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1-11 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 11, 2017|

Sandy takes listener calls on their reactions to President Obama's out going speech last night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well Playboy the president leaves office I'm glad to see this the bumble bee has been listed as an endangered species for the first time. I've got and B was an endangered species though aren't. Iowa's thought and he was really odd but. Yeah out of the bumblebee is and I hope we treat our treat our bumblebee cousins. We have all the respect maybe we'll bring back John Belushi and is a killer bees sketch which was always my favorites. We're talking about in less than an hour about fifty minutes from now he's on time I was hoping is. For president electoral Bob Obama mama president elect trump. Will be having his first press conference as president elect and we're asking. What approach she should take. Joseph because he's he's got to me and every time he done as a press conference is going to be a hostile environment. They may no pretense of being honest interpreted journalists that just out to get them. A whatever they can if they can get a gotcha moment that probably get a little pat on the back from their com adds. Back at via press room or asking should use charm as he can be very charming. Should use persuasion. If he has a strong argument should be drivers within them through his point of view or should it be put up or ship out. Basically they're out to get them in this is the latest. And I'm not usually the type that says oh look they're all ganging up but they are we know it and that that gene he's been out of a bottle for some time now. And we're also asking whether he should continue through now that he is president elect tweeting. I'm the only IU I wouldn't think it was a great idea normally. Because it's too impulsive. As you feel angry of something warm could be the only elated about some and you tweet and instantly. And it's right out there and you can't figure back. Last Stevie Johnson and a who's playing the bills and the key press out of the game forest he blamed the odd. On the fact that he dropped the pass I guess if you knew if you believe god is responsible for every single action. Then you know made instinct is little twisted mine. He can bring it to us by Ed but government and a negative review on that. So I would say normally I don't think it's good idea because it's impulsive better to think of through. But I think under these circumstances the one thing that tweeting does. Is it it code goes out on filtered. And censored unedited. So that one ever goes out goes out of from his mind to. The people in the United States and I think he has to do that now they be always have to do about it he's got to do it now. Let's go to a threat and an Albert you friend your on WBBM. Good morning seen become a I think that it. At trump ought to. Treat the press the way the press repeat and all yeah. If you go they there is if you. Is polite to you enhance chew. A reasonable question he ought to be these same way. And an answer. But on the other hand if they're there if there is 32 of them why why bother you all a lot about there being in the nice guy. And take in the days of the year. Well yeah because a lot of people see that as a weakness. If you have nothing to apologize for our don't apologize if you have something to apologize for apologized but don't just stand there and take it from a very hostile group of people. No and as far as between those. I agree you it the years and in essence. I think he's. One thing he they do is try to stay. Away from the press as much as he can to start. And then there that would require tweet tweeting and but he's got to think it's early camp these this instantaneous. Especially since at the beginning of his term there's going to be a lot of things he wants to get the message down on that he wants to get accomplished. And by tweeting. You know knee jerk reaction tweeting it's gonna suck the oxygen right out of the room and he won't get that message there. So you'll hire exactly the same on this thank you very much Fred appreciated. I got it he could have an important schedule or some events. As he's going to conclude it's going to be beneficial. And if he tweet something out there it's inflammatory. Or replies to something it's inflammatory. That's only gonna that's all they're going to feature. I guarantee you that that will be the man in dish for that meal. The they will always go to the sensational thing why does that draws your attention dozen. Is somebody on TV newscast for instance. A dozen little tease about something that's blow may be a little salacious may be a little controversial. Why do you think they put in the tees to keep you there now is if you're leafing through a newspaper. Oh what why do you think the headlines are written the way they're written solely jewelry that are well. The one next to it says sewer bond issue will settled an artery that. The other one the one rule memorial got to check this one out. And so is on the wrong with that as long as you know why they do it and that's the reason they do. Ed and so if he starts replying to everything. If he starts tweeting every time he's offended elated. And I angry. Or even joyous. It's going to take away from the basic message the message now has to be. My sleeves rolled up I've got a great team and place when when the great team isn't totally in place. And now we're going to a goal about fixing the things we think needs fixing. That's the way to do it that's a way to get the public on his side I don't think he'll ever get the press office. I I just don't think so