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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Previewing Donald Trump's Remarks - Carl Calabrese

Previewing Donald Trump's Remarks - Carl Calabrese

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome in political strategist Karl calabrese to I'm sure will be all over this Donald Trump news conference Karl. You're expecting I'm sure a lot of questions about this report last night do what do you make of the report first off. Unsubstantiated. Is pretty much attached set everything you'll read. On this report set how much weight do you throw behind it. I just read the Washington Post. Story here this morning about this this report. It's it's un cola. It's it's it's a real like you know a dinosaur by local at this point. People have a right to be confused or hope for support for Russians. Paper Donald Trump didn't want Hillary Clinton now being told they have. Some areas says some of this information and I'll probably go this is applicable that would go what I hear it is with true what isn't. Donald Trump's initial reaction was to actually influence more big news so I don't believe this will edit it another dimension to. Well problem was going to be eight tenths contentious news conference anyways. I tiger to have this involves so I I think folks in your business took it very very entertaining news conference schools or about later today. Yeah he'll probably have to deal with this right off the top onto thank. No question no question this will be the first question and it repeated questions throughout it and we all know that you know Donald Trump. Like the fight there when he gets involved in a fight he expects to win and I think you'll see punch for punch traded today here is these questions continuance. You know the wresting power they have. Gotcha accusatory Washington press core efficient. He has no patience for that you can probably see that and it. Take current stand by for just a second we just gonna Wear that the skyway outbound is now open so skyway in both directions. Is open as separate now. Carol Donald Trump just tweeted a few minutes ago. That the Russians say it's false reports in Canada and I told you so it's fake news as a strategist. Is saying that the Russians say it isn't true maybe not the best idea given the story that's out there. There are a good question. It is people think his base. Why. This just does this episode probably just fuel the fire that there's certain that he concentrated. Coordinated effort. To delegitimize fop president people before ever again that's my that's what I I think is. Base supporters they the question is what we know. We don't Democrats think differently you know it is a 51% of Democrats. According to poll believe that. The Russians actually hit into the electoral system and change the vote totals. Every intelligence agency that is specified as point. Has clearly said that did not happen as obscene or process. But yet 50% of Democrats believe that I don't know how independents feel about this and that will that will decide a lot in terms of how people. How people into the trump presidency in their minds but. Actually he got. He's got it two of knowing that lots and lots of people most effective majority of people do not trust the mainstream media. And then the more pleased that probably the better it is for him. Are they out of demeanor of trump today is that something you will be. Focused on. Yeah I yeah I think so. You know that this is going to be his first press conference. That it alone interest in because he's gonna face a very hostile press corps is a question about that and now you've got this layer on top of it. This I expect to see fisticuffs that are out there in my prediction at this this could be. That this could be very. Very hard pressed up. Hey before you go up President Obama gave his farewell address yesterday. Do you think this is the last. We'll hear from him I know a lot of presidents after they leave office they kind of fade away quietly don't hear too much from a lot of and Bill Clinton may be more so than others but. From Obama what do you expect over the next few years is he going to still be active. Oh no question about it prospect I think you're gonna see a two different two very civil activity going on here. Just there's you're watching Donald Trump. Changed the very nature of the presidency how we how we communicate to people always makes policy you're gonna see. Barack Obama changed the nature of the role as president. Issues that most fair presently in Washington effect the last one to stay at Washington was Woodrow Wilson and it was pretty incapacitated by a stroke. All he's gonna stay in Washington. I've heard reports that his plan is to. These fairly active that he's sort of been very active in criticizing Donald Trump in trying to protect his legacy and try to rebuild Democratic Party. From the grassroots local level. I'm up that the long term project but I mean he's not gone away and I think his mission is going to be to protect his legacy by. Doing something that has not traditionally air that is a very vocal political. As president how many in real time on the current president. Are at that is political strategist Karl calabrese thanks as always for joining us.

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