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Windy Overnight - NWS Dave Thomas

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live to the National Weather Service. What a night Dave Thomas is with us this morning Dave distaff how strong with the winds overnight. We had to win that means that he died in sixty miles per hour across the region. Well let's let hours did you plaque that. Primary between the hours. I'd just after midnight through about 3 o'clock or in the from the peak wind. Rushed across Western New York. And one are we looking at this may be calming down a little bit I believe soon right. I guess the winds are actually at diminishing in the morning. And that they should be much later here 8. They mid morning. It was just then the way it was across. All of Western New York Gordon did some areas and take it worse than others. As is typical areas are the windy it's. Written on the Lake Erie shoreline and across the nagger frontier that's sort of the highest wind gusts. Is this what we expected yesterday and others the wind warning out there that began last night lasts until low little bit later this morning. That we expect gusts this big it seemed like they were sustained for quite awhile. Yes the one where a pretty pretty long the sustained winds. Howling across the region records of an early morning hours. And about what we are thinking as far as the peak wind gust then. His longest of the wells the restoration of the events. Are there red alas a power outages during night Dave at the weather service do you get reports of damage that come in there. We do. He had heard of him many. I'm especially we've been things through via social media outlets. A lot of people are still out sleeping. And we have heard some reports here at the office as of yet. But that's part of the advisories rate when you look at handed events like this he warned people. You know maybe don't park under a tree be sure your trash cans are in things like that. Yes. He had just in a warning here in the future. Loose the approach exert tight down. In the garbage cans and you meaning holiday decorations and those he is a warning. Iron better shape their properties and those that sentence. Ari Dave we appreciate the time this morning thanks that's Dave Thomas at the National Weather Service.

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