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2-15 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And way back revision company regarding Michael Glenn first the leaks. And auto birds the agency wherever they came from a league that through videos. New York time items ago apparently president trump thinks is you Vienna's they are FBI in one of his recent weeks. Then that we have the feeding frenzy all while something new about trump. Let's go let's hit it because we want to be the first win it we want we want to expand that member now in the old days Nixon actually step down all maybe we can do that be great. That's the feeding frenzy there's the rush to judgment well. Oh my goodness Michael Flynn talk to the Russian ambassador he probably gave him every secretly have probably showed on the blueprints of our new fighter jet who knows that. Let me imagination go wild and that's what they did. All right and bay. Our rub they're trying to take down his president there's no question about that in my mind. The Michael Capuano interview. We've played earlier and it showed he states the same basic thing that there weren't a serious situation. It would almost can be called domestic terrorism or terrorism is more than just explosions. In this case if you are trying to make make it impossible for the president of the United States that do his job. Then that's a form of terrorism I would think and we have to look at this as seriously. Here's you know attacks not sure you mentioned this but give everybody a lie detector test. If they don't sign up and they don't have to take that as they lose their job the matter of national security. They should be well within the rights of the president to do so well first of all I don't mind the idea I don't know with the legalities are of that. But certainly in intimate image jobs. That requires a National Security Council. Acceptance. At a high level if you have the credentials. To be a high level operative. I would like to see something like that. Because basically they're selling. Even though remain I'd give anything for that are there and actually giving it away. Giving away information. That is supposed to be proprietor tour. And they're supposed to go on government channels and now for their all purpose they decide. No we're going to we're gonna make this public because of one. Does have a good welfare. Of the United States well in your twisted mind maybe you think so because you don't like the personal won the election while too bad. Just too bad so I like that idea I don't know if we can do it but I do like it. Let's go to gem into Ronald junior on WB again. That's their vehicle for what they were have been calling him but a couple of points for you wouldn't go to the ball over we're eager to peaks and but other. Or two beats and a gem yes I think it. From Ontario but the point is this a dutiful for what you both periods seemed to be the withdrawal which code after cup. Carpenter is the poor Ol Carl Paladino you'll see if he runs for governor game. The point is simply this says the couple factors. That you would like to look at number ones if they continued this. Campaign against pro open prompt look stupid but others spend the rest from. It's the sympathy that being garnered by the public. In all what's going lower rate double play radiant confidence for a second term may be the mid terms that are coming up in a couple of years. He's got carport for the para beat the good will of the American people happen to be their number two city. It's going to take time six to nine months I'd bet my bottom dollar Hillary there'll sending nude he told me that. They're going back what we'll follow what John Howard industrial there even Stephen Harper was up here for tenure for the first year it was a nightmare. Frankly it can't move. Quickly at this time six to nine months says the in this case that's the bat down actually. Baton of actual ownership and go after. A number of people brigade it will appeal which god it'll be step by step it'll be methodical. Would probably gained have you seen anything like this before what we have when people have Graham analytical amnesty. Yep McCain they're great for your shedding occurred provincial with Pete times. Not too many people bring this point up the game big game when he wants to bring this war (%expletive) these talking about term limits both for Democrats. And Republicans really have any real friends of Washington. That's a good bargain at any time he lost to affect the status quo you've got instant enemies good points gem and so one of PP Jim thank you in March. Added that is a good point. If if you think about it it does it does get sympathy because you understand that you see at the piling on. As these this set up the feeding frenzy especially. And and I think you're a bad lie detector things are good idea now I don't know bill legalities of asking for that and we ethnic group we have there's a lawyer. I had I guess it would depend on their position in the government also whether it's a union situation and not one would hope that wouldn't interfere. I'm but I I think that's a decent idea is it really is disgusting. As the best way to describe it discussing. And it is getting worse they had I'm on fox last night they had a guy on a wanna get off the subject but just the Sharia discussing this. A guy on who is. I guess well known in Mexico. And he's he's got some money and people know who he is or whatever and he has a campaign going on now. For every Mexican and that. That they're trying to deport. He's giving them advice on how to stretch it out and have bad make it as long as possible whatever. His goal his stated goal is to clog up the immigration. Courts in this country so that we can't do it. Anymore now this is a guy who's Mexicans who doesn't