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1/14 Buffalo Means Business Seg 1 w/ People Inc

Jan 15, 2017|

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OK welcome back to news radio 930 WB yen this is buffalo means business and my name is what he sure left there's a local business that you would like featured on the show you could feel free email me. At buddy at WB and that counts is a weekly program. Where we spotlight oh local businesses a local services around western new York and are so many of them. And that today we're gonna start up segment number one with one of the biggest organizations. And and not for profit to rate. Not for profit organization which is people in we've all heard of people incorporated people link. And that we have Amy Allen here and we have a special gas cap the heart means. Who is the president of quality binder read services. Incorporated. In new year is a reason that both of these cell ladies are on today and we're gonna get to that in just a minute but right now wanna talk to Amy. And Iowa community show first of all. You're welcome and welcome Kathy is alright so everybody served people think you know what. Can you give us a brief overview we knew what people in case. People link is nonprofit human service agency and one of the lives here in Western New York. That provide services to. Individuals at various abilities. Like when we're when receive various abilities are what are what are we talking about what kind of people. And people. Who is developmentally disabled its. And that I developmentally disabled and you were in the supported employment. Program what does it mean. And it's where I support somebody who is interested in finding a job. I will support them the entire process. Attaining skills to look efforts. I and identifying. Proper employer. And then filing through. As long as they'd. Need services. Derek do people come to you to find jobs or do you compare them to find out how how do you make the relationship. Between somebody. Maybe who is a he has something of a disabling nature. How how do you meet that person what's the first up. Well usually it starts when there and school and then made. Go to. A state service who then referred to different human service agencies and western new York and then I am and then. You know that person might. Once people incorporated Ford their employment services so that's then how we would be so and in terms of your program the employment program. You what are what are the goals of the aim pro the appointment program and if you had to just say this is our goal border pre. Our goal is to find meaningful employment full hour I'll individuals at least and. One of those employment opportunities. Comes from Kiev the apartments. In Kathy again as the president of quality binary. Services it's Leah post press finishing by injury located in buffalo. And that started up 22 years ago so nice to have him joking at the it's pretty impressive though we were talking off the air about what to tell us a little bump bump that your business. We served them printing community. Through Western New York primarily but Trenton New York State. In the country to a certain extent because we do a lot of individual work for people that won him a Bible rebound. Or book pre done. Meaning something mean it was a meaningful to them. That they just wanna keep looking like no so it's tattered and torn and we put to bring you cover and it will make it look nice and knew when they can. Use it again and said they given up my new book. Kind of people find out about you. With a great web site. And it is written notice Google search thing that we get calls from all over the country. And it's amazing how many people wanna keep their own Bible and don't wanna Columbine no one even though it's probably. Just is expensive to hit it rebound but the of notes and bright they've hair for so long that they just wanna keep it nuisance now. And they found you through the Internet usually he's got a call to her jet that came in today from California. Booked and out work out of Alabama South Carolina. All of the United States so it before the Internet how did people find you. We didn't do as much of that work well we think we ban on the Internet since we've been in business but this part of this when he two years since the Internet came around. You know the right it's okay. It. Our search has gotten better as we develop more with our web site but there's a lot of by injuries that are closing all of the countries so we. Benefited from that while others haven't. And now that they don't have a by injury in their own backyard. That they've been sending the books to us because people retire it's an old skill it's not something that. A lot of companies are doing anymore. So you have a great relationship with Iranian media folks over at people incorporated. Tell me about other relationship came to fruition and how that relationship works for people link in your business is. We have two individuals that work for us and they Ben with ones now with us for thirteen years fourteen years in Ireland for about eighteen years. One came from the mayor's workforce program the other one from buffalo. Tech nine. A levee to vocational tech school. I'm and they he had other people who have served them throughout the years that they now with us and nothing has ever been consistent until peoples and can line. And I think it's started with people saying when. One of our employees Stephen was giving was giving any services and he needed some services and somehow. We can act and we remember how they came about but. Ever sense there. I'm holster sure has been much better because of the services and the attention that people think has given them so. So you would recommend this kind of thing of other businesses to presumably. It it. You do it to match the person to the business because that every environments is going to be. Acceptable to the person coming into work for you or the people that work few you know that your employees. And our employees. I don't think they would know what to do if they didn't Stephen entries there it's just then there's part of the family. The Arab they treat them just like anybody else in the the workplace and it's just degraded environment but. That everybody has that it does take a little adapting which is to work. Amy explain to me a little more about the training that job cold shooting for the participants. I am training begins raped from when you first meet that person when I first meet them. I will talk with and interviewed and some of them come with experience of different internships or working some have not so it very it depends on you know. Where there at as to why it where I will start with my serves as but however. I'm if there are coming to me unemployed. And and they have some ideas of what they. Would like to do I am also will then assess them to make sure that they have the skills to be able to do what they wanted to you. And are they realistic that type of thing and then. And all explored different employers will. Maybe do some internships. First. Just can't get a very there because sometimes you go into the job expecting one thing and not really getting right that's not what I really wanted it to be here when it was so. That exploration is really big are there a lot of options are a lot of job options. For the people you work with him and you look at big category of a jobs for for you know that people can do. Well you know I I look at I don't wanna saying no but NR CS either because