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Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB yen when I check out I gave you carte blockage the day it happens to just great totally irreverent jokes depends on how you guys. If it's like a Segway fallen off a clip if you know that's okay. But it. It's combo hourly descended tip to the emergency room for treatable illness like as of regular hospital bed they caution when it's your business didn't give tree literally. And they've got some treatment. And abrupt wasn't. Indeed Intel media that's our nation honors it's unbroken line of fallen heroes in my treatment of women in the audience here today it's our way and they'll be. Don't let the door hit you lay out. Don't ask friends almighty dollar on news radio 930 day. Thirty WP. Earlier today we were watching him the senate confirmation hearings of president elect ultra wants as his attorney general his version of Eric Holder or lynch. Jeff Sessions and the questioning but as some of the senators among them Al Franken. And David pointed out at the end of the last hour the how ludicrous it is for Al Franken to. It properly phrased this. Two. News pieces of an op it. That since its publication the op Ed's old author has apologized for writing because they were true. Is that the best way to phrase or yeah I mean it it it shows that not only is the op Ed right all the op Ed was written this year and he's basically. Trying to pretend as if he didn't write a letter to Jeff Sessions. In the in the clip that we played Jeff Sessions is reading no matter. That this Gerald Herbert wrote to him in 1986 apologizing. For his testimony. Against Jeff Sessions to be a federal judge. And basically says look everything I said at this hearing I recant I'm sorry I did it I hope your friend of mine I don't know why did it I was. And thirty Kelly Jamie it's it's it's pretty it could salvage it is completely crazy it makes no sent. But Al Franken of course not doing any research takes the op Ed in the Washington Post because let's be honest it was in the Washington Post. It must be fit to print. It's op Ed. You know so obviously. He he gets updated by Al Franken just goes on and on and on. A accusing Jeff Sessions of not being. The the freedom fighters that it's career says he wasn't really a sad state of affairs but honestly. The great thing about this is. Jeff Sessions is going to be confirmed. They don't have any Jews and I loved by the wind. Basically they try to trap Jeff Sessions into position where he would say that he would make law. And maybe what we know that that's what the Obama administration preferred to do forget congress forget the three separate coequal branches of government gets all the executive thing we're just we're going to rule by decree and administrative law judges and Jeff Sessions was very adamant when he said hey if it's a law. That congress has passed and the president aside then I am going to enforce it. What do concept you know I actually hit back to constitutional model of the republic there was a Dick Durbin from Illinois asked a question. As we came on the program. 22 Jeff Sessions about how many people he would bring into the country from foreign you know how many. Of these people affected by the Syrian war he would bring in the country Jeff Sessions like it's my role that the secretary of state the president's decision. And again these Democrats have been so used to having. You know. Attorney generals and cabinet positions and making a law. This establishing. What our policies are going to be because quite frankly. President Obama is a self admitted policy wonk which is laughable apply I thought you have to have some brains to be along I. I think seriously it's quite good if your car's oval policy while. And then you created the equivalent of what the Affordable Care Act is if it's the safe back day one. The save act was passed and it turned out it was against the law for cops to carry guns you know anything more than seven route they had to augmented two days later. That's what the Affordable Care Act was it was dead on arrival. Because it was unconstitutional. And it's your policy want and that's your legacy. Oh man how quickly can be unraveled at least part of it because he's the president and everything but still. Hear him speaking some times I really wonder if we get back to stupid Cambridge cops and did myriad things he said it's just don't make any sense 57 states. So I don't know I think that it's it's a perfect example of what the media gets behind someone and they want to make him. Out to be something he is in. You get Barack Obama. And you also I'll drop you exactly and when the Hollywood people start waving their finger tell us that people who watch football watch anime. You guys are on a wash and you're here of about huckleberry gets what happens. People say you know what are you wanna watch a move jobs are hot at the ratings this year except. I'm sorry. I hope it was worth it for them to stand behind and a Buffalo's own NFL commissioner western New York's own NFL commissioner not going to some balls and saying hey you protest you do an in your time you don't do that league time this makes the league look. Bad it brings our ratings down the world our ratings and revenue. Right but that's what happens nearly week commissioner