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2-4 Buffalo Means Business with Bank on Buffalo

Feb 5, 2017|

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It's time for buffalo means business with a funny Shula on news radio 930 WBE and that drug T vinyl law office of Ralph Hillary go complexion spot by Western New York dermatology. Window world Jamestown metrics Jamison electric heating and air and now buffalo radio veteran and local business advocate bloody shoe lover. Are welcome back to news radio 930 WEE. And for buffalo means business my name is bodies Hewlett. And if there's a local business a local service that you always wondered about. Feel free to email me your body at WB yen dec com. And then maybe you'll have your favorite. Business in Western New York on the buffalo means business show. What you imagine sept and I want to put yourself on a different place right now watching all mansion a business bank. Okay now this business bank putts the red tape. Gates you fast decisions. You worked directly with banking decision makers imagine this your personal lender works with you from start to finish. A business bank where you can get alone without the approval of a committee a business bank were everyone even the bank president. Is accessible to every client. Now. Does that seem realistic to you well you know what I just said about the bank president being accessible which is happening of the bank prisoner right here. We're talking about bank on buffalo. We're here with bank president Marty Griffith with bank on buffalo yes he is right here with me right now just as you mentioned welcome to the show Marty thank you buddy appreciate it. Think I am buffalo is a name that you've been hearing a lot about lately because it is the newest in banking here in Western New York you can visit their website at bank on buffalo dot bank. You can call them directly at 4625500. They are now located at its the electric tower in buffalo 5535. Washington street. And this is going to be an incredible segment if you are interested in in banking whether it be business. Or whether. So when it comes to business banking there is a new sheriff in in town and it's the bank on buffalo. So Marty we're gonna start with fest. Why was the we've been hearing a lot about it we've been seeing it you know I drive down I see the billboards up like that why was Banca buffalo created. Well we feel that that Western New York footprint is is definitely not over banked a lot of people felt that it's over bank because of some of the merger and consolidation. That's taken place for the past five to six years. It may in fact be over branched in some segments but we believe it's under banked. Especially for the small to middle market business owner. So we look at the transition has taken place in the banking community we look at mergers and acquisitions have taken place. Almost constantly since 2012 here in western new York and it's created a void that we're we intend to fill. How how old is of the bank on buffalo different then. You know that other business banking experiences. Well other than what they just mention the I I I laugh sometimes I'm talking with a queens is in the industry and even talking with friends at home. I don't think it's it's what we do necessarily it's how we do it at bank come buffalo. A little bit of a throwback experience for of these small and middle market business owner. In that we're delivering money in delivering capital to grow older and expand their business. And a very personal way. Did you how long his bank of buffalo bill and operating in buffalo. We launched the bank from the long side as a loan production office in May of 2016. And at the same time we applied for full banking privileges in New York State. And we have received that so. In short order will be a full service and targeted opening day for retail banking as well as our commercial brand. If the electric power will be February 21. That you also have bank branches that are playing here in Western New York rate. Yes we we thought it was important. To have something right in the city in the heart of the financial district of the city so the electric power space was very important to us. But we also have a south towns and the north towns presents. We will occupy. Former branch. Where they just BC that he converted to a first nagger branch and Orchard Park road in Orchard Park. As well as a former first Niagara branch and the corner of Sheridan and Hopkins near the Emma gone funeral home. Let's talk about. Businesses for second local and small businesses medium businesses even perhaps startup businesses. Paid everybody's looking for capital and it's not always easy to Kent. So. What in your opinion should do. Immediate future entrepreneur or somebody who who you know need something right now in terms of capital. What what should they come to you prepared with. Well it it may sound a little bit odd to you but I think. Part of what we look for and it's the it's rather specific to us maybe even vs some of our competitors is. We are lending into management in most cases you know it's certainly true that banks lend in the cash flow they London the collateral they wanna see credit history. But in truth. 