want people back that went all over to the United States. He wants them to stay there and he's asking them. To be his partner in this by clogging up. The the immigration courts and he's right up about it so here you got a guy. Who is telling you he wants to stop the flow of immigrants through immigration gourds. And then you've got others who tell you that we should office the president in front of an audience. It's that was made him Wear aware of the officials now. When he makes statements like that and it's all over the Internet start fine. And it's not a fake not a phony I thought that was illegal I thought you can be arrested for the and rightfully so but apparently there we've talked about this before you can do all kinds of things now. Almost like trying to goad the government into doing something that you think is going to turn his normal supporters. Away from him what I've seen on our screens courses is a scientific. It's just our screens and our conversations. Is that people are getting angry not at not a Donald Trump. But getting angry because they see the setup it's a setup. You know it's an ambush that's what they do they're doing ambush journalism. And as I said I don't think is overstating to say it's domestic terrorism what is terrorism do. Terrorism doesn't have the blow up everything they don't even have to kill a lot of people. All they have to do is disrupt. The normal routine of you or your country or your relatives or whatever. Make things impossible used to be possible. Make things possible they used to be impossible. And outdoors to screw up everything going on your country that's for terrorism is about. Well do you think trying to keep the president of the United States from doing he is a sworn duty think that might be considered terrorism I do. I do you'd never shoot somebody for that you know of the blow anything up from that I think that that is a form and I I think now's the time to take off the gloves. You want it coming. And you'll find that yeah there's a lot of you but there's a lot more of us. Will will will take it from there show it will be back at practice. You know I think I have the answer Tony the answer is obvious. Is the if and aid to Michael Flynn a met with the government or talked to aware of the the Russian ambassador. I have a feeling that they were talking about their grandchildren. And the Russian ambassador his golf game. I'm really thinks so and I don't think they met secretly on a plane on the tarmac or anything like that. And so one would guess that if you had communications. And edited it UW would you would talk about your grandchildren and your golf game. I think that's what renal engine and Bill Clinton then so why assume that that's what Mike Flynt. Let's go to my friend Don and Pennsylvania Don you're on WB and the swamp needs draining enemies draining and Ari. Yep it sure does it with that in mind. What wanted. And he hired the officials that took care of the lake all look so damn out in California. I mean they they drained a late. With a lot of efficiency and draining us walks in in the Washington it would be like a walk in the park for them. You know maybe it was just stay a definition of something yesterday. It was a serious situation but I had to chuckle at this. Jerry Brown as the governor of California. I reached out to the president of the United States for federal help and that's totally understandable and should happen okay. But the way the news reported said that. He sent the president a letter. Asking. That's an. Our federal help now maybe it was an electronic letter or something like that but I can't imagine. Him up putting it at a mailbox. You know sending it to the United States though president while while he is a state is in dire trouble. No I don't they keep it auto. And that might welcome transpire that. They how many guys how many stamps are the lick the ads against say it again present service what do you think about this whole mess I. I think it's it's pretty disgusting to be honest with you because it's getting more and more girls in getting any better. And there there's no limits and there's no bounce. Now and I'll play you one thing that concerns me and tremendously. Is that. You got Ali Democrat. And I'm afraid they're gonna form a coalition. With a lot of the dyed in the wool Republican. Who love Penn. And if they did drop out of the way well then they feel like they could deal much more efficiently. Which parents didn't know what trop that concerns me. Yeah that's not an irrational awful odd as far as being expressed that as a possibility of why they would do it. I find it amazing they had an expert on fox. Regarding communications. And other quotes that I saw on the screen word that. Those those phone intercepts. Are usually very tightly held classified secrets. And this would be by the NSA or the FBI. So suddenly just by magic. Their leaks or some of them early to at least. To the New York Times this is all political. You know but now I know that and I think they've got to get to the bottom of it and and Shannon has to be taken not just losing a job. These kinds of things could could affect the country and a very unique and a undesirable. Way. Well isn't it funny how the mass media always seems to be in the forefront or no background or somewhere in ball that this situation. The other seven around. Not this kind of stuff happen were Barack Obama. Because they either love Barack Obama or they didn't want to be labeled racist. And that these things were not brought up things were taken at face value now all of a sudden every single thing that he does. Is scrutinized and do you think it's more than a coincidence that he's meeting would be the Bibi Netanyahu of from Israel today. And that that will dominate than that won't dominate the news cycle will be