because in order for the press to be on his side. And we don't want the press to be totally on anybody's side we just want an honest press. But in in order to to give him credit for anything was put it that way rather than being on inside suppose it accomplishes something that. Generally it's considered a positive update. They're going to have to swallow their pride and admit that they may have been at least partially wrong about this. People aren't aren't ready to jump up and go you know a lot. Iowa is against everybody thought he was still in the Wiseman allies say this is the real deal. I'm changing my mind on in my attitudes going to be different. Nobody's gonna do. So if you're gonna fight UMB there's a long way to fight. To win you don't fight boredom or does it queens bird rules you fight to win that's it. Because anybody who who wants to be Gandhi and today's politics guy and it was great and Gandhi politics. And his time but is not work today they will eat you alive. I think fit anything that he accomplishes that they're just gonna spin it to lessen the accomplishment or give. Karl well Obama set that copy you know it really trump shouldn't be taking. Credit Torre you know that company brought jobs back and it really wasn't trop and he's trying to take credit that's what you're gonna get. Yeah I was like it's almost like abusive parents. Who who's the child wants to wants to do a good job and be a good job and Empresa mom and dad. And the mom and dad every time may get a chance to tear down on the child. They don't they don't applaud the A either at the kid brought home from school. The there are always in there always using adult measures to measure children. If your goal oriented and whatever are you only got a navy while I was pointing a room for improvement isn't where focus on and yeah exactly all the time and that's of this press is gonna do you'll see. You know the wait long for its 45 minutes from now. Are you will absolutely see it and kind of play along at home. Have had out an old fashioned pad. Well I guess to could be an iPad or the equipment and just jot down. How many of their inquiries are questions are legitimate questions designed to lower in the future of America and how many are just hatchet jobs. Waiting to score their mark and their place in the journalism hall of fame. And it's and have their got jumbled moment. I'm they all wanna be Woodward and Bernstein and ever since Woodward and Bernstein were Woodward and currency. We'll be back tomorrow would be governor and his rated M I thirty WB has region company. The press conference they first scheduled presidential press conference for Donald Trump will be. In about 37 minutes of these on time and the with a we'll carry it we will carry it to its conclusion that's great. I wished I knew all exactly what's going to happen. I guess I'm giving you my educated guess. However there Rabelo VM and hourly in the afternoon by that by the time they sign on the press conference will be. In the books and I'm sure they will be giving you their opinion of it. In also mom asked you questions though about your opinion of one thing that trumps suggested. In the campaign which I was I was a good idea. Why limit a press conference just two members of the press I know that sounds like a dumb thing to say. What about just regular people regular voters regular taxpayers they should have a seat at the table to. And they bottom line is that often times those are the best questions asks. Those are a lot of times questions asked. This. The person asking genuine player wants to know the answer and is not a gotcha moment it's not a a moment to make them look good in the and the the president or whoever's running for obviously bad. So why I wishy they would do that I don't know if he's going to an on also shuffle up the seats. There's no reason why the why the New York time Wednesday. Newspaper of record. Should be you're sitting in his lap during the press conference. I think that they should almost. They have Asia a circular the situation where you get different seats on different weeks. That would be fine then you have other voices. And other people and and maybe get a fair shot. But I do think the way it is now a is Adam is is basically. Opinion ought to. There there where their sticks ready to beat the person in front and CO much candy falls out and hopefully some of it will fallout. Audience of their lab Tony have a double over Facebook's Florida's if you would please. Let's start off with Carroll who sat. Oh my god and missed the speech for all the snowflakes and butter cups out there crying implementing his departure guess what he could care less about all of you. What he cares about is at three million dollar DC mansion. Golf trips to Hawaii and playing hoops with the celebrities. That's about right it and I have you know what. Usually if there's an event that goes on. What I'm doing my show rapport as a Momo way back to the studio here because we have seven radio stations and we have. The support staff. A four of them we also have this salespeople management. So as people around. OK usually. I will get a few questions ago or a few comments. Agency that thing last night I thought this or. The year you think it's like this are. Now one thing today not on I'm not making it up Yvonne I'm done. I don't know if everybody watched the the goal and always speech would Barack Obama. If if they did you know this is strictly panel anecdotal I'm sure they'll come up with the numbers later learn this. In men and 22 and 23. When they got they got an eight point six. You know I'm sure they'll come up with a number make it look like somebody actually watched or heard it. But the bottom line is if