rugged up automated off topic David that you know these things is tied together more and more everybody wants to be so politically correct nobody wants to be called out by Merle Streep or Bruce Springsteen and his time the people group backbone and just call these people up for what they are can't pay your hospital bill said the builder Bruce Springsteen big supporter of Obama big supporter of the so called Affordable Care Act all I'm sorry haven't worked it either can't get a job that pays more than that ten dollars an hour. Because the company moved out because it taxes and regulations to do what wanted to send your bills to Merle Streep geology cures a budget. It's the if you don't it's funny as it went win it's like an onion did view levels of the lie that the media likes it started a global warming. Everything was getting hotter everything was getting warmer and we were all going to lose everything and we would have no more winner. We wouldn't it be able to eat taffy anymore tapped to become liquid in the state in the future which is interest because when I was a little boy who ran a TV show called we will freeze to death in the dark. All of and that. What happened was that temperatures were corresponding with a narrative so they said well it's it's a climate change problem. And it's actually were getting cooler but we're getting cooler and we're getting more of these earthquakes more of these hurricanes because of course what. Global warming and legal war. At what happens is the lie becomes you you believe in the case I do with this wouldn't eleven. Off he does that the conspiracy. Is everything. Else that's exactly. You have your your your your married to this argument you cannot defend. And so everything has to come back to watch the you know what is the main idea of your statement. William idea is that the world is ending because of your actions. OK so what can we do about it but nothing what you know anything about we can't change it. So why change if you can't do anything about it and we can't change why change Hillary Clinton the entire email Russian hack. Everything has unraveled. Everything we've got expert upon experts say wait a minute you're you're in your assertion that this was a Russian hack is that the language is in Russian. It's the oldest ball where virus in the world it asked you to change your password well hacked learn pretty. Ladies ladies and gentlemen. You'll you'll forgive us but. A lot of these things and have been driving us crazy over the past few weeks basically. I would say personified themselves in the Jeff Sessions here because you're seeing the left doing what you're nuts and getting away with it and thank god or you're paying attention. And we've got people wanna talk about this a lot of other things and a David did you put our screen and Google are device or something. Our text number news 30930. That's 30930. Atari taxpayers you can call us at 8030930. Stock night 31806. Point six WB EM and apparently. I I hit the wrong button. And on our our text screens and a David has over buyer big tax street got it fixed he's so good. All right let's go to you know these military types they're that good for everything you know like David tweezers and duct tape he dolby car. Anyway Jessica welcome your WB yet. There I'm living Q going. One of the question what was our observation. Animated about Cory Booker and fashioned art theft check at some day in the hearings ever going on. And how quick that. It's going to be testifying against Jeff option tomorrow. But one thing that was interesting that I heard earlier today was that. Cory Booker actually work together with Jeff Sachs in last year. Honor and a bill and see. He Cory Booker is. On record saying how you know how much he was black and honored to work with that actual I'm itself. And I'm wondering if they're going to be using that against since they are he does at the he would be under all of that would you have to get that out his statement. All I love that night I love it really feel good about the state. You may about it we're gonna you know this might we're gonna put something up on FaceBook page at Morgan while the audio from this. Booker in 2016. Quote I feel blessed and honored to work with sessions celebrating civil rights advocates. And so you're you're right I'm I'm glad you have that really brought that to our attention we'll get the audio what what do you make of that I mean what as as a tip with we're gonna play with typical American voters what does this mean the year. I mean do you put up he would perhaps let utility insists he's another you know upon by someone. Trying to get him to. You know I I don't I am wondering is that he's going to act as their heart that and he's an all out in not it. That he's gonna states that opt to receive either have to be under all that lie at all. Or he really is I mean they're gonna hit him hard with that I. You know what I love about where you're coming from on this whole thing is that. Usually the only the only defense you have. When the narrative is hijacked is you. You can't get so. It savior of the belief that. Let's just go with the Russian packed thing because some. Some more on just texted me and about the Russian tactic if you're the belief that Russia. Hacked the election. Okay you're going on a false premises that your basis