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1-11 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 11, 2017|

Sandy talks to Lauren Fix (The Car Coach) and then Danny Nevereth is in the studio with his famous crunch rolls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello hello what is Beijing governor I'm sandy beach week ever driving out there because there's reports of a black guys there and for the appeal full blown those reports just remember. Black these matters. Did any never gave me that. Actually don't know he sold me that so now my moment trip to Europe. He did I start bargain always. So there I am watching the national news a couple of days ago and they weren't on saying in the Detroit car show they were announcing the car of the year. And sometimes I look at that beautiful woman who's going to be making the announcement. Of Asia via a big shipping as Carly Arabic a bold. And it was our own Lauren fix Loren congratulations this year. Thank you very much collateral on the record look at north American heart truck utility vehicle there. Thought we got beat out and I hit. It pretty col. That was so cold I saw I saw on channel also and they kept Dave but the Dave big did not give you credit as being for come here. We wanna take ownership of anybody that makes a makes a national splash so congratulations to you obviously do photograph well. And now I'm armor and about three auto show. And it seems aware into the future and people are talking about self driving cars. I I'm sorry I think it's going to be awhile to get past insurance regulations and safety issues. I mean you know what it's like the changes cigarette lighter and a car when you think these things they'll actually be real even go to a dealer and get one. Whatever right now we are trying to keep. Active cruise control things like that but what I'm seeing it. Reported that like they've got to got out of that group. That point and get to market took twice what you want but that's not what they call level five level I was caught a couple copying a interpret a break up. And now occur or occur or that they there I think we're. At least 20/20 five if not longer. We have that now it's call a cab or bird or lift. Our call someone. Took a I don't argue. About New York car and this is I get in a car I want to draw I don't. Wanna be chauffeured around and let you know a journal animal for some special occasion. I I want to drop I've I'd like to drive I enjoyed driving I don't be schlepped around by electronic hardware. I agree that we I drove I never thought were crying people retire. That's our oil. And I drove the mile an hour period all the way to daughter now. There are no upper right about that can. You wouldn't take it any article that was not our most black the first. Couple aren't there are more. Covered all but I didn't know cage and I couldn't control or depth of eighteen you know other letter Cracker Barrel mark. So basically you've got a core. I. Practicing that deal all you know rising up at that angle. You've got to be used to it again. He it's it's a whole new learning process okay in the real world automobiles that are very at the Detroit auto show. That you've seen know what kind of light your fire. Well let's see I think I hope to stop the world which meet our needs it's they're number one cabinet crossover into heavy or addition. European car called the cast kind. And not make any sense but at this or urged that broke and that earned a court on vehicle under the cream here. I'll also examine them. On the rebels are. I like that now or your app but why are looking for her own car it's actually got some personality. VW a cheap one. It's going to BLU boat when it caught along real big picture but look at of course air force security. Plugin version because federal government as it did a bit of credit and LC. Anything exciting from Tata. It. On that were up at the were shocked many Land Rover jaguar. Now today. Howell. But eight at what happens when. They. Bail out in that Chinese term picture GHT. And that the active. A majority in the audience it's not out that they go watch. Out. It is still a design error from the deputy I think that spectacular. Well that is good because BMWs have always been known not only for performers vote for styled do USA today video Ford Motor Co. says something positive about Donald Trump but I wanted to political. But Doug Ford says that he could be very good for the auto industry. Without getting political. Is there any way you can engage however he would be good or not for the auto industry. I absolutely can and have been talking about the a lot. Well first up without getting at and political I didn't put it away right how to impact with the consumer and auto industry. EPA currently are going to be what you income to be my name's Scott Pruitt. Now policies Vieira trans am races via. A Scotland. Is okay. OK. Are you got to where I actually hear the fabric. Are. On. I turned it around your I would love. But now. It. Different I. Currently the administration biggest problem out right now not. Be back in Mexico. Biggest issue is regulation or absent were over regulated now an important. New regulation car manufacturer of any sport. For you comply which makes that. But all across the money and it cost. By a car. But I'll when you're out in light of that. Costs somewhere. Go back at the corporate ever content is currently at four point five miles per gallon. We got to gamble but I question you talked about the I get Ike and then you know. We're gonna read do you oh the current administration has put in place. Duck and it changed so when he went to interpret it any more cars. If they're. At it and I. Grabbed something. Like. And the cost of doubles will drop because they didn't like. It better. Or who. Art why. That question. Good point you know what they should do I wish they would do it on the sticker on the Wendell stickam Maroney sticker I wish they would put a number. That represents how much more you have to pay for all of these all over burdensome regulations and then people would understand that if they look at the windows figures at eight. 