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1-10 The Bauerle and Bellavia Show Hour 4

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. In early September when I saw president prudent in China I felt that the most effective way. To ensure that. That happened was to have talked to Barack. And tell. I hang hang. Stupid. It's come hourly it's. You have your very different from each other in a lot of ways you have to understand as far as gravest concern your book visas and David Bellamy that's going to. You're both equally mercurial overly sensitive clean neat hysterical hardware you Mon July. Yeah you are at halftime because I don't collect IR AI Goliath eighty I asked. We meet people identical into the hourly and all of the Hampstead and almost improvisational. Tone on news radio 930. And it is hourly about. 300300. And our or phone number is 803 Oda thirty start property at 1800 excellence XWB the end and and the National Weather Service edits and continue efforts to drive me absolutely crazy. As added to the high wind warning a flood watch were part of Western New York including northern theories other theory and Wyoming counties. I just you know what you might pray for help you might prefer children you might pray to get to a year mid term. I pray everyday that I don't have any advisories watches or warnings who have. That look if. Yeah replace them for you because we talk about candy in the assassination during the break which we are apt to do. And the hope to gain that product by conspiracy there. And I had heard this years it's one of my favorite pieces of audio because I just believe that Lyndon Johnson. Maybe. Just the worst human being mean to be present its days I just I never respected him he's the father of everyone looks at him in the left that the father of the civil rights movement. And it's like he's just a horrible horrible human being racist. You know drop and bombs and it's well yesterday driving home I'm listening to talk radio and they played the ending of this famous audio. We're Lyndon Johnson is ordering a pair of pants. The background he used all you know hate our pants. Yes he's actually talking to hate our son. And he's essentially using his position to get free clothes. Which is what yet totally but I may argue right rip her perched like an appropriate if you basically just trying to steal clothing for the sport but. The the thing. I'll give you a one minute clip of this famous audio recorder YouTube that you probably murder or if you haven't yearn for a tree. But here's Lyndon Johnson as president or trying to get frequent but you have to get through the plants are pants head sorry. Yeah it could get to. This subtext of what you're hearing here he's a disgusting human being he's a pig he's there for rain to. His body parts in such a crude manner it and he's trying to get free stuff as president when you start working here. You right here it is Lyndon Johnson president states I'd try to free stuff from the happier for him. Site. You. Almost passed at Torrey Pines by. I. And believe me. You have much margin. Educated about it he's from the as a I. Go. Out there. Security got the best. Is good. And if you post publisher being grateful. I. With a lot of I don't s.'s picture it. Wage structure. That side. On the day skew the he's terrific if he's belt Cheney's talking about his bottle and about things like. Duchscherer who has captured yeah yeah I agree it would really set things to stand and why now. North Pole in the north all I'll give him if you spend sang it well. What's. It. In your sleep with a I just can insert and he'd back the way he belts was discussed. We need to hear that I didn't do you ideals this and it is the guy who took over after the assassination of president John F. Kennedy by rogue elements of the Shia and Leo Serbia while back in 1963. David if you agree with that but this is Lyndon Johnson I think it's a week. This is. We here at the radio station we are out to take forty stuff. Oh payola it's oh look we can't. And I frankly I hit it very seriously my entire career OK can I just think it's. It's it's a disservice. And I. More apt to offer listeners the ever tennis but he. The age isn't a crazy though that he was like. I'd be extremely appreciative and grateful but now Armitage. Is I think he falls in the category in this audio white trash is present. Statements and hot and he's not. Three pants and at the end of like adults electors sure you don't shouldn't there is at the end of it at the end of the top five minute but he gets sick. Pairs of pants off six matching shirts and six sports jackets and complete it means that the guys that will put your side seriously I don't know. You shot up last time to do with three inches below Omar men crotch and Gracia and I think we need to hear the play and listen this isn't your president. Now this thing that prides down or you know I think it's always a little bit tight so you make a must get me here it's like we're out there. Because the cut it to the right path why can't we all mostly the best I've had a court it's a a the they cut me under the so believe me. That you never to have much urged that particular about it. Connect energy from the purpose of the victims. But I found out about it. At multiple. So it definitely do. There's no mystery to us that percent of these are good that I had. Then. You get those coming out of sugar because