they did I'm not getting any indication of it here. My job is in a Missouri River is to monitor what's going on a social media and I think between FaceBook and Twitter combined. The amount of comments that I read this morning before I came into work which three. While it's as good as it's known hot button issue. He did didn't say then leave any blockbuster quotes there's some things I will quote from a because I have Arabia but synopsis of it but I didn't watch a second of it. Not a second of it now I was thinking well nobody's gonna call on that and Alex. Alex said and he says something right he's so now I wouldn't count on not the audience. Seeing or hearing about it because a lot of them don't like him a lot. And they're looking for reasons not to like them even more. So he'd have a good point sometimes you watch a big did you like it. And sometimes you watch something did you don't like the person or group or whatever new wanna bitch about it like the guy who checks every day you got a guy hates me you know hey. This is this is how. How bit the president was in his going away speech the guy hates me hasn't posted any mania. Maybe he was sloppy yeah. It's electric it's a personal and this. Is what I get usually every day. Telling me we're doing wrong subject. What's the matter is you you're a moron you know the usual stuff. He doesn't realize that we have the phone numbers in the text and different places. Making it seem like wow all of these people think I'm Jamar as one guy. The same phone number. And let's Rollins his house have taken turns using the fall in on target about. But how bad it is when the guy I don't think you're a moron doesn't even call about about the president's speech. And it all really it was a worthwhile. The one tweet SI accused him of lying like seven times. During its one. FaceBook post from somebody who went to grade school went thought it was a fabulous speech in well it's really not there was meet Al. There well first of all not all of us are really going to be the judge of Barack Obama the judge of Barack Obama will be history. How does he how does he fit historically. In Tibet position. Wanted to do compared to other presidents what were what was happening to other presidents while they were in office. As opposed to what was happening to him what effect does he have. George Stephanopoulos. Actually asked him and meaningful question a few days ago. He went all or some other statistics of how decimated the Republican party of the Democratic Party was. After this last election losing so many seats and governors' chairs and all this up. And he asked him if he was responsible for. Needless to say. He didn't ought to take credit for lead and decimation. Of the Democratic Party. In the last election wasn't my fault I I was totally jibes probably George Bush's call. But I liked it got Sosa of anomalous at least had a balls that's the map because that's a legitimate question and see that is it that is a legitimate question that's not a gotcha question he was giving numbers. And a historical context and asked if hey if team because he's in shark is as responsible. If you are in charge of a store and the store sales and down the owner of the store is going to ask you you're responsible. Did you advertised properly did you have the rockets start where you where the prices in line was historic on and had debate about customer service. Because you're more responsible he's responsible for the government basically what VO like it or not when your president the United States. I was only come back we'll take your calls they go 3093018061692. Through six start I thirty. Goes out like a lion. I mean goes out like a lamb came in like a lion coming in like a lion Donald Trump going out like a lamb Barack Obama it's about time. The sooner the better we'll be back. Remorse truth. Pat how are coming down one about twenty minutes ago before refer as the presidential press conference of a president elect. I'm Donald Trump those Legos are some questions. Our comment like a lion gall like a lamb is is he going to come in like a lion and the Brock Obama glow like a lie someone who's a farewell speech last night I I haven't talked to anybody who sought. And that would like to hear from you on that and what does that it should be should it could be charm. To charm the press. I think you're wasting your time if you're trying to do that was them. Persuasion. Shot with persuasion but even with persuasion it's a long shot even if you have a slam dunk argument for your point of view. That's going to have the other person. Perhaps admit that they were they misjudged. What the position was or that or that they actually agree where it's of that and that's not easy either. Or are put up or shut up. It's to me you can say at a nicer way but to me that's what it is like these unsubstantiated. Reports. Because you know they come out. Just before the press conference it will suck all the oxygen right out of the air there. And good player home. The little of the little sandy and see how many questions from the press today are really designed to inform the American public. About the future we're looking forward to a Donald Trump or how many are just gotcha questions trying to get him to a the trip up say something that can be attributed to of their question. And there's a guy named Ken Hamilton from Niagara Falls on the hotline. To do you have the same name of the guys usually comes there on Wednesday is okay and Hamilton. And ambled into it could be. A hello all the real Jenna Hamilton. What do you think what's on your mind today regarding this. What we'll be talking about we. Exit speech and so. Our ports. So watch a good I'm glad somebody Leno wants