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Joint news conference with Pres. Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu

Feb 15, 2017|

Trump and Netanyahu hold joint news conference at White House.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Life couple from BC yeah. Series C news correspondent. Sixers president trumpet Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu are about to hold a joint news conference at the White House steadfast in his support for Israel mr. trump of late. Has appeared to back away from his most hardline positions like moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. And and the prime minister of Israel. And you hear the announcement from overhead in the east room of the White House as president trump in prime minister Netanyahu into the room. The assembled press on its feet along with other guests as the two men take their positions behind podiums in a city to live coverage from ABC news. Thank you. Today I have the honor of welcoming my friend prime minister Benjamin net yeah. To the white house. With this visit the United States again reaffirms our unbreakable bond. With our cherished ally Israel. The partnership between our two countries built on our shared values. Has advanced the cause of human freedom. Dignity and peace these are the building blocks of tomorrow whose. State of Israel is a symbol to the world. Of resilience in the face of oppression. Can think of no other state. Has gone through what they've gone. And her survival in the face of Janice. We will never forget what the Jewish people. Have endured. You perseverance. In the face of steadily year open democracy in the face of violence. And your success in the face of tall arts is truly. Inspirational. The security challenges faced by Israel. Are Norman's. Including the threat of Iran nuclear ambitions which I've talked a lot about. The worst deals have ever seen. Is you Randy. My head administration has already imposed new sanctions on Iran. And I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing. I mean ever in nuclear what. Security assistance to Israel is currently at an all time high. Ensuring that Israel has the ability. To defend itself from threat. Of which there are unfortunately. Many. Both of our countries will continue and grow. We have a long history of cooperation. In the fight against terrorism and the fight against those who do not value. Human life. America and Israel are two nations that cherish. The value of all human life. This is one more reason why I reject. Unfair and one sided actions against Israel. At the United Nations. Is treated as you know in my opinion. Very very unfairly. Or other international forums as well as boycotts that target is him. Our administration is committed to working with the Israel. And our common allies. In the region towards greater security and stability. That includes. Working toward a peace agreement. Between Israel. And the Palestinians. The United States will encourage a piece. And really great piece he will be working on it very very diligently. Are important to me also. Something we wanted to do. But it is the parties themselves who must. Directly negotiate. Such an agreement. Will be beside. Working. As with any successful negotiation. Both sides will have to make compromises. You know that. That. I want the Israeli people and now. That the United States stands with Israel. In the struggle against terrorism. As you know mr. prime minister. Our two nations. Will always. Condemn. Terrorist act. Peace requires nations to uphold the dignity of human alive. And to be a voice for all of those. Who are endangered. And forgotten. Those are the ideal to which we all. And will always. Buyer. And commit. This will be the first. Of many productive meetings. And I again. Mr. prime minister thank you very much for being with us today. Mr. prime minister thank you. President trump. Aren't you recruited. Truly warm hospitality. You and Milan have shown me my wives are. Aren't turned relegation. I deeply you value your friendship. To being in the center of Israel. So clearly evident. In the words you just spoke. Israel has no better alignment and and I want her true. The United States. Has no better ally than Israel. Airlines has been remarkably strong. But under your leadership. I'm confident it will get even stronger. I look forward to vote working with you. To dramatically upgraded our lines in every field in security. And technology. Cyber intrusion so many others and I certainly welcome. The Euro corporate call. To ensure that newsrooms treated fairly and international forums. And that the slander and boycott. Of those who are resisted mightily by the power. And moral position of the United States of America. You said. Our lives is based on and a deep bond of common values and common interest. An increase in those values and interests. Are under attack by one malevolent force. Radical Islamic terror. Mr. President you vote you shown great clarity and courage. In confronting others challenged at all. You call for confronting Iran's terrorist regime. Preventing you're wrong from realizing this. Terrible view into a nuclear arsenal. And you have that the United States. Is committed to preventing. Iran from getting nuclear