people. My house. That can't be bought. I don't consider it tickets are getting better lightweight shirt tortured to go away and that's why I just think. I. Decorative. Does that work in 1960 it is image but at your your your feeling you ask. And what would like send them like that blood tests and put a big box on the dole or now with a strained a FedEx I walked up to the I actually did it would be for things to say that the left and the program but you. It's the and he's. He's an expert in his pockets in the market. If money falls out of the Eiffel. At least the version of the right but that's what we do what you just like. Her if this entire audio up on her FaceBook page I think we might active our FaceBook page by the way by hourly and develop via our Twitter. Power a power the ability and soon enough we're gonna have eight joint checking account. And also have a joint email account here radio station. They've been at WB dot com at the B yet the we're gonna try to words into Tom ended. At WB yet done. And I should happen has what else is on the agenda we've been talking about the recession confirmation hearings yeah. Like them this morning and and it ends up little late last night Benson a little project work and I was up early though and I have. Fox is I feel that now Megan Kelly is no longer gonna Fox News maybe it's safe to venture into that territory again and I'm watching Jeff Sessions being grilled that I thought that myself. Number one this guy showing amazing composure given the nature of some of the questions that are being asked of it and and I was thinking why is it that it is always the Republicans who allowed themselves to be put up on defense that you need to go on offense and then. You know it. I thought that. Sessions handled everything with they're great aplomb and dignity and Cogent CP and co currency. But the just the the Olympic attacks. When I think back eight years ago and president elect Obama basically being given the keys to the kingdom before he was even sworn in. And then the sluggishness. And the Shia receipt pitfalls that are being built for president elect trumped by this outgoing administration. It really it makes me a little sick. I don't think alone and by the way if you missed any. Albeit consider yourself last but if if your outlook for punishment here. We have average bark at every hour of which are at the WB EO on demand place. WB dot. Occasionally there will be amusing hour. And it is part. Conspiracy. Because people always assume him or something Heidi and sometimes it's just technology does oldies which you want to do like in my case everything. Israel thirty WBE. A week since it is rendered him. We're talking about the operation choke point. That this is you put those up all right which we would have been in Johnson's pants hot hot topic is remarkable. Olive fruit I believe the ball well. It's that area between. And your and I like Burt rob dude belching that was actually that isolated belch. And well what is this I think we should combine that with us president George Herbert Walker Bush but he panel of ministers. Please can compute your ego at the blue route. Anyway so I'll just session was asked about our presidential portrait in a lot of people you've heard about fast appears we don't know choke point is. So the department does just decided 2013. That they were going to fund a program. That basically took the FDIC. And associated high risk activity of businesses and these high respect he businesses or things like everything ammunition sales. A firearm sales cable box to scramblers. Coined the owners. Surveillance equipment tobacco sales lottery sales. People that are essentially breaking the law. And make it difficult for them to get funding. From banks now here's what's so crazy about this. This decade Obama Justice Department deciding. That these are professions that we don't like. And these are people that may. Work in firearms may make ammunition made due on tobacco but because like that would make it difficult for them to get. Funding from banks so that they can be successful in the business world. And this was I argued to be eighty. Very old ideal logical attack an industry body of opposite bought by the administration they went after coal electric God's dollars. And here's the idea. So when the congress the 140 congress went after this. They said we want to so the Justice Department leaked out this what they heard it got huge backlash from some Democrats all Republicans. Of course some Democrats defended it. But they said look at. You can't. Attacks up one at and lest they do something wrong if they're laundering money breaking a lot and of course you go after him. But if you have no reason you can't just say it to a high risk activity because of the business that you do you have a broken the law yet I should be punished so. The Obama administration removed. The op patient shall point initiative so in 2013 and 2014 they went after the funding them and said well let's defund the operation. And the Obama administration wouldn't allow them to defund it. They wouldn't allow banks to invest money into these business says and they wouldn't allow the congress to to fund the programs and the like what's going on so. What ends up happening is. Because what happens in your communities your use hold for nefarious purpose well of course reflect which by all as a method. So you you would that would