90% of the time we're making a decision and we're believing in management capacity so. That's an awful lot of the decision making process for us through us about the person. Or persons that are running the business exactly exactly. Which and it's that their way another picture you're right I mean it's it's more based and different criteria right. Yeah night I think important part of that is in our business buddies. We have to be right when we're making alone 99 and a half percent of the time in order to be profitable for the long haul. And when there are cases where we've made alone to a small business owner and there's a hiccup financially for a year to. At that point. You better of believed in me the right decision in management because not every business is gonna have a year after year profitable performance. And when the times get tough. That the difference maker is the management capacity and we tend to hang in there was businesses a little longer than most banks and work through those hiccups with with management. I can't imagine that this would not appeal to just about any business who is again maybe that maybe you're thinking of starting a business or maybe you already have one. That you're looking for capital what. I mean this this this kind of business template in this philosophy. With bank and buffalo is different. I I think it's a surprising sometimes for people to see really what is a start up after. That can go up and on the latter we can land. To mom and pop organizations that might need you know fifty to a 100000 dollars of working capital to support their business needs. All the way up and through middle market manufacturing based businesses and or larger. Commercial real estate projects and we see a lot of activity in the buffalo and surrounding market trade now on the commercial real estate community and you know as a small bank we can land upwards of twenty million dollars to anyone borrowing arrangements though. You can get up and down the latter. We're we're. We're small enough to Karen. And by from a balance sheet perspective we have a large enough balance sheet to to achieve what we need to force some fairly large businesses in the in the footprint. Again you can call a bank and buffalo hunt for six to 5500. You've been seeing and hearing a lot about them lately and we're here with bank president Marty Griffin who is the bank and buffalo president. Quote a bank in buffalo dot bank if you wanna see the website are right now the enemy location in the electric tower. In downtown buffalo this is very refreshing approach. You know everyone's always encouraging people. To get involved in business and open your business and you know running a business but not everybody wants to help these folks. But it's it's it's very clear that the bank can buffalo how wants to help. Business and boffo how is your perception that so far. In the market. You know you can you can do a lot of things including advertise in and a but I think the brand is you know what you're living with your client base in your customer service level and to this point we've already. Amassed a fair amount of a client base and we're seeing really some nice reaction to the manner in which were delivering our goods. So we feel real good about things. We certainly have had a great amount of exposure from some of the recent advertising and we've done. But more importantly. I think it's the reaction of how do people feel when we close out alone or we have initiated deposit relationship. How to they feel when it's all said and done and to this point we've been extremely pleased with the response warrior target customers. We you know we are going to try to be a balanced bank from the standpoint of who we're financing the target customer for us. Could be anywhere from a mom and pop organization. You know running from a start up through middle market client that might be generating anywhere from a hundred to a 150 million dollars in revenue. So it in some cases we are. Visiting client base or customers or prospects sitting across the kitchen table. In other cases were talking about a controller CFO for Europe a middle market manufacturing based business so it runs the full gamut. And it EU are also on reaching out to people who. Our largest beauty you know that the consumer spanking were a regular consumer banking as well absolutely you know I think there's a misnomer sometimes when we think of the banking community. But he has a small community bank a relatively small player it from a national perspective. We are full service provider so we will be a commercial bank we will oh lead with our commercial lending product in our small business lending product. But at the same time we have a full complement of retail services and mentioned the opening of our branch at the electric power building here on the 21 of of a February of this year. At that point in time we will be full service so. Whether that's opening making or taking money out of the of the brand shore home equity lending or purchase money for residential mortgage lending. We will be full service as well on the consumer base. And I guess I gotta tell you two in end the buffalo area specifically. There's been a lot of banking changes over the past couple years with HSBC. Now with first Niagara. I think that is leaving our consumers. As some of them. A little disenfranchised. Okay ire I really do I think it's leaving them disenfranchised. In its forcing them to go to places they mean and it's Armando. And I think this is great area maybe for you guys. It certainly we've Donna a lot of homework in the marketplace and this was not. Thought process that just evolved through six months or twelve months was worth the due diligence for the last three to four years. Organizational and we've looked at this opportunity and we really feel that this is an opportune time and the competitive landscape in the marketplace has changed. We have a lot of national banking and are large regional bank players in the marketplace. But they certainly are not chasing the same need each that we are and we feel not only from the standpoint of customer base is this an opportune time for us. But if you think about that merger and acquisition activity for the last four to six years and in this community. There's also a lot of disenfranchised employees. And a lot of talented employees who work for these various organizations and they're not feeling. Has wanted it and it's maybe they'd like to end. We've been very successful to this point we're in a continue to build our. Book of business with some of these top performing lenders and or branch managers and support staff. At that are also feeling disenfranchised. If you're looking for somewhere new to do your banking with. You have to check these folks out bank buffalo we are here with the bank president Marty Griffith. 