1500. Dollars stores over regulation. They might get intrusive and participating in the right and number. Acts all larger measure got like I couldn't pay that I work in America. I could not pay the luxury Taj I had to go always the good cherry which is a Chinese cars I'm sure you're well. Yes I am asked the local. Would occur the. The parity you're. Or overweight or occurrence this IPO. Plug in vehicle right now mark mark weary of the war I talked to Mary are up I. Nobody you know will be here with Chrysler Pacifica which is that ultimately. They haven't country of course. I don't question the name that occurred that they have. Yeah ides of fair vehicle. Or welding class all they want I tell people is bad for civilians have been think whoever. Choke. And the truck your original and interesting things all vehicles are opening lap. All right. It. Not not by coincidence look out five auto show we're very proud that you got to announce Carly is a nice guys going all right and touch base when he gets back in town may will be will review. I don't wonderful OK they care about like a Lauren fix at the Detroit auto show me back after this I. I hate Tony Caligiuri. People thank you until they weren't really wild together. And he knows what your bank and you know he's in item outside why I'm in the studio with a before the show started you know as IO exam. And these ads have me he said last IDs that was online and I was listening to some WK BW checks. And you know my chest started pop and he says it is really great all my man I'm about that it's and he says. Then again Everett is really funny so indicate air jacks. Tell me unless there about eight. But there about you'd Dan you know I remember the old days when news the beef and yes I'm stuck. I think I used to earn a paycheck to view here's Ernie who aren't good enough yeah essay here never does that get the kind of paycheck yeah it was like McGovern is in town and they're donating money too big a charitable cause in the opening up its. This big huge cardboard check. I didn't need to every through. That's that's an exaggeration I don't hockey treatment like this when I'm so depressed. You're depressed I'm. A fresh start under this a deal yeah ought ever since I was a little teeny tiny kid and I minicamp coming you know I know you are OK now well what when I was twelve year old I went and I have my confirmation woman's right is older guys now all Hampshire now the government is making people. Go to hearings before they get confirmed I'll bet I saw on TV that's fair and all and yet these are older guys considered getting ignored for. Bank they would have already been confirmed I'm floats you confirm that your moron. I mean it is absolutely true or not he's all he's got something going you know what I mean he's always got I hey have you seen my new tractor. Oh what do you think these like these hearing enhancement things. Now he's he's gonna crunch roles no worst of all night because they feel they're so you'll know. When I that this Aoki anybody brought food and not low give it to me and I'm eating it up now that I am a talk show host. And people wanna kill me I have people. Try my food first and won't. In the air Tony and Alex they're trying to cross controls only Olympic controls our first call. Market crunch refreshed the ball. I have nothing to do with the ground rules I am not any kind of an investor or not I have been an up front troll king pin high and I occasionally get a few formalized my son there. Idea of my of my eyewitnesses tell me that Marreese if you have another module and eight years. You know you're your people realize that my kids are listening right now dogs I knew that we don't feel about your flu. Like AS. Very tough gig yeah I wanna mess that is our. All right crime torrential what are they can poke at its buffalo chicken and hot pepper controls and they're eating them right now I'm very hot or anything and Tony of an odd you're like hi there's a little bit he and his allies in junior Alex. Do you feel army he'd throw. Just as is more than one brand more on Wednesday chick and there's chicken and and there is the hot pepper look in the hot peppers pretty Han okay but they serve them you spend you've seen though the truck they have crunch mobile crunch. We've school okay about anyone they wanna to influence a big big as new products were very hard you know personally what these like like pizza rules and Illinois to it's it's a long role that they they recommend you cut that in half after you cook you know not for Tony Tony with the goal now keep you don't cut anything ever happens on me he can't he burned his face as he jumped into the Fryer nothing had nothing Honeycutt travel. And now with no senses our minutes are. Up any extras that they were eligible are meeting. They rectum and blue cheese or ranch dressing. But but that that there insults not too long ago during who's one of mines while you some moments of actually he's from from the neighborhood and like Armstrong Leo right market go up. They've done I can't get them out