crack. It would be a racist thing to say that well black communities are more there's more crime in these areas therefore you should not have access to a bank to get a loan. Of course this is reprehensible against the law. But just because you sell cable box to scramblers or missions amputation. Or guns. Doesn't mean you're going to break the law of the future or you're more apt to break the law in ten years. Who the hell are you you have a time issue you can decide who gets money who gates. Access to buy X it's essentially. Racketeering. Done by the Obama administration. And so they have Jeff Sessions about this to me as a very vocal. Opponent against operation choke point. And they said how can you go after. You know people that have done this in the past when you were so vocal against the Justice Department and at the dispatcher was. You know that the way the Justice Department has done this past. Would not the way we do our business in the future when asked if this doesn't say we like the business here and their 40 we're gonna make it difficult for me to compete. And that operation shall see. Well they're. OK CNET dot. Break. Our exit actually we've got that calls got to get your 8330. In the following the confirmation hearings it's fine. David should we also coming back. Us. Over here and should there all day. It was nice enough to bring it and from the GM where he supposedly works out that is the art voice. My. Personal trainer of the year there's no you know to personal trainer. Bucket but we we've got to part ways out and if you're the culture it's in our borders and Carl Paladino and we didn't really cover that picture on the part of the ability to Chicago and said he didn't operative Michael but it did we talk about the Carl Paladino diversity at all. But on our voice the situation that paper is getting very very interesting because this issue that I'm holding in my hand. Dude it is one of these things is like the other one well there are under pretty in my thirty WB Ian. The. Well. There WB at 80309. Parity is well. We have all bought and made it 616 W the the end. A lot of texts are still coming in about pizza ga but you know we've we talked about the operation and it joke it's the update the on the local front. We have a good for a few minutes if that's okay with you I am more than happy to talk about that okay. I certainly the local newspapers. And it's a weekly free. When I say they are poised to you to take right when it left. We aren't left to left and when I say art voice there's a famous story on them. Carl I'll be okay. You. Because of the diligent Chopra public Bagram and we have our hot little hands. Copies of the latest addition of our ports. When you looked inside the latest edition of art books to do is perhaps a not so subtle change in content. Yeah I saw it's not left wing and import. I find that the dissipated. And there it is so they bring our ports because after everything with our pal of the templates. Jamie Rose this. But how would you know affect. The peace and prop up the you know what that group or co opted buffalo school board and bring that. Track art is actually helped BP S budget for student. Turning the page it's more of Carl Paladino and it's more of Paladino was view. Other school port the next page are you wrong accused by the ethnic. And and that it is his picture for her assistant attorney Anthony Berquist. Now you've gotten our section here that could be dealt with it. You do that article there about the ball bounced raped beaten to death of dog the in the city of awful well. But as I look core group that stupid paper ballot to tax these verses Hooper like David vs a lot I have. Urge your beeping of the fight over Lowber. It's like our voice is it paper in trip as bishop. And if both missed the as though it is going to be speech always HD and that's it's it's all it if this if our sister radio station and I say it's change for permits are very soon do you think are wrong and I think you're spot on and what so do you stack at its. If little schizophrenic because. We knew a lot of what I mean it's there. And up all three of don't know and I know look frankly a lot of who's a leader of our voice Jean use of an associate editor. But frank was gonna come on the show apple. And his schedule you know and we he's been very flatly they show we've been very friendly. Out talking about she just our war peace it wanted on a unveil those here. I guess I'm just refused to Moses. Side that we are ready email that showed. I'm I don't know what what would a list or what was quite what the technically supposed to be here. But he's. Apologetic for what happened to Carl to the editor thank Carl go and of the magazine. You know what it's almost like the take I get from this is that. That's. They did enormous damage to upheld. And somehow behind the scenes. Jamie Moses it is like taking a backseat. And other people are stepping forward to feel the paper with content. And I would guess that it's probably going to become a the right eating pork conservative Terry and publication instead of a left wing publication. And if you think about the emails that we read from Jamie Moses I'm. He took a lot of heat from the left. Were covering for Carl Paladino but then also took a lot of heat from people for not covering for Carl Paladino with the most recent situation in which Karl on himself. In some hot and put it mildly. But