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1-10 The Bauerle and Bellavia Show Hour 1

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. But there was one performance this year that's done for me it was that moment. When the person asking to sit. In the most respected feat in our country. Imitated the disabled recorder. It's Tom Bauerle I love the commercials for the local news. You'll hear things like most elusive about bitter roots and David Bellamy they don't care the other channel. Like you click over there a major highways closed down. A drive home I went into the hourly and Olivia. The fact that they got there. This source Harley I've. Anyway when news radio 930. Early but a great word and certainly we don't just it. Is solidly and Bellamy an Israeli at 930 WV. GM. And yup and just. It never fails right after the guys step up the weather forecast. Which we are glittery. We get another weather warning a high wind warning is in effect overnight it's it's. Always a high wind warning is in effect overnight so the practical effects of this are. If you're anything like I am and it's your garbage tonight. And you have that decision mimic. Is that can't be enough ample enough to put in the driveway ready for pick up tomorrow morning. Or can wait another week when presumably. It will be a high wind warning. Because when in doubt outing by taking out of them Felix is in my trash halfway down the street. To get that gives video Europe your pets of your deep in thought I you know I'm. I'm trying to get my head around this Jeff Sessions. You know he. Is he's standing in front of his former colleagues. As he's being vetted to be the next. Head of the Justice Department this attorney general position is something that weeps for years I think the biggest complaint of any one of President Obama has been the way this Justice Department. As well really Natalie. Did decided what will. Who wants to enforce but. So closet they broke in to be totally honest she's an I think I think you're holding. Elections to great chips yeah I I I would just it just pop the top of the girl I would limit the political constitutional experts don't care about America. Could you imagine if you don't just put this in our world respect. Donald top Barley is up for. A good job WABC. In New York City right here at the top of the empire radio you've worked for years to get there. As you are being vetted for this great the top of your profession. They bring you a former colleague. To essentially say that you're not ready for this job. For senator Cory Booker and be a witness that he couldn't use. They could use Democrats to throw barbs at what they do right you could were purposeful for twenty years and say you know what Jeff Sessions. I thought Al Franken did was not only morally responsible it was a me he basically was quoting now a perjurer we'll. We'll get older we have to get into that Al Franken is United States and he's a seven. Jeff Sessions is the guy I'll throw wants as his attorney who -- a circle and he's a senator from Alabama and he's also by the way as real well today he is yet no member of the Ku Klux Klan because for a bunch of people dressed in Klan outfits you know it started yelling and after after Hugo yeah. Because it was obviously political theater. Exactly and by the way you know I don't question the security of somewhat slowly it's crap and it was so slowly puts yesterday we had. Nick heckler c'mon. And you know he had a jacket over green church some people thought is part of the corporate or union and the shirts are equals got to go. But these thinkers they slowly pick up and Jack if they put on TR us. And your security person you have to realize they're gonna cause a disruption at some point but when you put on a plan uniform. I mean that hot and the cape yet heads. Port security should be like. Well one of these things is not like the other I okay I'm glad you brought up the security because when I was watching I saw that big fat guy with the little bouncy woman being escorted out the guy was a little secure wouldn't let them do I have no idea it would yelling but. As far as the idea that that particular incident I'm thinking to myself how crappy is the security at these sessions confirmation hearings because. Are these people getting in and why is it easier to get into a corporate or Apollo were. In Washington DC this in the southwest flight yeah. It is similar because what happens is there's a Galley outside and. Every time someone removed another person in line gift that C. So so basically if you're organized in your protests which let's be honest these people are. I mean there are obviously. Culturally do they don't have jobs are professional hecklers and professional protesters what they do is. Which by the way is which is so shocking and nick actually has the job. Because everyone thought that all of that must be paid by land where they are Paladino because most people on the left ankle and protest of what they do Berlin. But getting back to that your thing about the get Alley. But there's a lot of people are waiting to get these high profile confirmation hearings are the Oliver North Fiorina and you don't. You know Monica Lewinsky. Clearance let's Thomas. Was that's a that line for money well done as well so did they wait in line and then one so what is kicked out are there about a break in the session. You then lose your seat and another