I believe the Russians so I can't even argue anything other than using your own words. The only way I can do is prove that Russia had the election is by joining the madness of your argument which is based on a false narrative. And using your own words against you which you have just done Jessica is your saying look. I can't use reason to. Saint I'm not a racist but what I can do is go back and show you as a witness saying that this guy's not ready. And use your own words by saying you thought you were you acquitted him to be an agreed strong ally in race relations. That's the game the left plays were always on defense we're not allowed to play office because they accept the rules that. Way I think it's brilliant we got a break here just get relief to talk to his morbid here here's the text we got gonna love this a tepid about the poll numbers religion like to have regular person. The last two minutes of the show have really turned me off to your show. You two are. You two are above denying climate change and the whole hacking thing they're real. All right first of all. If you gutless things were show and you have just heard us say those things you're freaking idiot and that's definitely well one. Number two climate change is a hoax man made climate change is an absolute hoax otherwise they wouldn't manipulate data as they did some very widely probably did memos basically there was only one acceptable result and you will manipulate the data to falsely show manmade climate change and as far as acting thing. Where where's the beef I'm cruising Russia in Russia subject change. The argument does Russia hack our our stuff absolutely right just getting around to figuring out that we don't believe in manmade climate but when you're you're you're equating our Russia hat into one email system and Gmail account. That crucial for gave us. Literally five years ago we heard about these people getting. It's on let's get back to Jessica in parents WBE. And so what I think your question was basically how we respond to something in my correct. Yeah so early guys are back out outward Ali called pre is as ordered urgent. Like every bit and I didn't hurt claim I don't mind. I swear at your ballot at my lip curl and they. Told that you know and that the order that we need to realize that. Orderly. And therefore ion that we are. I couldn't hurt or in other you know it's how we can't attic and I. Aid away need it region where aren't intelligently. Eager and why is that like any. Think that there on moral high ground and I'm not that worried that there are that they are you know there are you there are currently. At the locker and the lack are in it call. OK Jessica I I'd like to offer an answer and I'd like to see what David and our audience that has Tuesday. When you are accused of being racist and you know you are not a racist. Unit to look that person directly in the eye and you say what comes from your heart you say look I happen to think racists are stupid. I think racism. Is stupid and I'm personally offended that you would even. Have the balls to call me are racist you are in idiots. Something along those lines but you got a genuinely mean it because that's the approach I've taken and I got to tidy it works. Well. Yes I mean that to me listen I got myself in a situation. With the Senator McCain who's running for president I gave a speech Keith Olbermann MSNBC. Called the worst person in the world set I was equating Barack Obama the Tiger Woods because the bull mixed ethnic heritage. I was asked to do Al Franken I had to do was sit down with Tiger Woods into all the nonsense and I was asked. By all the Republican. You know geniuses to kick call every black soldier I served wit and put them on camera. To defend that I am not a racist and I thought to myself you know what. The first thing or races does it is literally five all there black friends to save their not a racist so I told all of these very well paid far. More education that I had a communications to say you know what with all due respect. I know what I am and I'm not this thing and what was being you know accused of what I was saying it was edited it was obviously edited by MSNBC. And I'm gonna say. I'm sure it's hard to defend that I mean if it's almost three quake are human child molesters do you do math. Why do I have your accusing me of something if you had evidence that I want something you would say. Jessica you're big hit because on October 15 you said the Edward. That is an accusation. And I can extrapolate that your racist because of it kids and play your game of you accused me of something now I have to play defense I had some non. I'm self defense and Paula why do you. And write it and bring out every black person for whom ever open to or want me to me that if you if I have to do that from school. Al Sharpton score all these people that literally are Sharpton or predictable. Punching out Al Sharpton guys these are these are our pigment Horace is what they are. They look at race that I think I know so many people in the first thing that comes out of my mouth is. We'll kind of fathers they are will kind of men they are all went by the way. This is their ethnicity. Described him as my X marked black friend or my loyal black friend about this regular my friend where I actually like for you move the guy that studies