it give me your thoughts. But it I am appetite ball I was pleased. And I would who quietly pleased with the I'm gonna go with the boy actually quickly because we're going to get no go ahead you know exploited that to us as you will. Hey now I caught it about 1015 minutes late but. What it said is that. Government to create opportunity for all people might get knowledge in August what the Jesse Jackson in 8488 what is wonderful precedent Jesse Jackson says. Any other lineup you're in fact that the job. That young people looking for they may have to create it themselves government I say government has to create the environment and and people are to create the opportunities where I think government created opportunities. Remember I'm Paul Ryan was running as vice president one of the first things he said is. Our job is to give view equal opportunity. We can't guarantee equal results and I thought that was that was a good way. And it you know but there that we have to do have those opportunities. And the kindergarten. Up levels and all of this let the American Idol think was there yet. The fact they get that he had uphold the law against discrimination. And they are the past NAACP because it's in doubles. NAACP president. All kinds of human rights things than regulations and everything that I. I believe personally that. We should uphold law against discrimination. But I don't believe that those were discriminated. Should just hold on to the polls lot to do nothing more that. Even if you discriminating still have to work your way through it and then work your way with a law simultaneously. Instead of lady from a lot of times report. They talk about social media and that's good he says that social. I'm and other news outlets Cirque so to our old biases. And suddenly the thought was something I agree with that sense. Covert does that. We have to get out of these silos. That we are and let some other people's opinions on things not that he did a great job and that let you recommend that to be back going forward and I thought that was good. But drowned social media is a double edged sword yes and I guess outfit there we have the big discussion about it. But it can also be a sore one of our employees said. That when he went online in these so what was trending Miller a phrase there and he couldn't figure out why the phrase would be to our trending. And then he soon attracted down onto it's about Donald Trump. So even though B reports are on unsubstantiated. Nobody'll verify them New York Times had this for several weeks and didn't branded ABC news hasn't used that it's still mentioned all over the place and and once a sweeps through so shall media a lot of people accept that as gospel. Other than echo of something you lecture you know even shouted into the belly decree the echo. So there we go the other thing I'm probably talked about them after. That we are willing to accept the moral after the bar and party but criticize the other party. We're similar and other lapses which was an honest assessment of exactly what we shouldn't do. Now the opera says that we have and build. And we add bit upon particularly when we're fighting this war against crisis he's that I felt likely I this. I you know I'm a bit toward record I mean actually went to war. And all. I understand that trying to by the war against an enemy that I figured it differently that you fighting it even if we let them American revolution if you don't know about all. You're absolutely we have asked questions one at the last time the United States of America. Want a war and we fight these wars based on the morals that we have America. And it put on the the end of the year does take off our head. We are against torture well. But I don't sit by the award not the White House Matheson. Well that's a good point you don't send them a barrage of lawyers if you're going to go to war. You you'll hopefully given sober thought and once you're in it the only way to fight it distorted. Your visitors shouldn't be any level of acceptable casualties. You're going to win a mass at bat but you're right. These kinds of things get in the way well look at first and even not a war bug. I'm a civil insurrection there. What did ago what do Barack Obama do we send them a bustle lawyers to find out what's wrong with a Ferguson police department. You know I think you'll consider any other than it appears over ultimately stand. Well they should fight these wars which is maturity. When they come back epic and the soldiers. Why what do you expect to happen today does silly will have the rev of the segment what do you expect to happen today Canon this press conference will be hostile will be inquisitive Libya's civil what event. I think Donald Trump to take a letter to before he goes up there and yes. Ronald Reagan were equally. The question you know mr. This mr. crop what do you think about it at such and such and such you know being debated in the trailers that are. That's a good question I think that would that would be a real good job of building you know terrorist. It's normal aggregates. You know he should do a true. Oftentimes. The president will just call out somebody by their first name better I Harry you know. I think he should call out the person I mean the company they work for so the American people will will gather a picture is. Why are all of these cost though questions coming from these people. And informative questions coming from these people is so that we get an idea. Of where these things start I mean if you read the paper because they'll New York Times as a shark. Post though there's a shark it's easy to follow but at a press conference you don't really know who those people are. But it got back to