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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Head Coach Search Nearing End? - WGR'S Sal Capaccio

Bills Head Coach Search Nearing End? - WGR'S Sal Capaccio

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's bring in south cup top GO for WGR Sports Radio 550 sound covers all things Buffalo Bills send. It's a big day for the bills report happening overnight. That Sean McDermott will be named the next bills head coach should sell why don't we just start off with a what are you hearing about meet German and the bills. While I mean it appears as though that. The weight stranding I don't know if you know it's worked quite at the point where he's going to mean in the next head coach but I think she is the front runner right now they are talking again today with him. And I think that's where this is tracking Al. That'll finger side you never know we've seen I've been through a lot of these coats. Changes that you guys now we've seen a lot of times that I believe where. You know you can add the team or the coach using either party for leverage to. To get something from another couple for another team so we'll see what goes but it appears all kind of went into the bills targeting Sean McDermott beer and access to. It is Sean McDermott in town so I'll do you know that. No I believe it would be in Florida for interviews that's what it goes our in Boca so my assumption that you at least he's got some other. Interviews as well so my assumption is they lit up like and there are too wrapped things up to talk a little bit more over negotiations with Jimenez is represented. The seems to have happened pretty fast it was not long go we're talking about Anthony Lane in him being kind of the front runner in this whole thing at. One did tied to sort it turned Tim McDermott says can you pinpoint any time was it his interviews something else. Having a great read and write and ask what do you mean. From the minute he interviewed with the team which he was the very first interview her first formal interview. They knew what their cabinet neatly and yet had an interview yet formally but I was told he was too repressive and an interview very Smart guy. The kind of guy intention to veto it they're looking for the Mexico and that thing is the UN. Isn't that I'd once you get in that room you know as I said from the beginning you know people thought this was just. Slam dunk it in the Landis is just basically kind of a quote unquote big surgeon anyways but. You know I think said from the beginning once you get in that room and you start talking to people you can always have somebody blew your doors often appears as though that's what. Sean McDermott did last summer. A part of that is. You become more attractive depending on what assistance she can bring with him and when I reported last night is that it appears as though from what I'm hearing Mike McCoy former head coach of the San Diego Chargers operative or near the Denver Broncos. Could very well regionally and at is offensive coordinator now you can get pairing of McDermott. In the court very very attractive to any team that would set. You know I keep thinking about when you talk to us maybe a week ago when you said after year. Your talk with Kim Pakula that there wouldn't be twelve areas this time around that this is exactly they dated they were very focused with us. Beware beware and I think David had a aren't we know. At four I believe formal interviews and he says you know maybe five or six so it looks like. They got what they wanted out of those born out there may have been somebody on the radar we don't know that I could here five. But that's exactly right they knew going into the process. That they had a specific. Group of candidates they were going to choose from specifically. Narrowed down what they wanted and it supposed to last time with lately interviewed twelve different people. Around the country and left no stone and turn it they said the time it was we're gonna hear when and exactly who we want we're gonna make sure we get the right person. Based on those qualities. A lot of people have tied to Tyrod Taylor and Anthony Lindsay gathered Lindsay likes Taylor that's what I've heard a lot of is it safe to assume that if Lin isn't the choice. That Taylor is definitely on his way out say is there any correlation to be made there or she Regis Wayne seat. I think it's a good. Connecting of the dots but. These things are always things that gets sorted out once you get everybody into a room you start talking so I would say yes that you know Anthony Lynn. Here's the thing right I don't think either of these coaches. What turned down on the job simply because tyra killer won't be their quarterback at the organization said this is where we're going to talk about 21 time head coach candidate. Who this is the pinnacle their perfection. Who by the way you'd never know another opportunity like that's gonna come along again so I wouldn't think you walk in and they Iraqi IndyCar the other thing I'll walk away from the job in the may. It just seems to me that people like that usually don't do that they're gonna take a coaching job but. It does appear that it it McDermott get the job and so far things have been trending. That Tyrod Taylor is not going to be the bills uniform next year but I still believe he will have a say in that. Especially the American Mike McCoy of that wrinkle in this league by the way you gonna happen and they're gonna wanna know what you think. Kyra killer after evaluated film and knowing what you wanna do. Are itself upon GO from WGR. 550. You can follow sell on Twitter at sell sports today get the latest. As the bills appeared to be closing in. On Sean McDermott as their new head coach.

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