cleaned it speaks well that's the vice president and I don't like talking about it bought. Matthews got an erection when you look at decrease in Barack's been so my advice to any would've called a racist is just to say. Prove it networks are secular. Worse were sick of being lied about you know whether you Jessica or somebody out there who is in a position where maybe a professor or teacher has put them on the defense for no good reason. Were sick of it and meanwhile some of the people who were genuinely races were calling for the outright murder of police officers. Some of whom are black by the way. They've got a lot were answer for them than any of us do. Hope that was helpful Jessica we're gonna move on. And obviously obviously she was so blown away she's and other by the brilliance of what we just sent. I mean it's it's annoying and that and the global warming thing here's the thing. This is my favorite and this is the argument I'd like to make. What evidence do you when you go back to recorded history. Why is it that every single recording that we have of when temperatures started is from the eighteen hundreds. Can you tell me with and what was the temperature of the water would Columbus sailed two. The the OK so so do we have any definitive information whatsoever are very deprivation no you don't affect even buffalo David the official buffalo temperature right now is at the airport but just the official buffalo temperature in 1912 was at the telephone bill. Because. They're taking a static point of measurement OK so what we know the temperature varies so if I am using a document in a database of of temperatures and. I'm in meeting Qiyue that this has already been tainted. That there is evidence even the left is admitting that this stuff has been manipulated. What is your basis of the fence that it's what you've been accused of lying and manipulating data you don't of these. A forty out of that dictate that we've obviously evil works. About this show's gonna go from day today David and get a the other thing that I would like to point out it is. Man made global warming okay you are aware that we have Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Arab media listening area and if it hadn't been for the ice age which was melted by natural climate change which is different than man made global warming. We wouldn't be doing a radio show David because there would be no buffalo because it would be about a mile underneath a giant glazing of ice. Hello all runways and the Arizona Paul has donut velvet for. Maybe. Our photo brother for thirty WB at 8030 about thirty start I'm 3180616. WB EM so I senator sessions of Alabama the guy Donald Trump president elect wants as his attorney general of course he has to basically run the gauntlet. In the senate and not just his fellow senators like of the distinguished. Senator from Minnesota Al Franken. Or a guy who is going to testify against Jeff Sessions who just last year said he was blessed to work with Jeff Sessions which I fine. Incredibly ironic and interesting we should of the audio of that because we put it up on the FaceBook page. We should have that coming your way before too long. But you know the question is does come up and how do you deal with being called racist because it is because you know it. Frankly David I don't think that that accusation has the staying it used to because I think if the car that's been played about a million times too often. That's what date again and that's what it's all about it's it's about you know let's end this conversation now how might end this debate now. Well the best way to end this debate is by just. Hurling insults use and you feel so sheep issue won't retaliate and answer all these text messages listen. You're talking about global warming I'm talking about man made global warming. This is not about improving and Janet this is not about proving if the temperature is getting warmer cooler anything else. This is about proving what I'm responsible for what you need to tax me on and by the way. Actually we have a zero carbon footprint. What do what India and China were burning tires every day. So you're gonna tell me that you have a mandate. That every country is getting it here at the same rules just like what new start. The new start stop anything with the Soviet Union did all these agreements. Oaks wagon. People are still I'm Volkswagen. They've been cheating on their emissions for what you're gonna throw the CEO and they're CEO in jail. What does that do for all the cars that we've been told. Our our our you don't have zero emissions when in reality none of that's true. You don't have an apparatus. To do anything to fix the problem other than taxing American. Odd consumers. And you think that's gonna fit well it is not so falsely falsely convincing American consumers that man or processes of industrialization. Have anything to do with global warming and then using that as a pretext to say you are guilty of a crime and you must pay. And that the meanwhile every person who's throwing it down my throat is flying private jets everywhere and let me let me say something healthcare global warming and anybody who really gives a damn about me urology got something called the little optimum or the merely optimum which took place around the year 1008. UK. Was roughly the same as it