dominated by Michael Flynn. All of this no question about that. You know that. That the reality of it it is according to always experts that Obama actually deported. More people than President Bush. And I'd never heard any hue and cry at so what Obama was deporting these billions of immigrants back to Mexico but there's as soon as well. There that or even this talk about doing it there everybody is up and around about it. That's why you are somebody's said that the group then he should take the executive order event. Event Obama submitted and cement that was his name on it and see if that passes because Obama's did. And there's no reason why his wouldn't it in unless it's a rigged deal say the problem we have is this isn't just you know. Voters who are angry at summer are that this is insidious this is in the government. We've got to cut the odd cup that cancer because it'll cripple us. That's for damn sure am and it's well on its way right now. So what are people saying there are trying to get him out of office as saying the hell would all of you who voted for this man to be president. And the like what he said you voted that you went there you cast your vote. And now somebody is trying to take that away from you I think that's the greatest thing we have. Here's our right to vote our right to be as speaking out. As who we want the lead us and anybody that tries to impede that should be considered the enemy. You got that right. Hey I'm all a favor bringing back black man man stepped. But. Ed thanks John good idea. And I'm like yeah I think about it it's I would call a domestic terrorism. If if you are leaking classified information. And let's face it phone intercepts especially. And especially by the FBI and NSA. Has to be your classified information. You're giving away. You are egg giving it away. Knowing it's going to be public the newspaper the very hard times have excessive. Knows it's stolen. It's Stalin was something not about this it is still one. And they've publish it. If you receive stolen goods and Mueller pawnshop. And you know it's stolen. And the people giving it until you know it's stolen. And you undercut by the police you've got caught for receiving stolen property. How come we don't have those kind of rules for information. Doesn't have to be a tangible. Doesn't have to be a car set a wheels or cannon Gannon declassified information which is has a lot bigger impact on our society. Then than normal things that would pass the best. India punch. Let's go to Tom in Boston Tommy on the WB again. And then everybody I'm fine Tom what do you force today. Our great news on the trump and the legal matter there. Before I say that we you just said it's very intellectual leaders do what you know stolen property near the great examples Andy. We've all heard a million times on any book market in any Reid brought past transmission or the word dissemination. Or consent. This can't even when the Washington. What do you all. Isn't a secret video window so that we'll look at Vanessa Williams and a little exploration Coke. And it certainly illegally disseminated and legally mandated jail approximately. What an actual action and been a leader later get reelected that help writing data they don't want and then when everyone else. Yeah I that was mayor Berry and he'd during conjugal visit time actually enjoyed the privilege always say in full view of everybody else. And Odom when he got out they put amber and I can't believe. Correct because they'd get a job on amber yeah he would be good news. Did you hit it now that we asked them quote I look back at this the answer. The court gamers who wrote that because in the court there's something called nun wrote on the air power of the court to set a record straight. So from new administration didn't have what you call them believe the wording. What do worded correctly it could've been challenged. So they rejected it would gain on the road map to look correctly because the 77 successful incidence. From that area of the world. World problems so what are we write it and then it was going to be restricted that's the part first part. All right well let's see you know let's see what happens then go thank you Murrah bringing that up and then lighten our audience and myself thank you. Will be back live more after this. Let's see him. Got a lot of people on the line I'm I'm telling you the joke that the tax screeners has blown up today. And every lines and hole all morning long because I think people are had to with this crap. Just had yet. What the hell's going on in Washington. There are going to spend more time energy and money. Then Ben is absolutely not neither did try to take down this president and you know what. A good strong cell line for Donald Trump is this and think about it. It must be working what I am trying to do. Because if it wasn't they wouldn't be doing this. In north argun about if they thought I was going to implode under my own way because I I was in depth picked the wrong people made the wrong choices. They wouldn't be bothering with this but they are edits a full court press so that'll tell you something. It'll tell you that today they don't they don't have confidence that he can't do the job and so they're gonna try and take among that's what they're doing. As of it doing now. And I I think remarkable photos right in his interview this morning there is right on let's go to do no harm. Normally on WB. Yet. I didn't burst that color enough budget they're normally just words today. There is no Mark Twain was still alive I do believe it quote. The government establishment won't do anything and everything to keep doing nothing and it. That's a good quote the. All of federal lawyers want to keep status quo we understand that although important issues of this country faces. Theaters from