weapons. You call for the defeat of vice. Under your leadership I believe we can reverse the rising tide of radical law. And in this great test as in so many others. Israel stands review. And I spent. This president and rolling back. Militant Islam. We conceive an historic opportunity. Because for the first time in my lifetime. And for the first time in the life of my country. Arab countries in the region. And not view Israel as an enemy. But increasingly. As an ally. And I believe that under your leadership. The change in our region. Creates an unprecedented opportunity. To strengthen security. And advance peace. Let us Jesus moment ago there. Let us bolsters security. But a new avenues appease. And let us bring the remarkable alliances between Israel and the United States. To even greater part. Thank you thank you Mr. President. Thank you. Again thank you. I've from the White House prime minister Netanyahu with president trump the two men shaking hands. In the east room of course now taking questions from the press and diversity and I putted from ABC news. Christian broadcasting. Payment. Thank you Mr. President mr. prime minister. Both of you Kirsch criticized Iran nuclear deal and at times even call for repeal. I'm wondering if you're concerned at all. As a relates to not just be out and national security advisor Michael Flynn who has recently. No longer here but also some of those events that have been going on communication Russia if that is gonna hamper this deal at all whether or not it would keep. Ran from becoming a nuclear and and secondly on the settlement issue are you both on the same page how do you exactly term that. As early the settlement issue. Thank you. Michael Flynn generals and be wonderful man I think he's been treated very very unfairly by the media. As I call it the fake media in many cases. And I think it's really sad thing that he was treated so badly I think in addition to that. From intelligence. Papers accordingly things are being leaked. Criminal action criminal act. And it's been going on for a long time before me. But now it's really line. And people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss. That the Democrats had a under. Hillary Clinton. I think it's very very unfair what's happened to. General and the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally. He stressed that illegally leaked. Very very unfair. As ars settlements I'd like to see you hold back on settlements are a little bit. Will or something but I would like to see a deal we made I think a deal will be made. I know that every president would like to most of them had not started late because they never thought it was possible. And it wasn't possible. Because they didn't do it. But BB and I have known each other along time. Smart man great negotiator. And I think we're gonna make a deal that might be bigger and better deal than people in this room. And understand. That's a possibility. So let's see what we do. It's hard. Dozens are too optimistic but this. Is good negotiator of the art of the deal are also want to thank. And it's. I also want to thank Erica deeply and a lovely and you've been organized and moaning I appreciate program. You're Karen. We lose we lose or go. Out we're going. Mr. President. Or vision for the in the Middle East peace are you ready to give up of the notion of two state solution. It was a adopted by previous administration. And would you be willing to hear different figures from the prime minister's. As some of his partners are asking to do for example indexation of parts of the west bank and are restricted settlement constructions. And one more question are you going to for a feel the promise to move the US embassy in Israel to resume them and if away. It was a prime minister Utica and here. Tonight the films to the president that you are backing off that distinct solution. Thank you. So I'm looking at Tuesday and Wednesday. And I like the one that both parties like. I'm very happy with the London both parties I can live with either walked. I thought for a while the two state looked. Like it may be easier to. But honestly if BP. And if the Palestinians in Israel and the Palestinians there. Happy I'm happy with the one they like the best as far as the embassy moving in Jerusalem. I'd love to see that happen when looking at it very very strongly we're looking at it with. Great care great care believe me and we'll see what happens. I do. I read yesterday. And personal. And if you ask five people. What Tuesday would look like. You'd get different answers. Present you ask five Israelis and get pulled it. But rather than do with the labels. How to do with. Something 022. Years and world absolutely fix it labels and bottoms. And here's the substance. They're no prerequisites preparing. A doctor's. And haven't changed. First the Palestinians must recognize the Jewish. They have to stop calling for Israel's destruction after stop educating their people. Four is. Second in any reason. Israel must retain the overriding security control over the entire area west of the Jordan River because if we don't. We know what will happen. Because otherwise we'll get another radical Islamic terrorists. In the palace in manners exploded and appease exploded moment. Well unfortunately the