4625500. Is the phone number. Even if you wanna know more about bank on buffalo called him a call on the website check it out for yourself. But it's definitely a great option you know one of the things that we opened up the show we're talking about imagining. A business thing if if if there were such a thing. It is imagining a business bank like this and we're talking about. You know getting a loan. With how the approval. Movie theater committee that's in there this is actually happening at Banca buffalo. Where the decisions. Are made. Do you make decisions like yourself with with people or how does that work you know we've. Not only at my level locally but in hiring what we think are the best of the last we're also providing them with the authority or the economy to make decisions. We think it's important when somebody's. Shaking hands across from the table leaving him a productive meeting the if the commitments not hand that at least there's a very strong lean toward where we're where we're headed with a decision making. And that's I think a comfort to the small business community. But to respond to your question yeah I guess the buck stops with me ultimately. And you know with the local decision making process there are now there are no committees to to fight through. And that allows us to be a little bit quicker to the draw than most as well. Well look the book. Stops with you Marty but the box starts with YouTube perhaps. That's right absolutely go and there's a thing in my America and our right. So you're also hiring which is something you've said before that because of this is the void in the market because of these disenfranchised. Things that have maybe happened in the banking industry. In western new Yorker in the past couple years and again most recently. You know with with the first thing or situation. You know wrapping around anymore. That is the left. Plenty of great people out there I'm sure that that you may want to consider your yes and you know we've. We've put our thumb on a lot of vote top talent in the marketplace in. We're starting to build that base right now you know. When we started this you know several months ago back in April of 2016. Games. Myself and one lender and we're now we used to call are cells of a team of two were now a team tan. And we're expanding from that quite rapidly. And most of that expansion is coming from. Top flight talent whether that be from the retail sector with a branch management as I mentioned before and the needs of the consumer base. But an awful lot of that is also coming from small to middle market lenders who. Can't necessarily achieve for their client base. What they want to or what they could have in the past and part of that is just you know larger platforms are like larger ships that are that are a little bit harder to turn around. What is it what is your vision for a bank and buffalo mean. Here you know just really starting up balm only a couple months ago in in buffalo where do you see it five years from now. An enemy target guys and you touched ended at first but to me how to how does bank and buffalo in five years and it's a very good question you know and we were confident we're going to be the first three to five years. We expect to have. Between four and six branches. And so on top of the three branches we mentioned. We're going to need to expand. And but we'll do that very selectively. We're going to be aggressive and lending you can't be too aggressive and lending without having a deposit base to support the lending side of that equation. So will we look to be in that two to 400 million dollar asset equation as a division of a larger organization. In the first three to five years. And as we continued down that path will be adding more support and an admin personnel. And if we start looking out at the long term we'd like to be a billion dollar division of the of the of a bank in the ten year period of time. In and I guess today's sitting here with few or you are of the bank president and you know we talked a little off fear about your philosophy. You know I got to tailors its I get the sense that bank and buffalo wants to be a business as partner. And I think that is really important. I mean and for for both sense it's physical win win situation it that it appears to me that that's what you want. Yeah I I think. With any industry or any sector within in this and within an industry. I think. The merger the acquisition. The downsizing of the numbers of businesses it's. It's it's lost a little bit of that advisory type role between the client and especially in the banking business to clients in the lender. But we do see ourselves as being passionate about. It it becomes very personal to us isn't in our decision making. But we do think we're value that we think we are an advisory partner to the businesses that were lending into. I mean I wouldn't you know what I mean growing up ever since now. You know and I've talked to people we're going to the bank for something or going for a mortgage