that I can figure out are like oil anyway and his house he served like a tomato sauce chili dipping and only estimate of those things you know I was what. Now I think crunch because now that I'm not hitting. Texture to me because I I don't have a keen sense of taste and OJ is involved as was the journal or I don't Wear your dress like him to Ohio but when you're crunched down on him I like texture do they have text us in in you kid you get ten texture remembered the incident took off. Bite down on that are ignoring. The price of eight LG may crunchy yes. All right here I want you to take your current road there's a microphone right there I want your crunch it into a microphone so we'll do a crunch to steer him. The law while. You that's Alex's leg. I don't hear you pick. And let's just say yeah. This sounds like there's texture and there this is going and you got a hot as you got the hotter one. It is OK but the opera now and and expertly as the milder one is is what the chicken yeah checked in and out chicken and cheese and a whole big picture. You know these are made locally to this and that's not something important was over. The aid in Westfield New York the F. They've created 35 jobs really with the there's a factory there and then make some amends for Roger and yeah and all the other where it all in on him agreement the combine them right now ought in the stores you can go to dashes market there she is good market in the square which rulers and the commitments and price shop choppers but the restaurants they're serving a mount a bunch a wrestlers are now you know I am not making use of outside of Marie you're like really hot things and I and that. And you tell a story once about what are your signs challenges there eating -- well not yet which allow what was that what that like it was like. It was like what will happen to you when you pass thrown. The basic plays when you go oh yeah it was like that only in your throat and your moll failures comment that hot dog man what was an immigrant the American don't know but I mostly. Pickles peppers like man what it was all those things that I have ran down low line worthy have a number they give numbers for the heat right of the shoppers on brown this was indoors later challenge lie yeah I know he told you that it's like unbelievable. When I so I mentioned earlier bouts you know it's Dini cancer in a big check. And I told them I was rejected a lot of you shoot me and a huge in the way and at what the fairgrounds yes your your page which. Your paycheck on that. Really it's just it's a a Third World country could run their whole electric bill for a year on them exposure I hate him and that while we do some news in the world we'll wrap up the other punched to death so. Its stock was Andean under your mind if you via. Backward region governor and it never dropped by to bring us some crunch rolls out Tony you are not a pay its spokesperson for controls on them I'm the only crimes for all of things do matter as you just a wait till right right. I'd and you said they were delicious. Sort of act and so I'm I'm glad to hear that because he is the food Yzerman guru he's the man he's a man and Brando Lacey got to tip your random crime for how we should do two of them. Would do would if they both indoors and then you know that. Both sexes would like yes ever done to evaluate it is I want to execute tried both waivers yes and act like the one of pepper a little bit would that matter but Edmonton in that market just now I've got some good news story okay you you you're a lot of requests all opened a you patronize the food trucks occasionally write coming this summer okay. State crunch rules. State I don't K runs like this deaths as a state run state you're a hero and now no no no no no I've already had them are not available to the viewer you're in the experimental stage yet. Let's look at what she and they're wonderful yeah some cream. Yeah I'm no I'm not sure exactly with the ingredients are about tea. The state court rules or zero yet either make house missing in the Orchard Park yeah during the battle front row. I did animal husbandry and also cares about the environment news hole and stay in Orchard Park is Ron Cole is which is Perry and yes it is here this and I I just wanted to mention one thing you know about this is political. Opened my phones law you gotta get into the arena. The president last night can I gave a speech and and I just wanna be slightly critical because he copied all. He copied the speech from the Golden Globes the war. It was the same speed and you know I mean you use the acute strokes but why why of dropping. Okay and girls he he took Meryl Streep slowly I'm. I think that that's wonderful why why write a new ones yeah horoscopes are him by the O I would go with these cultural thing to do there where they again. Two way game by him. You can buy them right now at the dashes markets market square in price shoppers. And then a lot of the a lot of the stores you can get them in their can't theory would be make them for now if you buy enough will Darren bring them through your home and and and cook them if you're a civilian afford and he. You look at them corn belt I just want to mention one more thing this has nothing to do with the controls. I want people know that the only reason I'm talking about this on your on my mission our show here on hazing showed no one is due cause that's why there are some can compromising videos. I'm me on your trip. Yet out don't think they're unsubstantiated men that they now know there are unsubstantiated but there and I told Marie not to