when I opened up to raise our voice that work with the state of the comptroller what's optimist that I actually schizophrenic the us that while this is like bipolar what it what does this paper now. I am at a loss and don't get era dipped it would be a great thing aired this area had a publication. Even though it's not a daily it's a free weekly. Bet actually wasn't left wing or left. I preaching to the choir. But I guess the when you look again if you're Jeanne Moses and you're going to write an article. You have to at least address. What happened. To begin with you can't just say right. Pay no attention to the scandal that happened before we're going in a new direction and by the way I would like to explain my role in this. Because what you went around the FaceBook saying. We got Karl Ding Dong the witch is dead. Screw them and then the other side of your say well Carl we wanna give you the fairness of twelve pages. You know that what you want. That's gotta you you don't get a twelve page retraction. A curtain of the. Your. So eleven off for a long time but. I would say that means giving Carl Paladino after the controversy which was generated by our voice basically like four or six pages upon to hit it hard for at least I'm sorry that you'd you'd have to be kind of silly to think that this does not represent a sea change eight at. Chronic changed. That is happening and will happen. And our borders and the good news if you're remote to stays with the paper you'll find the people on the right typically willing to spend more money in advertising that people on the left. We don't have worry but you're talking leaves bookstore at any more or what was 45 bucks a week. I don't know all right I've had a great idea if you wanna put a right wing newspaper out there are liberty focused magazine. That's great and there's been though and there's a huge audience for god god only knows that conservatives listen to radio and read papers do. I just need a little bit of closure. As to what the hell happened I mean you can't just not accurate if listen. If there is a gun fight. That's on the air okay Bob early Bolivia as we're wrapping this up. The the clear of Clearwater song comes on you hear gunfire via the next day we don't just go on the Arab like to tell us tell me how. Other training camp in the neighborhood you're republic yeah. I need to know what happened. That there was. Don't think huge it was an actual story has prohibited by national security strictures I think that we which is why they'd heard gunfire as we signed off exactly what we did with the bodies so I. Christiane Carl say he on giving twelve pages to get my point of view author absolutely I'll take. The white. A 112 pages. I'll write the longest what are you need I will take. Art voice for whatever it's worth and if the public wanted to do you gave cultural pages. Would take kittens are. Let me get my point of view out there and by the way. His point of view is pretty solid on film war of the ball we'll school board backed with graphs and evident since factoid. All the things the decades it's got all that shocking and it's in their right. My thing is where's team owes us I mean it apparently. Of my way let me explain Paladino. It's like two pages epic two or three pages. I mean but that's all for so many stories from mean with the email and FaceBook post I don't know which is I don't know what the truth is fair as far as what happened with Carl again it could be a huge misunderstanding. It really cut maybe it may be emailed doesn't. Make it to be huge misunderstanding. I don't think any point he said that in the email what who would we their may be information we go now. So to be fair that could be deal. But it just it seems to me a little hot if you go off here for six months and there's a story of you who played at the inauguration all. Being you know sworn in as secretary of Homeland Security that you go back to the air don't drive and we're a little bit like why did you leave your radio show BP wire into the secretary of Homeland Security why are you back ball well I don't wanna talk to any of moving on other there's a storm coming that. Zebra that there's a chance that they might want for director of Homeland Security do. I I think you're always subject at all. But things seem that the guy you know it's funny about those positions did you see that rfk junior. You know arm but Robert can go up for those who don't know Robert F Kennedy was the younger brother of president John F. Kennedy Robert F Kennedy served as attorney general the John F. Kennedy administration. And Lyndon Johnson couldn't stand Ahmadinejad who. So here's the thing. If you. Are KG you're things on vaccinations the anti vaccination this is the junior and the junior okay RK junior's anti vaccination believe that if he literally called it a mrs. poison was now he actually called it a genocide here's what it was. Art gauging your calls vaccinations. The something about it what happened to the Jews towards the genocide no he told the fired death but by fire was ago. But the direction now that the thing for holocaust. Occur he told. A holocaust. That is what he calls vaccination. Holocaust for you but there's empirical evidence to back then that Tom let facts get in the way again. That's it is that's what rfk junior called vaccinations to Dave Dow drop announced. That rfk junior is in charge of vaccinations. For