all political sides will do a side trip he'll change if you profits you can't do that you know what I mean. The guy and innovative farm leaders that are coming to pay. Visitation through the president. I come away I'm very good frame of mind now obviously they may be a little deferential cause this is the president but usually they're not shy in stating their view is. And they seem to be very impressed with him just give the guy had damn chance he's only been and they are three to three weeks. Did we the voters need to drain the swamp ourselves. I think so we may have a swamp draining party and I know I can count on you know armed thank you. You have a slumber isn't being drain fast enough. Keep in mind. There are some. People in federal government that are swamp worthy they should be drain they should be doing now. There are some of you can't drain but that their benevolence though you don't you don't even care about that. Because they're not hurting anything and as long as there helping not hurting fine there are other fish to fry. But it's quite obvious that nobody. Wants the status quo changed except. Donald Trump and the people to follow him we demand that it be changed and now is a chance to do. And we go we don't like visited these dirty tricks that we're seeing right now we're our own government. Because the call is coming from the house. Let's go to and I don't mean the House of Representatives. Dennis in Canada damage you're on W via. I mourn an African temple of. I'm budget called that is when he got force in him. Is it problem in the White House. I remember that trap that took a picture and a submarine what happened to him. Yes it was yeah he paid the price for that. Yes so what we do now is we make everything in the White House top secret. Phone calls fact you know whatever whatever. And BAA which should give it a bit inflammation away and out then you could charge him with. Break in the top secret even treason for that matter. I'm sure there are different Abbott knows that they're doing tests on by you know letting little bits of information here and there is a legitimate. They can Trace that they'll find out eventually if they want to find out. Yeah if they wanna find out they can. I mean he would be the big downfall by the way. Not just now and would this issue. Is when something comes up. And he had the answer is yes I was involved would that in your tonight. It's every time that happens the coverup is worse than the crime if there is. But I think it's a natural thing from the time children you Johnny did you spill this melt no I didn't do it. And load your sister's next door associated and though it and I didn't know it Il must about it no no I didn't do it. I just denying automatically lawyer trying to come up with a excuse oh a lame reason. Why you're gonna get out of something it is better. To just be straight to the idea that. There are fouled out there give via a tol me clean it up on mobile and everything's okay. Everything's okay a simple off I didn't understand of the of the exact procedure. In a vote on over the line and I apologize for it there's no harm no fault it's our. But once you start nowadays they said lack of trust. With the Michael went there apparently was not it was not straight with the parents and that was that. So if you're not straight with the somebody's right away there's no reason they should believe you later. If you're Alicia with a when you're caught that's not a good thing so I can't I can't bemoaned. Michael Flynn leaving because of that but I do vehemently. I disagree was oh win. Receiving stolen goods which is what the New York Times did. When they got the information they knew was stolen and they acknowledge took a different. We'll be back with more after this. Both phones have been no lit up all day a lot of tax and allowed FaceBook to. Tony I give me a couple of FaceBook we haven't used in Indonesia. Okay Andrew says it's no. Trump doesn't play around he fired him for not fully doing his job. Well of first all I'm not objecting to him firing Michael Floyd and if indeed from. Little we know. From back doors sources if Michael Flynn. Did misrepresents. Some things. To the vice president that of love importance. To try and you know being a better life than they deserve it deserved I mean that's. Even if you're like dumb that he can argue that what I am not happy about. Is the obvious conspiracy to get hit again trump out of office. By just making it. So crowded so cluttered so many things that he can govern and other ways hawks as lieutenant general Flynn. As president tropics Ollie north. Both loyal soldiers carrying out marching orders to standard and completion. Soldiers always fall before the civilians they protect in wartime. Democrats and their minions have declared war president trump. While they have and you know what they are Democrats are hoping to find they're hoping to push push push push push. And find their dream fine would be that he was instructed by the president. To make the contact. If they can get that they have they've they've reached a gold standard I'm sure that's what they're looking for another. John says let's get the whole accurate story including. Who leaked absolutely. That's the point. Because we said they chronology. The leaks and we got to start there. If these are the classified. Their phone intercepts and their classified in somebody. And either according to trump the NSA or the FBI. Leaked it. Which is illegal they stole that information. You won't let that the government you United States of America owns it. And they are the custodians and base they gave it away or sold that I don't know always which it is. And the New York Times knowing it was stolen. No laying it was stolen. Publisher. Now if they're not receiving stolen goods tools that. Do