Palestinians. Vehemently reject both prerequisites for pre. For if they continue to call for Israel's destruction. In other schools and malls in the textbooks after readers to believe. Even that unity even deny Mr. President historical connection. To homeland. Exposed to a faster so why why do. More Jews called Jews. Well the Chinese typical Chinese vehicles. From China. The Japanese oracle Japanese because they come from Japan. Well Jews call June. Because they come from sugar. This is our ancestral homeland. Jones knocked foreign polonium 200 deal. Unfortunately the problem is not only denied the past. It also points in the present. And in public squares of mass murderers and murdered. Israelis. And after they're also murdered American. Victory fund to pay monthly salary. To the families of murders. Like the founding of the terrorist killed before a wonderful. Young American West Point graduate. Was to while visiting. So this is the source of the depressed and Palestinian refusal to recognize the Jewish and him and he's bound. A rejection of the reason we don't please. That pasture. I wanted to change. Not only and not abandon these two prerequisites. It become even more important because of the rising tide of fanaticism that swept the movies and has also unfortunately. Infected Palestinians. So I want to change. I want those two prerequisites of peaks up labels want and reinstated. But if anyone believes that prime minister who is responsible for the security of my country would blithely walk into Palestinian terrorist. That seeks the destruction in my country that gravely mistaken. The two prerequisites of recognition of the Tuesday. And Israel's security needs west of the Jordan. They remain pertinent. We have to look for new ways. New ideas. Reinstated. And how to move forward and I believe that the great opportunity. For pays comes from. A regional approach. From involving. Our new phone. Arab partners. In the pursuit of a broader peace and peace with the posters and greatly before. To discussing in detail would you Mr. President. Because. I think that were never. A partial. And we have been discussing that and it is something that is very different hasn't been discussed before. And it's actually a much bigger deal much more important deal in a sense. It would take in many many countries and it would cover a very large territories so. I didn't know you going to be mentioning that but that's now that you did that they could terrific thing and I think we have some pretty good cooperation from people that in the past would never ever have. Even thought about doing things so we'll see how that works. A Katie from cal haulers Katie was. Thank you Mr. President. Earlier remarks that both sides will have to make compromises comes a peace deal. He mention any halt on settlement commune layout and humor specific compromises that you had in mind both for the Israelis. And with Palestinians. And mr. prime minister. What expectations you have from the new administration. About how to either amend the Iran nuclear agreements or how to dismantle it altogether. And how to overall worked with the new administration to combat Iran's increased aggression not only in the last couple of months but the past couple of years. Actually an interesting question I think that. The Israelis are gonna have to show some flexibility. Just hard hard to do. That have to show. The fact that they really wanna make a deal. I think our new concept that we've been discussing actually for a while. It's something that allows them to show more flexibility than they have in the past because. You have a lot bigger canvas to platelet. And I think they'll do that I think they're very much would like to. They can deal I wouldn't be happy and I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be as optimistic as I am really think I can tell you from. This important BBN from the standpoint of Israel I really believe they wanna make you feel that like to see that they. I think the Palestinians. Have to get rid of some of that. Hate that it dollar from a very young tremendous. I seen it. And can talk about flexibility there to put it starts at the very day age and it starts. In the school room. And they have to acknowledges. And have to do that is no way deal can be made of and ready to. Acknowledge. A very very great and important country. And I think you're going to be willing to do that but now I also believe we're going to have Katie there players. At a very high level. And I think it might make it easier on the Palestinians and Israel to get something. Thank you very interesting question thank you. US about Iran. One thing is preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons something that. President from Bernard. Record deeply committed to do. And and I think we on. President trump has lived very important. In the past few weeks. Coming into the pros and he pointed out their farmers and remember them ballistic missile test by the way these ballistic missiles crimes. In Hebrew. Newsroom we shall oppose the rather the Iranian foreign ministers groups that are. Missiles are not intended against any country. They write on the missiles in Hebrew. Is almost mutual so. Challenging. Wrong on violations of ballistic missiles. Imposing sanctions