or calling for a business loan it's up there's always fear. In in in error the rise at all. It's always fearing going to the bank and and asking for this partnership. Doesn't seem like that needs to be the way it is of bank of off. Oh yeah we're you know it's it's a good point that you make we want people to come to us or we will go to the we're touring businesses were understanding what makes their business tech. But more than anything we want that borrower telling us their story a goes back to the management capacity that we talked about in our decision making process. It's it's really as simple as telling us your story and and making it believable you know end and that you it's hard to make a decision from behind the big curtain that just doesn't work in our business. And and again you can find out more about this philosophy. More about the process with bank and buffalo simply by calling. 4625500. You will be hearing and seeing a lot of bank and buffalo. In the next coming months especially as they add the the branches where you're at Mardi Griffith who is the bank president. Again for six to 5500. Is the phone number Marty your personal background and experience to I think is is amazing because you know you were. From Western New York. And and you've been on both sides of of everything of business wanna talk a little bit about your personal experience and how you grow up and at this. He I think it's made me a better banker. You know I've. I've been in a lot of different venues over the past you know thirty some years in but I grew up and family owned business and our family grew up also to Batavia New York some Western New York native. We had a large fuel fuel oil distributor ship and it's convenient food mar. Chain the sugar creek stores. We were for people in Western New York specific to buffalo we were kind of the no call of Rochester. And sold that business in the early eighties and my father and I've ventured into some land development and construction in Canada when New York. And so within that eight or nine years segment of a spending time with my father and in the landed on the construction business. We've built over 250 homes in town homes in the candy when New York market place as well as some commercial builds in so long term hold from my father. And so those experiences and family owned business. We're tremendous to me. And you know I don't have any shame in admitting that there were times and family owned business where I laid awake at night worrying about. You know making payroll or you know who we are bringing in are who we are going to be forced this to. And have a distilled tough decision and from an employment standpoint. Handling vendor relationships. We made good money we're very prosperous but there were times when it wasn't so funny either and I think it makes me a better banker today. When and and I think that probably everybody especially if they are if they already own a business can relate to what you're saying which which is why I think this whole. It Ike I get the sense that pink and buffalo is yearning to understand like you said the minister position. What what people but you know you're the bank president you know old. What small businesses and medium sized businesses are locally are going through tough times and the good times. You know it's easy to be there for somebody in the good times. What an absolutely beautiful it's those tough times that you know you're really CU who cuts Muster with the. Yes and it's it's more than. Financial analysis and its purest form it's more than ratio analysis and you know being counting its it's during those times where. There's some fairly serious conversations that take place between a good banker and his or her client. But that's I think what separates us from the chafe. What are what are some of the things that the attack consumers look for. In a bank Ukraine however whether it be it is especially stuff that has changed. May be regarding technology and so rather just certain have. That a bank casting him for consumer to be happy. If it's probably from a retail perspective the toughest part of banking today. You're seeing a lot of different vernacular being attached to bank of future or universal banking and and quite frankly the millennial solar driving a lot of that. The millennial population here in buffalo isn't as a growing population within the city as well so it's an important part of our population. So it comes down to channels of delivery. Quite frankly. You know I'm a baby boomer at the tail end of the big baby boomer aero I still like to go into a bank branch or I still like to go into my local store owner and you'll have a face to talk to. But we can't disregard the the challenges that the younger generation wants they want different channels of delivery meanwhile mobile banking and I'm not banking. You know and not it's flashing a pitcher of your check and make in that deposit without talking to a teller. So. It's it's a very interesting time the branches in the footprint of a typical brands now are getting smaller and smaller. Because. In all honesty the amount of transactions that take place inside the walls of the bank branch are are dwindling. You're over here. If if there were three words. To describe. What you want people to know what you want people to remember. When they think bank and buffalo. Three words will which he says. You know I didn't think. Lot about you know you know how how I should approach our branding until you know we we we started this back in April 16. And there's been a number of times and one of the lenders that I hired from a different institutions says this he says you know. Banking common sense haven't always