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1-10 The Bauerle and Bellavia Show Hour 3

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

June Lulu. We'll hear. It show it in song written by Donald Kagan. You know in this one of those positions but I've written about it. And that's a real Sattar it's not really. It's really well. We should have a segment where we just give like ten troops in Cairo ten troops that are out yet like I think I am not a racist but you are not a racist or Charlotte Paladino is a racist statement what's happening like take ten factoid total nonsense orders. And you say Iraq. Ten in a row over here you go. Truth be told global warming is caused by men here are ten things that people don't wanna hear but perhaps lecture. Like who don't yoga pants are not appropriate to Wear them all ball and told. Voters genes make your ass look like Idaho or how about. There's no excuse for you average ago of public wearing pajamas. Dinners and no whichever way Q what it's an emergency. We have to go by TV. I need to see you best by wearing pajama bottoms for your hospital at four with kidney stones I pajamas. I had jeans a year ago just so you know I. Unless you see if it's a bra pajama party. I'm sorry but I believe you go to the party dressed in street clothes and the grown up pajama party which is not by the way a euphemism for orgy it's just the pajama party you put the ages when you're. Because I like to be horrible accident and the paramedics get there they look in the car in their eyes are wearing pajamas. A couple of politics. Very true. Like to all the people on Twitter. I'd probably go via that are complaining about this poor guy from 1957. He's been the inauguration. Announcer since 1957. He has done. Eisenhower's presidential inauguration. And Donald Trump fired him and you don't have to say to that. A 197. Senior military commanders have been fired by Obama because he didn't agree with their assessments during the time of war. We'll be you'll be to cry over a guy who's had a job since 1957. It's ridiculous. Editor of fire. Battled these old. These socks I hope he got a reason to fire but. We're also boasted just bemoaned the fact that Donald Trump or a news for it if you're in an essential nonessential government employee. There's going to be a whole lot more probably you're fired to think that people would get fired. People getting these jobs now that are actually you know. Conducive to production and manufacturing making things with the hands. I'm not gonna like feel bad for a guy who's. Don't say making things with their hands again just as I feel it off with water them that are just say it's like this heightened. I am literally talking about a person who announces. The inauguration you work every four years dude. That's got to be a pretty good gig. I'm pretty sure it's full time I doubt that it pays the bills. But still who cares you lost your do you have a job and he's strong he's becoming president he should have whoever he is as an announcer it's forgiven I actually could be. Spider Henderson there from. It's later which is there. I think that's fine it's just like spiders just greatness has triggered spider at a two invisible and yet nobody strikes spider out of I directors I wanted to explain it. You stumble in Dublin. Well good throws they about the way this letter was a kid in the bar Michael imperial who got killed by maybe I'm putting something on our FaceBook and Twitter page in the next break. Someone took all of the traps that Kevin from home alone setup for the burglars yes and shows what they can actually do your body yes and it's dead Kevin should have been arrested before we get into that I just want you don't know I have a tarantula. I'm let's go to Olivia Williams fell on WB in welcomed about Orleans Olivia we've been talking about the hypocrisy of Democrats and the sessions confirmation hearings and we haven't even gotten into the Ellis stopped we want to begin to yeah. I turned after Olivia you're WB yet. It. Tonight I'm your number. A live conference RP. A little weight on garrison. Well well I was just gonna as well mountain updating myself on how you're likely to an hour. You like like already. This scale you can only energy you like my red Porsche you're right we're awkward just now. Are a little Olivia you're a WBM night. Idol or it was Kona. I would really compare patterns because if you. I think about it there on the Ed like these people are clearly talking in code I mean I think that aren't singling up rob just let. I'm just a private not a whole lot people are talking about that and right. People aren't built so that Hillary. And if you knew what you really what you might. As well. Well know what you think about animals and. I'll repeat it honestly is something I haven't followed by I have always been concerned about the disconnect between what Hillary said publicly and the way she is. And the way she is privately. But I think right now David correctly from wrong but at this point is not to of the controversy lack thereof known as pizza gate water under the Kristi bridge yet. It is only because of the fact there was. So what it really came down to was there was a pizza parlor that was Ron. And and frequent and by Tony Podesta. Who is of course John Podesta brother. And Tony Podesta as lifestyle is legendary and in Washington. And there was a guy who ran a pizza parlor who would go to civil parties to Tony Podesta went to. And there was