person is is escorted him. And so it's not odd during the war when the code pickers we're going to you would lose half the gal for the the the audience. That was you know first come first serve and then we just pure place Bible for war protest. Sorry but I mean not to get too far afield and get too far in the weeks we talk some of the nonsense going and at the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings. But at any point did the thought crush the time winner is the security and how lackadaisical is the security. Shiites. Look at those hecklers and protesters I just think it's just such an incredible resonate into what you are against I mean if you're for example. You know what when you look at people that the black guys matter you're in the clan your race this year this year that there's no there's no substance there. They're there's absolutely no substance what you and Jimmy that is the perfect public service announcement. As to what what you're up against Armenia. If we're gonna have a debate on issues that we're gonna try to heal the divisions in America the best way to do that is to at least know where the other side is coming from. And at the other side is vapid. And this is really nothing there then you accurately. They are and where we're not gonna find common ground here and Jeff Sessions put a member of the Ku Klux Klan on death row he was executed. Jeff Sessions also put multiple life sentences down for people in Alabama when he was attorney general. It's kind of hard. And why would you worked with a guy that you thought was a a Klan member I mean it's not well Hillary Clinton had no problem with the with Robert Burt but at least Robert Byrd were Republicans at the time like K. Robert Byrd you know that was something always followed Robert bird right away from. That's who we wise. You know part of his identity it was he was a Dixiecrat. That is you know of the these protests are gonna continue. And it's not yet we will talk that this before. We didn't win. Given some cameras citing old record but we did not win anything election we didn't win anything in fact. The the site goes. Who are at the picture up at any cost and let's destroy America and Barack Obama was the greatest thing we've ever had in the White House because he officially gave. Section two wanna destroy America that we knew. They are horrible losers of said that before they cannot win with class the cut lose with dignity and the every single day David. In or out of these confirmation hearings I think you know this too there is going to be a gin up the issue there's going to be an absolutely out of proportion protest. And it is just going to be nonstop. Belligerency. From from the left and the Communists and anarchist now we do have a First Amendment right. Which of course we respect. They First Amendment right to peaceably assemble but you know it's interesting because. If you have the sessions here on long enough. You are going to figure disruptions. After disruptions. That's a really good point and if you made a two hour thing he would have as many black dudes coming out in a group. This is the it probably won't pay us a lot of people off is you know maybe my memory is gone but years ago when Barack Obama. When he was elected to the presidency I don't remember the most dangerous people in the world of course the white conservative people who might actually belong to a malicious. I don't remember any of those people coming out and protesting with the fury the venom. Or frankly the sanction of the authorities on Capitol Hill they weren't around who's like Obama won the election this is the way the system worked he gets to name his attorney general subject to advise and consent from the senate. And that's that. You know to be honest I don't think that many republics especially conservatives. Are educated enough to know how bad this was going to be. And I remember sitting low and an during the inauguration watching outside his apartment at the time. Everyone wanted to rent the apart people were selling apartments to strangers. Yeah for 4000 dollars for the weekend and inauguration. Watching be part of it and all these hundreds of people were coming to DC. And how that these were thinking. What is it freaking out. QB that I mean yeah all right he's a leftist he may be a socialist but. The republic will remain what you freaked out about. And you started to see hold accountable care about the carts off. It's one of those not you guys out there think that the there's a guiding Ira Madison it's on our Twitter at Ali bella via its FaceBook page about illegal of the Arab matters in the third. Is the culture writer for MTV. New at all. And he so Jeff Sessions he had committed the said. Jeff Sessions daughter Mary a guy by the name John Walker who happens to be Asian American. And he's left her alone time and they had a child together. And so. Aggressively at these confirmation sessions you'd normally bring your wife your children. And Jeff Sessions brought his daughter has sought and and grant's daughter it's a slap in the grand daughter happens to be. Asia because his her father is Asian that's kind of how things work that's how it works adequately summarize by. So I Madison from MTV said this of the week sessions sir kindly return this Asian BEB. To the Toys 'R' Us you Stoller for a watts. Yeah. That's on our FaceBook places and eight. As an add to report reporter