mention its and he well you know how players and loose loose lips sink ships. I advised policy in Europe our look at where are to be fun it's sold out. It's all about in record time we have the maximum number of people we go to Dayton. And area and of people we know are on the strip included people from earlier trips and other other famous people get one other thing. If you don't want well OK not now Tony is a sports guy right he knows what you know Tony who is the all time scoring leader in the national hockey nomination. Girls' night that's a story you know that's the difference or objects or Gretzky. Now let's close on weaned shoots the way UT you'd you'd at Nevada and every broadcast. All. Know by now we know by Ian on the air enough. I'm. Praises be material on the radio station after graciously say bring on the world. And the whole thing until like that how did he get in the front door here. Well I. Think it was a good. The series well why these security people coming out of a hundred no time or Euro. Annexing you'll be on the view. I. I here's here's the thing up march raised about the month of cards coming in like a lion going out like a lamb. And that's all looking at right now. We're looking at Donald Trump pretty zone coming in like a lion. And we just are heard and saw him. Our world our presidents and our current president Barack Obama go out like a lamb last night although. I did not see it. I have to admit I didn't see it I didn't hear it I didn't want to. And that's the bottom and so I want units kind of tell me how that went but bay sickly. There is a press conference the first one of Donald Trump's. Presidency has you know he's still president elect and that'll be today. In about an hour and seventeen minutes I hope he's on time. Because we wanna give as much of it as we can we'll carry it all all but I wanna hear as much of it. As I can right here and get our opinion meanwhile. Substantiated. Reports. Isn't it amaze thing. It's just they have to come out why and I DA before his Fran our first press conference what do you think is gonna dominate his press conference. Now it's Donald Trump. In its one thing have you ever been in a debate. Okay debate you know was set at one end of a Turbo and non persons is at the other end and exchange idea isn't new see who's better prepared for this. I've been on trumped you and or Rome. And you look out there and you know everybody. Probably including the cameraman. Is out to get basic. And that that's basically the way it is because the looking for any knows this not even looking for any breaking stories they're all looking for their individual gotcha moment. They all wanna be the author of that one question that they ask. Which he had as its dates or stumbles or canned answer current two to a two is high level usually of integrity. And the bottom line is that's what it is as what it is it's going to be a gotcha moment. But let me tell you something trump is not affinia you know barely hit him with a stick and candies and fall not gonna happen so be very interest thing. If it if that warm if I or my press conference. My press conference would tend to be if you got something to get on. And if you don't shut the you know one up because it's time to put a shot up the press if all it's going to be for the full or eight years ago I was president. Is one is trying to get a gotcha moment we don't need to press. Basically he has he tweets every thing and now you know why. Because tweets go out. They're not edited they're not interpreted. Except by the people who see them aren't and that's the way it should be. I saw I'd like your opinion of what he has some who 00 he is a game plan should be should be charm. As charming when he wants it. Should it be just being able to give you look at convincing argument that this is the correct answer. Persuasion the art of persuasion Ronald Reagan was very go to that. He persuaded that a political of people demeanor like on to kind of join him in trying to get something done. Or should be you know a lot balls lol Paul I I vote for balls to the wall and about viewed what you vote for Tony balls to the wall all the actors. Here's the deal no matter how persuasive you are. No matter how charming you are it doesn't fit their narrative if they don't get you is your enemy they want information. Well questions today they're a twist to turn everything everything they're gonna are they going to try and squeeze every last ounce out of this. And trying get their moment they want to be known they wanna be referenced. By other news cast. And I asked by a recent reporter Tony Caligiuri about you know that's what they want. And now that you know it the game is of the games cup. I if there are there to learn legitimate and things about the future president of the United States that's one thing if it is just an ambush him. That's a whole different ball game. Will be back with more would be Jim company Anders read and I'm thirty WB media is BJ company I hope you survive the a windstorm last night. They get at least one I left the house with Joseph about a 6:15 in the morning and it was dark I didn't see any branch is on or whatever but. In the driving wasn't bad later on there were reports of black guys how is that your house Tony you get and your tree problems or anything like that as. How the big branch at next to my garage I looked in the backyard surprisingly there was nothing down there. For some garbage cans neighbor ought yeah I did see around I did see that and that was a huge branch that does somebody must have are already gone out to the streak broken