a lot of fundraising that occurred at this pizza parlor that was way too. High profile the money that was being raised by this guy was way too much money for the type of the establishment that he was hosting. So there was questions of how can you have a 500500000. Dollar fund raiser at a place that felt pizzas for twenty. So there were questions about the fundraising there was going on there what happened was this story to life and it was all. And people started making up allegations that there were caddick homes in the pizza parlor that Hillary Clinton was rated sheltered and and it got a little body as much as we don't like Hillary I don't like to see anybody who lied about that right and it was it was a little bit of so there are no tunnels in this pizza parlor. And Hillary certainly wasn't in the pizza parlor tunnels doing anything pottery however. There were little. There were sort of no gamble asked. Icons all over pizza parlor now. That is making. That is saying that the person who owns the pizza parlor might have been a little weird and didn't know what is ever. Disputed the fact that this guy could have been a weirdo scene but well okay what's the weirdo connected Hillary was the weirdness. Connected to the DNC this well this is where we need I mean because she's an expert on some apologies or she could probably tell us that justice these statistical probability. Of graffiti work as symbols at a pizza parlor. Being equal to these symbols. Of Nam. I'm sure there's got to be at medical equate to a look at this question at all. Well you probably it and more and you keep it act act it's a lot. On people who were born you're the band called actually admirable part. Ed you look it up in it on a they have arms hour of your only hope and light past 8 o'clock but it can only. Right nose and I'm not I'm not saying that there's no connection that the people that own that they the proprietors of that pizza place if there were into weird things. That's not to meet pizza gate though was was connecting the weird things happen at a pizza parlor. Two with the presidential race which was deliberately which was what not there was no truth to that whatsoever. Are there weird things going on in there does that weird guy no Tony Podesta yes. Does Tony pedestrians jumped asked to do they raise tons of money that pizza place yes is it connected to pedophilia and anyway. That's the heart connect that's all. McCarthy email and other overly Alexei very hot talking called like I found compete early in your chest. And I had actually achieve that timer. All well and wet work let's not forget about work without didn't relate the pizza place I know that that job but just people talking in code it. Double jump that's also talks about you know he drank fluids that are discussed in the heat he has a whole different. John this is a weird cat and there's things that he digests that you and I his emails make my emails came. A question put it that let me just say look if you're on email pocket your friends about terino blood and semen yes let's bring we have never had that email exchange. I can tell you that's not on the menu at that pizza place. Olivia. I got it if there's thank them missing send David and me an email it's David at WB yeah dot com Tom at WB Ian dot com and I have to ask you you are such an intelligent young lady I loved you when you're dating myself and what are you up to these days. At. School. A lot. Or act. Well can Brett either on the weekends. Are. Are you know what you're probably see my sister my brother what Joseph at the casino I think they may live there. My my sister's the one who every time she goes she wins like five grand. Are yeah that'll be her. I'll Olivea thank you so much and if I do see you as a cocktail waitress you do get a big tip just like the guys at the bar. I. Don't want. It figured it out it up well. Gotcha Olivia thank you. I'd there is Olivia of Al Williams bill and that seriously she is just a sweetheart. Of a young ladies and very very. Intelligent. They may yet you make of that win garrison wrote abusive spectacles. And or give a lecture at its. That's when it gets elected. He would you that you go to. Actually you. That's why it's it's Negroponte went to the west we do the template and show off the pollen and I'll. After this. At the I don't know if I'd have it out I really I will have a cardboard. Our commitment to go oh I you know it's. But what. You go to the club it's me and I. Think you can see. Why would she decline to be probably be the appropriate and it won't like it up well. Him or. Do you have they'll ask you. Have to. Well the sort of you know the other ones are waiting. They're waiting for certain issues to be cleared up in ball lately are fewer than involving few productive process and being put on list you have no business being it's all the red porch while I welcome back to the red portion here is that which they no longer here is. Why could they trigger though because it was acumen and I got sick of people saying you want to be a Porsche make up so blunt and eleven. A little touch of soul because I don't get a chance to drive anymore do you work it out we'll let us. And plus I don't the issue that you got the Jeep after. Did I what I had a Jeep at the time now get the of the UB but you don't have any portrait. Porsche Friedman well which means a pretty low here is Tim reject blog at WB and Tim. Hi guys I did could you change subject a bit since I've been unfold. Subject