the United States of America. He named him like the commissioner of accident. Okay now I'd like junior it's a legitimate story so the left is going to be that where are all the lefties in the trunk campaign. Paltrow obviously. And they wild sense of humor he's got a director of the Department of Energy you with the department RG he's got a call that you've got to Goldman Sachs. You know secretary of state. And he's got our TJ you're saying you want to look at vaccinations you got hey I need a commission on ex wives and she got OJ Simpson. You're I'll show you should hold of that commission on waiters and should exploit. Yeah why would you tell people she wanted controversy. And all these people think that old rob is just going to be this quiet guy who hides his face like Colleen came Tuesday. No. Woods what you see right now is a guy who's been saved and I could care who you think I'm sure now and avoid your. But it was. This new attitude I love because for how many years again we've we've talked about this before how many years. The right wing people the people who. And be right there just they don't buy in to what is the only acceptable left wing orthodoxy positions on things. Of those folks being marginalized and all that. We're actually going to be in the position of power and the the leader is a guy who was not a conventional OK I ever Republicans so let me just take a beating in the media apologize across goal hole and then disappear into oblivion in those days are over for at least four years. About. You know I'm just happy that George W. Bush completely. It was a mask related matters or the way the do's and neutering of my dad and Johnson's trousers after. The with George Bush traveled at razor wire between where they instead of I hope BJ would have loans pockets would gently packets and the rupture. Via their. Sorry of the difference between LG LBJ's and every every grandmother in Western New York is what exactly. Is catalogs it not a fair and why do you think about that takes the jelly tray is OK yeah I. Is there of true love Bob Evans but I'd like for the Jolly Roger after today they're like pastor about getting betrays either a. What do caught like when you do the markup. Of like you know when you're a big business. And you've got franchise's all you have to do the price breakdown and they like each gently. The box costs go to you right. So like listen we know that that's theft of jelly packet goes up. 350%. And eighty year old hopes right stood down and their finish with a exposed well it is the dip its depression mentality of people explain this to. People who lived through the depression are Gurria and they they believe Tibet if if there's salt and pepper shaker on the table it if it comes with the middle if her as a giant trade of sweet envelope. Ups with the meal not just wondered who that everyone I've talked to plug the restaurant industry and its fascinating I honestly don't know given that kind of cost to doing business in leakage. Extra boost in business. You know the other thing is that it's like you know how much border that every well is put on they have to have like a matrix of a just cost and like he listened. You put way too much broader on that house. He's way too much going on here do we need it we want the water down the maple syrup that stuff out law. That day gets really and it's apples these places a market namely places but if it if she ate pancakes I want in maple syrup I want Vermont grade a amber and I again maple syrup in my case you need to go to -- I've had real maple syrup edit edit restaurant a long time it's been awhile but we got a good break welcome back more of Tom what he hasn't had a long time bullet and restaurants. It's our ability of Israel at thirty WPE. And so a president Obama's gonna give us fair well speech tonight is a long goodbyes or what I mean. He is leaving office is taking longer than Ronald Reagan's ultimate death from alzheimer's. Meanwhile what is certain it's that way that. I I endeavored out of the there's going to be a time when youth team president elect have. Essentially become the president the day after the election. And that's really what's happened here yes I mean he's got people I don't know than of the nominating process and we we waited until what time and last time are probably know the secretary of state was we get answered before Christmas. Well I think it's pretty remarkable. Bad. Already again he hasn't even taken office and jobs have been saved and the impact has been there but equally as remarkable David I think. The law dogs. And take that as you broke the old but it is just way out of mr. Christian and the pot holes. You know the little left a pothole put the logistics underneath that they're for Donald Trump. They're not gonna make it today that would put him. But you know what if this is the best they can do mine odd. Carry on but man and care on them but what. Not. At these apologies you spectral and. I mean what I expect in. The wake published in the lives of treatment to go up. The ability of the best tournament given. The go for the. Notice saying that prides down or you know I would significantly about it. And energy from the farthest trip. It is. Ground are under my. Bob our poll I don't guess there's a chance of getting a better life way church to tortured to go well that's why do you think.

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