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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Trump Holding News Conference - Preview From Brad Mielke

Trump Holding News Conference - Preview From Brad Mielke

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New claims. Breaking yesterday that Donald Trump was compromised. By the Russians we bring him Brad milky you. Excuse me has been following that story brand I guess first off if you could kind of give us the bullet points of this report their broke last night. It has the big allegation here is that Donald Sloan was personally. Compromised by Russian intelligence officials by Russian spies the bad so in that his team. Still that it seemed like it compromised by. Hackers now eager unsubstantiated report uncorroborated or. Uncorroborated report however the FBI as. Different official intelligence community has told EDT if we are investigating these allegations because they're too serious to ignore. And we've also heard that Donald Trump and President Obama what we're both reached on what they were told and what the FBI is looking into. That we don't know. And Donald Trump. And these are actually denying that repeated all about peace in a brief so. A very murky situation right now and information that day eighty she had actually been given a month ago. But it did and edit Aaron because these were unsubstantiated report. He's been tweeting is well Brad that this is fake news and a total political witch hunt. This is something he'll probably have to address first and foremost at this news conference right. No matter what that really get brought up although remember this. The press conference which originally billed as a wait for him to unveil its plan to upgrade itself on the trump organization of its is that those caught with an interest that it can proceed so. Imagine is that you'll be his focus but it it that they'll be brought up. I'd members of the press he shot and it's an open offer it told the general public act whatever you want to I had to be shot that beat it it's about about Berry Berry early. I really quickly before you go you mentioned ABC news didn't run with this report so months ago why it in your mind how much weight should we be throwing behind the report says unsubstantiated. Is thrown. Around a lot with this. Well let me what you know right now is that these allegations were pursued by by some people insert the Democratic Party structure. That it ebitda we have never had any hard evidence presented about this necessarily. And that we don't FBI officials are are looking at it but are not at an early. Presenting any smoking god at least that site and we've heard so far so right now we're being told to treat this very very carefully the tie is obviously very serious report. But until somebody gets hard evidence and Donald Trump is of personally compromised by Moscow I did that that is a big event. You can really only truly believe it seemed that apart at. Our brand milky joining us he was all over this Donald Trump story of the new allegations Brandt thanks so much.

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