for this that we obviously have to account and then he wrote. There's no reason for that shot failed to be in his lap and hearing other than to send the message I'm not races. Well I guess when you lie about somebody and keep telling people he's a racist I think the person about whom were lying can use every tool at his disposal to show. The activity. Your argument would be something if he didn't have any there was no Asian America there would go Asia it is currently Brian. It's seriously a child from Somalia as well I say if you're like if you do that we go all out you know because it's gonna Uga the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie I do you basically figured out what don't you adopt after Somali. Right and you have them sitting. On your leg because that is living proof to the world that you are not a racist so literally everywhere Jeff Sessions has been publicly in the last you know fifteen years he has been with it is. Hops on and law and his daughter we are the calls of condemnation. Sorry but if Carl Paladino had written words to the effect of why don't you take that Asian baby back to the toys are up our house where you stole her. There would be howls of outrage he would be universally condemned it his friend would do dessert him except for equal work group of people who built. And I wanted to worthy outrage is on the left over such a nasty. And racist and bullying and hate speech comment regarding this Asian American babies who happens to be sessions granddaughter. As much about. Absolutely deplore code pink and I just think they're they're some of the most disgusting. And this statement that they make a protest Walter Reed hospital for a test wounded warriors they go to funerals there they're not I don't. Consider that respectable people I respect their right to be idiots publicly but I don't respect them. It's at a huge difference between code pink who has never to my knowledge code pink has never hurt anyone. That we've never yet heard Cindy Sheehan makes her grow used toilet paper much use them but they never. You know advocated violence towards soldiers than ever. They've never Dana crazy like that. Medea Benjamin who runs code pink had been on fox with her she's a lunatic. But she's at least not a violent lunatic. The block lies map or movement to me. Is a terrorist organization at this point when you're promoting the death of officers. When members claiming to to believe the march for all of your organization. Our shooting and killing cops and you have black lives matter people in the audience you would think Democrats someone would denounce. I mean today Jeff Sessions was asked you to distance himself from the Q Ku Klux Klan which he did. He was also asked to distance himself from operation rescue which is nonsense I'm sorry why do Republicans always at the distance themselves from things whether it. I'm sorry. Whether it is operation rescue. Or whether out Thomas brings up the opera would you like to distance yourself from anything. Oh why. I stopped myself from anything Pamela Arab welcome kkk yes yes. It's such a controversial position I would like to distance myself from the sexually abusing little boy there we guys have heard it here ever man boy love association but here's my problem is that people like sessions Ashcroft. Did this about people or to say bad things about people but. Other politicians on the left who are frankly the puppets are forced sinister people. Ever are asked or demanded that of them too too. You can Dan. A follow week to condemn. Somebody who says something nice about it only goes one way and I think my right obviously people are quietly start this double standard the hypocrisy what about job. Barack Obama when he was a senator and as president was asked to distance himself from the language and the the people here now it's like your Meyer right Jerry Meyer were built raiders never terrorists and these are violent. Bernadette or Bernadette all the whole group listen. The entire thing he did it is a one sided affair but were gonna play for the audio. We're gonna play audio on Al Franken in play audio. Of some of the protests do. You wonder just what was the break cheaters aren't up yet we don't break then when we come back you're getting your Al Franken who was literally so current with Jeff Sessions for eight years knows this guy. And out listened to the things the key accused Jeff Sessions of under real and contributors joining us now welcome to our ability. Under his radio I'm thirty WB and by the way were working on getting hit an email so you can contact both of us at the same time we'll let you know what it is set up but. The email if you like communicate with both was at the same time. That way is it will be Tom and David at WB yeah about cup Tom and David at WB yeah about count in the meantime if you see traffic issues that are happening if you comment and anything that we have brought it up if you wanna give us some juicy news tip what you guys usually do you may always text us at 30930. That's 30930. But don't go anywhere coming up you're definitely gonna wanna hear the audio from senator Al Franken cannot believe that the say those words senator Al frank. I'm sure the future governor Joseph basketball would agree. It is. About all of that is pretty about thirty WPP. And it welcomed the show we are having tax or here at 30930. Errors 30930. We are out looking at some