every 30 seconds am convinced that equipment they see everything ties together like that capital line of Robert Redford's a river runs. For a we do the show the more we realize we can talk about basements sheds and Obama in the -- pulling together do you believe that there is a calico but a pizza place where Hillary Clinton. Is having her way with children. I believe new. Outfit was shot ugly about it I just. It. Let them everyday and I called was you were talking earlier about what used to when somebody call you racist. What I do is look and squarely in the I kinda blown out area. You know what that'll do it every car and definitely the direct approach. Thinking as I was driving you Obama's greatest legacy and his ultra. Diatribe exact. Or shall we say a re awakened American public and by the way the American public black white every minority gays Muslims I think a lot of people woke up and realize that you what when you look inside the investment emails. These people who say they are our champions don't really like this very much recently pawns in there getting it how squeeze at least stupid. But how squiggly stupid you have to be to brag about. You don't need legislation you can do all with the signing of a pan and that and realized that that could Albee and done. Well exactly and all of these moral. There that you what destroyed them why they're. There I got arrogance. There arrogance. Well let you know what it's I believe the word is hubris. And you know it's a week we all have our like little Achilles heels or are fatal flaws and that Democrats are no exception to the general run of humanity. Well they looked they'd take more passes where we're gonna yet believe me. And anything else from you before we have to take a break. I am I going to be all right thank you and you have a good evening but hey David you know we something that got lost with the personal connection. Ever subjected on the show we have had more twenty somethings calling the show actually received the presidential campaign. I noticed an increase but since you came aboard. There's been an even bigger increase in the number of twenty somethings calling them who were interested in what's even what's even better is these are people who think critically who refused to be painted in the stereo type box. So I hate I think that's great. I am like tonight you'll look at their I'd I'd I'd met Olivia and it will be easy to stereotype her computer at toolbox if you like that. Not the issue as she is a very smartly. It is up 528 that news radio in my thirty WBB. And. Seven hit me. Not knowing that it was Donald Reagan's birthday. And he was absolutely right I had no idea that it was open expert pavement as it would make you a 69 degrees that path and off. In a 69 years old OK if I knew I hope they can birthday yeah. Yes doctor that that's kind of creepy stalker you're kind of stuff did you know that Donald Fagan cabins. You know regular. His network is fifty million. Walter Becker however. Walter Becker's annual income we we talk about this last week is between sixty and seventy million dollars Walter Becker is the highest paid person in music has little to do with his music. He invested the early money he made very very well. That's what Walter Becker is the highest papers and in the entire music world and he wrote a pizza parlor in DC that you were home welcome to all. All office where I actually where you low but I I do know that he single handedly consumed an entire box Paula is donuts. Meaning that every time I have a chance to see each day and I will see them before it's arteries totally caught our ability and yes the show has kind of been all over the place today but the central focus has been. The confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions and some of the unprecedented stuff that is taking place. With respect to it including a fellow senator who just lives last year talked about a great guy sessions was is actually gonna testify against his election as attorney general and you know the yet it really has. Revealed. The hypocritical and sleazy under belly of Democrat. Up politics and the WikiLeaks which showed. Just how little respect they hold their core constituencies. How could even have anything like a party at this point is beyond. Because if the Republicans. Emails had been released and they were saying the same things about their constituencies the Republican Party would be dead on arrival. But the Democrats get a pass because no matter what they think or say privately they still branded themselves and marketed themselves with the assistance of willing media. As the party able to actually have senator so are Booker testified this morning authority captain and to answer our question the last time this happened. You said this was the first time it happened in soccer history and your right and that the designation is it's the first time a sitting senator. Has testified against a cabinet post confirmation. Okay and again the way they confirmed cattle members in the past. Was the reason why we could save the first ever happened but in the history that there has been a cabinet position confirmation. In modern history a sitting senator has never testified against. Another senator. Sitting senator that's going for cabinet post for operation it's on. Where but the good news it is Booker did not whack sessions over the head with a cane we will have a replay. He Sumner Brooks a situation in the 1850. A kid that got