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Trump Talk With Michael Caputo

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now let's bring in strategist at WBM talker of Michael cook food out to talk about the trump news conference set for 11 o'clock this morning Michael good morning. Reward great you're great and so what do you make of these allegations that trump was compromised. By Russian agents. Well I complete crap it that story that's been peddled Nelson's. And so I think late late summer. By the member from crowd led by Rick Wilson the guy who put it this report was paid by these strong but detractors. Go around and trying to track down compromising information about child and came back with this story. Are prompting. You know misbehaving somehow in Russia and big portrait. And no one bought known improvement. And a number of viable it's only now we're finding out. They it's not a bit in this the British. Our intelligence officer who was working for the member from crowd was actually. Are told by storm online poke over a third of what quite fortunate. Who made up this story got a it's side of the audio in it somehow made its way into an intelligence briefing. Apparently however today on the arm on the base of the org. We start more or incoming chief is that right Friedman just dark haired apartments at all. The territory a story. And if that comes up with the press conference you've got to believe the problem from the remarkable in the park. Well on that point at as a political strategist if you're talking to trump before the press conference today yeah what are you telling him with how to address. Our I would say that you don't give it any way you you you knock it down as. But you know malicious rumor and innuendo are put together by people who are in their last gasp the opposition's of the incoming president. I think that the more you talk about them like they're more the president elect are not like they're. The more traction drive like Rick Wilson and the other folks aren't making this. Debt limit I really hope. Safari but it is Brett government there are going to be about a obamacare is incoming chairman. Immigration in the wall and infrastructure. Which you'd look like it's going to be perfect this Supreme Court. Nomination. Of course they're gonna talk a bit about Russia but you know this Russia. Is all complete crap I can tell you that as effective I would. I I had by far more experience with Russia than anybody in all how I lived there for most of decades. All we want to double talk aptly abouts. Our rush Russia at all yes we was impacting all reveal what was it like to live there and Michael Cohen. A man who base base knock off to Prague to to meet with the Russians. I is someone I know very very well he never ever been apart in fact during a prime responsibly abroad he was in California. This whole thing is just crap it's more stop being sort of blocked by people who are just. Sore loser. Michael do you fear of noted that this is going to kind of hijacked a news conference. That the full intent of the release of this information was carjacked. And caller of the last week before Donald Trump are a date certain to take you know in dark color. Of that took the ball forward very cynical political stuff. Our I've been dealing of politics. And dealing and that kind of stuff for thirty years at the dirty trick one that reporters are gleefully playing along. When you know the New York Times refused to run it because none of it verifiable that is highly questionable inaccurate reach. Okay Michael switching on topics that slightly. For a just a little bit before ego on the inauguration cheer yesterday. Said he promises an atmosphere. Of soft sensuality. For Donald Trump's inauguration on a scale of one to ten how uncomfortable the set freeze make you feel. Good credit that it is. We've got Tom Baird and pat. He said that. I I respect Ebert spoke. Is so what what do you expect them in the inauguration what could he mean by that. Why army let them my indicated that black art all week so obviously it would cut plan on coming there and various state and on arrests are I've heard nothing about it. That I'm sure he misspoke how they're great guys very good for an adult child and I'm sure. There's going to be have the pomp and circumstance we expect out of the transition. And the inauguration of the new president are going to be you know are you elect balls as you know you might have heard that. You know typically have between nine and twelve inaugural balls and golf companies cut back down the two if it whip also a military ball in addition. The parades are well aware cut down from 54 hours that night and drop it going to have you don't often circumstance that we we expect out of the inauguration. But he is really intent on getting the work he's seen a lot of property as wasteful. And our you know credible of a waste of money. I was so he's got it down the sides are at a farm bureau. And I think cut it down and sensuality. That's very good way to do about it. Hey Michael thanks we always appreciate it that's talker Michael Caputo.

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