attacks and we're trying to decipher them and wondering am actually wondering if some of the texts. Were intended for another radio station. That's a apart all of them are some of that extra by the way just as a public service announcement. I don't we're not gonna do a spelling B and hourly and Bolivia but we would like to give you a little bit of spelling instruction market. If you mean to say a certain word at least give us the courtesy of calling us and spelling it correctly. It is. HZ. KD OEUCUHZ. And you can put. Nozzle after it you can put waffle after if you like Islam or if you put that little ashy thing. This this texture is offended that I called. Do you for a larger shooter a gentleman. That was being done sarcastically yeah I wasn't actually referring to him as a I was insane person to murdered five people in an active. Jihadist terror yup is a gentle boy you know it would happen next Thomas started doing awhile back and then you know what the cops got. Hell precinct where you just got through saying that this gentleman. Sexually molested three children and dismembered the body technique them. As a Zoellick a gentleman's. Yes when we are well aware that a gentleman does not behave like that. And if we use the word gentlemen it is intended to be sarcasm. Yeah. Yeah well I think. I would like to disavow myself now from Olivia I would like to know his own David albeit because he used the word gentleman because I'm sure the left would like that this about David so David those -- years of friendship and everything you've ever done for me I think I think that this about you know for using the word gentlemen what you meant scumbag Geathers and there's no one. If notre and that's the way this works out when he's out of theorized it's about yourself OK I get a but anyway we have some audio gear and before you play the audio and Jeff Sessions by the he's a senator from Alabama. And what's interesting about the senator sessions it is here's a guy who's making like two bills a year minimum all right. And he's been making two bills a year minimum for a long time. And guess where he lived as you have at a place likes all the way now does he live in a place like Nottingham terrorists know senator sessions that lives literally in one story house in Alabama. And the only heat and they have is let's space theaters and I think they've got a wood burning fireplace at the sanctions all that turns off Gypsy tears you know what. If it though if it's fueled by a pool of children's tears at a conservative minority of Georgia a boiler of children steer it in fact it is actually it is fueled by minority children. Other that's what I learned from these confirmation today pay and that's obviously sarcasm by the way for those who don't understand sergeant gentlemen. But Jeff Jeff Sessions when I'm trying to communicate here is this is a guy who. Obviously is not married to the material possessions of this world. He did not feel the need to move in to a 5000 square foot home what writer. He basically wants to get what they do it keeps basically lives a very simple life. And yet he will have one of the most important jobs in our nation. Now Jeff Sessions has gotten a bum rap over the years for being a racist and I'm sorry guys but. I get very pissed off that it when people call you or I racist because I know the truth and personally offended by that because that's one thing you just don't stand for is racism. And I I know you well enough to know that when you talk about it you're not talking your. You're but you're not making stuff up and fifty indignation that pisses you off because user with a lot of black guys black guys saved their bacon you say black guys bacon and I mill that it pisses you off and it pisses me off to. Like you call me a lot of things but don't fear ever insinuate that a racist but Jeff Sessions is being treated to that now David we have to audio from what are your favorite senators. Yeah you know I mean let's start again with Cory Booker first leg so go to political and not what I wanted you gotta Cory Booker is a senator. Who is literally testifying it's not asking questions he's testifying. Against. The nomination of jets jets had a Collie a week if this summer and this has never happened before in the history of our republic. It is very it has but it been like a hundred years. The things that's one that I heard it was unprecedented they said it was it was uncommon but they went back to that yet again all I'm sorry but you know your. Once I. No but you let your second they have. Hasn't happened in modern times to check the big break stick up man was beaten with a umbrella on the floor of soccer heroes and while there of active at him with a McCain McCain McCain I was in South Carolina particular birds and in view of a deal to be damned near killed him and I got from Massachusetts was the that was the victim it was a it was an abolitionist that was beaten. Wright from Massachusetts area in the guy in South Carolina is a guy who beat him so even that Democrats were racists right it is even even though the Democrats races which is openly praises. But so here's Cory Booker senator from New Jersey a clip for. I mean we we've seen already in this country that we are at strike point around issues. Of policing them around issues of civil rights. Around the issues of gay and lesbian. Equality within our country. And now we've seen consistently Jeff