on. Hezbollah preventing them. Making them pay for the terrorism victories. Foment. The Middle East and beyond will be. I think that's a change that is clearly evident and and president trump took office aren't welcome back. I think it's. While it is true I mean long overdue. And I think that we worked together. And noxious the United States and Israel. But so many others. In the region CO ideologue. On the on the great. Magnitude and danger of the Iranian threat and Africa. I think we can. Roll back lawns. Aggression injured and that's something that is important for. Israel are registered I think it's vitally important for America these guys are developing our civilians. They're developing a wanted to to a nuclear arsenal out of ball. A hundred ball. And they want to have the ability to launch in February if and include especially eventually the united. So this is something that is important for all of a welcomed the change and I'm going to work with president from very close to a news report and you. While. The president. The election campaign and today even after your victory. And we've seen a sharp rise in Nam anti Semitic am. And anti Semitic incidents across the United States and I wonder what do you say to those among the Jewish community in the states. And in Israel and may be around the world who believe and she is that your administration is playing his xenophobia up and may be racist tones. And mr. prime minister and do you agree to what the president just made about their need for Israel to restrain and to or to stop settlement activity in the West Bank. And a quick follow up on my friend's questions simple question do you back off from your vision to be on the conflict. Of the state solution at the lay out in bar Ilan speech or is to support the well I just wanna. That we are very honored by the victory that we head 306. Electoral College votes and reward not supposed to crack. Two pointing. You know that right there was no way to do toward anyone but then they said there's no way to do. And is tremendous enthusiasm around there I will say that. We are going to have peace in this country. We are going to step. Crime in this country. We are going to do everything within our. Two long simmering. Racism and every other thing going. Out of things. And taken place over a long period of time I think one of the reasons and one elections will be very very divided nation. Very divided. And hopefully I'll be able to do something about that and you know something that was very important to me. As far. People Jewish people many for an a daughter who happens to me. Here right now on in law. And three beautiful grandchildren. I think that you're going to see a lot different. United States of America over the next. 34 or eight years. I think a lot of good things happening. And you can see a lot of love it is a lot of love it if. I believe that issue of settlements is not a quorum call work. Nor does it really draw the conflict aren't an issue that's been resolved in the context of peace negotiations. And I think it also we also war and speak about it president trump and weaken a broad. And understanding. So we don't keep on bumping into each of all the time on position. Program to discuss. On video question you said you just came back. With your question to the problem that I says it's the label what does Abu -- and me by Tuesday appear what what does it mean. A state that doesn't recognize. The Jewish state a date that. Basically is open for a attack against Israel and what are we talking about we talk about Costa Rica are we talking about an utterly wrong. So obviously it means different things are told what are the conditions I believe necessary for an agreement. Recognition of futuristic and it's Israel's Israel's security control of the entire area otherwise which is matter. Otherwise. We'll get another failed state and other terrorists. Did Islamist dictatorship rule. Worked for Perry's work to. Destroy hospitals would destroy any hope and hope. A peaceful future for people so I've been very clear about those conditions and they haven't changed. Haven't changed. If you read what I. Eight years ago it's exactly that and I repeated that again and again if you wanna do labels do labels all do. And finally I wonder if I can respond to. Something I know from personal experience. I've known present for many years. And to. Allude to here. Or to speak. To. Some of whom I've known commodities through. Can we do during how long we've known you. And while he was never small mole is better. It's always tall but I've. I've known president and I've known his family and his team. Along. And there is no greater supporter of the Jewish people and the Jews. And president tall chrome I think we should put that. Thank you very much. Currency appreciate that very much. By from the White House prime minister Netanyahu president from. Shaking hands in the east room they appear to be done mr. taking questions and despite some shouted questions from members of the press. Any contact with the Russians and Mr. President any questions on Russia. Mr. President. You. ABC's Jonathan Karl trying his best but president company prime minister Netanyahu. Walk out of the room the president spoke of a great peace deal he said the US would