caught in Thailand selling drugs and he got caned 199192. To yet it's easier yeah it was Alex pork. I was an irresistible to Singapore yeah there's this whole debate whether or not he should be Cain been as things turned out he was Kate haven't heard him sets up to now look at the kids it was Dean Cain. He was he you. And it it was a horrible. And government that would really hurt ticket they come and for what he did he did he do something horrible he I believe he committed his memory were calls are going back like thirty years boot I think he committed embolism. Like an act of vandalism and that he was cane and a lot of callers to my show way back when said serves right. I'll say. Let's go to left frank I've WBE frank welcome Bauerle ability. The the. Frank and welcome to this kind of wind. It's Linux as I was undermined. Yeah. Yes there. I hope I am. I really wanted to say if something were a very long time about Obama I'm from their automatic. I wanna see it and Obama is a big coworker and I went on here. You just did that Obama is a radical Muslim. I'll give you the radical part of of them most. It. Are sick I don't I don't. I think he's a radical I think that's you know a charger in it was so that can be verified I think he is a radical yes whether or not he's in Mosul overnight to me is I radical anything radical to me as the evil partners are I don't think that he's Muslim. Don't I don't think he's got. Let's put this work ethic he's fond of Islam but I have not seen convincing evidence that he is in fact Muslim. Well why didn't win I want my fight but trillion dollar. That's that's that's troubling. That. It's troubling and the VD of Iran is. He funded the only state sponsor of terror and they are more dangerous today than they ever could have been in the last forty years. I've known as he. Bob Guccione blink. He is going to announce that he's transgender and marrying Bruce Decker. I mean no surprise of the life anymore. Andy is gonna go out the part that I want you gonna get part I don't want likewise early on. Or about to let the black because you know I. The good command. Fred thank you Michael effect anyway did the text of the road and Michael Fey Michael Fey Michael yeah and it was vandalism and it was 1983 that's incredible time. Ninety throws off but he doesn't and the fact I'd literally didn't even bring that up one time here I consider you an email I'm mr. Palmer repository. Of useless information. We're glad it forget that a supposed to do this thing with you know. Yeah it's called senility. Boris average like. Now Andy out of I've discovered with you it's out of a ten mile radius that we currently. You're you're or selective slips and you become senile and with that it's a mile radius of where you are. Good are totally forgot about that all you might have you actually might have appointment via a would you say you're good eerie knowing. Ellis has let's just get this straight for 2000 an hour we will do anywhere at any restaurant we will go to we'll go to detailed view it doesn't matter. Let's go to Jim WB EN Jim welcome to the shell. James Driscoll who that your I'm Kate yes cut. Even he did go get it. It is her attention and you. Sit by them or this could hear is true. But if there are some by chance that bigfoot real you know we need to do something for the park Rangers and organ. In Israel I've heard last night and beyond reality Arabia that bigfoot is real yeah. You know hunt it's as you indicated an account should have just written in all seriousness though there are some six stuff going on at that pizza parlor. Hussein. That and and I just and law enforcement is looking into this some of the allegations are made about was having Pete are. I don't think there's any direct connection to Hillary Clinton. And I think if if there was you know some subtext in the emails. They were reference seen activity going on the pizza parlor but in no way to the people in those emails. Talk about participating in that activity. I think it's kind of like a week in and out of there are some sick stuff going on over there with no insane. Aubrey Hillary over and we're ago in in the tunnels and mess around kids that we can make I don't think you can draw that line. We know that that part about code light jet double cheese I mean that's that's like one of those statements I think if you were in the know about what she's from at and what double cheese met. It would mean something to do but I suppose a court of law that would give somebody plausible the viability saying well worth the crime and one double cheese at a pizza parlor. Even though double cheese too might mean something very very discussed. But the court via the those are code in orchard. Eat eat girl. Or dominoes the company's. And you your bio and like the ones mail you think of better going note achieved there. The weird. And. Well look all I can say about it is hopefully that. Hopefully the proper law enforcement agencies in the jurisdiction of the pizza -- there are making every effort they possibly can to get to the bottom of whether there's any disgusting things going on there that are in violation of the law and if they're not doing it now I'm pretty sure that under Donald Trump somebody will will look into it because as I honestly don't have a lot of confidence in the Department of Justice in this administration and we've seen how our president is acting on the way out. Gartner yup they're well or bad news. For I would speak badness. We