we have to just go with a car you know. You know computer something Arkin classified information being considered stolen goods if it's leaked and I think it should be. I think it absolutely should be I think there should be a penalty for. So if version of the leagues than the feeding frenzy. You know you've seen all the talking has but as buzz buzz all he could Madonna's alone buzz buzz buzz what's going on. And and they you know they put it out there. Leaving it to your imagination. That while. If Michael Flynn was talking to the damn bad the the Russian ambassador. This is not good he could have been telling him anything. He could give all of our our battle plans are our nuclear carloads. And and they let you fill in the blanks with your imagination. When indeed it could be something totally been not mine because we haven't seen transcripts of it. They can be absolutely totally benign I mean it could be about. Talking about your grandchildren. And maybe your golf game. On an airplane on the tarmac. When there's a case in Florida attorney general Leslie you're talking to or could be that. Could be I don't. So but they let you know fill in the blanks and if you if you don't like trump gonna throw a no worse absolutely. Then there's the rush to judgment. Well we can put up of as a way we've got to have got to do something about it then got a week you need. The Lindsey Graham's of the world and and McCain is so like McCain at one time. I've I think them bats over for me rarely is over he has is still weak needs from me. And Lindsey Graham. He should be off the valley practices something he shouldn't be he shouldn't be in front of the TV I I think he and in here and Chuck Schumer have radio. Eric canto a rivalry who's on TV the most okay. So that's a that's where it is and it looks like a setup. And it feels like you're set up and when it walks like Americans are cornerback it's probably a dark one more before the phones. Jack says he did something he shouldn't have and to make matters worse he lied. Why do we want to hunt down the person who leaked it isn't ready and how bad people part of Japan in the swamp. Well first of all you've got to start of the year you have to serve their point of origination. Without a league there'd be nothing else in this story. OK. Without a leak there wouldn't be. How come Michael slam meant away or talked through the Soviets I mean the Russian am ambassador. So you've got to cigarettes in the beginning the beginning is with no leak there's no story. Let's go to. Gary in Wales though Gary always good to talk to New York on WB and I'm sorry I pushed the wrong button Gary I'll be within a minute Franken Akron frank you're on WBN. Glorious ending frank what do you got for us today. Well we're Cuomo art program but that are served two tours of duty. By its Oshawa Q it was so all under the auspices of the national security agents. Agency liar and a top secret have to worry well where it's so I'm well aware. Of the damage that leaks can do. And I believe the Department of Justice services start buckling down and calm after. All the people left overs in the Obama administration or are very far LAPD. I also they had to protect your site worked in congress writing like this election and so on to correctional committees. Wired first aaron's all the Democratic Party ought to call on the new Socialist Party. And many of these people. Well educated in these people or not solve let me. Controls. To create a socialist states. Offended by it works well all of these sub programs. Which Hillary Clinton actually saw aspire to big time happens you'll say the damage and now what they try to do what health care. Poverty increased and that. Gun control well there and now we're seeing now the 3040 years of flaw indoctrination in the educational system. Which is trading up are these students sit there are no idea what what the republic there's four. Yet there walking around clueless they might as will be on foreign soil they know nothing about our history and nor are they have the intellectual curiosity to find out. Well it's very disheartening for myself as about turn as a patriot and a family of patriots. That's either going. And outside the need to put his foot down and start going after these weeks. And either try them for treason or a felony charges or are leaking this information. And I lit we are in a critical juncture of this country what were you ever going to be totally socialistic. Or maybe he got elected communism. Or save our Republican enjoy freedoms that we now. I think this is a time to stand up and thank you for wearing the uniform and serving our country we appreciated though frank. Let's see Gary got about a minute and Williams though you're on WB yet. Let it change the standards for classified material this country right now our beat Hillary Clinton what difference does it make standard. I think we should find bleaker we know well you know they investigate find Buddhist. And put him at the same pocket with the New York Times reporter who except that the information. Why upper freeze and if they go out. All of those charges in this country. Violate. Because when local private citizen. But they had quietly a Russian ambassador. Let's talk it over the potent and let it be I'd bunnies. I op. Well better. In the show that we're a great idea thank you Gary we appreciate it. I that about wraps it up and that we will see you tomorrow morning at nine. Assuming they don't find out did Bibi Netanyahu was wired for sound or something some ridiculous charge. Hopefully it's a good meeting with the mr. Netanyahu and mr. trump and we get on on what network we'll see you tomorrow night. Well. As they never have to prove to be used certainly let you know have you given him.

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