is today in the south of France in other words there has been global. It over the court over the past millennium. And has nothing to do with man it has everything to do with nature we are but a pimple on the but talks of nature of the great years. Billions of years of geologic time somewhat limited. I think it's it's lucrative men was around for the ice age. You're saying that. Had we burned had industrial revolution during the ice age would have what stopped. It would have melted the ice well what it was like melted it is a natural climate change and. Everything is just it's it's a certain mandate to show me what man has done and then stop this. Fraction of a percentage if I can't do anything to solve it the stop talking about it. Speaking of which I wanna go after powerful arts. And I'm really. Well I know I have to I have to be responsible about the house party in my own count me I suggest the guys in the control room but it's. Ashe's emissions and I just I. I really want you strongly to make this argument of you know would pitch out in overtime export going on Twitter got everyone is an expert. If it was an expert on man made global warming why do we have to quote Bill Nye the Science Guy a guy who's neither a scientist. He's literally a guy for about a broken up standup comedy troupe in Seattle okay who. Pavlik to patents that were picked up. By NASA. That have nothing to do with signs whatsoever and literally. Every time I'm at and quote are in an argument with someone about man made global warming I had to hear from the expertise of Bill Nye the Science Guy well Charles Krauthammer can I use them. You have to adjust and if the equivalent he's a psychiatrist. Psychologist. If it's so stupid it's you have no point of view if you tried to tell me that legislation. Is going to fix the global. You know. If it is legislation can fix. The the world that we live in a ban me global warming that what do you could do but India China and Russia. Because they're far more people than we do and last time I checked. Did you thrown their sewage in history yes. Are burning tires for our human go to the Middle East which should be ashamed lit up oil fields on fighter should that not about the reason why we went to war with them. Into global war could sort of important. Sure about global warming is such nonsense. All nonsense and you know what. Nonsense so Gordon calls race and you know what the ground work is being laid because I would like to bitch about this I get I get mine yet. Letter every month or every few months from the electric company saying you have used 85%. More electricity than your average which by the way is absolutely ludicrous to begin with but what they're doing is they're priming everybody well if you used more as trustees accidentally. You're going to have to pay an extra US tax and your electricity. And at this year maybe a year from now but the next time we get Democrats running things you better believe that people who get those letters saying. You're using 50% more energy than your average. I don't contact work taxi you 15% on top here helping there now. It's gonna go to the government it will create a and other rock receipt and we'll have another group of people taught him how much water you're consuming how much your footprint now has and that's what this comes down to. You you cannot maintain the largess of the entitlements in this country. You're coming up with a new ways to tax us now you hear about that that the gasoline tax protection per mile. If we don't want to electric cars just what professor calculus how does your luggage or urged. Fossil coal fired power. Power play. It oh god rest easy trophies as did not create. Trying to use logic seeger who is a problem you're trying to you're trying to use logic and common sense to defeat what is an emotional argument with polar bears drowning because the ice caps are melting exact which is a false and by the way in itself yes all right it operate all right thirty start at 3180616. WB ENI. Both a little bit fatigued at all of the calls attacks and all of the false stories out there. Just saying you know what this is what I got into this because this is the best what you wanna have a Connecticut back and forth. This is it. Use us to bounce Dodi water cooler go to your Thanksgiving if you have such a Sunday dinner with your family and you happen to have. Liberals syndrome in your family tree and these people wanna come up with the argument that they got off of and TV news. Are there arguments that they've gotten off of so when on the phone guy arms I thought about the call of Saigon and Stephen Amber's got ahead but he. Yeah. Gold club I was I really hear a kid stopped laughing Uga officials are. It's good to me I'd get so frustrated at these these these guys that are you'd like. L go war. I literally listen in the 181000 square foot home he keeps his light Sean when he drove a stake in vacation and plan. Hypocrite when he sold his TV network to cool the zealot. Oh he's so good to wait very environmentally friendly oil bearing in from I believe Cutler. Who literally is like the what the third largest. Criminal in the. Eyes the of the environment hopefully a total double parts of what your point starts. But I've played is this is I I'm the serious side this just an observation. American. People are