Sessions as senator Jeff Sessions from voting against everything from the Matthew Shepard act voting against. Or speaking out against Kiefer ideals around the voting rights acts taking measures to try to block criminal justice reform. He has a posturing and positioning. That I think the present a real danger to our country. Geez this guy is pardon me but parred the last three room it is about to distance myself which elected this about my blasphemy as soon as it Jesus as an exclamation among Jesus items. In another way where is he is against an accident there is the candidate of Charles Sumner that a those who don't what we just talked about always say if Senator McCain on the floor it took place at 1856. Charles Sumner was senator. And the guy who came in and was asked them Brooks and you can look it up online. Ugly. Episode in American history but we're talking about that era if you wanna go back to a time when senators like the one we just heard. Are testifying against another senator who's in line to be the attorney general at the behest of president elect Donald. At the committees were totally different back to NC didn't have the public you know it wasn't made for TV. And so that and those days you actually had people that would. Instead of asking questions from the committee they would literally say I'm against this guy I've known him he's a piece of garbage and honestly bag and it was a whole lot less of a gentlemen's club. Then it is today we look at our politics is being so crazy to go back then. I mean look at the how schools are Jackson fought and in the house of cut. Even in the parliament I mean that the prime minister stands up and the other the Tories in that. And that and the other party the labor party they'd be screaming at each other than their own leader of the country they're like earth. So anyway the record book it's gonna take away from Cory Booker. And I just David I. I need Jew. To emphasize the importance of this because I think David that what your about the say is illustrative of what we've been saying since the day after the election. That anybody think anything was one on Election Day is sadly mistaken because all of the stops are being pulled out and will continue to be pulled out by the left to derail the trump presidency so currently what your matchup I think you're spot on I also think that George Soros and all these people if you think that. The inauguration is gonna go without incident. I think you're sadly mistaken they'll be massive protest will be massive arrests they'll be opportunities. For these anarchist to do what they do which is why it that this is different should shoot to kill. Up. Listen this is what we are up against. You talk about November 8 has been some not nothing no Padua has changed yet. But this Cory Booker on CNN. Mike to be three Corey bunkers talking about the breaking a tradition. I'll testify amber and a pretty long. Senate tradition might actually be sitting senator testifying tomorrow against another sitting senators so. Please understand I think these are extraordinary times may call for extraordinary measures. What that means ordinary times it means the Republican won the election what it also means a Cory Booker is looking to move him himself up in the minority. In the senate and as far as Democrats go this is his audition. I could Cory Booker is about Cory Booker dopey mistake. But now Al Franken I wanna go to two Al Franken this he's now a member of the committee and this is why we're accustomed to. Democrats will grill Republicans Republican support their candidate. You remember during the Ira slowest learner scandal remember during fast and furious she remembered during that the email leaks. Everyone the other side of brutal. The the competition this is what we're accustomed to but Al Franken took a line of attack even Hillary Clinton. Now my view. Meryl Streep I was talking about Meryl Streep and Hollywood having been along time of course feed anchor notable ever mentioned that you know Hillary Clinton's husband. Was. Accused of rape and she did I had multiple occasions by multiple women none of whom had anything to gain except scorn and derision and blocks that surveillance for the Arkansas State troopers and then you also have are supporting. You know film director who was Roman Polanski Roman Polanski raped a thirteen year old but neither here and there. We know that there's donors you know that the two faced nature of the lefties we can go for hours but this is Al Franken. Build motive question even Hillary Clinton. Which is under oath lying about. There's a respect there's a decorum that you follow you don't go under that the jugular you very rarely the congressmen who do it. They get a little bit more Jim Jordan and trade body the congress gets a little bit more about. Leeway to be you know hostile but in the senate it's always supposed to be there's a common denominator of respect in the senate. Now that's with any witness this is a person you served with for twelve years you know the guy yeah have lunch with them. Shouldn't Al Franken clipped to Greeley Jeff Sessions. He goes on this thing a lot of the case now all of us you write this question one of the prices that you listed. Was a case that mr. rich handles so if you don't know him. It's hard for me to believe you that you personally handled it well when I've. But I've found that. These cases. I had been supported