up but you could tell it was covering the street. It's it's trash day where I live and not only trash day is recycled day and the recycle containers are very very large and they. We if you put the recyclables. In that which is why they're bear. Are they way ally but I was surprised to see many of them tipped over just from the wind is those seminal works of my neighbors are a blue all the way over I'm in my side they're really out beyond so I've there is that but let's though hope everything worked out all right the reporting on this was was pretty good. And I got a nicely some people I talked to were up all night because of the win win really bothers. Overslept my alarm clock drawing a laugh because lost power last night for a little that I went to bed last night wearing my watch. Which I ever do and I'm thinking what's driver generator and I've had a flow like I think eight years nine years it's gone off twice as debt. So I'm I'm pretty confident that the generator will be there but you know me double redundant. Just in case I'm thinking. The power goes out and have the generator doesn't come on save the day. At least I have my watch and I have a body clock like you would not believe. IE I will wake up within two out of three minutes of the time that I am I'm going to bed thinking OK I gotta be governments and time. My body wakes up within 23 minutes of that time every single time. But I'm thinking okay I'm wearing my watch. And Nolo to what's going on in case the power goes out and be a generator doesn't Obama empowered didn't a lot of my house. And I'm confident that the generator would go but we're all here we're talking about at 11 o'clock today right approximately eleven. There will be a press conference of our first press conference of of vote president elect Donald Trump. And strangely enough. Just before it unsubstantiated. Unverified. Reports. From a democratic. Group. It's a democratic spies trying to find opposition surge. Nobody a nobody reputable. Is it is verifying that this is you can prove this. However just by saying it even though is saying it's non verifiable and has been verified. It hasn't been proven even the FBI is investigating as they weren't looking into it because where we should look into it but. Nobody's got anything definitive but the fact is that it's out there and here's the problem. Is out there and now we have the Internet. And so everything that's out there which in the past. Would not have been any big video taken forever mouth to mouth. You know from idea for my lips to your ears and a new tells somebody else and until he hears about it bingo and by the time against out there a big move term is over for the president now we have instant access to the world. It's called the Internet and if somebody has. Has something that they won a spread out there whether it's true or not. Whether it's verifiable and not it doesn't really matter it gets out there and then everybody re. Is sends it to via everybody else and it magnifies itself the next thing you know. It's it's treated like it's the real deal and they've proven their case in court I mean it's ridiculous. And that's the downside I think of the Internet. Is that I basically he. Regarding the Internet I don't believe anything until lies and so I prove that I will never take anything just off the Internet and use it. Without that verification. Because his allotted irresponsible stuff so. I'm asking this is the first press conference and you're going to have Donald Trump. Vs the press make no mistake about it all right. Not that I'm thinking it should be a marsh mollified it shouldn't. But it also shouldn't be a fighter should be a search for the truth storage for around though the future of America. But as you listen to it we're gonna carry it here on Israeli and I'm thirty and as a set I hope he's on time as he is it's. A little bit more than an hour. I see how many questions really fallen to of that dome or how many are gut. Chip questions. Hoping to get that Tibet. That a bit of infamy Asian. That that dead moments where somebody has to say that it was your question had gone on to do that. And that's as sick as always got a sick and that losers in this the Democrats. Basically our row of the easiest ten given up. They can't give it up with the last death Britain gas. Is you know rise less than that in in the water and on the hand is about the water in them and goes all our and that's it. Well right now just the fingertips of hander above water and they will not and cannot be given. We remembered turn around before the election we learn from WikiLeaks that. The DNC. Seems like the DNC's just put them in attack mode rate now to go after trop as much as possible. All the fans and probably figures they've taken so many hits in this election cycle they've lost soul much. That they've got nothing to lose and going to have after a desperate they hope they find something. As pretty with it for a a political party is supposed to be looking out and giving their best petition. On the future of America. So I wanna ask you those M I know lion is that Donald Trump. Goes out like a lamb that's Obama a lot last night if you saw or heard the Obama's pick which I'm feeling and nobody did that. I didn't. Did you give me your opinion of it and what how urgent Donald Trump analyst with chuck arm. With persuasion. Or. If you don't have the implementation. And you fill in the blank and this year and he continued waiting at the one access he has CU without the wicked press in the way will be back government.

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