watching. Were all watching. We had eight years of community activism in the head or. Failed health care plan and I will guarantee you that we're gonna reform things this health care plan is gonna be reformed. There's going to be more people working. There's more jobs just together in the last couple days let's summarize last couple days watching TV and watch and Fox News. 2100. New jobs in the plant in Detroit outside Detroit in the suburbs. People see these things I see these things these other things I want to see happen. Well the Democrats gala complaint the Republicans there rolled their sleeves up and gone to work and it's gonna hurt Democrats more and more. Well. It will hurt if you have people who basically have the attitude truth be told. Thank you. That is the only way could you gotta keep on reminding people of what the truth there's. Because we're up against a wall of misinformation disinformation and propaganda. And you have to keep and just keeping on with hammering home your point until people finally freaking get. While there's been no democratic leadership that we're moving it. And the Republicans have got to golden goose and I think they're gonna run with the ball. And they're gonna do well salt at these days let's not worry we're gonna be a better better nation. Golden Jews run with the ball at the end of the day could just one more cliche and just that we could have a quadruple cliche phone call replace sixty minutes. Thank you at a slow and steady while. There's plenty of it itself use cliches. I wanna note that space ballooned. Hoax happened in the space balloon was traveling umi bubble boy it. But they the guy who sent his kid with the SP apple boy yeah are. So that travel how far because of wind drag and what the problem hon forty miles whatever went. How I want to know cause to effect what is going on in our atmosphere that he. If it's August so bad in Los Angeles. Naturally people can't CU beat light and it was it the ozone layer of the Beijing wrecked so you identify. Clean air is something you could open up your door every look out which. Is what those deplorable people of Montana and okay exactly right clean air and skirts guys right. So. Vigilant roof also the verdict is it onto the roof from this opulent that you're shooting and we're gonna break to alive update. What happens in 11 minute one minute they that that racist white bastard who killed nine people with whom viewed as Wednesday scripture and church in Charleston. We know what's happened. Argument we're gonna let you wait until the problem money into it. What we know we know what diverted it is and all I can say is she. Do you think it's going to be he's definitely. I don't think there's any doubt he's of South Carolina he's gonna get he's going to get that is just how was it done personally would like to be the person to enforce the death in a note issue poems which push the plunger or you know pistol to the back I think should be over fed mashed potatoes from KFC in too much. Can you imagine that really the worst death that all right off or with mixed with a quart bowl yes of this KF is just to make me sick odds you know that's go to ABC we have an update on global case of a guy whose name like the same but the deficit during the newscast. And justice being done well. This is a special report from ABC news I'm mark renal art a jury in Charleston, South Carolina sentencing convicted Charleston church shooter Dylan grouped to death. The jury reaching a unanimous verdict after only a few hours of deliberations. And making roof the first to get the death penalty for federal hate crimes roof was convicted in the shooting deaths of nine black parishioners at a church in Charleston and 2015. During the sentencing phase he represented himself and made no effort to convince the jury to spare his life. Again injury in Charleston, South Carolina sentencing convicted Charleston church shooter Dylan roof to death. Reaching unanimous decision just hours after beginning deliberations. I'm mark renal or this has been a special report from ABC news. Looking at all states execute the convicted and lethal injection. And electrocution. Are listed for self Carol. So oh. That works I don't know if if this is outdated article or why but looks like electrocution. The lethal injection. Well in Utah you can have the choice of being shot yes and that they what they do they get like seven guys. So we'll have live bullets. And some of them are blanks. Get it was of the one guy with the blacks can we say he didn't play they'll ship which is if you sign up for that job did you know you're an issue but. If you're good enough to make a virus quiet here pretty familiar with the case it'll eyebrow progress beaten up. Hey well it's ridiculous. Also they also all all of the muzzle flash adapters and an average of special. If if I was firing squad for this kid of South Carolina and improvements. Yeah I would go for the heart edges were captured this. Are more than judge Kim jungle does it would like artillery rounds out yet a dog. It's a sick man. But then again I just that I go for his testicles and maybe I'm sicker but there are. It has hourly Fort Monroe chiropractic. And by that of course I'm referring to the fact that partly as a on this forecast issues.

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