gone together and so if you asked me for three words I would say it's common sense thinking. I like that. Khamis and bank of Buffalo's three words do so I don't affect your banking and a sweep bank and you just who came up with the bank a buffalo name I love it. Well. I'm gonna take some partial credit for that one but I can't leave my wife out of the equation either and as I made the decision to. Leave a sixteen acre per year career most recently as a regional president was one of our competitors here locally. And my wife and I spent a lot of time around the fireplace and a sipping wine and deciding what we should name this new venture and of course any name that you think of has to pass Muster from a regulatory standpoint from trademarking standpoint. And you know we thought it was very very important that if we are going to try to bank on the resurgence of buffalo. That the word buffalo. Be in the name share and but I also thought felt it was important that it didn't have a traditional brand I didn't want to be the bank of buffalo or. You know something that was more traditional in nature so. We wanted kind of an action. Verbal almost involved with a message you know. One night we're banking on buffalo the bank cannot that line I just call bank on buffalo that's what we're all about and so I guess in large part it was there was a couple of glasses of wine with my wife and from our fireplace than accomplishments. Incredible story I mean he you know even even myself you know when when a couple of ideas for something or something I during the strangest. Areas in I could be taken a shower and all of a sudden get this idea about some of that and and I'm very excited about it. I think it's a good name and I think it plays a double entendre again because your banking and buffalo. But eight it's riding your name mean it's it's it's it's very plant like a lot at a lake. I like. I think that people should be call on this phone number and getting in touch with bank on buffalo. Off the hook because they really the philosophy is just so much different. You know trust me on this when I tell you if you're looking for a bank that can be a partner with you and had a separate entity now at some place you have to fear. The bank am new ball full Banca buffalo will be will be your partner. Again here with Marty Griffin who is the bank president totally new concept in the way banking stunt. Especially in regards to business banking column at 4625500. If you would like more information for six to 5500. They will have us several locations opening. With in the next couple months in terms of bank branches. One and Williams so insured to drive. It and the other in Orchard Park also go to the website. Bank and buffalo. Dot banks and this is an exciting time for you how we gonna feel when you get that first branch in the media suburbs. Iraq enrollment. Well it's it's a real challenge. But you know I've I'm thankful that we've been able to attract some talent and in the case of the Orchard Park branch book the it will most certainly opened up and between mid may and June at the latest. We were able to attract. The one of the former managers of that branch when it was flying a different flag. So Kathy Kane has joined us and she's in a wage is coming back home to the market that she ran for. HSBC bank for a number of years and we couldn't be more excited to have her on board and you know she understands that market so it's not just us you know plunking ourselves down and Orchard Park. It's similar to my role here that when the bank on buffalo we're hiring the people that know the community that have been a part of the fabric of that community. And you know the south towns environment in general so who were really looking forward to that and and even in the downtown location we were able to attract one of cap these. Fellow branch managers and Ken Cain no relation. But can its nickname at the the grand branch that he managed their Coleman's with Kathy for the past few years was the mayor so. We've attracted Kathy to Breyer and and lead our Orchard Park initiatives and and can Cain will be the mayor of our downtown branch so we're really excited about both of those situations and then. Have some young talent that we've hired who's in East Amherst resident to manage our branch on Sheridan Hopkins. Well it sounds like there's a lot of exciting things going on a bank and buffalo. With the top president Marty Griffith for six to 5500 we started. This conversation. By imagining. A business bank. That is so different. So we've discovered now after our conversation we discovered that bank. And it's the bank and buffalo so I wish you all the success of the world and encourage our listeners ought to call for more information and banking with you. And you know I I know I know this is really going to be a different way to do things in buffalo I think it's great for the city. The body Elena thank you for having me and really appreciate everything you've talked about with the Austin. Try this on for size as a thank everybody you'll enjoy it I think I'm going to Murti Griffith. Staked out buffalo president for six to 5500 thank you very much thank you Marty go to bank of buffalo doubt bank. Or in the electric tower you can see them again we started the conversation imagining something. And now we've discovered it and it's called bank on buffalo will be back with segment number two buffalo means business Syrian news radio 930 W the. ENN you're listening to buffalo means business with buddy Shula brought to you in part by cal this furniture and Calvin leather gallery carpet Smart mil I'll let Jamestown mattress and window world only on news radio 930 WBA. And you know you.