Al Gore when he was running. He would he I I I met the man and what Scott who someplace and he had to go to that area of medicine because. It was cheaper some of the there and and what that product actually would either. But I'll without that love this is true I was watching while I'm not talking head while while the president. I don't know about the presidential candidate gore and he says and he is he's Al Gore stayed with a firearm that. And good luck element. I'll have to do a better job at some of the true. I interviewed gore when he was romping and I asked him how to spell potato. And because that was a big full blown by the Republicans. On how to spell but they don't I just said it as a joke to trying to ingratiate myself and get started and he almost lost that he caught himself. And was civil about it but if there was a moment there where he wasn't sure whether vision unload on me. And so I did did these people are human beings so when you never know what's gonna give her reaction problem. Yeah exactly. It but it wasn't it was to analyze what I seven decide what I'm a target or the environment. Big Ten that thanks thanks for calling it always good document moves in next week. Okay like Ken Hamilton. He usually comes in eleven but at eleven we're supposed to have the presidents of the United States elect. We'll see how I bills under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. What are they called the bill bills coach announced that his first hire ring Rex Ryan. To look after the defense diseases in his. And and he can also get a job of the weight loss from and program. I now here's towards Arnie about today there is a press conference in about four minutes. If he's on time with the president elect Donald Trump and here is here's a scenario okay I'm. I'm gonna monitoring and you're gonna monitor and right so. I'll be sure oil giant down and notes it or at least think about some things you like to ask about that if it ends before and Neal will be here obviously against us as time allows. No matter what I'm sure Rush Limbaugh will be talking about it and I'm almost perfectly sure that. That David Bell VO we talking about it this afternoon. Kind of is seeing what's going on in the minds of Donald Trump. And the press and you. So you're gonna get the actual press conference and our reaction to it and we'd like this year. Our reaction with Leo and one and we want to assure viewers with us let's go to Michael in Grand Island Michael on WB again. Anders well sandy my go what do you think he'll always argun about here with the president in the press conference our guns against the. Do it and so was of course cause this morning not out. It was so mortar news and I end up the Pardo so far so good life. President Obama. He was cheering. About it complaining actually about. How terrible all the country who's gotten in which was relations with being divided with all of these things like. For many here see he doesn't know what our guys are out there. And they ought to playback via the clips of every speech where he helped divide us. There might thought I was. Like the same every time we opens his mouth. I would we. Also the bad sought additional importance of them want it well. Guy you are among friends because I don't think many people did if the reaction we're getting what we threw that in the mix is. How wide. Was he speaking last night went and even though it. It all out or whoever sent this brutal play in their deliberate well. God that's that that they should've played a sabre dance behind him when he was doing his farewell speech at least that what do jazzed it up a little bit and thanks Michael thank you very minds that that the that the the year the sabres came into play they played that sabre dance until you're ready and throw something at the radio. You may regret I love it I like it's no way it's the possibilities are like it's true but they overdid it. The first year that they became sabres and you see that the guy you couldn't you couldn't assembles into a so this uh oh what's his name here I shot my garments gonna get a second in Rio. Over the bills. Yeah I guess so and a lot of money awarded questions from the first infantry. Yeah I like how much money do you want somebody here people on a defense. So a lot of it's going to be with the talking is is there he's gonna have a lot of control over the roster that's important freak coach Wannstedt simply. Until I mean you know I you have do would dance with the girl that Brung you. Our guys have Brung you where we have to explain every joke from both sides okay. I you don't and I think that if you're given certain players. You you can get so much out of them. Or another group gets so much out of them but if you have controlling you know what parts you need new articulate that clearly. It's I think it's a whole lot more beneficial if you have control. If you're gonna cook the meal you might as well pick out the ingredients in them to his room to the meal you may use the analogy what are you gonna hang around Brando plays a suggestion Romanoff yeah you're a male food he sees the female vote. We can do a shuttle crew got and I can I'm gonna predict the G our listeners a once they announce it okay. I have a midget is Israel's say watt. Does this guy you know we don't think that's a rejoice. And the other half. Of William divided in half logo Wear on our way to the super ball. This is a this is a much sought after talent we can tell you that and those so that's them basically where does a guy. We're gonna hit at ABC and tap the balancing gut it these days and put your seatbelt might be a bumpy ride we'll see you after the newscast.

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