactly what it is you do. You try to submarine that individual outlets of new jobs event managers gunmen who are real you know what's and you've got we got there was some people it's that. Get this person a year and you submarine a bad manager. It's happened at radio as I happened. What's now. If you want I can get the opinion on the phone course you probably already have a cellphone number anyway but I keep that mind. Should we who takes phone calls and see what's on the track can do to change things the first phone call that changed America you read like fifteen different things would change what would give us a problem. Well number one. I think that president trump needs better people around him to bet the people around him. That is the first thing I'll be doing if I was president try people who. Let's just say arm war. Able and willing to tell president trump. Win and he he may be going in the wrong direction personally or be that some of the people that he has a personal loyalty to. May not have a quid pro quo loyalty to him and their interest in the ego. They wanna be starting field it'll be two to 1%. It is that an acceptable number one I. I think that's acceptable number one I think. There is at or not I have competent people to handle the media. Whatever their training was to handle the media this is not the media that you learn about buff state. This is about the media that you learn about college to a one courses what you're seeing right now is an apparatus of the political agenda. And if you think you can handle honorable people are miserably that's great but they have to assure you that they're honorable people. And unfortunately. You know the title of the New York Times piece that we read just five seconds ago implies. That what the trumpet administration did by being oh running for election and talking to Russian powers or Israeli leadership. Or NATO leadership is illegal and immoral. It is neither illegal nor is it a moral knock you want to make. He extrapolate wizards have talent you mean like maybe. It's something that could be illegal and immoral. The Obama administration using our tax dollars to try to get Netanyahu on elected very got State Department money. Taxpayer money I could argue that lying about giving. Millions of dollars in cash or. Funneling billions of dollars in exchange for a hostages that were illegally taken. You know there's a million things that I wanna compare apples or disable attracted is by talking to people from foreign governments as he's running for president and after he's elected is not illegal and it's not immoral. If you we are sick and wanna make. Unfounded. Baseless allegations saying in those conversations they talked about killing Obama's kids prove it. You can't prove it and you'd know that there's nothing there one more thing that I. I would do to change the direction of the trap administration because I see it and I see a real possibility for a catastrophe. The way things are going you can only fight so many battles and so many different fronts. One of the reasons Donald Trump was elected he was able to surmount the media hegemony of the narrative with the exception of course of certain talk radio shows okay. He'd beat the media were aligned against him for the most part a lot of radio talk show is basically if he was preaching the same kind of stuff that'll talk show host been preaching for use. The president needs to go directly to the American people how did he get elected. He has to go back. To be more available. Being more accessible so the narrative does not run away from him and I'm not saying he's got to do this every single day for the next four or eight years but I think at this point. In order to put some of this crap the bed I think he needs to stand up there and take questions. I think your hundreds and correct I go back to Terry put bullet there's so many connect come back. The sabres in the bills everything everything goes back to sever the Villa wanna proof do we actually have footage. You give the footage that we're looking for from the White House. This is race previous is press conference. And this is what they raster. Wayne the media sat down with them. I was not privy to that conversation I wasn't privy to any part Rex I'm fine. Three days ago. The dairy Abdul is handling the bills and the sabres very much like Donald Trump and the White House are being handled. There's a means seriously why why. When you fight your your NSA to his resignation you are at the press conference Mr. President you should have been not Sean Spicer not anyone else. And when you fire the head coach mr. Bogle you should be there. You don't that you introduced me to Pat LaFontaine and a Pat LaFontaine is Matt you know so I put a pillow sack over his head and throws at an event. And we never hear from Donald Trump. Has the ability to do it's Donald Trump has the necessity of doing it. He has to be out there he's got to be it's why why you felt a lot of it's why we do it's why we voted for it if you think you can't ask dot ultra tough questions listen to my interview with him for April of 26 to eight you can ask him tough questions he's not gonna bitch slap your. Ask them with respect. You'll get a third deal your advice to Donald Trump. How does he stop this spiraling cycle of negativity. And the attempts by his enemies including the establishment Republicans to topple his retreat. If you can't see this happening please. Pay more attention what is your advice to Donald Trump. It'll thrilled I'm thirty start I 3180616. WBE and Eddie in buffalo you're hourly ability. What Dave picture sir I actually. Why are dimension. That the the first already asked to do is get rid of all past Obama employees all government people because there seems to be some typos whispers of shuttle government. Obama is still in Washington and clings stranger. Could conducting something that is helping detriment to the detriment to. The enrollment. All trump policy. The the idea of what are you trying to do is grand but there seems to be sure that he wrote what street people. Sharing information that is classified which it is. Literally treasonous. And should be dealt with with a lot of we have on the book. Which then stand out to. The decision with the court the immigration issues the you know everything that. Seems to be that political politeness of society and Washington. Is all come down to political. Yeah I mean the question is are we talking about people who are basically serving at the pleasure of the president and the administration or are we talking about people who have the protection of civil service David you're the clues that can not not that level they're all there all their for a reason and the girls and as representatives of their different groups inside. Penalties they serve at the pleasure absolutely well that that's our callers very it is the whacked in the Obama holed I think an easy way to do that publicity state how do we know that. They are of the Obama holdovers. I just heard. My ex Senator McCain and senator Lindsey Graham talking impeachment. I just heard them bringing up outrageous allegations that the Russians got involved we don't know is to be bush people these could be. They're not trump people by appointment that but the president can't fire Senator McCain Lindsey great weekend. But fire but you cannot use Obama as the basis flame was an Obama guy. You can use Obama as the basis of it ever went connected this administration. Is a left wing lunatic I would. I would I would go through the entire counsell and and literally say. Look up on top of my spot but let's listen people the informed them. Eddie got a lot of it is are we have to take a break when I honestly think it's time for Donald Trump to start acting. Shall we state like the first of the media are telling risky as. But I'm sorry I wanna hear you're fired you're fired you're fired you're fired you're either on the team or you're not. And I'm sorry but you can't have people who are trying to protect you on the outside and the inside trying their best to destroy you. You can't coaster like paranoid. Don't get me wrong. But at the same time you also have this and situational awareness. And realize who's got the means the motive and the opportunity to bold new I'm afraid there's a lot of people in Washington who wanna destroy president trump and the to Dan Shannon. And that's what got elected that's why I think he's going to be more public he's gonna answer questions he's got to go directly to the American people because. The majority of the American people want him to succeed. Hourly ability of usually on I thirty WBE.

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