work on diligently. He did not mention the two state solution that has long been American policy. Instead saying he could live with either a two state or a one state solution whatever the parties want. The president did say both sides would have to compromise a prime minister Netanyahu arrived at the White House only minutes before this news conference of the two men. Really had no time to talk and it may have caught the prime minister off guard when mr. trump senate Mike CEO hold back on settlements for a little bit. The president also said Palestinians. Have to get rid of hate that they're taught at a very young age and Aaron could proceed due listening to live coverage from ABC news. Let's get straight back at the White House and ABC's Karen Travers care. And the white house with teen this press conference up as one that would not have any big announcements and officials told us last night to look for common vision to be laid out and that's partly because as you eight. The U leaders haven't even got down for any discussion yet which is. I am rather big change from what usually happens in a foreign leader comes to the White House. What the president did say though he pushed Bennett ad Benjamin Netanyahu on the issue of settlement telling him to hold back a little bit. But indicating that the trump administration's stance on the entire broader issue of nearly. Guys work it out and we'll be there on the sidelines to support you. But we're not gonna tell you what to do. And we're not going to pick a side door pick solution that we think is that you figured out and you directly negotiate. ABC's Karen Travers Karen difficult for a wanna turn to Jerusalem now David Schuster and Miller who's been listening witness how all of this going to play. Where you martyrdom. Liking it's astounding to me as a journalist covering region now for nine years. I mean basically I think we just heard at the present the United States stayed at the state solution is not raining ask a cream anymore when it comes to me DT. He's set a one state solution and is a possibility and then he really alluded to something that. Reporters here and Jerusalem have long heard about from the prime minister Akira Netanyahu. He has an aiming for the idea of a larger broader peace deal that would include possibly the saudis possibly. The United Arab Emirates. And this is something that isn't Netanyahu has been pushing we thought here he might see this child enclosed quarters and we all come. Didn't expect him to mention his or allude to it in any and then he said yes well now that it. We're thinking about something bigger something broader. Bigger than anyone expected. This I think really is a new direction and it major shifts. And it's almost pre Oslo days to sort of reshape how old did get negotiated right. Absolutely. And it really makes us think about the Saudi plan that was offered up in 2002. We these these things supported every few years again by the Arab League which basically talks about it you know. A larger regional peace plan for Israel. In exchange for peace with the saudis that the Ameren and including a peace deal with the Palestinians in other words not a bilateral agreement with the Palestinians which is Oslo all without. ABC's Dardenne another witness from Jerusalem and I want to turn back briefly to ABC's Karen Travers because you heard our colleague Jonathan Karl at the end. Ask about Russia and contacts of that the administration or the campaign may have had. Karen the president took questions only from the Christian Broadcasting Network in the blog like site town hall. He was not asked about what has been the most pressing issue in the White House over the last 24 hours. No but he certainly went on a treat storm this morning about it and blasting the media for that reporting. And all of going after the intelligence community for what he called illegal leaks saying that this all the stories about the connections to Russia are not at what he tweeted. But he comment. On the resignation of general in his national security advisor and Aron remarkable. The president said it was very very unfair what happened to general and he decried the waded general Flynn has been treated. Cleaning the media for that an. Just point out. The Providence on Monday. General plan to resign and the White House says that's because over the past couple of weeks. There's been an erosion of trust the president not comfortable anymore with general Flynn at his national security advisor yet today. Each seemed to imply that Michael Flynn was run out of town by an angry mob of reporters in that of himself asking him to step down. ABC's Karen Travers who of us live from the White House when the president mentioned a couple of other things as a candidate he city's number one priority would be to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal to date he said only he would do more. To prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapons. He also said as a candidate we will move the American Embassy to Jerusalem today he said he'd love still looking at it very carefully and with great care. And we'll see what happens I'm Aaron pitchers you've been listening to live coverage from ABC news. News honors winner for the third straight year with Edward. Stress.