the final here I was mr. Hebert says quote. And yet I had needed mr. hill concessions is now in those cases and he has provided that help every step of the way. In fact I would say that my experience for mr. sessions has led me to believe that I have received more or cooperation. From him more active involvement from him because I have column upon him close quote. Quote I am works side by side with him on some cases in the sense that I have had to go to him for some advice close quote. In some case law we're not necessarily the ones you listed as well look it was thirty years ago and I IMAP memory. How laws of this nature and my memory was my support for those guys your memory okay. Look I am not I'm one of the few members this committee's final Warner chairman and thinking art but when I hear life by field. A case. You know I I I. Don't know some of the parlance. But it kinda wanted to senate in. Legal parlance. But to me as a layman. It sounds to me like. Filed means. I led the case. Or ice supervise. The case. Who doesn't mean that my name was on it. And it seems to me look you my I'll close it. Mr. chairman and setting aside any political or ideological differences that you may I may have. DOJ is facing real challenges whether it's protecting civil rights. The defending national security and our country needs an attorney general who doesn't misrepresent. So let's let's get to the background of what this is all about there was an op Ed that was written by getting Jerry Herbert. Edge here Herbert is claiming Gerald Herbert he's an attorney. Who will out work with the ACL UNC double. Double a czar and NAACP. Excuse. Double ACP he's you'd Gerald Herbert they called Jere. Jerry Herbert said. Dad. Did Jeff Sessions had made comments about the NAACP. ECU in a private conversation. That they were Communist inspired that the un American all of this on the stuff. We're gonna have to do finish the exciting story of what was said after traffic and weather and stuff on news radio 930 WBE. And that's who we call it is we just played audio David. The confirmation hearing. Senator Jeff Sessions he the guy Donald Trump wants as his attorney general his version of Eric Holder or Loretta lynch says Jeff Sessions is doing the obligatory okay I'm good to go to the senate and be sodomized by a bunch of Democrats and I'm gonna hear what a horrible person I am horrible races I AM. And we just had audio from Al Franken but there's a rest of the story on this David. Right to his caddie Gerald Herbert worked in the Justice Department. At the time Jeff Sessions with the US attorney in the southern district in Alabama. And so in 1986. Jeff Sessions before he was looking at a career obviously as the attorney general and state he was not nominated by President Reagan to be on the federal bench. Joseph Biden who was then. Senator Joseph Biden his opposition to Jeff Sessions was a character witness named Gerald Herbert. Gerald Herbert claimed that Jeff Sessions was a bigot or racist and he'd get all these horrible things and what an apartment in 1986. Is that true date is after. The testimony that Gerald Herbert gave before the Senate Judiciary Committee he was forced to recant. His testimony. That that does Senator Biden sent him up with a and shape everything I said I basically exaggerated. That senator sessions a Jeff Sessions was a man who helped me on federal law enforcement cases dealing with civil rights dealing with the job. With without the American Bar Association with the African American access to voting things all of these things he set it and he wrote a personal letter. To Jeff Sessions say I hope. My eight. Testimony did not distract or take away from your character so I apologize to won't apologize to the committee and essentially admitted. He lied. To the Senate Judiciary Committee so it sucks to David like you're saying that Democrat senator Al Franken. In his crucifixion. Of Jeff Sessions was basing his crucifixion upon on. Discredited. By its old author allegations well that's why the left is so lazy because thirty years later 2016 it's Gerald Herbert Jerry Herbert that writes an op Ed in the Washington Post saying the exact same thing. He said. Two way. Senate Judiciary Committee which you later recanted. Which is Jeff Sessions did not play a prominent role in any of these civil rights cases and Al Franken is using this op Ed. From a potential. You could say that he committed perjury to the scent he recanted his story. And admitted that he wasn't telling the truth. And Al Franken is using this op Ed in the Washington Post rather than a research who Herbert is and the fact that he admitted the line. And this is the basis of Al Franken to attack. Well I guess we couldn't find the audio but all I can say is from the Saturday Night Live day what's in it for me Al Franken. Back when he was a comedian. And by the way I wanted to mention that crap now I believe he's a clown he was a brilliant that's your cloud effect Natalie is the clout I would daresay he's that special kind of clown known as. Ask well. Anyway I'm we will get back to the topic now Jeff Sessions being grilled mercilessly. On Capitol Hill we've got by the way warnings that inauguration day is going to be one giant Tommy riot in Washington DC we gotta get into that. And of course college which we still haven't had a chance to get into.

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