come again. But you know our February 4 20111. Of the in group play or less we cooled off a reporter. Why don't hope called boob job for that there is a household name his world class underage that's what it up. Copper copper depending on people dread it. So where birds are. We're gonna we're gonna double check that quote by thank him I don't wanna David I don't know what you're I don't wanna turn the show to a pizza gauge show you. Only because the fact that I really kind of felt that all while I was I was miss I I was looking at the pizza gate thing. As it was grossly sick and they were people unfortunately. That kind of went a little too far with the pizza gate thing I think they were directly connected to Hillary. And so I felt the by talking about it I was you know what you conspiracy theory that was essentially stating that. But what we're ready for president was having you know relations with underage children yeah in the and a pizza parlor Tony Podesta. Look Tony but just is a weird guy John Podesta is a weird guy defected they have such close proximity of the clintons is weird but you know what. Bill Clinton so we are guide oh. I mean these are weird people they mean it's not normal to vacation at orgy I have a place known for very young women knows that that's a problem that Hillary had now it is not Hedo. Know what that's normal that's a problem that that Hillary and the fact that her husband. What I think most people would say. You know a serial. Rapists. Off with a I've sort of putting works written about these big cereal. Bar of chocolate top puts his feet above the console leads back of the chair elect rapists. Vital again I think it's very good jobs during the campaign spokesman we're all opposed it accused Donald Trump by grabbing them and being inappropriate here's the question where are they now how many of them have talked to the police put out statements and how many of those women out of the limelight is off still are gonna maintain that they were victimized by Donald Trump and they're gonna maintain that then where's the beef. Where are the criminal complaints. All maybe they were making it up Ol maybe it was Democrat political yes. I felt the need to interject that. All right you guys welcomed by 53 hourly and Columbia. The next caller David I don't feel like making any decisions right now wrote chew. Jeff and clearance. Jeff welcome your hourly and Olivia and your David's election. Color oh why. Don't. Have a senate committee hearing where server on these. Our doctor Schiller who are stuck that it record alert didn't take. The opinion apparent and you're myopic. Money your neck mobile. Moved here I am. White. Surgical. Cap that we don't do. Yeah yeah I mean all that's going to be one what does the public record yeah what what other secrets dot org for example find out to fool anyone has donated to do was go to open secrets. But one of the things that they were talking to what Jeff Sessions about and you just kind of see where the games are played. They're trying to get him on the record right now to basically recuse himself from every. Major decision that's going to be made on either the Obama administration and we. Not all Lee is dropped gonna obviously have a zone. You know he's gonna have. He is what what he wants to do with the path he wants to take this government but you also have a lot of the hanging chads if you would of what Obama has done. And are we going to finally investigate the virus and we finally gonna get into operation. I choke point are we gonna get into fast and furious. And they're trying to save would you recuse yourself. What one of the things for now Deutsche Bank is under federal investigation. Would be Deutsche Deutsche Bank start and duke the duke. An act and usually I'd go as well documented that one Deutsche Bank is under so much about everything that something has got to get so Deutsche Bank is under federal investigation right now and Donald Trump has hundreds of millions of dollars tied up in Deutsche banks of the same. Are you going to stay that because Obama because I Donald Trump has. You know money tied into this that you're going to be able to truly do you need independent. Investigators. So is interest because remember any of these senators asking questions exactly and UBS as well exactly and so what what things so you're trying to get. A guy that's been confirmed to make. A statement right now that he's going to get independent prosecutor and and if you look into the Democrats. Summation of their questions. Date basically covered every major scandal. Of the Obama administration sent you are already on record saying that this is current prompt an illegal. Do you think that you're gonna be impartial adds a turning to an average year so there were no scandals that mr. well they're blue this have you heard of operation shall point out. Well Jeff a hold on because David is good educators. Operation shall appoint him up but in the final hour David. I cannot believe that we only have one hour left can you believe this year we started in four hours was like an eternity and now four hours is hardly even seems like enough to get started or when you're alone for hours isn't always being alone and god I gotta say do the show alone for a risky yet that will suck the life for an idea but now I feel like we could go another. We probably Newsom and our show you know I'd be fun yeah I'm sure would.

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