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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sabres On Serious Roll - Mike Robitaille

Sabres On Serious Roll - Mike Robitaille

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Roby radio micro but I sabres analyst he's with us this morning might did you have power and everything. Did you have one power. All but you're popular department broken at all. And it got they have. You know before we get and that the sabres and soft summit then affected the bills are really close to getting a new head coach Sean McDermott. You know what I could learn. It's just like repetitions and Michael revolver over Cuba in bunker you're hurt. Coach Sully you know our hearts couldn't personally get all fired up about it. It's like you're going to on the same motive reflected here. A UN I'm sure a lot of other people did you were you able to catch the sabres. On Saturday at that game before we hit last night. That's Saturday game was may be one of the most exciting. Sabres games I've seen in quite some time to come from behind win and also. The big hit yet a little bit and nastiness at the end of it had just about everything you need. Well they've brought until I came they usually don't do and that suited albeit for their behind that agreed. And they came back to its army and they didn't just stop what they want to get tied up Daily Beast under way to court had nearly all the game and it was. It's a really exciting for the campus something they deserve it really torque for a long time and there's plenty of excitement in that game not only to come back but you're talking about might skip by him Kate looking at may have not signal a night some. These all add up add up the great Wimbledon great excitement and saying I'm so long time coming. You know it seems like the sabres have kind of turned a corner since New Year's Day. Do you agree. Well I think. To a certain part of America and not all in on it yet it turned the corner before occasionally and that all suddenly get all I wanna see a little more consistency from the game. They keep their run going here for about whether or fight game than. I think then you're talking about stopping that's a real possibility that a little pressure almost in several bomb about last play opposition but. They have a long way to go all I mean there's been like 23 younger. But yeah it's 13 where. Before the Steve Ballmer and that's that's an awful lot Europe and do something a beat or mean it can be done. But you know Charlotte committee Ari I have and those a lot of there's many many years watching the scene and so they're gonna have to make it. Happen quickly. Now one thing that happened last night though is they didn't fall behind early at Felix so much for talking about. Then giving up the lead coming out of the gates not too well with. Last night it was a little bit of a slow start to the game but then really kicked in high gear they never looked back. Yeah right what kind of in orbit early in the game absolutely loved so well. I don't tepid effort on their part and then we kick in if you heard. Really they haven't played quite strong in that first period yet the second half of them about the teammate was kept on picking up the purple. For checking wasn't actually. I think it turned Philadelphia off are you being aggressive with their sport jacket that. Backing up a little bit and falling different is style and shop at them in regards to the sport jacket well. It's very confusing for Philadelphia it never really did get their feet from underneath them lettering and had an awful lot to do or checking papers. It might what do you think of Kyle post so Ing named to the all star team. Wally you and already he's cities had a good year I mean he's not a lot of reasons to. While why your outlook Moody's late this evening. And he won't it just won't let it happen all of their. In trying to wait to be a consistent. I don't structure and good luck and element swaying to look at this article their Jiri don't know are virtually defense so let me. Well you're pretty typical game will go to the net so many like the bottom. Outlook he wraps up and then they're also also a lot of it's not a very very pleased for him but it worked out guard reserves and luckily that we got on them. Iowa star was fun talking Roby radio thanks Mike. OK to talk about.

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