they don't have like a pool of of jobs that are like oh this person or a plug this one into this that because sometimes you try to put. I square peg in around hall and it doesn't work that that happens with people so. We try to find what they're good dad what are they good at what can they do planning and be able to offer than employer. And then I load and then those who take the field they want at the end and then I'll go out and explore a little bit with famine top two business owners and whoever is in charge of doing their hiring and I have. Since created I mean you can create jobs you can find things that they may not be able to do the entire job and maybe they can do some of the job. Army be somebody doesn't have the attention span to be able to work awful. I don't know five or eight hour shift so it's you know usually meant full tiny injured she easily apart and position. Usually yeah. Is is is there a specific industries sister really close with like overall. You know and restaurants. Restaurants or retail restaurants are big with our our company because we have a lot of people that. Can do a lot of different things there's lot of things behind the scenes in a restaurant that you can do. A lot of but I have to do a lot with retail. I and there are so many opportunities in retail and I don't think that there's a lot of retailers that there. That have explored some of the things that. Car that people can do. So if businesses. Like camp these you don't wanna be involved with people ink and start that kind of partnership that. You know binder services quality by these services that would get the cast. They would call 8175753. To get more information he won 75753. Or you go to people. Dash ink dot org so that's where would start right at the businesses would call you wouldn't say and have a business in buffalo. You know I'm interest it and partnering with people think that's out which start. Cracked yes and that would be the first phone consummate can and that person advocates that the parliament. Generate users. Send you a merry interaction. So let me ask you this sack Kathy why would you recommend and these other physicists call Amy. Well I think you always the next Perry hands no matter what business that you're in and they just adds something to the environment it to you here with your employees and it's a good thing to do it's just. A good feeling for the company to give it to the organization to any organization. And they're just they're great people they just. It's a political people in. I mean what it did this to be about people that's really named Gabriel Collins people and been around. Or five years 45 years 3400 employees. And do you service just Erie county or are there different locations is people calling in buffalo now. People incorporated there's. It allowed seven to kind of every kind of man in nine different counties six. And and yet and ratchets up. We have so many people in the room so the risk people outside of the microphones so. Nine counties that's a lot of. You know because I like this and I think everybody has heard and and nobody snapper of people link but you know sometimes maybe. Terms and to for birth to seniors they do something to help. So Perry but he so little bit of explanation. I'm now people link in this particular program that we are talking about today which is the supported employment program. So get a few RE business. And you're listening right now. This would probably be a great phone call to make. To Amy and her people over it people think he won 75753. That's 817. 5753. And you know that's the number we have here and people can learn more. You know about that right they can go to the website that can call you if a business wants to partner with people think. What would they come and sit down with you talk about how it could be win win situation for everybody. Yeah we're definitely open to doing those kinds of things without any employer. Even if they just on explore and see what do we ever what are we about his. I am. Because we have so much to offer and I I think there are so many. I opportunities for employers as well as for employees and we have a really. Pretty decent pool of employees and there. It has some great skills -- sure you know and and it benefits the employer justices as well as it does the employees again the employees probably get a clear excited and they get an opportunity like it comes along and actually they're getting paid for. A service and the employer actually. You know you hear opening up you're workforce. I have a lot of compliments from different employers that. You know they're so dependable. This person is so reliable. And letters there all the time they're very honest I think there. You know so. And a very loyal that we. Somebody for nineteen years in fourteen years at one company I have a couple of that I work with that I've been working with the same employers turn to any years. It's if you make a good match. It's it's their stay. We have very dedicated employees. I love that I love this idea of Whitley and you don't and and you know getting jobs and things like if this is such a win win it's a win for the employer. You know like caffeine I mean if she's getting great employees. Who maybe would not have a chance. If it wouldn't work for for camp. But she's glad she took the chance now. And it has to be great for your employees and the people or people think so I see it as a win win. On one thing that's on my show notes here's a YouTube channel. Yeah this is your YouTube get the tennis is a you rolled your ride it's a DREAM Act Cody your YouTube thing to do it now do it right. So tell me about what's on YouTube. Was that it was with people. We did. Ted tax. The what's her name Brandon Bryant. Was doing a Ted talks. Couple a year ago yeah and they what did you do with it when it to create a commercial we're. That seventy commercials where that guy is talking about the personal works harmonies are it's crying because yeah. Well that's that they winded and they told me the story in eastern crank is their Tellme what I do. Because it really. It's very close to my heart I'll do it. So I did that Ted time right did the presentation for them that attack and that's what sent to. Well you can go to chip. In act go to Guam go to YouTube dec. And there's a kinds of things that here but the the basic thing is why. I don't know what you would. This is like a long address and here and it's for people would understand it. Oh OK go through people's think YouTube. And check it out Cisco to quality buying three services. Incorporated I'm sure it's in their camp the hardest. That are within its own your website as well OK in some of these actresses are very long and confusing. But it sounds like a great story in and it sounds like your nano when he appreciate. Of the employees that came from people link. But sensing here really really proud of them I am so they served they Serbian on the show today. So appreciate it and it is a good topic to talk we're gonna have you wanted to show to talk about your. Your re do I don't for a sack by. Soul Kathy Hartman president of quality buying three the company utilizes people Lincoln they're supported employment program. And today no we have Amy Allen. Who is with the program of supported employment programs have your business feel free to call people link at 817. 57531757. 53 ladies it was great to have him show today thank you thank you very Einstein's we'll be right back segment number two around buffalo means business. A news radio 930 WBE yet.